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BlackmailedVic lay on his bed, stretched out on his side, naked, his hard, throbbing cock in his hand. As he stroked himself harder and harder, faster and faster, his breathing growing hoarse and ragged, his gaze was locked inexorably upon the centerfold of the magazine before him.Her name, according to the XXX magazine at any rate, was Honie and, despite the unusual spelling, Vic certainly thought that she was. Her body was lean and trim, smooth and petite, hairless and just lightly tanned. Her nipples were hard as she smiled coyly for the unimaginably lucky photographer who’d been privileged enough to take the photos and get this incredible shot of her. Her head was tilted to one side, her long, glossy, dark hair falling casually over one delicate shoulder in a flowing, shimmering cascade. Honie’s willowy legs were spread very wide apart, showing her bald pussy and asshole in all their erotic glory. To make it better, the astoundingly gorgeous girl was lightly pinching the puffy, swollen lips of her twat between long fingernails, parting herself even more as a dab of her liquid love drooled out.Vic’s breath grew heavier still as his gaze flicked back and forth between Honie’s moist sex, her pert, perky breasts, and her amazingly beautiful face.”Fuck, Honie! I wish you were here with me, babe. You are so fucking hot! I’m gonna fucking cum for you, Honie. You want me to fucking cum for you?” Vic kept whispering to the model in the centerfold as he jerked his cock harder and faster, bringing himself to orgasm, groaning, just barely managing to catch him molten goo with his other hand as it jetted out of his prick in a high-pressure blast.”Fuck!” he moaned. “That’s incredible!””Yes,” a soft, feminine voice said. “It was, wasn’t it?””Shit!” Vic nearly screamed, thrashing in shock, nearly falling from his bed. He looked up to see his sister, Angie, standing in his room, just inside the closed door. Trying to hide his nudity, his spent semen and the porn magazine, he scowled hard at her. “How the hell did you get in here? My door was locked!”Angie sidled closer, her eyes fixed on her naked brother. “One,” she said, ticking points off on her long, delicate fingers as she spoke, “watch your mouth. If Mom or Dad heard half of what you’ve said in the past few minutes they’d disown you. Two, no, your door was not locked. And, third, luckily for you it was me who heard you in here and discovered that bit of carelessness and not Dad or Mom. Again, if it’d been either of them, you’d be in a heap of trouble right now.”Still trying to hide his bare dick, cooling cum and magazine from her, he said, “I’m eighteen. I can look at pornography if I want to.”She nodded. “Legally, you can, yes. Though I know as well as you do that you’ve been doing that since you were eleven and that porn shop opened up across town. The only difference is that, since your last birthday, you can actually go inside and purchase things, rather than root though their dumpster like you used to. But, legality aside, Mom and Dad would still freak if they knew you’d brought even a single bit of porn into the house. And I know you’ve got a lot more than just this one magazine.””How-?”Angie eased closer, still watching him. “I’ve come in here when you weren’t home. I’ve looked. I’ve found your stashes. Some of them, anyway. This is your room. You know it’s nooks and crevices better than I do. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if you’ve got porn tucked away in places I never thought to check. But I found more than enough. Magazines, VHS tapes, DVDs… You’re quite the little porn connoisseur, aren’t you, little brother?”Temporarily forgetting his state of nudity, Vic leapt of his bed to stand nose-to-nose with her. “You went through my stuff?””Yes. I did.””This is my room, Angie!””Yes, it is.” She held up a hand. “And, before you ask, no, I didn’t say a word to Mom or Dad about it. If I had, you’d have already heard and they’d have raided your room and thrown out all of your X-rated goodies. Now do me a favor and back up before you drip on my feet.”Vic glanced down and saw his now limp penis still oozing cum from his recent orgasm. His face burning now with embarrassment as well shock and rage, he backed up, covering his cock with both hands. The now-cold pool of spunk in his hand smeared on his groin, causing him to jump. He’d forgotten he was still holding his spent load.Angie laughed and reached past him to pick up the magazine he’d just jerked off to. Holding it up, studying the centerfold, she smiled. “She’s pretty. You’ve got good taste in women. And everything is natural. Not even any tattoos or body piercing visible in this picture.” She nodded. “Good. Too many people are into that now. It’s disgusting.””I agree,” Vic muttered, watching his sister flip through the pages of the magazine, working her way backwards to the cover. “What do you want? Why’d you sneak in here?”Angie looked at the cover. ” ‘Hot Vixens’,” she said, reading the name of the publication. ” ‘The hottest sluts and the most extreme fucking allowed by the law!’.” Tossing the magazine back onto the bed, she locked her gaze with her brother’s, saying, “Vic, I didn’t sneak in here. I heard you moaning and just opened the door. You were so far gone you never noticed. Like I said before, your very lucky it was me and not Mom or Dad. As for what I want… Well, little brother, I’ve kind of already gotten it.””What do you mean?”She smiled softly. “Like I said. I knew you were amassing a porn collection. I knew what you did in here at night, like this. Why else would you have porn at all?”Vic felt his face flame hotter.Angie reached out a small hand and placed it lightly on his bare shoulder. “Don’t worry, Vic. I don’t care that you jerk off. In fact, I wanted to watch you do it.””What?”She nodded. “That’s right. I wanted to watch my little brother whack his pud to a dirty magazine.”Still glaring at her, he said, “Now you’ve seen it. Get out of here.”Angie raised her carefully sculpted eyebrows and ran a hand quickly through her long brunette hair, pushing it over her shoulders, then said, “Not yet. We’re not though. I only caught the climax. I want to see the entire show.””What?” Vic was stunned. “Are you crazy?””No. And, yes, you heard me right. I want you to jerk yourself to another orgasm while I watch.””No!”She shrugged. “Fine. Do it and all of this is our secret. Refuse me this and I’ll not only tell Dad and Mom that I caught you masturbating, I’ll tell them about your entire porn collection.””You wouldn’t!””I would. All you need to do to keep me from doing it is to jerk off for me.””Now?”Shrugging again, she asked, “Why not?””Because I just came.””So?””So it’ll be a while before I’m ready again.””We’ve got all night, little brother. How long do you need?”Vic couldn’t believe what was happening. His sister was blackmailing him into masturbating for her viewing pleasure! He was angry, shocked, embarrassed, and yet oddly excited by the prospect at the same time. “I don’t know,” he said.”How often do you usually do it?””I don’t know!””I’m sure you do. How often?””Whenever.””Whenever what?””Whenever I’m horny.”Angie glanced at the magazine lying on the bed. “Judging from all the porn I know you’ve got hidden in here, I’m guessing that’s pretty often. I’m sure you’ve done it at least twice in a night before. Do it tonight. Masturbate for me.”Vic sighed and sat on the bed. Grabbing some tissue, he started to wipe his hands and cock.”No,” Angie said. “Leave it.””Why?””Because I like it. And I want you to jerk yourself off while still wearing the cum from your last orgasm.””But its drying!””So?””So it feels weird!””If you don’t like it, cum quickly for me.” She picked up the magazine and flipped to the centerfold, holding it up for him. “Is she worthy of another orgasm tonight?”Vic looked at the picture of Honie, but, with his sister holding the magazine and her demands ringing in his head, there wasn’t even a twitch in his cock. He nodded. “Yeah, she is. But I can’t. Not with you here.””You’d better!” Angie tossed the magazine onto the bed beside him, then spun the swivel chair at his desk around and sat in it, facing him. “And you’d better do it quick. Otherwise, that cum will dry all over you and flake off.””Angie… Why are you doing this to me?””I told you that already. I want to see my little brother masturbate.”Vic sighed and started to protest again. Then he looked into Angie’s bright blue eyes and knew she’d never let him out of this. She would sit there, making whatever threats or demands she thought he needed to hear to make him perform for her. “Okay,” he moaned and picked up the magazine, holding it in front of him, trying to use it to shield himself from Angie’s gaze.”No,” she said instantly. “Same pose as when I walked in.””Angie…””Do it.”Sighing again, Vic lay down and rolled onto his side, facing his sister, the magazine on the bed before him, open to the centerfold. Reaching down, he took hold of his limp prick and began to stroke it. It stayed soft.”Angie, I can’t. Not with you here.””You have to unless you want me to tell Mom and Dad.””I can’t! Not so soon after just cumming!”Watching him closely, Angie stood and moved to stand at the edge of his bed. “Alright. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you some time. I won’t even make you do it for me tonight. But, this changes things. Since you’re making me wait, you don’t get away with just one time now.””What are you saying?””I mean,” she said, “unless you can bring yourself off right here and now, this goes on for the rest of our lives. From tomorrow on, anytime I want to see you masturbate, you either do it, or I tell Mom and Dad about how you’re a raving porn addict who jerks his pud relentlessly.”Vic frowned. “What do you mean by the rest of our lives?””I mean what it sounds like. Years from now, when we’re both married and have c***dren and such, even if we’re living in different states, if I call you up and say I want to see you jerk off, you drop whatever you’re doing, get to me quick as you can, strip naked, and whack off for me. That’s the deal. Unless you want me to tell Mom and Dad, that is.””Give me a few minutes,” Vic said.Angie stood and watched as he stroked and stroked and jerked and jerked. His cock made it about half way to erect, then went limp again. His sister shook her head, saying, “Looks like you just made a life-long commitment, little brother.” She leaned down and kissed his cheek, saying, “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t really make you travel to another state just to masturbate for me. You know that. I love you, Vic. But I will take full advantage of our deal, trust me. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to see the first show.”She turned, crossed to the door, unlocked it, then left his room.Vic leaped up, ran to the door and locked it, his heart pounding, wondering when Angie was going to make her demand for him to masturbate for her next.