Bloodlines Pt. 05

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This story is set in medieval times in a fantasy world that does not exist. Any resemblance to people real or imagined is purely coincidental. If any characters in this story actually did exist, and they were involved in the sexual scenes described, they would be eighteen years of age or older.

Now that the disclaimer is done with, I hope you enjoy the story. Please feel free to let your imagination go wild, as usual, this is a story to stimulate your imagination, as well as your pleasure zones.

Unlike most of my previous stories, this one has many chapters.

I apologize for the time it has taken to continue this story. In part it is due to a nasty little virus that wreaked havoc on my computer. However, this story has taken a life of its own, leading me in directions I never considered when I started. It has gone through a couple rewrites, and the tale has truly begun to develop, the tale I first thought would be simple and straight forward has become a twisted convoluted tale of betrayal, lust for power, and greed. One would never believe the evil someone can stoop to until we see it. Enjoy!



Chapter 14

Ian rolled over in his bed, glaring at the door. The past week had been overwhelming; between Ricah and her insatiable appetite for sex, Ayra and her mood swings he thought he was going mad. Add to that his daily training in combat and he barely had energy to breath. The knock on the door sounded again and he growled under his breath.

“Come in.” he shouted, knowing it wasn’t Ricah. She never knocked.

The door opened and a young woman stepped inside. She was dressed in a plain brown dress that looked like it had been made from grain sacks. Her head was down, yet he recognized her instantly.

“Grisha?” he said, nearly jumping out of bed before he realized he was naked.

She held a finger to her lips as she pushed the door closed. Ian sat up, carefully arranging the blanket to cover his nakedness.

“It’s good to…” he stammered, feeling suddenly strange as she walked toward him, her deep blue eyes locking his gaze.

“Milord, I hope I didn’t wake you.” She said, as she stopped a few feet from the bed.

“Please, it’s Ian.” He said, as he looked around for his pants.

They were hanging on the chair. She saw where he was looking and quickly grabbed them and handed them to him. As he slipped them on, she politely turned her back. Still, he found his cock hardening just by her presence.

“Is there something I can do for you?” he said, finally able to tuck his cock away and tie the pants.

“I… it’s just… well, mother said I shouldn’t meddle, but I can’t help it.” She said, turning to face him.

“What’s going on?” Ian said, noticing the streaks on her cheeks, It was obvious she had been crying.

“I know you are, uhm, well you are …” she looked at me, her face filled with fear.

“What is it, Grisha? You don’t have to be afraid.” Ian said, a sense of foreboding suddenly filling him.

“It’s just, well… I guess the best way to do this is to show you.” She said, stepping up to him and placing her hands on his cheeks.

Pulling his head down, she placed her lips against his. Ian was surprised, but as he felt her tongue dance across his lips, he felt a tingling sensation coming over him. His lips parted and her tongue slipped into his mouth. The tingling became like a fire, and his head started to swim. His thoughts became a jumbled mess, swirling around in his head until all he could think about was Grisha, and how he needed her.

His hands moved up, wrapping around her waist, pulling her to him. His cock pressed into her, burning with a need he couldn’t control. His hands slid down, cupping her firm ass and pulling her harder against his cock. He needed her, the desire burning through him in an all-consuming blaze.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss, pushing him backwards. His head was spinning and he nearly fell, his hand reaching out for support as he gasped for breath. He felt her fingers gripping his, but his eyes wouldn’t focus, all he could see was her face swirling in a sea of clouds.

“Ian. Ian!” she said sternly, her hand gripping his.

“I, uhm..” Ian muttered, slowly sitting on the bed.

“I am sorry, Milord.” Grisha said, as she knelt in front of him. “The feeling will pass in a moment. But I have to ask you, have you felt this before, anything like this, even similar, but maybe not as overwhelming?”

“I, uhm…” Ian said, trying to reclaim his thoughts.

He could feel his cock pulsing, his own heartbeat pounding in his ears. Grisha’s image flowed through his mind, her piercing blue eyes dancing across his vision. She was all that mattered, all that he wanted. He took a deep breath and blinked, his vision slowly clearing as the pounding in his head subsided.

“That was… I mean what…?” Ian said, staring at the young woman.

“It is important, Milord, I mean Ian.” She said, taking his hands. “I need to know. Have you ever felt that before?”

“What? I don’t… I mean that casino oyna was… What happened?” Ian said snatching his hands back.

“Ian, this is vitally important. Think. Have you ever felt that before? Ever?” she cried, her voice sounding desperate.

“No, I… No, nothing anything like it.” He replied as she reached out and grabbed his hands again.

