Bi swingers club

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Bi swingers clubMy wife and I were staying at a nudist swingers resort. We arrived late on a Tuesday night and there was really nothing going on. The few people there had already gone to bed so we just went to bed. The next morning we got up and found we had not coffee in the room. My wife went to the lobby (naked of course) to get coffee for us while I laid in the bed reading the news. After a few minutes, she returned with 2 guys who were fully dressed. She said they were trying to check in but were told their room would not be ready for a few more hours. She invited them to our room to hang out or they could leave their clothes in our room and head to pool to hang out. They said they had been to this resort a few times in the past. It was our first time so we started asking questions. They said the weekends were usually busy but most of the weekdays were slow. I asked about single guys and they said there were not many single guys because the focus was really on couples. They said most times they would watch couples play but were not invited to join. I said that must be frustrating for them. They said that at the least it was like watching live sex show. I asked about getting a release and being sexually frustrated. They paused for a minute and then admitted to being bisexual. If they did not hook up with a couple, they would go back to their room and suck each other off. I smiled and said that I was bisexual also.They said that the place was not very bi-friendly for men so they had not seen any other bi-guys there. I told them that our goal was to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri meet guys that wanted to have sex with both of us. By this time, the guys were sitting in chairs (still clothed) and my naked wife was sitting next to me. The conversation was getting my dick hard. I told them that I had promised my wife I was going to eat her to an orgasm for getting the coffee and thought I should get started. They both smiled at us. She suggested they both get naked and join us. They immediately got up and started pulling clothes off.I pulled my wife to the middle of the bed and went down on her. She must have enjoyed the conversation because she was already wet. I began eating her pussy. I sucked on her egorged lips and dug my tongue all around. I saw both of the guys climb onto the bed with their dicks already hard. I dug my tongue in her pussy and licked everywhere as she began stroking their cocks. I took her clit in my mouth and began sucking it. Within just a few minutes, she began shaking as she started her orgasm. She clamped her legs on my head and squealed as she shook until she could not take it anymore and pushed me away. She had let go of the cocks of our guests, so I reached up and played with them. I moved over and took one in my mouth while stroking the other one. I love sucking cock and it was exciting to have two to play with. The other guy moved next to his friend so that I could suck on one and then move to the other. They were both leaking precum and I was lapping it up. As soon as my wife recovered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri from her orgasm, she joined me. This allowed each of us to focus on one cock, I was taking him deep down my throat and rubbing my nose in his pubic hair. He was holding my head and fucking my face. I love to have my face fucked.My wife said that she was having fun sucking dick, but needed to be fucked. The guy she was sucking was happy to give her what she needed. She laid back on the bed and he climbed on top of her. He rammed his hard cock deep in her pussy on the first thrust. He then began pounding into her. She was groaning immediately. She loves to be fucked hard and this guy was giving it to her. She put her legs up and started encouraging him to fuck her harder. The guy that I was fucking was watching the show and began to encourage them also. As much as I enjoy sucking cock, I also love to watch my wife getting fucked by strangers. I stopped sucking on the cock and turned to watch the show. I suggested we help. We got on either side of her and held her legs. This allowed him to get more force as he pounded into her. The room was filled with sounds of her slapping his cock into her juicy pussy and her grunts. After a couple of minutes, he said he was about to cum. “Shoot your cum deep in my pussy, let me feel you explode inside of me!” she shouted. He grunted as he blew his load in her. He grunted with each thrust until he was completely empty. He climbed off of her and collapsed in a chair. I looked at her gaping pussy, enjoying güvenilir bahis şirketleri the beauty of a fresh fucked pussy full of cum. I then looked at the other guy and asked if he was ready for his turn. He wasted no time jumping between her legs and thrusting his hard cock into her cum filled pussy. He began fucking her with enthusiasm. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself up into his thrusts. He leaned over and began sucking on her tits while he fucked her. She pulled his head into her tits and moaned her pleasure.She began to squeal as she started to cum again. “Oh god, yes, fuck my shoot your cum in me fill me up, I need to feel you shoot inside of me!” she yelled. He grunted as he exploded inside of her pussy. She squeezed him tight and began to shake as her orgasm overwhelmed her. After he was done cumming, she squeezed him even tighter holding him in her pussy and not able to move until she finished her orgasm. Once she was done, she collapsed on the bed. He rolled off of her and laid there panting.I got between her legs to enjoy her wide open pussy full of cum. Her lips were swollen and bright red. She had a puddle under her that was a mixture of her cum and the two studs that had just dumped their cum in her. She looked amazing. She smiled at me and asked if I was going to clean her up. I quickly went down on her freshly fucked pussy. I licked all around and began to suck on her pussy. She squirted a big load of cum into my mouth and I hungrily swallowed it. I kept eating her until she clamped her legs on my head and shouted into another orgasm. As soon as she finished, she pushed me away and said that she could not take any more. She laid there panting.I rolled over on the bed. This is starting out to be a great trip. Then the guys said, “you have not cum yet, can we suck your cock?” Sure, I said. I am really liking our new friends.