***Vic sat on the living room couch, side-by-side with Stanley, video game controller clutched tightly in his hands. On the television screen before them, Stanley’s knight brought his shimmering broadsword around in a devastating arc which took the head from the shoulders of Vic’s ogre in a spray of dark blood.Groaning, Vic tossed the game controller onto the couch side him. “Crap!” he fumed.Stanley laughed. “Want to try it again? Looks like you need the practice.””Screw you,” Vic retorted, laughing. “Just ’cause you’ve had ‘Realms of Dark Fantasy’ longer and get to play it more-“”Vic?”He froze as his sister’s voice interrupted him. It had been nearly three weeks since she had caught him in his room, late at night, masturbating to the XXX magazine. Since then, he’d been freezing each time she spoke to him. Especially when, like now, their parents were away from home. He turned to see Angie standing in the doorway, leaning against the wall.”What?” he asked, trying to sound calm.She stood up straight and crooked a slender finger at him. “Can I speak to you for a minute?”Trying not to panic, Vic stood. “Stan, I’ll be right back. Set the game to play against the computer if you want while I’m gone. And help yourself to anything in the kitchen.”His best friend nodded. “Thanks, man. I think I will play against the computer.” He smiled to take the sting from his next words. “I need a worthy opponent!”Vic smirked. “Screw you!” Then he turned to face Angie.With a subtle tilt of her head that sent her dark hair to swaying, she indicated that he should follow her out of the room. She led the way upstairs. As Vic followed her, his stomach began to churn.”What do you want?” he asked her.”I think you know, little brother,” she said as she stepped into her bedroom.Vic halted outside the door. “Angie, are you insane?””Why do you ask?””For starters, I’m your brother! If you seriously want me to do…what you said you wanted me to do-“”I do.””You’re sick!””Any other objections?””Yes!””What?””Stan’s downstairs in the living room!””You want him to watch, too?””No!””Then why does his being downstairs matter?””You don’t seriously expect me to masturbate with him here?””I do, yes.””Why?””You know why, little brother.””I mean why now? It’s been weeks.””I’ve been letting you revel in anticipation.””I wouldn’t call it reveling.””What would you call it?””Dreading.”She smiled. “And now the wait is over. Take your clothes off and let me watch you jerk yourself to climax.”He took a breath, then let it out slowly. “If I refuse?””You know what will happen. Now hurry up. Or Stan might get worried and come looking for you just in time to catch part of your little show.”Gritting his teeth, Vic pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it onto his sister’s bed. Smiling brightly, Angie walked past him and closed her bedroom door as Vic stripped out of the rest of his clothing. Naked, he held both hands over his limp prick.”No need to hide that from me, Vic,” Angie said as she settled into a chair to watch. “I’m going to see it when your jerking it anyway.””Why are you making me do this?””You know why. Because I want to. Now hurry up, or I just may go get Stan and let him watch, too.”Left with no real choice, Vic shifted his hands, cupping one around his balls and wrapping the other around his still-soft member.”That’s better,” Angie said.Vic slowly stroked himself, glaring at his sister as she smiled back, watching him. But it was no use. He stayed limp.”Would it be easier for you sitting down? Sit on my bed if you like.”Vic sat and kept stroking. His cock remained soft.Angie stood.Vic leapt up. “Where are you going?””I’ll be right back.””You aren’t getting Stan up here for this!””No. Not yet I’m not. Just wait.”Before he could say another word, she was gone from the room. Vic’s stomach was in a knot. He had no idea what kind of additional torture his sadistic sister was planning for him.A few moments later, the door opened again and Angie stepped back into the bedroom, one hand behind her back.”What’ve you got?” Vic asked.”Here,” she said, bringing her hand from behind her back. She held a magazine and a DVD. “I raided one of your older stashes. I figure you’ve not seen either of these for a while. Take your pick. Which one do you think will get you turned on the fastest?” She tossed the pornography onto the bed beside him, then closed and locked the door.The magazine was one he’d forgotten he even had. It was an issue of “Sexy Teens” that, now that he saw it again, he recalled many, many enjoyable hours spent with it. The DVD was a 4-hour fuck-fest titled “Hot Girls Just Wanna Have Cum”.Vic picked up the DVD and asked, “Can I use your DVD player?”She chuckled. “I wouldn’t have brought that in if I was going to answer with a no, would I?”Vic turned on Angie’s television and DVD player and inserted the disc. Bringing up the scene selection screen, he quickly scanned the images there before highlighting one of the last ones and starting the film.”What’s so special about that scene?” Angie inquired.”Watch and you’ll see.””No. I’m watching you the entire time. Why is that scene so good to make you go for it over the rest of them?””It just is.””Why?””What do you care?”She shrugged. “I just want to know what gets my little brother all hot and bothered and hard.””You’re sick.””Maybe. Now answer me. What’s so hot about that scene?””It’s an orgy. Five guys and one girl.”Angie’s sculpted eyebrows shot up. “And you say I’m sick?””Hey! I’m not the one forcing a sibling to jerk off for me!”Angie conceded and fell silent, apparently content to watch him.Wanting to get this over with before Stan came looking for him, Vic did his best to block out Angie’s presence and focus solely on the television screen as the five guys groped the statuesque redhead’s body and began to unfasten her clothing, helping her out of it.To his utter amazement, Vic found his cock growing harder and harder in his stroking hand. Maybe he could do this and get it behind him.On screen, the redhead was now completely nude and she sank slowly to her knees, pawing at the crotch of one the men. The guy obliged by unzipping his pants and shoving them, along with his boxers, to his ankles. His 8-inch-long prick bobbed in the air, hard and pulsing, for about two seconds before the woman wrapped her luscious lips around it and began to suck as she gazed up into the man’s eyes. Two other men were taking up positions beneath and behind her, sliding beefy dicks into her pussy and anus. The remaining two guys had to be satisfied, for the time being, with toying with her breasts as their own erections strained at their pants. They paused long enough to strip naked, then resumed their fondling of the woman’s large breasts.Vic watched as the screen changed to a close-up of the two fat dicks fucking in and out of the woman’s tight pussy and ass. She was wet enough that everything in sight glistened with her secretions.His cock grew harder in his hand and he beat it faster and faster. His other hand stole to his chest, lightly rubbing his nipples. His breath grew harsh.On the television, he watched the redhead sucking the guy who stood before her, her head bobbing, her cheeks hollowing with the suction. Faint, wet sucking sounds could be heard above the more audible, wetter slapping sounds of the cocks pumping in and out of her other end.”Oh, yes!” Vic whispered, feeling his balls tighten. An instant later his load of hot cum surged up through his rock-hard shaft, erupting into the air as his hand moved so quickly it was blur. “Fuck, yes!” A second shot of cream followed. Both landed on his stomach.”Oh, very nice, little brother!”Vic jumped, abruptly feeling his face burning.Angie laughed. “You forgot I was here! Didn’t you?”Vic nodded, trying to hide his still-hard cock.Angie broke into another fit of giggles. “See? It’s not so bad. I really enjoyed that! Didn’t you?””No.””Bull. How can you not enjoy an orgasm?””That’s not what I meant. Are we done now?””For the time being.”Vic stood, not caring if he dripped fresh semen onto the carpet of his sister’s bedroom. “How long is this going to go on?”She smiled. “As long as I want it to. Now you’d better get cleaned up and get back down there to Stanley before he gets worried. Don’t worry about your porn. I’ll take it back and put it away for you. And I’ll be sure to let you know when you’ll be needing it again!”***A faint, yet insistent, tapping on his bedroom door brought Vic out of a deep sleep. Groaning, his eyes burning, he rolled over to glance at his bedside alarm clock radio. The large, green numbers read: 3:03 AM.The tapping continued, unceasingly, not varying in volume or the span of time between taps.Vic rose and flipped on the light. The tapping stopped instantly. He unlocked his door and opened it.Angie was standing in the hallway, clad in her fluffy sea foam bathrobe, her dark hair d****d over her shoulders in stark contrast to the pale-green fabric, a smile firmly in place on her lips.Vic’s stomach tightened. “No way.”Angie slid past him and into his room. “Why not?””It’s three o’clock in the morning! That’s why not!””So? It’s not like you have to get up early for anything today.” Her smiled grew brighter. “After this, I mean.””Go to bed, Angie.””I was in bed. I couldn’t sleep. So, I figured I’d come in here and watch a show.””I was asleep!””Not now you’re not.” Her gaze roved over his bare torso and boxer shorts. “And you’re nearly naked already. Just slip out of your boxers and do it for me.””Not now.””It’s been a little more than a week since the last time, little brother. Don’t even try and tell me you haven’t had time to recharge.””It’s not that.””I know. You’re still embarrassed to have your big sister watch you whip your weasel. Right?”He glared darkly at her, mumbling, “It’s humiliating.””Get used to it. And get naked. I’m not going back to bed until you cum. And neither are you.”Vic sighed, started to protest, then pulled his boxer shorts down, kicking them away, standing naked and already half-erect before his sister.”That’s better,” she said. “You need porn to perform?””It’d help.”She waved a hand to indicate his entire room. “You’ve got lots to choose from. Take your pick.”Nude, his prick wobbling before him, the motion causing it to grow harder with each step, Vic crossed to his closet and opened the door. Lifting the lid on a plastic storage tote, he moved a pile of sweaters aside to reveal three side-by-side stacks of X-rated magazines. Grabbing the top one off the center pile, he returned to his bed, lying down atop the rumpled covers.Angie took her place on the chair by his writing desk, spinning the chair to face him.Without looking at her, Vic stretched out on his side and opened the front cover of the magazine, lightly stroking his shaft.”No,” Angie said.He stared at her. “No, what?””You were in that position the other time you masturbated for me in here. And you were sitting up on my bed the last time, when you jerked off in my room. How about picking a different position?”Groaning, Vic rolled over to lie flat on his back, his long prick standing straight up, pointed at the ceiling.”That’s better. Thank you.””It’s more awkward this way,” Vic said. “It’s hard to hold the magazine up where I can see. My arm gets tired.””Then cum quickly. From the looks of your swollen rod, it shouldn’t take you long.”Vic fell silent and flipped to the centerfold of the magazine. It was part of a photo spread of two lesbians probing each other’s dripping twats with glass dildos. One was a blond named Amber, who had long hair, a neatly trimmed pubic bush, large breasts and a tattoo of a butterfly on the small of her back. The other was a brunette named Raven with shorter hair, a bald pussy, and even larger breasts than Amber. Staring intently at the image, Vic stroked himself with long, slow movements of his hand.”Here,” Angie said. “Let me help.” The magazine was abruptly pulled from his grip.”What are you doing?””Holding it for you. You’re right. That looks really awkward.””Sit down, Angie. It’s bad enough I have to do this for you without you standing right over top of me.””I’m standing right here until you cum. Get busy.”Groaning, glaring up at