Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 59

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 50). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 59 — A Wedding. Jet Ratings. A Surprise Swing


The girls and I went to Denmark. The evening we arrived, I was quickly on my back in Brita’s large bed and she was riding my cock, one of her favorite positions to savor the attributes of loving intercourse; she’d already had two orgasms, and I could see she was building to a third. All my wives were multi-orgasmic, and none of them seemed to have any problems cumming with good old-fashioned vaginal fucking. Of course, a finger here or there could help speed things along too. I’m sure they self-selected on that trait.

Beside us on the bed, KC was riding Nils. She and Brita were shoulder to shoulder, and were kissing often. On a futon on the bedroom floor, Aksel was balls deep in Sheila, the two of them trying to set some kind of record for the largest number of strokes of cock into a pussy in a one-hour timeframe. Sheila loved the interaction. I’d not met Aksel before this trip, but he seemed a nice and debonair man who knew import-export trade very well.

The television in the room had some American porn playing from a DVD. The video more specifically was one that featured Vanessa and Anna, and a host of overly endowed male stars who needed only feeble excuses to get a blowjob, fuck them, bugger them, and frequently cum all over their uplifted and smiling faces featuring open mouths — like baby birds. The video was hot and inspiring, although we had the sound turned off, since we were making our own great sounds that filled not only the room, but also the rest of Brita’s condominium.

Melanie had fallen instantly in lust with an older and dashing Danish man named Tor, who also was one of Brita’s frequent lovers called in to help welcome her visiting lovers from America. I last saw him kissing her in a highly romantic and energetic way, as he removed her clothing in Brita’s living room. I didn’t think they’d gotten too far from the sofa there.

Elsa and Cindy were in the next bedroom apparently fucking the daylights out of Theodore and Kalan, yet two more men from Brita’s stable of hunky horny lovers. We could hear the sounds from that bedroom, and it was mostly the males praising and raving about the two American sluts who liked to trade back and forth. Brita and Nils had called in the various reinforcements from among their intimate friends to please her sisters and to provide a highly erotic backdrop to the rite of passage we’d flown over for — her wedding to Nils.

Elsa and Cindy encouraged the use of derogatory names when in sexual situations such as our little orgy. They had told me the names sexually excited them to new heights, and more orgasms. Many of the men seemed to like the dominance the words implied. We could hear some of the words the men used at their encouragement float into our bedroom: slut, cunt, whore, tart, skank, slag, cum bucket, dumpster, double-D, and many more, all spoken with a Danish accent the girls adored.

Finally, my little Hispanic secretary, Izzy was in the kitchen with a handsome Dane named Christian. She was tiny and he was tall, a combination you might think wouldn’t work, but last I saw, he had her naked sitting on the kitchen counter, and that put his cock at just the right height and angle to deliver a huge volume of pleasure.

I noticed, but wasn’t intimidated by the fact that all of Brita’s lovers were exceptionally well endowed. I hadn’t realized that she had been such a cock hound, but then she also picked me. I knew this pre-wedding party was providing a lot of pleasure to every woman in the place.

Brita admitted that the evening before, she and Nils had hosted a pre-wedding gangbang with the same men. They’d come over, enjoyed drinks and dinner, and then had a feast where Brita’s pussy was the main dish, followed by a fuck party where they filled and refilled her cunt with their delicious man juice. Things hadn’t quieted down until about two a.m., yet Brita was still hoping for more. She’d wiped out the men.

As far as I knew, the evening before a wedding there was a rehearsal dinner and then the bride did things with her bridesmaids … well, that was happening, kind of; but … The same with the groomsmen. It was just that we were all together in a kind of happy orgy in Brita’s large condo after our dinner together. I wondered how many other weddings followed the soon-to-be-famous güvenilir bahis orgy model of a pre-wedding night. After that thought, I realized that there was probably some relatively large number that did exactly what we were doing.

Sheila groaned, and I heard Aksel declare his climax as well, as the pair slowly ended their stellar show, their glistening bodies surging into one another as his fluids soaked her insides and merged with hers. This was Aksel’s second time doing that in the past hour.

