Birthday Sex

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The party was going splendidly. As I looked around, seeing some of my best friends enjoying themselves, I noticed that everyone had drinks in their hands, the music was going, people were mingling, some were dancing, and there were smiles all around. I looked over at Rick, talking animatedly to my friend Victor, and flushed a little. I still could hardly believe that Rick made it down to see me. We’d already had a very intense sex session when he first arrived, and again this morning before class, and I was still tingling from it. He caught my eye and smiled. I blushed and looked down into my drink.

I made my way to Rick and Victor. “What’s going on, guys?” I asked.

“We were just talking about race relations,” Rick remarked.

“It figures!” I laughed.

“Well, talking about that, and also your sexy ass,” Victor commented.

“Oh really?!” I laughed, looking at both of them. “Well, I’m glad that you two are getting along!”

I pondered the situation. I had been wanting to have another threesome with two guys, having only done that twice in my life. Both times were very intense, and hot, but I wondered how things would be with them. Rick and I had settled into a good place, with a balance between friendship and naughty flirtation, and Victor and I have been great friends for years. He and I talked about literally everything under the sun. I knew that Victor had a penchant for group sex- more specifically, for scenarios that involved one woman and multiple men. He was completely straight, married with a daughter, but that was his thing. He liked seeing women pleased and liked the energy of those scenarios. Hmmm…

The party was in full swing, with everyone entertaining themselves, so I don’t think anyone would notice if the three of us disappeared for a little while. I tapped Rick and asked him to come upstairs with me. His eyes lit up with both anticipation and questions.

As we walked upstairs, I spoke quietly. “So… remember the thing I asked you about before?”

“The threesome?” he responded.

“Yeah. How would you feel about trying it?”

“With who?”

“Victor. He’d be down for it, and I think I’d feel comfortable with him.”

Rick smiled. “It’s your birthday, I just want to make you happy.”

“Okay. I’m going to text him to come upstairs.” I took a deep breath and pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“It’s going to be amazing, you’ll see.” I sat on the bed, and he began taking off my shoes, rubbing my feet. I unbuttoned my pants and he pulled them off of me.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and took a deep breath.

“I hear that my services have been requested,” Victor said with a smile.

“Something bahis şirketleri like that,” I said, smiling back at him.

“Mmm… I’m happy to oblige,” he said, sitting down on the bed next to me. Rick rubbed my legs, massaging up my thighs, looking at me, while Victor leaned over and kissed my neck.

“It’s all about you, sweetie” he whispered in my ear. “We’re going to take care of you. Don’t worry, and enjoy the moment.”

Rick began kissing up my legs, teasing my inner thighs with his tongue. I moaned softly. Victor continued to kiss my neck while reaching under my shirt to begin lightly teasing my nipples. My eyes closed, relishing the sensations. Rick moved up, and I felt his tongue touch my clit.

I spasmed, not expecting it, while Victor pinched my nipple. “Oh fuck,” I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” Rick asked. “Ohh yes,” I moaned, as he began to apply more pressure to my clit with his tongue. Victor moved his head down, sucking one of my nipples into his mouth while continuing to pinch the other. I moaned louder, my hips bucking as Rick began to suck on my clit.

My head was spinning, feeling my erogenous zones being stimulated at once. I began to pant as Rick slipped a finger inside of me while continuing to lick and suck my pussy. I felt out of control, my body thrashing, my hips raising to meet his mouth. He easily slipped another finger inside of me, I was so wet, there was no resistance. I felt an orgasm building as he sucked my clit harder.

“OH FUCK, I’m going to come,” I moaned.

“Come baby,” Victor said, gripping my throat with one hand.

My vision blurred, and I felt the orgasm overtake me as Rick continued to suck my clit and finger me. Electricity flowed through my body, it lasted forever. As the aftershocks continued, Rick came up and kissed me hard. I tasted myself on his mouth and kissed him back, clinging to him. He quickly disrobed and resumed kissing me.

I felt Victor behind me, taking off his clothes, as Rick and I continued to kiss. I clung to Rick as he lifted my shirt over my head. He pulled away, looking me deep into my eyes, checking to make sure I was okay. I gave a small nod, and he smiled and turned me over.

Victor kneeled in front of me, his dick hard. He also looked at me, checking to make sure I was alright. I felt Rick behind me, rubbing my ass, dipping his fingers into my pussy, rolling my clit. I thrust my ass further back against him and moaned softly.

“You want this dick?” I heard Rick ask me. I moaned. He smacked my ass, hard. I yelped and jumped, but loved the sensation.

“I didn’t hear you,” he said. “I asked you if you wanted this dick.” He bahis firmaları smacked me again, harder. “Yes! Oh yes!”

“Yes, what?” He asked, smacking me harder.

“Yes, I want that dick!” I yelled.

Victor watched with a smile as Rick slid into me. He pinched my nipples as I moaned and thrust back against Rick.

