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bi sex with menWhen i was in my 20’s i was in the Navy and stationed in gulfport mississippi, and would love to go out like any other man to the clubs trying to pick up the sexy young southern girls but that didn’t always work out. One night i was coming back to base and decided i would pull in the adult arcade and watch some movies before going back on to the base. i bought my tokens and headed to the back room. and put the change in one of the machines and flipped thru the variety of porn showing each one having it own turn on for me. i soon had my cock in my hand and was stroking it as i watched the screen. i heard a rustling sound to my left and looked over to see i finger touching the edge of a hole in the wall. Who ever was signaling me to come close. i moved over toward the hole and i heard a man for sure say to stick my cock in the hole. i was pretty buzzed and horny so i did and oh fuck my cock was being sucked better then i had ever had it sucked before. My body was pressed against the wall as my cock was being licked and sucked by this hot mystery mouth on the other side. i blew my load so hard and i know he drank all of my cum. i knew right then i had found a new place to have fun. i started to go there a few times a week but was worried other guys from my base would see me going in there. Well i went out over the weekend and was at one of the clubs and saw another adult arcade in that area open 24 hrs i wondered if it was as cool as the one by the base. I parked my car in the lot and went in looking at the toys and movies on the wall till i noticed that they had a back room as well. i bought my tokens and went in to check it out. The first booth i entered i looked to see if there were holes in the wall there were not. i was going to leave but decided i would check out the corner booth with a booth on each side of the one i was in. there was a long l shaped bench in there and a movie screen. and not one but two holes in each connecting booth . So i put my money in the the movies lite up the room in a nice glow. i looked down at the hole waiting for some signal when i thick hard cock push it way thru the hole. i put my hand on it and it felt hot and hard. i had already been drinking before i got there. so i sat on the edge of the booth and started to lick and suck this mans cock. It twitched in my mouth as i sucked on him and my cock was rock hard. i could hear the guy moaning softly on the other side of the wall so i sucked in harder like i love mine being sucked. It was not long and i felt his cock twitching and he started shooting cum in canlı bahis my mouth. i drank every bit of it and loved the taste of it. I suck all of it out of his cock and his cock withdrew from the hole and was gone i heard his door open and he left. i was going to finish my self off and in the shadows i could see another cock sticking thru the other hole on the other side of the booth. i dropped more change in the machine and side over to suck another cock. i was in heaven. i was loving sucking strange mens cocks. As with the other guy i i sucked every drop from his cock but he didnt leave and returned the favor. Hell it was time to get another drink. i left the arcade and was walking toward my car and a man standing there said to me you really suck good cock. i kind of freaked, how did he know it was me in the booth. He said to me dont worry it all cool, want to get a drink with me? Me and a buddy are here on business for the weekend and we are at the holiday inn. If you want to come by it is room 206. i ok not really intending to go there. I started heading back to base and stopped at one of the bars on the way for a jack and coke and then decided to head back to the base. On the way back i had to past the Holiday Inn. I thought why not have another drink kick back. i pulled in and parked and found room 206. I lightly knocked on the door and the guy i had talked to open the door and told me to come in and introduced himself as Mike. I introduced my self (joe) and he ask what you pleasure i beer here and liquor. He said iam going to have a 7 and seven i told sounds good to me. I watched him make the drink. and he bs with small talk about being here on business from Chicago for the weekend . Looking at him he was a handsome man not to mention i had already sucked his cock in a hole in the wall. He started talking and said him and his buddy come down to the gulf on business several times a year. Where is your partner stay? He is just in the other room. He like to party i call him over to have a drink with us. That first drink i put down fast and refilled. He buddy come over about the same age i guess a bit more muscular. We introduced and sat around just bullshitting. His name was Jim. All the sudden mike ask me Joe would you mind sucking my cock for me. I just looked over at his buddy and he just nodded go for it if you into it. I looked back over at mike and he was standing up unbuckling his pants. Come here he said to me. Fuck it i thought why not i move down in front of him and finished getting his cock out which as rock hard and even nicer in this bahis siteleri light then the movie theater. i put