Brita draped her hot pointy breasts across my chest as she came to me for more kisses. Her nipples were excited and erect, and they provided an additional point of arousal for me. She said, “Mark, I love you and always will. This is so fucking hot, your fucking me the night before my wedding. I will definitely remember this for the rest of my life.”

I chuckled, “I may fuck you tomorrow night too. Maybe I should arrange another gangbang so all your old lovers can service you and re-pledge their love to a married woman.” I gestured around the room at the others, especially indicating the men.

“Oooouuhh, I’d like that,” Brita crooned. “You have the best ideas. Nils gets me first after the ceremony, though.” She teased, “There has to be some kind of propriety in the consummation of our wedding vows, especially since we have dispensed with the ‘forsaking all others’ part of the service.” She chuckled.

Nils looked over from where he was plowing into KC’s drippy cunt. “Thank you, darling. I also would like to be part of your gangbang, maybe first and then last so I can do cleanup.”

I teased, “You didn’t do cleanup on KC before you started. Did you forget?”

Nils said somewhat defensively, “We were in a rush to … well, have my cock inside her. I’ll lick her pussy until it sparkles after we’re through.”

I gave him a peculiar look and posed, “Sparkles? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pussy sparkle.”

Nils grinned, “It depends on the incident angle of the light hitting her labia and your position relative to the reflected rays, the viscosity of the semen she’d had poured into her love tunnel, plus how wet she’s been left by the departing clean up crew.”

Brita teased me, “I hope you make me sparkle after you fill my pussy, all you other scientific types. I bet I can make your cocks sparkle on the same basis.”

“I shall take instruction in the sparkling technique from the master right next to us,” I said with evident glee as I gestured to Nils and KC.

Nils and I bowed to each other, and then I went back to fucking his fiancée and very soon to be wife. KC just grinned at me and kept eagerly humping her pussy up into Nils’ arousing down strokes.

* * * * *

The wedding was a beautiful affair at a private boating club outside Copenhagen. Because Brita’s father wasn’t ambulatory, I helped him in his wheelchair and her mother at the ceremony. I had received my role as an official surrogate for the senior male family member, and then walked Brita down the short aisle to stand in an arbor in front of everyone. I presented her to Nils who grinned happily at each of us. I then joined my girls behind Brita’s parents and several cousins, uncles, and aunts. Elsa sat next to me and held my hand.

Besides the crew who had partied the night before, about eighty other people attended, most connected to Nils or Brita through family, work or school in some way.

I found myself stupefied because Brita’s mother, a pretty woman in her early sixties, apparently knew of her daughter’s kinky sex life. As I stood talking to her at the reception, Eva said, “So, I presume you had fun at Brita’s little orgy last night? She so loves sex and those decadent orgies and gangbangs of hers. I wish I were younger; I would have insisted on being part of last night’s scene. She never lets me have any fun when she has special guests like you.”

My mouth hung open as I stared into Eva’s gray-blue eyes. I decided that if I tried to talk all I would do is stammer.

Eva filled the silence with more information, “Since Jarl got ill and past age seventy five, he just can’t play that husband and lover role like he used to. He’s given me what I think you call in America a pass off, so I can enjoy relations with other men.”

My brow furrowed. I asked, “Do you mean a ‘free pass’?”

“Yes. Yes. That’s what it is — a free pass. He won’t get mad or jealous or anything when I have sex with someone else. I don’t do it very often. Brita knows. She even set me up with one of her older men friends. We’ve become steady lovers. To tell the truth, I would do it more often, but the opportunity isn’t there.”

I ventured, still unsure of the ground I stood on, “Well, that’s nice. I think you are very lucky. I guess you must know that I love Brita.”

Eva said, “Oh, and she loves you. She also loves Nils. They’ll be happy together, and they’ve agreed to an open marriage so you won’t lose her. I might even join her when she’s güvenilir bahis siteleri with you some time.” She winked at me and gave me a coy smile. I decided she was testing me to see if I would play her game — only I wasn’t sure whether she was serious or not. Brita had never talked about her parents that much.