“You like that, baby?” Victor asked. “Yesss,” I said, moaning. Rick pumped more furiously into me, reaching around and touching my clit.

“Ohhh, fuck,” I moaned.

Victor moved closer to me, his dick nearing my face. I reached up and licked up and down it.

“That’s my good girl,” he said. I continued to lick it, then sucked the head into my mouth.

I felt Rick stop momentarily, then heard a buzzing sound. He’d found my bullet. He continued to fuck me while I began to suck Victor more intensely. I heard him moan, as he reached for the back of my head.

Rick continued to fuck me, then reached around and applied the bullet to my clit. “Oh God!” I moaned around Victor’s dick. I felt another orgasm coming. I moaned loudly as the sensations of Rick’s dick and the bullet on my clit sent me over the edge. I couldn’t keep Victor’s dick in my mouth as I began cumming furiously. “Yes baby, take that dick, come for us,” he said.

“I can feel your pussy clenching on my dick,” Rick moaned as he continued to thrust. My orgasms kept coming, back to back. I put Victor’s dick back into my mouth, sucking him, feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth.

Rick pulled out of me, leaving my pussy feeling empty. He gently laid me down on my side and laid in front of me. He tenderly kissed me, rubbing my neck as his body pressed against mine. I heard Victor opening a condom and sliding it on, then he laid behind me, his dick pressed against my ass.

Rick continued to kiss me as Victor squeezed my ass and lifted my leg so he could slide inside of me. He slowly stroked me, almost tenderly at first. Rick began sucking my nipples, first one, then the other, as Victor built up speed and continued to thrust into me. I heard the buzz of my vibrator again- Rick had it in his hands.

“I want to watch your face as you cum,” Rick said, applying the vibrator to my clit. My breath drew in hard, as the sensations of Victor’s dick and the vibrator combined.

“Ooh shit,” I moaned, whimpering. “I’m going to cum again.”

“Good.” Rick said. “I want to watch you.” He grabbed my throat with his other hand, and I felt the orgasm overtake me again. “Open your eyes,” he said. “I want you to look at me while you cum.”

I fluttered my eyes open and looked at him. He was watching me intently. He took the vibration off and watched as kaçak bahis siteleri Victor continued to thrust, my hips pumping against him. “Are you ready to come again, baby?” Rick asked. I looked at him and whimpered, “yes.”

He turned the vibration higher and applied it to my clit as Victor pumped me harder. “Oh fuck!” I yelled, and instantly began to cum, fighting to keep my eyes open and locked on Rick. It was so hard to do. I felt Victor behind me, even harder than before, and knew he was about to orgasm as well. He let out a yell and gripped me hard, pushing me against Rick. It was so animal yet sensual at the same time, being sandwiched between the two of them. Rick dropped the vibrator and held me.

Victor stayed for a moment, then slipped out and got up to go to the bathroom. I looked at Rick. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yes, I am, but I want you to be satisfied too.” “Watching was enough,” he said. “No. I want you to cum,” I replied, smiling.

I reached down, and he was still hard. I begin to languidly lick and suck him, hearing him moan softly. I heard Victor come back to the room, and felt him sit down on the bed. “I just want to watch,” he said.

I sucked Rick into my mouth, all the way down, pushing past my gag reflex. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. I looked up at him and smiled a bit.

“You like that?” I asked. “Oh yes!” he responded. I pumped him into my mouth harder, varying between sucking the head and taking him deep into my mouth.

“I want to feel you again,” he said. “Come here.” I climbed on top of him and slid him inside of me. “Ohhhh,” I moaned, feeling him all the way in me. I started slowly, but couldn’t control myself, and began to grind against him faster, feeling his dick rub my clit as it pumped in me. He pinched my nipples and I began to cum again.

“Mmmm,” I heard Victor moan. “You’re so beautiful when you have an orgasm.”

Rick grabbed my ass and began to pump faster into me. I knew he was close. “Yes, baby, yes,” I whispered, as I felt his orgasm approach. “Oh fuck, uhghghgh… I’m cumming!” I felt him cum as he pulled me down and squeezed me tightly.

We laid there for a second. I felt Victor kiss the back of my neck. “That was so amazing. Just incredible,” he whispered. “I’m going to go back down to the party, just so people don’t get too suspicious. Although…they probably already know,” he chuckled.

I looked back at him and smiled. “Yeah, they probably do. But thank you. Really.”

I kissed Rick’s neck. “Is everything okay?” I asked.

“It’s more than okay. That was wonderful. But more importantly, are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m good. I just hope we’re still good tomorrow.”

“We will be. We’ll be more than good, Madison. You know I think the world of you. Nothing has changed.”

I smiled. “Okay. Well, I guess we should get up and rejoin the party.”

“Happy Birthday, Madison,” Rick said to me with a smile.