my head on his cock and i started sucking all over it as he kicked his pants off the rest of the way. He had me put my hands on his ass checks and rocked back and forth fucking my mouth. He stopped for a minute and told me talk my clothes off. i did as i was told not even thinking of his friend jim in the room. i went back to sucking his cock and felt another pair of hands stroking my cock. i turned and jim stood up and his cock was so thick and about 8 inches long. He rubbed his cock all over my face and then put it into my mouth. Mike was going down on my cock. Sucking and licking all over it. The sucking stopped long enough so they could make another drink. Joe we are both married men but when we get this chance to get away we like to have this kind of fun are you ok with it Hell we started now didnt we and smiled. The next statement took me back a bit. Jim said joe we like to have a male sex slave for the evening. You wont get hurt promise but would you like to play our slave and do what you are told. I gulped my drink down, i really buzzed by now. and i said sure as long as i dont get hurt. Good they both said. They laid down on the bed and told me to take turns sucking there cocks and licking there balls. Jim goes to me i hope you like cum because you are going to be drinking alot of it Even though this much action was new my cock got even harder. i just went back and forth teasing there cocks, damn they were hot looking cocks. Jim reached over and took my head and said i want you to have your first taste of me and was making my cock go up and down on my cock almost chocking me with his thick cock. He it comes joe he yelled and my mouth just started filling with so much cumm Drink all of it Joe drink it and i did just that and there was alot of cum i rolled over for a minute after all that cum and and mike told me now i need my asshole licked and he climbed up over my face. i had never licked a mans ass hole but he had it down over my mouth and told me to start licking. So i did and i licked it like i was totally cleaning it, even though it was clean, he would grind his ass hole on my mouth and tongue and was moaning the whole time. Jim was sucking his cock while i was doing this. After a long licking he turned around and told me to open my mouth and he shot another load into my mouth telling me to drink all of it and dont miss a drop. i could not believe how much cum he had again seeing i had sucked him off and hr or so before. But bahis şirketleri damn i was loving every minute of this so far. We all stopped for another drink and they asked if i was loving it. Hell yes iam was my response. They told me to lay down on the bed on my stomach and i felt my ass being spread, i tensed up but pleasure came next they were taking turns licking all the up my ass crack and tongueing my asshole. It felt so good. They were really getting into it. Jim keeped licking and mike came back up so i could go back to sucking his cock and balls. His cock was so hard again. He was long but the thinner in girth of the two of them but for sure not thin, Jim was licking and suckiing on my asshole felt so strange but exciting. Mike just keep my head moving where ever he wanted it on his cock and balls. Suddenly i felt jims finger slide into my asshole. He went slow and i was well lubed and he sank his finger deep into my ass. In and out his finger slide in and out of my ass and he would rub my ass check as he finger fucked my ass. i say mike hand him so lube and i felt him put it on my ass and then i felt a second finger up my ass. He was not rough about it and it actually felt good. They just had me laying there sucking one cock while my ass was being finger fucked. Jim said to Mike i got to have some more of his hot mouth and mike got up and Jim big thick fat cock was pushing into my mouth. He was telling me iam going to cumm all down your throat again. Mike took his place by my ass but Jim had worked it up and i could feel the head of mikes cock against my ass hole as he pushed it in slowly and then fully pumping my ass with his cock. i raised my hips some so he could fuck it better. His hands were on my hips and he was fucking my asshole hard and stready i was moaning even with a hard cock pushing into my mouth. Jim motions got faster and faster fucking my mouth and he was leaning forward so he could see mikes cock fucking my ass. i could taste precum out of his cock. Her you go Joe and he starting shooting all his hot cum again into my mouth but this time he just keep fucking my mouth as he keeped shooting. I heard mike moan loud and he filled my ass up with his cum. i felt his cock slide out and my asshole was quivering. i reached over and played with Jims cock and told him you try. i leaned up and started licking all over the head of his cock and sure enough he got thick and hard again. He went behind me and pulled my hips up in the air and slide his thick cock into my ass. It did hurt a bit but i didnt say anything about it and let him fuck my ass for the next half hour until he shot his load deep in my ass. Before i had to leave they sucked me off too and they both came in my mouth at the same time. What a fucking night that was. True story all the way