Betting at Pool

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Big Balls

We went to the Eagles Club for a drink and some pool. Brandy had driven us there because I had already had a few beers. When we got there drank coffee because she knew I would probably have several more.

Chad was tending bar that night and there were only two other people sitting on the stools. We said hello to everybody and Brandy bought some pull-tabs. Out of the first ten she only won back $2. I told her to get twenty more. That time she won $75. She was happy.

“Want to play pool now?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she said as she signed the receipt. I went and racked the balls.

She picked out her cue and chalked it. “What are we betting?” she asked me. This is a game we like to play. I’m a better player than she is, though she has beaten me once in a while. We play 9 Ball, so it is easier for her to win on a lucky shot.

“Let’s start with 25,” I said. Anybody listening would think we were talking about a money bet. What I was really suggesting, though, was that the loser would receive 25 swats. Brandy is a “spanko”. She loves to be spanked and it gets her very excited sexually. Spanking her turns me on, too, so it works out. She agreed to the bet.

We played and she lost. I sipped my beer and thought about paddling her nice broad ass as she racked the balls. Brandy isn’t one of those “skinny Minnie’s”. She has meat on her bones and I love it! When she walked back to the head of the table, I said to her quietly, “How about if we add a blow job to the bet during those swats?”

“What if I win?” she asked.

“Well, then I’ll eat you while you give me the 25,” I said. I’m not really into being spanked, but I have asked her to do it to give me a little understanding of what it’s like. One time it “clicked” and I enjoyed it. Still, I was pretty sure I’d win.

“You’re on,” she said. I sank the 9 ball on the break. Brandy swore.

Over the course of the next three games I won the chance to extend the spanking to 200 swats. The next game Brandy won 50 back.

I asked her to get me another beer and went to the rest room. When I came back she was pulling another twenty tabs. The other people had disappeared. Chad was standing behind the bar and joking with Brandy. I picked up my beer and watched her a while. When she finished I asked her if she wanted to play some more.

“Why don’t you and Chad play?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. I was feeling the beers by then. “I was kind of hoping to double my winnings again. Brandy laughed and then got quiet. I didn’t have to wait long to find out what she was thinking.

“Well, you can bet with Chad.”

“I was having more fun betting against you,” I said. “I can only play Chad for money.” We’ve known Chad a long time. He’s single and — Brandy says — not bad looking. If he thought we were betting sexual favors, I didn’t care. We’re married, after all.

“You could bet some of what you won from me,” she said with a smile. I had to think about it a second. Then she looked at me and her smile got bigger. I figured it out.

From a couple of things Chad had said in the past, Brandy thought he was into spankings. Brandy had even said she wouldn’t mind him spanking her. She has a lot of spanking fantasies — I knew there were probably a lot of them she hadn’t told me about — and that was one of them. I returned her smile.

Meanwhile Chad was looking back and forth between us asking, “What? What?” He sounded kind of like Vinnie Barbarino in that old show ‘Welcome Back Kotter’.

Without taking my eyes from Brandy, I said, “We’ve been betting spankings. So far Brandy has lost 200 swats. Want to play me for 50 of them?” As I said it I watched Brandy’s face get redder and redder.

She wouldn’t look at Chad but I saw her mouth twitch into a smile again when she heard Chad say, “Hell, yeah!” He was grinning broadly.

There it was, out on the table, so to speak. Then Chad stopped and asked, “But what if I lose?”

I grinned at him. “Well, I guess that Brandy gets to give you 50,” I said. Chad looked at me with a blank expression for a second. When he saw Brandy’s grin he grinned again.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll lose. I might throw the game, though.” Brandy and I hooted at that. It felt weird but it was exciting. I had a mental picture of either scenario in my mind. The idea of watching somebody other than me spanking my wife turned me on since I knew it would turn her on.