her, Vic resumed 1xbet yeni giriş stroking his hard dick. Finally, realizing that he was masturbating while looking at his sister’s face, he forced his gaze back to the centerfold and tried his best to ignore the fact that Angie was standing less than a foot away from him, watching him play with himself. He focused on the scintillating image of Amber’s dripping pink snatch, parted by Raven’s long fingers, the glass toy in Raven’s other hand slid well into the fleshy folds of Amber’s tight body.As his eyes roved the photograph, exploring every subtle nuance of each woman’s body visible in the photo, Vic felt his engorged shaft grow harder. He rubbed his fingers lightly over the swollen, satiny, purple tip of his cock, shuddering at the sensations that his own touch sent ripping through his flushed body.”Hmmmm…” Angie purred. “That must’ve felt really good.””Yeah,” Vic muttered, glancing away from the centerfold to her face.Angie was leaning toward him slightly as she held the magazine in the air above him. Her dark hair had swept forward, shimmering in the light, swaying a bit as she shifted her balance slightly. The smile she’d worn before was gone, replaced now with a look of mingled awe and undisguised lust, her full lips parted ever so slightly as she watched him lie before her and masturbate openly.Vic again forced his gaze back to the picture held above him, roving his vision over it, imagining he could smell the musk emanating from the pair of stimulated pussies, imagining the soft moans of pleasure that the photographer must have heard as the two lovely women toyed with each others’ erogenous zones and the soft squelches as they plunged the glass dildos into each others’ wet holes.”Oh, yes,” he muttered softly, feeling the glorious sensation that marked the inescapable arrival of his orgasm.”You’re close, huh?” Angie asked, leaning closer as if wanting a better view.”Very close,” he whispered back, glancing at her face once more.Looking back at the centerfold, Vic really noticed Angie’s fingers as she held the magazine. Her slender, delicate digits held the photograph a couple of feet above him, clutching it so tightly that the her soft, supple skin was dimpling the glossy paper. Her fingernails were long and manicured, natural, not acrylic. She wore no rings or other jewelry.Stopping the motion of his hand, Vic kept his own fingers wrapped tightly around his prick, but began to buck his hips, fucking the tube his fingers made.”Fuck,” he whispered. “I’m going to cum!””Do it! Let me see you cum!””Oh, Angie!” Vic’s semen spurted from his purple cock-head as he sighed her name, dousing the magazine centerfold, running and dripping to fall on his stomach as the second, then third jets followed. The latter two lacked sufficient power to propel them high enough to drench the pages of the magazine, but still rocketed from his prick to spatter on his chest. “Fuck! Fuck, that’s good!”Angie lifted the X-rated magazine away from him, still watching as he writhed in pleasure. “Vic, I’m sorry. If I’d known I was holding this where it’d get wet-“”Don’t worry about it,” he said, rolling into a sitting position, feeling the ticking sensation as fresh cum ran down his stomach. “It’s not the first magazine I’ve gotten cum on. And that’s not one of my favorites, anyway.” Then he really looked at her, seeing her standing there, watching him, just as she’d watched him masturbate to orgasm after forcing him to do so. Growing angry again he stood, not caring about the cum dripping to the floor. “Do you realize what you’re doing to me?” He was nearly shouting.”Keep it down or Mom and Dad will hear.”Seething, he made a concerted effort to lower his voice. “Angie, you were holding that magazine there for me to look at while I came.””Yes.””But I came looking at you! My own sister! That’s sick!”She actually moved back half a step, her nose wrinkling a little. Then she stopped and shrugged. “So? I was standing right there. It’s not like you couldn’t see me.”He shook his head violently. “No! It’s not like that. I achieved one of the best orgasms of my fucking life just now and I did it not while looking at porn, or having fantasies about someone. I did it while looking at my own sister as she stood there and watched my beat off!”Angie folded the magazine closed and stared at him for a few seconds. Then she dropped the publication on the floor and fled his room.***Vic closed the gate that surrounded the swimming pool in their backyard and turned. He froze upon seeing Angie, clan only in her miniscule yellow-and-orange-pattered bikini, floating on the inflatable lounge in the middle of the water. He turned to go.”Vic, don’t.”He stopped, then faced her again.She raised her head, lifting her mirrored sunglasses so he could see her eyes. “We’ve been avoiding each other for nearly two months, since that last time in your bedroom. We’re brother and sister. We live under the same roof. We’ve got to stop doing that. We’ve got to figure something out.”Vic d****d his towel over the back of a chaise lounge and stood staring at her. “That’s easy. Promise me you’ll never make me do that again and apologize for what you’ve already done. And, in time, things will probably go back to normal.”Angie sighed. “That’s just it. I don’t want normal. I like watching you masturbate, Vic.”He winced.She shrugged. “Mom and Dad are on vacation, dummy. We’re the only ones home. Remember? They left yesterday morning and they’re gone for three weeks.”Vic nodded. He knew. He was dreading it. Three entire weeks without anyone in the house aside from himself and Angie. Who knew what she was planning to put him through. He nodded again, then picked up his towel.”Don’t go ,Vic. We need to talk.””Apparently, there’s nothing to talk about.””Yeah, little brother. There is.””What?””That night. That…last time, you said you came looking at me and not the magazine.”He winced again, not comfortable discussing this at all and certainly not outside where they might be overheard. Rather than verbalize a reply, he merely nodded.”Okay. And you’re right. That’s not normal.” She frowned. “At least I don’t expect that it is.”He waited, not saying anything.”We’ll just have to deal with that, Vic. I like watching you get off too much. I found that out that night I walked in on you.””That’s not normal, either, Angie! For a girl to want to watch her brother… You know!”She nodded. “Normal or not, that’s the way it is. Why don’t you hop in the pool and go for a swim?””I think I’ll wait.””Until I’m out of the pool?””No offense, but, yeah.””I plan on staying out here all day. I brought plenty of sun block.”Vic watched her slide her sunglasses into place and noticed for the first time how her nearly-nude body shimmered with the oil that covered it. The reflected sunlight made his sister glow. He shook his head and turned to leave.”Then masturbate for me, Vic.”He spun back, horrified. “What? Here and now?””Yes, little brother. Here and now. While I’m floating out here and you’re on the pool deck. You’re only wearing your trunks. Take them off and masturbate for me.”He folded his arms over his chest. “I can’t.””Then go grab some porn. But be quick about it. I want to watch you again.””No.””I’ll tell Mom and Dad about your pornography collection if you don’t. Soon as they get home, that’s the first thing they’ll hear. I’ll tell them all about how I heard your moaning in your room one night while they were gone and went to check on you, thinking you were ill, and instead found you jerking off to a pile of smut.””You wouldn’t really.”One perfect eyebrow arched slightly over the top of her sunglasses. It was her only reply.Vic sagged. “How much longer are you going to do this to me?””I’ve told you, little brother. This will go on for as long as I want it to. And I think I’m addicted to watching you masturbate so expect it to go on for a long time. Now get undressed and give me a show.”Left with no choice, Vic yanked his swimming trunks off and flung them into the chair with his towel. He started to sit when Angie stopped him.”No. Do it standing up this time. I haven’t seen you cum standing up yet.”Without saying a word, Vic took hold of his cock and lightly stroked it, feeling it grow hard at his experienced touch.Angie dipped her hands into the water of the pool and paddled closer. “You’re just going to do it? No porn?””I just want this over with,” Vic shot back through gritted teeth as she stroked his dick harder and faster, knees bent to help keep his balance.”Suit yourself. Just know that, with Mom and Dad gone for three weeks, you’ll be doing this a lot.”Glaring at her, Vic said, “I expected as much.” Falling silent, he stroked faster and faster, trying to ignore the fact that the friction on his dry cock was already uncomfortable.He bucked his hips, trying to speed things along and bring himself to climax in record time. But the only thing to look at, really, was Angie as she drifted closer.The sun still shone brightly on her oiled body. Her bikini just barely covered her pert breasts and groin. Their father had allowed her to buy it on the condition that it be worn solely in their own pool and never in a public place. Even then he’d not been happy with it. But Vic, though he’d never paid attention before, found himself admiring Angie’s slim body and long, willowy legs.Pre-cum oozed from the straining tip of Vic’s cock and he thankfully caught it up, using it to lubricate his dick as he stroked even faster, bucking his hips, trying to cum for his sister.”Vic, you look so hot standing there like that,” Angie whispered. “Are you about to cum?”At her words, Vic felt his balls tighten. “Yes.””Say it louder for me, little brother. Tell me you’re about to cum.””I’m about to cum!””Tell me you’re going to cum for me.”Before he could reply, Vic felt the mind-numbing sensation of his load of fresh cum surging through his shaft. He groaned and the groan quickly built to a bellow of a****listic lust.Sperm jetted from the tip of his cock, arcing through the air and over nearly two feet of pool water to spatter down on Angie’s lower leg. She jumped as it landed on her, letting out a little shriek. Another blast followed, splashing into the pool. Two more lesser shots rained down upon the wood of the pool deck.”It’s so hot!” Angie said. She was staring at the thick, white cum that ran down her leg, just above her ankle, pooling on the transparent blue-green of her raft.Vic’s stomach clenched. He’d just cum on his own sister. Swallowing hard, he turned and, not even picking up his towel or swim trunks, bolted through the gate and back into the house. He raced naked up to his room and slammed his door, locking it behind him.Throwing himself on top of his bed, he buried his face in his pillow and fought against the nausea that roiled in his guts.”What the hell is she doing to me?” he whispered to no one. “She’s gone way too far. I’ve got to find a way to stop her! I’ve got to!”