I sized up the older woman: twenty-five years older, long platinum hair, the same angular face and beauty as her daughter but with a few more lines of experience, a trim form, some bust and cleavage showing, and sexy legs. After my blatant examination of her body, I smiled at her, “I think I might like that.”

Eva flirted back, “Oh, I know I’d like THAT.” She cast a glance down at the rising lump in my suit pants.

Brita slid under my arm, “Hi, Lover. Did my mother proposition you yet? She decided that you are her next target, but I’m not sure I’m ready to share you with her just yet. I promised her she could do something sexual with you some day … providing you’re interested.”

Eva harrumphed, “Oh, Brit, you never let me have any fun with your friends.” She chugged the last of the wine in her glass. “I do want to fuck this one though; he’s very nice … and he appears to have a generous endowment in the things that please me.” She then turned and wandered off in the direction of the bar leaving Brita and me.

Brita said, “She’s on a high right now. Last night she shacked up with her lover, and he wound her up. His name is Jørg. He’s amazing; he did me once a year ago. He can go all night, like your energizer bunny, and he’s her age. He has the biggest libido of anybody I know — even you. I’m sure he has a stable of women he keeps happy.”

I chuckled, “It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.” I glanced off in Eva’s direction, watching her hips sway in a highly sexual way as she walked.

Brita kissed me. “Well, you can do me later, and I promise I won’t be a tough job for you.”

“What about Nils?”

“He goes first, that’s all. I even thought everyone should watch us consummate our wedding, and then join in — men and women, alike. You know how I don’t discriminate.” She giggled and sipped her champagne.

“Your gangbang?”

“That’d be about the right time. All the men take me, and then Nils finishes me off; he’s first and last — very symbolic, I think. The girls can do clean up if they’re interested.”

“Your honeymoon?”

“We leave in my jet tomorrow morning. We have the villa I mentioned yesterday rented for two weeks on Madagascar. I plan to swim morning, noon, and night; get an all-over tan on this pale body just like that week in Mexico with your crazy crew; enjoy warm temperatures and forget the Danish grey and chilly weather; scuba dive and snorkel; exercise; read a big book every day; and fuck Nils to total submission six times a day if he’ll let me.”

“No work?” I teased. I knew that Brita was like me. Her brain was always ticking away thinking up business deals and situations to amuse herself.

Her tone got serious, “This is a strategic get-away. I want to see what ideas I come up with after I’ve left the company behind — new businesses? Line extensions? New geographies? New products? It’s all up for grabs right now. I’ll narrow down to a few before I come home. Besides, I’ve been worrying succession planning in the company, so I’ve got a possible successor running things while we go off. If she does OK, I plan to do what you did with Andy; promote her into some kind of number two position. I think she’ll do fine.”

“Keep close, darling,” I whispered to her as I kissed her. “I like the way you think, and I already know what a great judge of character and business acumen you are.”

“Ah, the master is looking for something to invest in. I might have known. I’ll have to introduce the two of you next time you’re over for business. Who knows, maybe the two of you will connect the same way we did; then we can have a really great little business orgy.”

About that time Eva, Brita’s mother reappeared carrying a full wine glass. She said to her daughter, “Darling, are you sure you won’t let me join you and your friends tonight. I know how you think, and I just know you’re all going to do something wild and sexual. I must be there. Please. Pretty please.”

Eva snuggled up to me, and pulled my arm around her with her free hand. “Besides, I just know I want to prove to this man how good a sixty-year old Danish woman can fuck and make love. I think there’s also that mother-daughter competition thing too. I could think up a few other reasons why you should have me there. How many do I have to come up with before you let me attend?”

Brita gave me a long questioning look, and I smiled and nodded at her. I wouldn’t mind her mother at our little evening fuck fest at all. Eva turned me on. I’d never been with a cougar.

Finally, Brita nodded. She said, “If it’s all right with papa it’s all right with me.”

Eva lit up with joy. “Oh, fabulous. Just iddaa siteleri take me with you when you leave. Your dad will go home in our limo with the caretakers. He already knew I was going to beg to attend your special night.”