On the other hand it turned me on thinking about how much it would turn Brandy on to spank Chad. güvenilir bahis Either way I’d win. Either way Brandy would win. I felt, too, that either way Chad would win. It was a “win/win/win” situation. The unknown was what might happen after the bet had been paid off. That thought turned me on as well. I suspected it turned Brandy on just as much. Our spanking sessions led, almost without exception to great sex.

Brandy and I had discussed a threesome with another man. I get a great deal of my sexual pleasure from watching hers. Many times it doesn’t matter to me whether I reach a climax when we make love because I am satisfied knowing I can give her so much pleasure. While she said she wasn’t interested in making it a reality, she admitted the fantasy turned her on. I felt that I would be okay with it — as long as she was doing it for her own pleasure and not just to make one of my fantasies reality — it would be really hot to watch (and help) her enjoy another man.

Since spanking is simply a part of foreplay for her, and since it almost without fail leads to sex, I suspected she was finally giving in to one of her own fantasies. I was all in favor of it. Chad is a good guy and he knows how to keep his mouth shut, like any good bartender.

Anyway, Chad racked the balls. He beat me four straight games. I had lost all of the swats I’d won from Brandy. I looked at her sitting on the stool at the end of the bar. I raised my eyebrows. She knew what I was asking. The only thing left was the blow job I’d won. She gave me a nod.

“Okay, Chad,” I said. I took a deep breath and plunged on. “You won almost everything I won from Brandy. She still owes me a blow job though.” I waited and watched them both. Chad had a doubting smile on his face as if he couldn’t believe what we were offering him. When neither of us said anything he nodded.

“If you guys are okay with it, I sure as hell am okay with it,” he said.

“Okay. But if I win you have to bend over for Brandy to give you 50,” I said. He just chuckled and said it was okay with him.

I’ll never know if he lost on purpose or not. The bottom line is that I won. By then, since it was close to midnight and nobody else had come in, he said he thought he better lock up.

He closed the bar and turned out the lights. The nervousness was mounting fast. We decided to pay the bets off upstairs instead of going to our house. There is a dressing room with a couch up there because the Eagles Club has a theater and they put on shows for the tourists in the summer.

We climbed the stairs with Chad leading the way, Brandy in the middle and me “bringing up the rear” (in spite of the fact that my rear was the only one not in jeopardy that night).

In the room with the couch we all kind of just looked at each other. I took charge. “Okay, Brandy,” I said. “Since you’re getting the most I think you should go first.” She was blushing again.

“No, I think Chad should get his first,” she said.

I just shook my head. “If you go first it will be over with,” I said. “Then you will know how hard you want to paddle him.”

“Oh, I’m gonna wail his ass,” she said without realizing — or maybe she did realize it — she was telling him he had better wail on hers too.

“Nevertheless, I want you to go first. Remember you lost something else to me tonight. I plan to collect on it while Chad does the “hard work”.” To Chad, I said, “Usually when I spank Brandy I have her suck my cock while I do it. Since you’ll be doing the spanking I can relax and just enjoy her great oral action,” I said. To Brandy I just said, “Lose the pants, Honey.”

She hemmed and hawed a bit but soon she was naked from the waist down and leaning over the arm of the couch. I pulled off my pants and got down where she would be able to reach me. I was already hard when my pants hit the floor. Meanwhile Chad had found a ping pong paddle somewhere. I grinned at him when I saw it. “Warm her up with your hand first,” I cautioned him. “But, bear in mind that the warm up doesn’t count against the total.” That brought a grin from Chad and a mock complaint from Brandy.

He took up his position behind her. Brandy took hold of my hard cock and plunged her mouth down on it. Chad watched a second and then I heard (and felt) the first “SLAP” as his hand landed on her wonderful ass. She jerked forward, taking in a bit more of my cock.

So it went. “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.” I felt Brandy relaxing into the reality of the situation as her inner excitement mounted. Chad gave güvenilir bahis siteleri her about fifteen or twenty hand swats. I enjoyed the feeling of Brandy’s mouth on me while I watched my wife’s ass being punished by another man.