***”Hi, Vic. Got some time for your sister?”Outside, thunder rumbled and lightning crashed. Heavy sheets of rain hammered against the windows. The storm had turned what should have been a bright, blue late summer afternoon into twilight.He looked up from his book to see Angie standing in the doorway of the living room. “Not really, no.” He turned his gaze back to the novel in his hands.”What are you reading?”He answered without looking up again. “It’s called ‘Storm Memories’.”She grinned and stepped closer, glancing at the window. “Appropriate reading for today. What’s it about?”He sighed heavily and tucked his bookmarker between the pages, lying the paperback beside him on the couch. “It’s a horror story. It’s about an old man on his deathbed. He’s reliving accounts of a demon who’s followed him around for his whole life. The demon only manifests itself during storms. The more powerful the storm, the more energy the demon has.”Angie frowned. “Sounds boring.””It’s not. The old man lives in Florida. There are a lot of storms.”She laughed. “Still sounds boring to me. Mom and Dad are over at the St. Clair’s until late this evening. Why don’t you and I go upstairs and do something more interesting?””Such as?””You know what I’ve got in mind, little brother! It’s been about two months since that afternoon by the pool. You were so upset after that I decided to give you a break. Though I really would’ve liked to have had more fun with you while Dad and Mom were on vacation. Anyway, break’s over. Let’s go upstairs and you can put on a show for me.”Not wanting to appear too eager and arouse any suspicions, Vic put the novel on the coffee table and rose from the couch. “Okay. Let’s just go get this over with.” He left the living room and made his way to the stairs. “You know, Angie, one of these days I just may find a way to break your hold on me.”She giggled, as if finding the very notion ludicrous. “Not likely, little brother. Now come on. Hurry up. Go to my room and take your clothes off.””How about if we go to my room instead?””Whichever. I’ve already got some of your porn ready for you in my room though.””I guess I’m more used to doing it in my room. It’s easier for me there.””Whatever. Go to your room, then.””Thanks.”With her trailing after him, Vic made his way up the rest of the stairs and down the hallway to his room. Going inside, he waited for Angie to sidle by him before closing the door. Then he stood there, watching her, waiting.She stared back, delicate hands planted firmly on slim hips. “What are you waiting for? Strip!””No. I’m done putting on shows for you, Angie. That’s over.”She smirked. “You’ve decided you want me to tell Mom and Dad all about your very large collection of hardcore, XXX goodies, then?””No. Not at all. You won’t be saying a word to them.””And why not?””Because if you do, I’ve got a little something of my own to show them. Something that’ll get you into a whole hell of a lot more trouble than my porn collection will get me into. At least with the porn, I’m only having sex with myself. Unlike you.”She frowned, uncertainty mirrored in her eyes. “What are you talking about?”He smiled, liking to watch her squirm. After what she’d been putting him through for the past months, he felt no guilt whatsoever over what he was doing and what he was planning to do. “I’m talking,” he said slowly, “about your boyfriend.””Daniel?””You’ve got more than one?””No!””Then I’m talking about Daniel, yes. More to the point, I’m talking about that night about a week before our parents got home from vacation when Daniel spent the night in your room.”She gaped at him. “You know about that?””Yep.””How?”He snorted with laughter. “It’s not as if you were being too quiet, Angie.” Switching to a falsely high-pitched imitation of her voice, he moaned loudly, ” ‘Oh, yes, Danny! Yes, baby! Oh, Danny! I just love it when you do that! Yes! Oh, Danny! Yes! Fuck me, Danny! Fuck me, Danny! Oh, Danny! Fuck my tight virgin pussy with your hard cock, Danny’!”Her face was flushed bright red. She was actually shaking with anger.Vic smiled, switching back to his own voice. “I’m shocked. I honestly thought you’d lost your virginity years ago.”She wagged a finger in his face and hissed, “You’ve got no proof! It’ll be your word against mine! And when I tell them about your porn, I’ll have proof! Even if you somehow manage to throw away everything in here before they get home later, I’ve got magazines, DVDs and VHS tapes of yours hidden in my room as proof. I’ve had them there since before I caught you that night, just in case.””Who says I don’t have proof?”Her mouth worked but no words passed her lips.He smiled. “Want to see?” Without waiting for a reply, he crossed to his computer desk and moved the mouse to switch from screensaver to desktop image. “It’s really good,” he said, pulling out a CD from the holder and popping it into the appropriate drive. “Just wait.” He double-clicked an icon on his desktop. The computer whirred and hummed. Then the media-player program opened. “Here you go, Angie. Your own amateur porn flick! Have a look.”Stepping closer, her face twisted with fury, still shaking, she watched as he opened the file stored on the CD. Her breath hitched as an overly dark image began to play.”Like it?” Vic asked, glancing back and forth from her furious expression to the computer monitor and back.Despite the darkness of the video, both his sister and her boyfriend were clearly seen and instantly recognizable. They were on her bed, both completely nude. Daniel was between Angie’s splayed legs, licking her pussy eagerly as she whimpered, “Oh, lick my clit, Danny! Fuck, baby, that’s good!”Angie stood ramrod straight, her hands clenched into tight fists at her sides. “Turn it off,” she whispered.”But we’re not even to the best part yet,” Vic replied happily. “I really enjoy the bit where you go up on your hands and knees with him kneeling behind you. You’re facing the camera, squealing with lust, saying all kinds of profane things to him. I’m sure Mom and Dad will love that part, too!””Turn it off!” she bellowed, seething.Grinning, Vic closed the program, shutting the video off in mid-moan. He ejected the CD and turned to her, holding the innocent-looking plastic disc at his side.”How?” she demanded.He shrugged. “A hidden spy camera. It was about the size of a pencil eraser. I bought it not quite a week after that day at the pool. I put it in your room two days later while you were at the mall with your friends. The second night after that, you had Daniel over. I heard you moaning and activated the camera. I recorded two and a half hours or you two fucking and sucking.” He held up the CD. “It’s all on here. The next day, I slipped back into your room and pulled out the camera. Oh, and don’t worry. I’ve burned more than a dozen copies of this video, too.””You what?”He nodded, grinning. “Yeah. And this is the only one in the house, by the way.” He held the CD up again. “A few of the others I’ve given to friends in sealed envelopes with instructions not to open the package-“”You’re dead!””Don’t worry. If I didn’t trust them not to watch it, I’d never have given copies to them to hold. They don’t even know what’s in the envelope or that it has connection to you. Anyway, other copies are s**ttered here and there in little hidey holes across town.” The grin faded from his face, his expression becoming one of utmost seriousness. “So, Angie, if you say one single word to anyone about my porn collection, or what you’ve put me through since that night you caught me masturbating in here, I will quite happily turn a copy of the CD over to Mom and Dad. Understand?”Shaking with rage, she nodded.”Say it.””I understand.” Her words were spoken through gritted teeth.He watched her for a few moments, then said, “I think you do. Good.” He put the CD back in its case and tucked it back into place in the holding rack before looking to her again. “You look tense, Angie. Relax.”She stood before him scowling, not moving, saying nothing.He nodded. “You know what I’ve found to be the best way to relax?”Still she made no reply but simply stared daggers at him.”Masturbation,” he said, answering his own question.Angie only glared at him.He nodded. “Yep. It’s amazing how relaxed you feel afterwards. Maybe you should give it a try.” When she still didn’t answer, he said, “It’ll be good for you, big sister. Go ahead. Right here and right now. Let me watch you like you’ve been watching me.”She inhaled deeply, then bellowed, “Fuck you!”Vic shook his head. “No, you’re a lovely girl, Angie, but you’re my sister. I’ll be perfectly content to just sit and watch you play with your no-longer-virgin-pussy. Go ahead, then. Take off your clothes.””No.”He nodded. “I thought you’d say that. But if you say it again, I’ll show Mom and Dad a copy of that CD I just showed you.”Her eyes grew wide. “You wouldn’t dare!””I would. Believe me, Angie. After the humiliation you’ve put me though lately, I would in a heartbeat! The only way you’re going to avoid that is by letting me watch you as you’ve watched me. Starting here and now. You’ve forced me to masturbate for you three times. I’ll be nice and not count the night you snuck into my room and caught me, since I watched you and Daniel fuck. Okay? But you’ve forced me three times, so you’ve got to let me watch you three times. Then we’ll call it even. And you start paying me back here and now. So, you either strip naked and masturbate to orgasm for me, or I give Dad and Mom that CD the moment they walk through the front door later. It’s your choice.””I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, Vic!” Her eyes swam with tears.He smiled at her. “I felt the same way when you first started to force me. I felt like you were betraying me. But I got over it and did what I had to do. I’m sure you’ll do the same. Now… What’ll it be? You’d better hurry. They’ll be home in a few hours. Assuming they stay as long as they’d planned and don’t come home early.”Tears beginning to stream down her smooth cheeks, Angie pulled off her tee shirt.”I thought that’d be your answer,” Vic replied.”Shut up! Just shut the fuck up, you bastard!” Her words were barely discernable through her humiliated sobs as she pulled her shorts down, leaving herself clad only in her pale lavender bra and matching panties. They went very well, Vic thought, with her tanned flesh. “You aren’t really going to make me do this, are you?”He raised his eyebrows. “You made me do it. The only difference here is that, this time, I’m making you do it. The shoe’s on the other foot now. Or, I guess I should say that the shoe’s coming off of the other foot now. Strip. After that video, there’s nothing I’m going to see that I’ve not seen before.”Slim shoulders shaking as her sobs wracked her lithe body, Angie unclasped her bra and pulled it away from her pert breasts, trying to cover her pale, untanned chest with her arm. Vic allowed her to do what she could to cover herself as she struggled out of her panties using only one hand to help them down her willowy legs. At last, she stood before him, completely naked, her hands over her tanless erogenous zones, trying to hold on to one final shred of modesty. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she stared imploringly at him, her eyes begging him to let her go, to release her, to say this was all a joke and she didn’t have to do what he’d said she must.Vic watched her for several long moments before saying, “You’d may as well stop covering yourself. I’m going to see everything again, anyway.”She began to sob louder, her body shaking more violently.Vic took a seat in his desk chair and swiveled it to face her. “You can assume whatever position is most comfortable for you. Do you need something to help you along? I can find a nice pictorial in a magazine of a guy you’d think is hot fucking a young woman. You can imagine he’s Daniel and you’re the girl if you like.”She shook her head and sat on the bed. One hand still covered her pale breasts while her other held its place over her snatch. Vic watched her and saw the middle finger of her lower hand 1xbet güvenilir mi moving a little. He smiled.”Angie, no fair. Spread your legs for me. Let me see.””Vic…”He sat silently, staring at her, waiting for her to continue.”Please,” she begged. “Don’t make me do this! I’m sorry! Okay? I’m sorry for what I put you through. I was wrong! Alright? Don’t make me do this! I know what you went though now! I know how humiliated you were. I-“He stood abruptly, cutting off her words. “No,” he said, nearly shouting. “You don’t know, Angie! You’ve taken your clothes off in front of me and that’s all you’ve done! I had to masturbate to orgasm in front of you three fucking times! You wouldn’t let me cover anything! You had to see it all! Hell, the second and third times I came looking at you! My own fucking sister! You have no fucking idea what you put me through, Angie! Not yet. But you’re going to. So spread your damn legs and get busy. If you haven’t cum by the time Mom and Dad get home, they get that CD. You’ve been warned.” He sat back down, feeling his anger-flushed face burning.Her sobs growing nearly to shrieks of despair, Angie lay back on the bed and thrust her legs open, revealing her pussy to him. One finger worked lightly over her clit.”That’s better,” Vic said. “But you’re not aroused in the slightest. You’d better hurry.”Her fingers moved faster but her clit stayed soft and there was no trace of moisture in her twat.”It’s not so easy to perform when someone you don’t want to see you is watching. Is it?”She didn’t answer.”Is it?” he repeated, his voice far louder.”No!” she screamed, sitting up. “It’s not! Are you happy?””No,” he shot back, “I’m not! And I won’t be until you do what I’ve told you that you need to do! Now get busy!””I can’t, Vic!””You wouldn’t accept that from me so I’m not accepting it from you!””Vic-“”Payback is a real bitch, isn’t it? Either you orgasm – very soon – or Mom and Dad will be watching that video of you fucking Daniel in a few hours!””I can’t!”Vic grinned abruptly. “I’ve got an idea. This should help you.” He pulled out the CD and popped it back into the drive, starting it.”What are you doing?” Her words were soft, marred by her crying, her voice suspicious.”You, Angie, my dear, loving sister, are going to sit there and finger-fuck yourself to climax while watching Daniel fuck you.””No. I don’t want you to see that video, Vic.””Tough shit. I’ve already seen it. And I’m going to see as much of it again as it takes you to cum. So, the quicker you perform, the less of it I see this time around. I promise you I’ll turn it off as soon as you orgasm. Deal?”Before she could reply, the video started to play on his computer monitor.Angie’s sobs grew louder again as she was forced to watch her first true sexual encounter repeat itself on her brother’s computer as she sat naked, legs splayed wide, before him as he watched her. Tears streaming down her face, Angie began to massage her clit.”Just close your eyes and block out everything but the sound of the video,” Vic said softly. “Here. I’ll turn up the volume for you.” He adjusted the speakers’ volume and the recording of Angie’s soft moans of pleasure grew louder. “Maybe that’ll help.”Without a word, Angie fell onto her back, one hand toying with her clit, her other hand tweaking her still-soft nipples. She was still sobbing, her lithe, mostly-tan body shaking.Vic remained quiet, content to simply watch her and enjoy his vengeance.After many minutes, Angie’s sobs quieted to gentle whimpers and Vic saw that her clit was actually starting to swell. A bit of moisture was beginning to ooze from her pink slit. The scent of her musky aroma permeated the air.Vic felt his cock swell in his pants at the sight and smell. His stomach tightened as he realized his sister’s arousal was turning him on as well. He wondered if Angie ever got excited when she was watching him. He forced the thought from his mind and focused on her as she continued to masturbate on his bed.Aromatic juice began to stream from her twat, trickling down over her puckered asshole to soak into the quilt on his bed. Her outer lips swelled, as did her clit. Her finger worked faster. Vic looked at her chest and saw that her nipples had grown hard as well. Angie was pinching and tugging at them with more and more urgency. He leaned closer, unable to help himself, wanting a better view of his sister’s orgasm when it hit. He inhaled deeply, drawing the scent of her fragrance into his lungs and holding it there.Angie began to whimper, not with shame and sorrow now, but with lust and pleasure. Her hips wiggled and squirmed as she dipped first one, then two and finally three, delicate fingers into her sopping twat. Vic clearly heard the wet sounds they made as they slid easily in and out of her. Angie’s head thrashed from side to side as she moaned.”You’re about to cum, aren’t you?” Vic whispered.”Um-hum,” she moaned lightly.”Good girl,” he said softly. “Let me see you cum.””Yes,” she whispered back.”Let me watch your pink pussy spasm with pleasure as you climax!””Um-hum,” she whimpered again.”It feels good, doesn’t it?””Very,” she said, the word drawn out into a warm purr.Vic felt his hard cock pulsing in his shorts as his erection strained to burst free.Before he could say more, Angie’s breathing hitched and she squealed loudly. Her back arched, leaving the bed, as her fingers danced quickly over her pussy and clit. Juice ran freely from her slit, drenching her hand, inner thighs and Vic’s quilt.”Fuck!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck, yes!”Vic leaned as close as he could without falling out of his chair.Her pink twat was pulsing with pleasure as it pumped musky fluid from her body. Her head thrashed madly from side to side. Her words dissolved quickly into shrill screams of pure lust. After several moments, she fell still and silent.Vic watched her for a few brief seconds, then, as he had promised, turned off the video playing on his computer. When he turned back, Angie was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hands once more covering her now-flushed chest and sopping pussy. She was staring at him in horror.”One down,” Vic said, “two to go.”Angie leapt up and ran to the door, naked, moisture still dripping from her snatch. She yanked open the door and fled. A moment later, Vic heard her door slam closed.”I’ll bring your clothes to you later!” he called to her, bending to pick them up from his floor.When he picked up her lavender panties he paused, glancing at the quilt on his bed. A large patch at the side was soaked with Angie’s lust. The smell of it filled the room. Reflexively, he inhaled and felt his hard dick twitch.In a flash he was naked and stroking his shaft. Within moments he groaned with lust as a massive shot of molten cum spurted from his swollen head.Catching his breath, Vic felt abruptly nauseous. “What the fuck am I doing?”***He waited nearly two months to claim the next installment of the payment due him.It was night. So late is was well into the early morning hours. It was just as it had been when Angie had come to visit him for his second “show” as she had liked to call it.After forcing her to masturbate in his room for him that day, Angie had been quiet and sullen for days and had avoided him like the proverbial plague ever since. Not tonight, though. Tonight it was time for more payback.Standing quietly outside her bedroom door, Vic tried the knob. As he’d expected, the door was locked. Using her previous method, Vic began tapping lightly on the door, insistent, unceasing, until he saw light under the door.”Who’s there?” Angie asked.Smiling in the dark at the fear in her words, Vic whispered, “Your loving brother.”He clearly heard her sharp intake of breath. There were a few moments of silence, then she asked, “What do you want?””What do you think I want?””No, Vic… Please…””Yes, Angie. You know the game. Do it or you know what’ll happen.”He heard her quiet sobbing combined with the sound of the door unlocking. The door opened to reveal her. She was wearing only a flimsy satin gown.”Vic,” she said, her tone pleading, “please… Don’t make me do it again.”Easing her backwards, Vic stepped into her room and closed the door softly behind him, locking it. “Yes, Angie. I’m going to make you do it again. Then a third time, just like you did to me.”Tears welled in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Vic. I never knew what it was like for you, what I put you through.”He arched an eyebrow at her. “Honestly?”She nodded, her expression turning to hope.”Bullshit,” he whispered.Her face fell.He stood watching her. When she made no move and said nothing, he asked her, “What are you waiting for?”She opened her mouth, then closed it. Tears streamed down her face as she pulled off her gown. Beneath, she was wearing only white cotton panties. She slid them off quickly and stood nude before him.”Oh,” Vic said, keeping his voice low, “you’ll be wanting to cum a lot more quietly this time than you did the last time, big sister. If you make that much noise with Mom and Dad home…” He trailed off, letting her imagination take over.Her moist eyes grew wide. “Can you… Will you please…let me wait until sometime when they’re…not home? Please?”He shook his head. “Nope. You got me up in the middle of the night to masturbate for you. I’m just returning the favor. Be sure to keep the volume down.”She nodded, looking miserable, and turned away, sitting on her bed, watching him. “What if I cum twice for you tonight? That’ll be the three times. Then we’ll be even. Right?”He smiled. “Anxious to get it over with?””Yes.””No. You kept making me wait between performance, making me deal with never knowing when you’d come back. I want to do the same to you. I want you to feel everything you made me feel, all of the humiliation and all of the uncertainty.”Hot tears streamed down her face.”You brought this all on yourself, Angie. Every bit of it. Remember that. You blackmailed me into masturbating for you. I’m just doing to you what you did to me. You’re actually getting off easy. You know that? After tonight, you know you’ll only have to do this one more time. I never had that.”She nodded, wiping her eyes, then lay back and spread her legs wide for him to see, showing him everything, as she began to diddle her already half-erect clit.Vic pulled her desk chair over and sat, watching her. He noticed that she hadn’t put up much of a fuss this time and was far, far quicker to start. And she had already been showing blatant signs of arousal before she started…Angie’s twat began to drool quickly and she dipped two fingers into her liquid musk and scrubbed them over her clit. She was already whimpering softly.”Remember,” he told her. “You have to cum quietly.”She nodded, splaying her slender legs farther apart for him. Vic noticed that her summer tan was fading away. He found himself looking forward to next year’s tan. Shaking his head, he forced the thoughts away and leaned forward, staring at Angie’s wet slit.”Spread your pussy open wide for me, Angie. Let me see deep inside of you as you masturbate.”Without a word or any hesitation, she slid her other hand from her hard nipples to her twat, using the fingers of one hand to peel the petals of her sex wide open, revealing glorious pink inner flesh, as she scrubbed harder at her clit with her other hand.”You’re really wet,” Vic whispered to her.”I always get very wet,” she answered.The clarity of her response startled him. He looked up at her face and was surprised to see her head tilted to see could see him from her prone position. She was smiling at him, though her eyes were still damp with tears.”What’s wrong?” he asked her.”Nothing,” she said. “But I’ve got nothing else to do while I masturbate – nothing else to look at. And you’ve said the last two times you came for me you were looking at me. I figured you’d want me to do the same. Cum looking at you, I mean. You know, as part of the payback you’re extracting.”Back to top View user’s profile Send private message ThunderXpornBB pimppornBB pimpJoined: 10 Aug 08Posts: 2516Search TopicsPostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:42 am Post subject: Reply with quoteBlackmailed……continuedVic leaned back in his chair. That hadn’t even crossed his mind and her words gave him pause. