Bend Over Club

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Bend Over Club

There is a sex club in town that I belong to. My wife knows all about it and has for years. She assumes that I need a ‘little piece of strange’ every now and then and lets me go. She also knows that our sex life perks up pretty good for a few weeks afterwards too. So in her mind it is a win win situation.

About once a month I go to the sex club and enjoy myself. It is slightly expensive but so is going to a prostitute too. Besides these girls are checked out once a month by a doctor for sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. They are probably the safest girls in town to fuck. Oh yes, we men get checked out for sexually transmitted diseases too before we join the club and every six months after that.

The Bend Over Club is unique. We can drink, play cards, and relax on very comfortable furniture. When we feel the urge we can peek in a few windows and take our pick. If the window is covered it is occupied. When I look in about all I can see is a fine ass bent over and her parted legs.

To get in position the girls stand in the booth and place their feet in straps that hold their knees about a foot or so apart. Then the girl bends over a flat cushion so that her torso is horizontal. She then pokes her head into a padded hole and puts her hands through two more padded holes. It resembles a Medieval Stockade of sorts. In this position I can not tell who the girl is but I have total access to her pussy, asshole, and her hanging tits. Everything a man needs!

When I open the door and walk in her head and hands are clamped a little tighter so that she cannot get out. I then drop in a large metal token that goes down a chute and drops into a tray under her face for her to see. A red token means that she will be getting fucked in her pussy, red is for the hole that bleeds. A brown token means that she will be getting fucked in her ass, brown is the color of shit. I only purchase the more expensive brown tokens. They are seventy-five dollars each while the red tokens are only fifty dollars each. The girl also casino oyna has a button so that she can call for help but only if a guy drops in a red token and then sticks his cock in her asshole. If a guy is dumb enough to put in a brown token and then fuck her pussy she is even better off so they never complain about that. If a guy gets too physically abusive she can get help too.

Well then one week my wife informed me that our sixteen-year-old daughter Midori had gotten a tattoo on her lower back. I told Midori that I wanted to see it so she proudly turned and showed it off to me. Her low-rise jeans and her short top allowed full visibility. It was unique I’ll give her that. If you studied it long enough you could see her name in the scrollwork. I complimented her but told her that I though she needed to be eighteen to get a tattoo without her parents permission. She told me that she found a way around that. Then I asked who paid for it because I know people that have tattoos and this one would not have been cheap. She said that she had paid for it with her baby sitting money. Yeah right!

Over the next couple of days I started noticing that Midori had been wearing new clothes, had a new television set in her bedroom, a cell phone, and several other expensive items. No babysitting job I ever heard of could buy all that stuff.

That Friday after dinner I told my wife that I was going to the Bend Over Club. Some of the guys told me about a new girl that was working there now. She kissed me and wished me a good time.

At the club I purchased my usual two brown tokens. I was told which booth the new girl was in and waited. As soon as its door opened up I rushed over to it. I went in, patted the girl on her ass cheeks, and put my token in her chute. My cock was already out and hard so I used the tiny tube of lubricant and shoved my cock into her butt hole. As I was butt fucking this little beauty I leaned over to abuse her titties. They were firm and fun to play with. I was trying to take my time and really get my money’s worth. As I canlı casino neared my climax I held onto her hips firmly and rammed into her harder. I looked down and saw my daughter’s butt tattoo on this girl. At first I thought it was strange that someone else would have a tattoo like hers. It must have been a ‘brain fart’ because it took me another second to realize that I was fucking my own sixteen-year-daughter in her ass. What a rush! I pounded my cock into Midori like any well meaning ‘fudge packer’ would! When I finally did cum it was one of my best ever.

Usually I wait around for a couple of hours then fuck another girl before going home. That night however I went back in to butt fuck my daughter Midori for the second time in less than an hour. I knew from past experience that it would take me forever to cum, thereby giving her a real going over. I wasn’t going to use the lubricant this time either.

I went in and dropped another big brown metal token into the chute. I had to play with myself a little to get it hard enough to slip it in her asshole. As I already knew, I had to fuck Midori for at least ten minutes before I got almost hard. I had to butt fuck her for another ten minutes before I got fully hard. Then it took another fifteen minutes of fucking into her rectum for me to start getting that old feeling inside. By the time I actually squirted a couple of shots of cum into her poop chute forty-seven minutes had passed. I reamed her ass good!

I pulled up my pants, leaned over my daughter’s back, and twisted both of her nipples just as hard as I could. Like I expected the bouncer opened my door and came to her rescue. I pointed at Midori’s tattoo and told him that she was my sixteen-year-old daughter. He released her head and hands and had her stand up.

Midori turned and said, “Daddy! I…I…I can explain!”

The bouncer just shook his head, looked at her, and said, “Get dressed and get out of here!”

Midori started crying, put on a short sexy robe, and went to the girl’s changing room. When she came back out I kaçak casino took her arm and led her out of the club.

The ride home was in silence.

Again I had a hold of Midori when I entered the living room where my wife was sitting. I sat her down into a chair where she stayed. I then told my wife all about Midori’s babysitting job at the Bend Over Club.

When I got to the part about butt fucking Midori for forty-seven minutes my wife started laughing.

Midori started crying even harder and said, “You knew it was me and you tortured me like that anyway?”

I smiled and said, “You bet! If you want to sell your ass like that you can! I talked to a few of the guys at the club! They will be coming here to fuck you from now on! Your cunt is worth twenty dollars and your ass is worth twenty-five dollars! I will keep half the money for being your pimp! Oh yes and I get to fuck you anytime that I want too just for being your pimp! Is that clear?”

Midori glared at me and said, “You can’t do that!”

I slapped her right across her face hard and said, “Yes I can and I will! I could put your ass in jail for that forged document that you used to get that tattoo and then to get hired at the Bend Over Club!”

Midori realized that I wasn’t kidding. She looked at her mother for sympathy but didn’t get any. Realizing her fate and surrendering to it Midori softly said, “Okay!”

I said, “Okay then! Go up to your room, get naked, and wait for me on top of your bed! I’ll be up soon for a pussy fuck before I go to bed!”

As soon as Midori was out of hearing rang my wife whispered, “Yes! I told you so! I knew that she wasn’t earning that much money babysitting! Hell I even cum when you told me about that forty-seven minute butt fucking that you gave her! I can still remember a few of those that you gave me too! That little piece of ass will bring in some big bucks! When are you going to tell her that she doesn’t get a penny of the action?”

I said, “I don’t know! Lets see if we can string her along until she turns eighteen!”

My wife slapped me on my ass and said, “You better get up there and slip it to her Mr. Pimp!”

The End
Bend Over Club