Eva turned to me and planted a very serious kiss on my lips. She whispered, “There are lots more where that came from.” She fanned her face with one hand. “God, you are sexy.”


Cindy and I went to Opa Locka Airport outside of Miami to get our multi-engine ratings. We dedicated a week to the training. We each passed our check ride in a Pipe Seneca, but then got type rated in a King Air after another ten hours of flight time in a more serious aircraft. We flew home in the Cessna 210; it felt strange to only have one engine. I kept looking for the other throttle.

The next step for us was going to be jet school. Mark was enthusiastic about having us accumulate ratings. He thought it would be cool if we were able to fly his corporate jet — a Cessna Citation X that was kept at city airport most of the time. John, the chief pilot for Worthington Industries, also encouraged us. We knew he had an ulterior motive; he didn’t want to travel so much at this stage in his life.

While we were taking advantage of the better springtime weather to fly, Mark was too. He completed his private pilot’s license, and started right in, the way we did, on his commercial-instrument ratings. We loved that he had the flying bug. We had to guard against ‘fly talk’ when our sisters were around, otherwise they’d feel left out of Mark’s circle.

John, Scott, and Wes conferred about our upgrade to jets, specifically the Cessna Citation. The result was the recommendation that Cindy and I head south to Sarasota, Florida, to attend jet school.

Jets-Plus was the name of the aviation school we’d be attending. They operated one of the FBO or fixed-base operations at SRQ, the main Sarasota airport. Cindy and I flew down in the 210 again, as usual accompanied by one of our bodyguards; in this case Marcia was the designee guard. Since we were going out of town, and supposedly away from the area where Tanner was a threat with an officially undisclosed location, Lucas and we had agreed that only one guard was needed. We didn’t want any, but took one as a compromise. The three of us were armed and dangerous.

We started right in on the simulator for the Citation on our first day, spending two hours ‘flying’ and six more hours learning a whole new set of systems that comprised the jet. We’d already almost memorized the manual for all of the jet’s systems, so had a leg up on that account. Adam Timms was our instructor, and basically we had him full-time for the three weeks it would take to get our jet ratings and type signoffs in both the Citation and Mark’s 737-700LR.

We would each get a series of ratings and sign-offs in so far as the FAA was concerned. We’d get a pilot in command for the Citation. We’d also get a second officer in command rating on a 737 that would let us fly right seat with John on the larger of Mark’s jets as we built time and worked on pilot in command type rating. For that we’d be using a simulator at another location up in Tampa, and then a check-ride in Mark’s large jet that John would fly down for us to transition in.

Adam was a little older than Mark, ex-military, and married with two pre-teen kids. Cindy and I decided not to put the make on him, at least without a written permission slip from his home. He was an attractive man, and I think we did have some chemistry with him that we thought would have made some playtime interesting.

Adam invited us to his home on our first Saturday in Sarasota. He had an old waterfront home in an area south of the city called Harbor Acres. His wife Jill welcomed us, but looked surprised. We convinced Marcia that we’d be fine on our own nickel.

After we settled in with some cocktails, I asked her, “Why the surprised look?”

Jill was taken back, “Errr, well the two of you are beautiful, but Adam didn’t mention it. He only said he had two advanced pilots getting jet rated. I thought you were both guys until this morning. I’m surprised he didn’t hit on you both.”

I chuckled and told her frankly, “Well, we wanted to hit on him, but … he has you, and the kids, and all this. We were going to ask him to bring a signed permission slip in.”

Jill smirked, “We’ll work something out real soon.” Her answer was a bit cryptic, but we let it pass as a questionable comment.

Adam worked to fire up a grill in the back yard. He cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids, they ate, and then magically disappeared. When I asked where they went and where the noise went, Jill told me her parents had taken them for the night on a sleepover on their boat — something the kids loved. There were headed to some kind of boat parade up in the Tampa area.

We had a more leisurely meal with some perfect steaks and baked potatoes, along with a salad that had been a communal effort to make. We learned more about Adam and Jill’s personal life. She worked as an RN at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Since the city was on the backside of the tourist season, she had more relaxed hours that in the winter months.