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m glad you’re making this so easy on yourself.””It’s not so bad,” she said. “We’re brother and sister. We used to take baths together when we were little. Remember?”He nodded, his gaze flicking from her face to her wide-spread, oozing snatch, and back.”Neither of us as anything the other hasn’t seen before. Even barring recent events,” she whispered. “Once I get past the oddity of having my little brother watch me masturbate, it’s not so bad.”Vic smiled, confusion whirling in his mind. “That’s good. I’m glad of that.””Did you feel the same?””Huh?”When I was making you masturbate for me, did you feel the same? That it was weird, but not really bad to cum with me watching you?”Vic laughed, genuinely amused. “I never really got past the strangeness of it, honestly. Which is, I guess, why I’m doing this to you now. If I’d thought it wasn’t that bad, I probably wouldn’t have even gone to the expense of buying that hidden camera.”She answered with a noncommittal grunt and shoved a pair of dexterous fingers deep into her sopping twat with a wet squelch. “This isn’t so bad,” she said. “Not bad at all.”Vic stared at her. Was his sister actually liking that she was masturbating openly with him watching? No, he decided. She was playing him. She wanted him to think she liked it in the hopes that, deprived of the full measure of his revenge against her, he’s forget about making her do it the third time.”It won’t work,” he told her.Still holding her pussy open for him while she busily rubbed her hard clit, she frowned, asking, “What won’t?””Your little act.””What act, Vic? What are you talking about?””Don’t bullshit me, Angie. I know what you’re doing. It won’t work. After tonight, I’m still going to make you masturbate for me a third time.””I know,” she said.”Then drop the act.”She frowned, looking genuinely perplexed at his words. “Okay,” she said after a few moments.”Just hurry up and cum,” he said. “I want to go back to bed.”She smiled at him again, still watching him with her head tilted by her shoulder. “You can’t rush some things, Vic. I’ll cum when I’m ready.”He nodded and shifted his gaze to her open twat once more. Clear, musky liquid ran from her in a steady stream, its heady scent assailing him. Her pink flesh pulsed with her passion and lust.”How do I look?” Angie asked.Vic glared at her, twisting his head quickly, surprised to see that she was still watching him.”Do I look good?””Stop it.””Stop what?””What you’re doing!””Masturbating?””No! The act! Quit pretending that you like having me watch you!””It’s not so bad,” she said again.”It should be!””Why?””Because it isn’t natural for brothers and sisters to watch each other masturbate!””Keep your voice down, Vic. And how do you know it isn’t?”His mouth worked for several moments before he actually said anything. “It can’t be normal! It’s…wrong!””Is it?””Yes!””Says who?”He paused again, then said, “No one.””Then how do you know it’s wrong?””It just is!””Why?””It isn’t natural!””Maybe it is. You’re my only brother and I’m your only sister. Maybe this is normal and natural.””It can’t be!””But maybe it is.””Just hurry up and cum, will you?””I told you already. Some things can’t be rushed. I’ll cum when I’m ready.”She fell silent again. He watched her watch him watch her for a few more moments, then shifted his gaze back to her twat. She was still holding herself wide open for him, still rubbing her clit with the fingers of her other hand.”It feels good,” she said.”Good,” he answered quickly.”It feels very good.””Good.””I feel like I’m about to cum.””Good! Just keep your voice down. You made a lot of noise last time.””I know. I’ve never made that much before.”He looked up at her again, startled by her words. “What?”She chuckled. “Please, Vic. You know when I first had sex. And, in case you’re wondering, Daniel and I have only fucked twice since then. I’m twenty-years-old and I’ve been with a guy a grand total of three times in my life. But I’ve had hundreds of orgasms by doing just what I’m doing now. Trust me, little brother, I’m just as horny as you are. I masturbate as much as you do. Maybe even more.”Despite himself, he grinned back. “That’s doubtful.””You think so?””Yeah. I do.”She rubbed her clit furiously as she asked, “How many times on an average week do you masturbate, Vic?” Her breath was growing ragged.Glancing at her streaming pussy, he said, “I probably do it five or six times a week.” He was surprised at how easy it was to tell her such a thing. But then, she already knew he masturbated regularly. And he was sitting there in his pajamas while she was completely naked and openly masturbating for him.Whimpering in pleasure, she closed her eyes and diddled her stiff clit even faster, breathing harder. “I make myself cum at least once a day. Every single fucking day.” Each word was emphasized by a grunt of passion. “Some days I cum two or three times a day, Vic. Did you know that?””No,” he answered honestly. “I didn’t.”She forced her eyes opened and stared at him. He could see her lust burning in her gaze as she worked her clit, bringing herself ever closer to climax.”You never knew,” she said, “that your big sister, who’s room is just across the hall from your own, masturbated her pretty pink pussy to orgasm every fucking night? Or that I often start my day off by playing with myself until I cum, writhing here on my bed, naked, my skin flushed with passion and desire? You honestly never knew that?””No,” Vic said, watching her smoldering eyes, smelling the fragrance of her liquid satin as it poured from her pulsing, pink twat in waves.Her bare chest, rosy with excitement, heaved. “I’m surprised, Vic. I always thought you knew how often I masturbated. There are times I’ve not been nearly as quiet as I should’ve been. It’s nothing short of a miracle that you’ve never heard me and walked in on me like I did on you that night. Yes, there’ve been times, plenty of them, I’ve been so fucking horny and needed to cum so fucking badly that I’ve forgotten to lock my door.””Wow,” Vic whispered.She nodded, her lust-filled gaze still fixed solidly on his own, her mouth tight as her entire body tensed, preparing to climax. “Yes, Vic,” she whispered. “I’ve often been surprised you’ve never walked in on me when I’m-” Her words gave way to ragging gasps and her naked body shuddered. “Oh!” she whispered. “Oh, yes! Fuck, yes!” Each word was a bit louder than the one before it.Vic leapt from the chair and onto the bed with Angie, quickly covering her mouth with his hand, stifling the vocal evidence of her orgasm as it swept through her. Though her body wriggled and bucked, he kept his hand in place, hyper-aware of her soft lips and hot breath on his palm.Once she calmed, he slowly removed his hand and backed away from her. Angie lay there, panting and flushed, watching him, a faint smile on her face. “Two down, little brother. One time to go.” As she spoke, she slid a finger easily in and out of her still-swollen, dripping cooze.Without a word, Vic quickly unlocked her door and fled to his own room.”I can’t believe it!” he whispered to himself. “She liked that! She actually liked striping naked and masturbating for her own brother! She’s sick!” He turned, then, facing the door, making sure he’d locked it when he came in. “No,” he whispered aloud. “She didn’t! She couldn’t have! The whole damn, fucking thing was an act! It had to have been!”As he spoke, he pulled off his pajamas, rendering himself naked. His lean cock bounced at full attention in the air before him. He stroked it, hoping that Angie hadn’t noticed the telltale bulge of his erection as he’d watched her.”Fuck!” he said aloud, his voice more than a whisper. He’s just realized that the hand he had wrapped around his cock had been across Angie’s mouth only moments before. He’d touched his sister’s tender lips, felt her warm, moist breath upon his palm, and now had that same hand wrapped around his stiff cock. And he was already dripping pre-cum in his excitement.Despite the realization, Vic was unable to bring himself to release his shaft. He began to stroke, his mind instantly calling up images of Angie, lying nude on her bed, her snatch soaked from the orgasm she’s just had while his hand – the very hand that now was coaxing Vic himself to an orgasm – was across her mouth…”Fuck!” he whispered, as his load of jizz burst up quickly, surging through his cock and flying free. It landed on the floor three feet away just as he got his free hand up in time to catch the rest of his load as it spurted out, hot and fragrant and sticky.***He opened the bathroom door, expecting to find Angie already lounging in a tub full of steaming hot, oil-scented water. Instead, Vic was shocked to see his sister sitting on the toilet, naked.She looked up quickly, an expression of surprise on her face. Then she smiled at him. “Come on in. I know what you want.”Vic stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. “Sorry. I thought you’d already be in the tub.”She shrugged her bare shoulders and reached for a few squares of toilet paper. “I’m just about to be.””I’m surprised the door wasn’t locked.”She wiped herself dry, then dropped the toilet paper into the bowl beneath her as she stood. She made no attempt to hide her nudity from him. “Why bother? You’d just tap on the door till I opened it for you. Just like I did to you that night you came to me in my room.””True.”She flushed. “Since that night you came into my room and made me get off in front of you, I’ve not even been locking doors.””That was four months ago already. Time flies, huh?””Yeah. I does.” She stepped into the bath, stirring it with her foot. The lavender-scented steam that rose from the water hung heavily in the air of the small room. “Have a seat.” She pointed to the toilet.Obediently, Vic put the lid down and sat, looking at her as she eased herself slowly down into the fragrant water. “You’ve gotten much more at ease with this.”She sat and smiled at him. “Like I keep telling you, it’s not so bad.” She spread her legs apart, putting one foot up on the side of the large, porcelain tub. Stroking her clitoris with gentle motions, barely touching her flesh, she watched him. “You know what? I nearly made it really bad for you.” She laughed and glanced away before turning her gaze to him once more. “In hindsight, I’m very glad I didn’t.”Vic frowned, watching her tease her swelling clit. “What do you mean?””I’ve got something in my room that I bought for you at that adult bookstore you like to shop at so much.””You actually went in there?”She nodded. “I wasn’t comfortable in there, with all the guys staring at me, knowing what they thought about me and wanted to do to me. But, yeah, I went in. And I bought a toy for you.”He hesitated a moment, then asked, “What kind?””A slim little vibrator.”His frown deepened. “You mean 1xbet giriş you were actually going to make me-“”Fuck your tight little ass with it in front of me. Yes. In a variety of positions, too. I thought it’d be a lot of fun. But I was nice to you and never gave it to you.”Still frowning, he said, “Thank you.”She nodded. “I thought