Brandy’s face was red and she moaned every three or four swats. I knew from experience that she was probably so turned on she was dripping her juices on the floor. Still the “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP” continued.

Chad’s attention was focused on her ass and shaven crotch. His erection was plainly visible in his jeans. He was sweating. After a while I suggested he switch to the paddle. “A ping pong paddle is her favorite, Chad,” I told him. Brandy groaned around my cock.

He laid the paddle on. The sound of the slapping on her flesh got sharper. Now it was more of a “CRACK!” Brandy squirmed and started letting out little squeaks and whimpers. Then she let out a yell and I knew she was climaxing. After that she devoted enough attention to sucking me that I began to near my climax.

By the time Chad had given her about 75 with the paddle I yelled out that I was going to cum. Brandy took as much of my length in as she could and the swats continued as I filled her mouth with my semen. Chad paused in his punishment to let her adjust to it. Brandy groaned and waved her hand vaguely in the air behind her. I couldn’t believe it! She was asking him to keep it up; to keep spanking her! I knew she was extremely turned on. The proof was that once more her voice rose into a yell. She’d had her second orgasm, just from the spanking and sucking me!

Chad returned to paddling her ass. “CRACK!, CRACK!, CRACK!” went the paddle on Brandy’s glowing cheeks. When I finished my orgasm I pulled out of Brandy’s mouth and slid back on the couch. I hoped somebody was counting because I’d lost the count I’d started. Then I decided it didn’t really matter how many swats she got. It was all good.

Chad stopped. He was as red in the face as Brandy was and the sweat was dripping down his face. I stood up and moved so I could reach Brandy’s crotch. I slid a finger along her slit. She was wetter than I’d ever seen her. I licked my fingers and looked at Chad. I angled my head. He got it. He repeated what I’d done. I didn’t know if Brandy knew that it was his finger stroking her pussy, but I didn’t think she cared one way or the other. She was so hot that she just moaned and moved her hips in a slow side to side movement.

“How many was that, Honey?” I asked her.

“More. I think I should get some more,” she croaked. Her head was down on the couch cushion and her voice was muffled. I took the paddle from Chad and gave him a waving motion, like an usher showing someone to a seat. I was inviting him to take the place I’d just left. His eyes got big and I just grinned and nodded. He didn’t waste any time shucking out of his jeans and underwear.

His cock stuck out straight from his groin. Unlike Brandy and me, he still wore a thick cloud of pubic hair. He gingerly sat on the couch and moved carefully closer to Brandy’s head. She grabbed his hard cock like she was starving and wasted no time in plunging her mouth down on it.

I knelt behind my wife. I licked her slit and her puckered ass hole. She gasped. I licked the juices that were oozing out of her and running down her legs. Then I got to my feet and brought the paddle down with a louder “CRACK!” than Chad had given her. She moaned. “I recognize that swat!” she yelped, jerking her mouth off poor Chad. “Spank me good, Honey,” she said before taking Chad’s cock in her mouth again.

I only gave her twenty swats or so. Watching her suck Chad’s cock turned me on so much that I got hard again quickly. I dropped the paddle to the floor and moved closer to her. I lubricated my cock by sliding it up and down her slit. I didn’t really need to do that, though because she was almost pouring out her juices.

In seconds I was slamming into her from behind as she slurped and licked at Chad’s hard cock. Just before he flooded her throat with his cum Brandy climaxed again. That sent me into my own orgasm. With all three of us moaning and groaning it sounded like an erotic chorus.

I let my cock slip from Brandy’s sweet, hot depths. My legs were shaking. Chad pulled his softening prick from her mouth and turned to lean against the back of the couch. Brandy stood shakily and I helped her to sit next to Chad. I took a seat on Brandy’s other side. None of us said anything for a long time. It was the most awkward situation iddaa siteleri I’d ever experienced.

I looked down at myself. I looked at Brandy and Chad. We all still wore our shirts but we were also all naked from the waist down. Suddenly the situation felt comical to me. I chuckled. They started to do the same. In seconds we were all laughing almost hysterically at ourselves. The laughter dispelled the awkwardness.