you’d be relieved that I didn’t. But you had a close call there, little brother. Several, actually. I was also going to take you out to some public place in the middle of the afternoon, but when there wasn’t anyone else around to see you, and make you whack your pud for me then and there, too.”Vic’s stomach tightened into an icy knot with the very thought of doing what she was suggesting. “You’re lucky you didn’t.”Laughing, she replied, “I know. You’d’ve made me do the same.”He nodded. “Or worse.”Her sculpted eyebrows arched subtly, but she refrained from asking what would be worse.Vic was glad since he had no idea himself. He looked from her face to her spread cooze, really looking at her snatch for the first time since he walked in on her. He was stunned to see it bare and devoid of any trace of hair. “You shaved,” he said softly.She rubbed her hand over the bare flesh that had, last he’d known, sported a neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair. “I did, yes. I started doing that about two months ago. I like it better this way.””Me, too. It’s nice.”Angie returned to stroking her engorged clit, using one long fingernail to ease back the hood of flesh that covered it, baring it for him to see. “So does Daniel.”Vic’s eyebrows shot up, but he said nothing.She nodded. “First time he saw it, he very nearly came without me even touching him. And he went down on me for such a long time that I had four orgasms before he even slid into me for the first time.””I can’t believe you’re telling me this.”She shrugged, the motion sending ripples through the bathwater. “We don’t seem to have any secrets left between us, little brother. And you know something? I like that. If it’s okay with you, I want to keep it that way.”Watching her, not vocalizing a reply, he simply nodded.”I’m serious,” she went on. “I think this whole thing has brought us closer. I’m glad I walked in on you that night and caught you jerking off to that magazine. And I’m glad you put that spy camera in my room and recorded Daniel and I having sex.””Me, too,” he said softly, watching her busy fingers tend to her love button.”I’m glad you’re my brother, Vic. I don’t say that often enough, but I am.”He tore his gaze from her pussy and looked into her eyes, seeing nothing but open love and honesty mirrored there. He smiled. “And I’m very glad you’re my big sister, Angie. I don’t say that often enough, either, but I am.”She smiled and closed her eyes. “This is going to be intense.””Good thing we’re alone in the house, then.””Very. Still, we haven’t got all evening. I suppose I’d better get on with it, huh?””Probably.”Without another word, Angie began rubbing her exposed clit faster and with more pressure. The hand that had been holding the fleshy hood out of her way caressed its way up her naked, wet body to flit from breast to breast, touching each nipple lightly. Before long she began to squirm.”How does that feel?” Vic whispered, leaning closer.”Mmmm…”He smiled. “Good?””Um-huh.””Really good?””Um-huh.””Incredible?””Um-huh.””It looks good.””Does it?””Very good.”Her eyes still closed in bliss, she smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” She rubbed her clit and nipples faster and harder. “Oh!””You’re about to cum.” It wasn’t a question.”Um-huh!””Cum for me!””Yes!””Cum for me, Angie!””Um-huh!” Her hips were bucking, her head thrashing from side to side, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes! Oh! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh, fuck, yes!” Her back arched, nearly leaving the water. Musky juice ran from her pulsing pink, swollen twat in a small river. “Fuck! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck, Vic! I’m cumming for you! I’m cumming! Fuck! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming for you, Vic! Watch me cum for you! Fuck, yes! Oh! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck!”Vic watched her spasm with pleasure, listened to her ragged breathing hitch with each word she spoke to him, smelled the intense aroma of her woman-musk as her pussy drooled vast amounts of juice, adding her own scent to that of the bath oils. His cock swelled in his pants until he was in pain. He shifted position, trying to give his erection more room. Nothing helped.At last, spent and exhausted, Angie collapsed back into the water, splashing scented liquid over the side and onto the floor. Vic leapt up and grabbed a towel, sopping up the mess for her.”Thank you,” she whispered.”No problem.” He continued to clean up for her.She laughed. “Not just for what you’re doing, silly. Thank you for watching me cum.”He stopped and straightened, staring at her.She reached out to grasp his hand with her own, hers dripping bathwater. “I’ve liked masturbating for you, Vic. Even that first time… When you showed me that video I was so pissed at the time I wanted to kill you. And then when you made me take off my clothes and lie on your bed and cum for you, the unexpected humiliation of that compiled with the anger I was feeling. At the time, it was not a good experience. But afterwards… Wow! Vic, for days that was all I could think about – how you, my own little brother, had forced me to strip naked and masturbate in front of you. Every time I thought about I’d get so desperately horny that I’d have to cum. And after a few times, I started wishing you were there to watch me again. And I started looking forward to the next time you came to collect part of your payment, as you’d called it.”Vic stared at her, mortified. “You’re saying you like what I’ve been making you do?”Her hand tightened on his. “I’ve enjoyed it a lot, Vic. Thank you.” She grinned broadly. “And, judging from the bulge in the front of your pants, I’m guessing you’ve liked watching me as much as I’ve liked having you to watch.”Horrorstruck, Vic glanced down at his crotch. His erection had not subsided in the least. If anything, it had grown larger. It was straining against the front of his blue jeans as if it were about to tear free of its cloth confines and salute the world. He dropped the soaked bath towel to the floor, yanked his hand from hers and fled the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.He ran to his bedroom, locking the door securely behind him. “What the fuck has she done?” he whispered, stripping himself naked. “I shouldn’t be turned on by my own sister!” His shaft pulsed quickly, matching rhythm with his heartbeat. Clear pre-cum dripped and drooled from the purple head. He began to stroke his prick quickly, desperate to cum, yes nauseous at the cause of that need.Within a few moments, a long rope of thick, white cream spouted from his painfully swollen cock, arcing through the air and landing on the floor. Vic groaned with lust and pleasure at the feeling, rubbing his tight nipples with his other hand, jerking faster, not even trying to catch the other two wads of cum that shot from his cock afterwards.***It was nearly four months later and Vic was in the swimming pool, alone. It was evening and would be dark shortly. As their parents were away on their annual vacation, only himself and Angie were at home. As he swam, his thoughts turned to the XXX film he’d been watching the night before. More specifically, the scene in which a quartette of ravishingly hot beauties had striped their perfect bodies naked and slid into a swimming pool, finger-fucking and licking each other to a series of shaking orgasms.”What I wouldn’t give to have those ladies here now,” Vic muttered as he started another lap across the pool. Reaching the side, another thought struck him. He’d spend many, many, many hours in swimming pools. But, for some reason, he’d never skinny-dipped. Giving into the abrupt impulse that followed, he stripped out of his trunks and tossed them onto the pool deck. They landed with a sodden splatter. The feeling of freedom that followed made him light-headed as his freed erection pulsed unencumbered in the pool before him.Naked, Vic turned and swam back to the other end of the pool.”Want some company?”Startled, he looked up to see Angie standing there. She was clad in the same nearly-nonexistent yellow-and-orange-patterned bikini she’d had on the previous summer when she’d made him stand before her and masturbate to orgasm. Seeing her made his hard cock twitch. He tried to tread water and hide his blatant arousal from her at the same time.She crouched by the edge of the water and beamed. “No need to hide that from me, little brother. I’ve seen it all before. Besides, remember that night in the bathroom a few months ago? No secrets between us. Let me see your hard cock.”Giving up the notion of keeping it from her view, he simply treaded water as she looked at his naked body.Then she stood. “Again I ask. Want some company?””Sure,” was all he said.Angie stood up, still giving him an appraising look. “We’re skinny-dipping tonight, are we?” Before he could answer, she reached back and pulled the string that tied the top of her swimsuit in place, allowing it to fall free. Topless, she watched him. “No problem. So secrets, remember? We’re siblings. We’ve got nothing to hide from each other.” He hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the lower half of her teeny bikini and drew the material down over her thighs, allowing it to drop around her ankles. She kicked it aside, standing nude before him. “That’s better, anyway. I prefer swimming naked.”Vic was astonished. Unlike the previous times he’d seen Angie naked, there was not a single tan line anywhere to be seen on her lithe, petite, hairless body. “You’ve been sunbathing nude,” he said.Angie sat on the edge of the pool, spreading her legs to give him a peek at her already engorged cooze. “I have, yes. I’ve been doing it all summer long over at Daphne’s house. Her parents are never home. When I say that I mean it. Hers are home less than ours are. So, I go over there. We put on our bikinis and go out to the pool. Then, the moment the gate’s locked behind us, we take off our bathing suits and alternate between nude sunbathing and skinny-dipping. I keep telling her that I wanted an unbroken tan for Daniel. Which is partly true. He really likes it. And you know what, Vic? I think he’s the one! I really do! I think I’m going to marry him!”Still treading water, Vic shook his head, trying to clear it of the delicious image of her best friend, Daphne, lounging naked at poolside and nodded. “Cool. He’s a good guy. Congratulations. I hope you do and I hope you both live happily ever after.”She smiled and slid into the water with him. “Thank you.”Vic swam a short ways away from her. “You said Daniel is part of the reason.””Yes.””What’s the other part?””You.””Me?””Yes.””Why?””Because I know how turned on you were those times I masturbated for you. I wanted to see how much you’d like seeing me with a full-body tan.”Treading water again, he stared at her. “You didn’t tell Daphne-“”Not a word, no. She’s think I was freak!”He breathed a heart-felt sigh of relief.”Though she and I often masturbate together…”Vic’s cock give a powerful twitch.Angie laughed. “I saw that, little brother. You think Daph’s hot, don’t you?””No straight guy could possibly think otherwise,” he answered.”She’s the one who got me to start shaving my pussy. She’s been doing it since before we ever even met.””Daphne…shaves her…” Vic tried to talk but the image that filled his mind shocked and aroused him nearly beyond words.Angie giggled. “Little brother, you should see your face! Yes, Daph shaved her pussy. First time mine was shaved, she’s the one who did it.””You let another girl-“”Yes. She and I had already been masturbating together for years. It’s not as if I don’t have anything she’s not seen before. And since that first time we got off together, she’d been trying to talk me into shaving there. So, I finally let her.””You haven’t…you know…fucked, have you?”Angie giggled again. “No. We’ve never done that. And neither of us want to, either. We’ve never even helped each other get off. We just like to masturbate together and sunbath and skinny dip.””Maybe you should invite her over here tomorrow,” Vic said.Angie’s giggles turned to full-blown laughter. “Okay. I can guarantee you she’ll accept the invite.””Why?”” ‘Cause, little brother, she thinks you’re hot, too.”Vic’s cock twitched and pulsed with the news. “She does?””Yeah. She does. In fact – and do not breath a word of this to her! – when we’re masturbating, she usually whispers your name when she cums.””Seriously?””I’m not lying to you. Yes, seriously. She wants to fuck you.”Vic smiled. “Please invite her over here tomorrow!”Angie swam closer. “I’ll call her soon as we’re out of the pool. I promise. I’ll tell her to wear her skimpiest bikini. And when she comes over, you stay in the house for a while. You can watch from the upstairs window. Let me get talk her into getting naked here. I know she’ll do it. The thrill of you maybe seeing her will be more than enough to entice her out of her bathing suit, I can promise you that. Then, I’ll get her to masturbate. After orgasm she’s always really mellow for a while. Give us a few minutes after we cum, then you casually show up out here for a swim, claiming you didn’t know we were here. Sound like a plan? I’ll even bring out the vibrator I bought for you but never made you use. That’ll really get her turned on!”He smiled, not moving away from her this time. “You’ve had this planned out for a while, haven’t you?””I have, yes. I want to reward you for what you’ve done for us. And Daphne will love it, too.””What do you mean, what I’ve done for us?””I mean,” she said, drifting closer, “for how close you’ve brought us. Each of us masturbating for the other has brought us closer than I ever thought we’d be, Vic. And I love that. Thank you. And Daphne’s a good girl. I think the two of you will really make a good couple. She hasn’t spent much time with you, but she knows you pretty well already and she likes you. A lot!”Vic smiled at the prospect of what tomorrow was quite likely to bring. “Shouldn’t you go call her?”Angie shrugged. “It’s early. I’ll call her once we’re done out here.” She made a show of looking down at his rock-hard erection as it bobbed in the water a couple of feet before her. “And we’re nowhere near done. Not when you’re sporting that monster erection. In case you’re wondering, I’m excited, too, little brother.”Vic looked from her face to her pert breasts, seeing how tight and hard her nipples were. He was still amazed at the change in her from that first night he’d blackmailed her into masturbating for him and now, when she willingly stripped and climbed in the pool with him and talked so freely and openly about sex.”Yeah,” he said. “You do look a bit aroused.””More than a bit. Why don’t we go to the side and get off for each other? Both of us masturbating while the other watches. What do you say? We’ve not done that yet.””Sure,” Vic said. “As you keep saying, neither of us has anything the other hasn’t seen.””You don’t think it’s strange for a brother and sister to watch each other masturbate?” she asked as they swam to the edge, side-by-side.Boosting himself up onto the edge of the pool, he helped her up next to him and answered, “I do, yes. I feel like a freak when I get turned on seeing you naked and aroused. But I can’t help it.”She turned to face him and leaned back, spreading her long legs wide. Juice was already running from her puffy twat in a steady flow. “Don’t feel that way, Vic. You’re not a freak. Don’t be ashamed, or humiliated, or anything else. I felt the same for a while. Then I started checking around, mostly on-line. It seems that siblings who do what we’re doing together are a minority, but there are still a lot of us out there who enjoy masturbating – or more – with siblings.””Nothing more!” Vic said quickly. “I mean, Angie, you’ve got an awesome body and you’re gorgeous, but-“She kicked him lightly, interrupting him. “No, silly. I don’t want to fuck you or suck your dick, or even give you a hand job. Trust me. Just the thought of it makes me sick. No offense.””None taken,” he said, exhaling in relief.”But,” she said, dipping a finger into her pink folds, “I fully enjoy masturbating for you and seeing you masturbate for me. Speaking of which, I’m the only one masturbating here, little brother.” Again, she gave him a light kick.Vic laughed, taking the hint, and wrapped one hand around his twitching prick. Pre-cum was already welling at the tip.”What’s it feel like to stroke your own cock?” Angie asked as she massaged her hard nipples with her free hand.Vic shrugged. “It feels really good.”Angie laughed. “So does what I’m doing. But it must feel different for a guy. I mean, the parts are different. I’d imagine different equipment would translate into different feelings.””I suppose so.””So how does it feel?” She closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts and clit with slow motions, barely touching her sensitive flesh.Vic stared at her, watching her arouse herself more and more as he gently stroked his erection before her. “I don’t know,” he said. “Just…good. Very good! I’m sure you’ve stroked Daniel’s cock with your hand.””Yes.””Imagine that, the feel of a hard dick wrapped up in your fingers, combined with the feelings your getting from diddling your clit right now.”Angie opened her eyes, grinning at him. “You’re right. It must feel very good.””It does.”She leaned her head back, looking up at the sky. The movement pushed her pert breasts up higher, as if presenting them for inspection. “It’ll be dark soon. We’d better hurry up and cum or we won’t be able to see each other.””I know.”She looked at him again, locking her gaze with his. “Then cum for me, Vic. Cum with me when I cum!” She increased the speed of her hands on her body, her breath hitching instantly.Vic tightened his grip on his hard member and jerked it a bit more quickly, watching Angie’s eyes.”Oh, Vic, this feels so good!””I’m feeling it, too, Angie. Trust me!””I’m going to cum soon!””Me, too.””Are you going to cum hard for me, Vic?””Yes.””Good! ‘Cause I’m going to cum hard for you!”Hearing her words, Vic tightened his fingers around his shaft even more and jerked faster.”You’ve got pre-cum everywhere,” she commented, glancing at his dick.He looked quickly at her own genitals before locking his gaze with hers once more. “And you’ve got pussy-juice everywhere.””I always do,” she said. “I’m always get really wet. It amazes Daphne all the time. She gets really wet, too, but not as much as I do.”The mention of Daphne’s name, and all of the expectations for tomorrow that it brought, took Vic to the edge. “If you want to cum together, Angie, cum now!”She grinned, her passionate stare burning, as she scrubbed her clit and nipples harder and faster. Her breath caught and she gasped. “Oh! I’m cumming, Vic! Cum with me!”Vic jerked his cock harder, staring back into her eyes. He felt his load surging upward through his shaft, on the verge of bursting free. “This is so fucking good!””Yes!” she whispered back. “Oh, yes! Fucking cum with me! Cum with me! Oh! Oh! Cum with me! Fuck! Fuck, I’m cumming, Vic! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” Each word was more of a passionate gasp than the previous one. Her face contorted as she fought the impulse to close her eyes, keeping her gaze fixed solidly upon his own face as she masturbated herself past the brink and to orgasm.”Fuck!” Vic bellowed loudly, the word followed by a deep, low groan as his semen shot from his dick, spattering on his bare chest in a searing rain. “Fuck!” he nearly screamed as a second, equally large shot joined it. “Oh, yes! Oh!” A third wad joined the first two.”Cum with me, Vic! Oh, yes! Um-huh! Um-huh! Yes! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!”Vic responded with a long, very low-pitched moan as yet a fourth jet of sperm was sent spewing from his cock as he jerked it faster and harder than he ever had in his life. “Fuck!” he cried. “Fuck, yes!” Even with no more cum surging through his prick, he couldn’t stop jerking it. He was still rock-hard and waves of pure joy washed over him as he fought to keep his eyes from closing reflexively, staring hard at Angie as she writhed in the throws of her own glorious orgasm only inches away from him, her hips bucking against her busy hand as her pussy spurted thin streams of hot, fragrant musk across the decking and onto his legs. The feel of her cum landing on him, hot and fresh elicited a fifth jet of sperm from his cock. “God damn!” he bellowed. “Fuck!” The words were more primal, a****l screams that actual syllables. “Fuck, yes!”Finally, at last spent, the pair of them collapsed, breathing hard, still looking into each other’s eyes.Then Angie grinned. “We’d better get inside. Quickly. There’s no way the neighbors didn’t hear that. Especially you, little brother.” She stood, getting her long, willowy legs under her and rising in a smooth motion.Vic struggled to rise and would’ve fallen into the pool had she not grasped his arm. “That was, by far, the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had in my life, Angie. Thank you!”She kissed him on the cheek. “Thank me later. Let’s get inside!”Leaving their swimsuits lying on the decking, they raced toward the house, naked, hand in hand, genitals dripping, though the darkening evening.”You know, Angie,” he said as they stepped into the house. “I wouldn’t really have turned over that video of you and Daniel.”She grinned at him. “I like to think not.””And I only had the one copy of it. The one that you saw. I lied about the others.””I’m glad.”He stood watching her, neither of them making the slightest attempt to hide any part of themselves from the other’s sight. “If you knew I wouldn’t turn that over to Mom and Dad,” he asked at length, “why’d you let me blackmail you with it?”She squeezed his hand and her palm was sticky with her cum. “You know why, little brother.”He grinned. “I guess I do.”She turned away, still holding his hand, leading him toward the stairs. “Let’s go get cleaned up. But not until we’ve cum again. Actually, we’ve got the time. Let’s just make this into an all-nighter and clean up in the morning.”Vic’s cock twitched and started to harden again. “Sounds great!”Leading him up the stairs, Angie said, “And I hope you know that I never, ever would have really told anyone about your porn collection.”Vic grinned. “I know. I guess, deep down, I wanted to masturbate for you, too.”Angie led him into her bedroom and turned on the light. Leaving the door open, she playfully shoved him down onto her bed. “Good. I’m glad to hear that, little brother. ‘Cause you’re going to keep doing it! A lot!” Sitting on the bed with him, she spread her legs, pulling the flushed folds of her cooze wide open, easily slipping a delicate finger into her sopping twat. “And I’m going to be doing it a lot for you, too!”Without taking his eyes off of her, Vic reached over to his nightstand and picked up the handset of her cordless telephone and handed it to his sister. “But first,” he said, watching her diddle her hard clit, “you’re going to call Daphne!”Angie laughed and took the phone from him. Still tending to her dripping cooze, she dialed her best friend’s number from memory.