When the laughter died off, Brandy Sat up and said, “Oh!”

“‘Oh!’ what?” I asked her.

“There’s still one bet that needs to be collected.” I thought about it a second and then it dawned on me. I had forgotten it because it didn’t involve me. Chad “owed” Brandy 50 swats. I looked over at him and he was blushing.

“I was kind of hoping you’d forget,” he admitted.

“Not a fucking chance,” Brandy said, grinning. “Your turn to bend over, Boy!” she said. Chad’s blush deepened.

This was something new for me. I had let Brandy spank me a couple of times and enjoyed it. I always enjoyed spanking her. I’d watched videos of other people getting spanked and enjoyed those. I looked again at Chad and then let my gaze drop to his lap. His cock was getting hard again. He was obviously ready!

I stood up and Brandy followed. She reached her hand down and Chad took it. She pulled him to his feet. I stepped back and she led him to the end of the couch. Using her hands on his shoulders she positioned him and pushed him gently forward. He made a show of reluctance but his cock said differently. It was completely erect by then.

He turned his head to look up at me. “I’m not giving you a blow job, though,” he said.

I snapped my fingers and said, “I knew there was something I forgot to include in that bet!” Brandy laughed and frowned at me at the same time. She stroked Chad’s hairy butt and then slapped it lightly as if experimenting. Before she stepped back she leaned in and rubbed her hips against his ass in a lewd manner.

“That’s one,” Chad said. We laughed again.

Brandy only gave him 5 swats to warm him up. “I think you’re hot enough as it is,” she said. Then she knelt behind him and picked up the paddle. She grinned at me and gave him a pinch. He jumped. She brought the paddle down with a sharp “SMACK!” Chad jerked but he didn’t make a sound.

I watched her spank him. She was having fun. I wondered if she wore the same expression the few times I’d let her spank me. I looked at Chad’s closed eyes and wondered what he was feeling and thinking. As she spanked him, I noticed that his legs moved apart more with every few swats. I think he wanted her to pay some attention, either to his cock or his ass hole, but I didn’t say anything.

It turned me on to watch, just because they were both enjoying themselves. Chad’s hard cock was jammed against the side of the couch and he grunted after a particularly hard swat. I don’t know if they counted. I know I didn’t. After a while Brandy just dropped the paddle. Incredibly, I watched my wife bring her mouth down to his ass. She parted his cheeks with her hands and gave his ass hole a big lick before going in for some more intricate analingus! Chad groaned and clutched the cushions of the couch. When she stopped and looked at me I grinned at her. Chad got stiffly to his feet. He rubbed his bright red butt and gave Brandy a comical frown, but it was clear he was operating at a very high “turn on” level..

I kissed Brandy. She looked at me with a satisfied expression. She turned and kissed Chad just as hard as she had me. I knew there was only one thing left — and it hadn’t been in the bets. Still, I wouldn’t have felt right about leaving Chad high and dry. I got up and picked up my pants and underwear. I walked toward the door. Before I went out I turned around and said, “Honey, I don’t think you should leave Chad that hard now. It’s only fair that you finish what you started.” Brandy looked at Chad’s thick hard on and then at his face. She looked back at me. I winked at her before I walked out. I went back downstairs and got dressed.

I was really okay with it all. I stepped behind the bar and snagged another beer. It was illegal, but I was really thirsty and I doubted whether Chad would mind. I took it back to where someone looking in the window couldn’t see me and sipped it and waited. Upstairs I heard voices for a few seconds and then silence. After a while I heard some solid thumping sounds. Then I heard the familiar sound of Brandy reaching another orgasm.

Ten minutes later they came down with their clothes on. They looked at me. When I smiled they returned it. Chad let us out the door. Before he closed it Brandy leaned over and kissed him a real kiss. We said our good nights and Brandy drove us home. She held my hand all the way.