“That’s good. It means there is still time.” Grisha said, her fingers squeezing his.

“Time for what?” Ian said, resisting the urge to pull his hands away again.

Whatever had just happened, whatever she had done, it scared him.

“Never mind. Just listen to me. Did you smell the odor on my breath just before I kissed you, the smell of wildflowers?”

“Yes, I… it was pleasant.” Ian said, the memory of the odor tickling the back of his mind.

“Good. You must remember it, and whenever someone tries to kiss you… If someone tries to kiss you and you smell that, you are in danger.” She said, squeezing his hands tightly.

Ian looked at her again, blinking several times until her face finally stayed in focus. She was truly beautiful. He stared at her, memorizing ever feature of her face. Even dirty and tear stained, her cheeks were smooth, and finely shaped. Her nose was slender, with a slight upturn at the tip that seemed almost regal. Her lips were full, begging to be kissed, and her eyes, he stared into her eyes, feeling himself starting to fall. She could take him away in her…”

“Ian!” she shouted, shaking him.

“I… I’m alright.” He said, shaking his head. “It’s just, it’s just that I… I don’t think I’ve… I’ve ever seen someone so beautiful.” He blurted out, blushing as he realized he had actually said it out loud.

“It’s just the after effects.” Grisha said, her face turning crimson. “You will be alright in a few minutes.”

Ian leaned his head down, breathing deeply. Every breath was a struggle, yet every exhale seemed to lift the fog that filled his mind. The tingling sensation slowly faded and he looked up, smiling as he looked into Grisha’s eyes. She was truly beautiful, yet it didn’t seem so overwhelming now.

“I… I think I’m fine.” He said, shifting his position and unclasping her hands. “What was…”

“It is called Siren’s Tears, but some mistakenly call it a love potion. I watered it down a bit so the effects wouldn’t last, but the onset can still be rather intense.” Grisha said, standing up and moving to the side.

Ian turned his head, keeping her in his line of sight. Not wanting to lose sight of her.

“It is nearly over, Milord.” She said, as she slid a chair close to him and sat down.

“But, I mean who would want to… I mean who would give me a love potion?” He said, finally able to look away and not feel uncomfortable.

“I think you know, Milord.” She said, her lips curling into a slight smile.

“Ricah? I mean why would she…” Ian said, almost shouting.

Grisha shook her head.

“Ricah doesn’t care about love. She just wants power.”

“Then who?” Ian said grasping Grisha’s hand.

Grisha bit her lip, uncertain if she should say. Ian was under enough stress already, and she wasn’t certain adding to that was a good idea. Still, she had already gone too far to turn back. Besides, he was in danger, and not knowing would put him in even more danger.

“I think you know.” She said, her hand reaching out to touch his.

He jerked his hand back, staring at her. He wanted to believe she was wrong, that she was mistaken, but deep down he knew something wasn’t right. Ayra wasn’t the same anymore.

“I am sorry Ian, I really am.” She said, reaching for his hand again. “But there are things you don’t know, things perhaps you should know.”

Just then the door opened and Ricah stepped into the room. Grisha snatched her hand back and jumped up. Grabbing a pair of trousers from the bed she bowed at Ian.

“I will have my mother do the alterations right away, Milord.” She said, bowing before turning and rushing out the door.

Ricah didn’t even seem to notice as Grisha rushed past her and into the hallway. She let out a soft chuckle and closed the door.

“I see your youth is being well used.” She said, as she walked toward Ian.

“I, uhm… She was just picking up some pants that needed fixing.” Ian said, turning red.

“Oh, don’t worry. I told you I don’t care what you do as long as you’re ready whenever I’m in the mood. It’s a good thing I came in when I did. Another five minutes, and I might have been angry.” She said, stopping directly in front of him.

“Of course, I can’t imagine how your mother would have reacted. She seemed pretty upset when I told her about us; I wonder what she would say about…”

Ian tensed at the mention of his mother.

“Anyway, I have wonderful news.” She said, holding her hands together against her chest.

“I am saddened to inform you that your uncle has passed in the night.”

Ian felt his stomach churn. Somehow he thought he might find a way out of this mess. With his uncle dead, he knew the canlı casino wheels of fate had turned and his life was spinning out of control.

“There will, of course, be a funeral, and the standard time of mourning.” She continued, as if she had just told him what was for dinner.

“In the meantime, I thought it best to get you moved into your new chambers. It just isn’t fitting for the Lord of the Hold to be in a single room. I already have servants clearing Brayden’s chambers. They will have everything ready by mid-day tomorrow.”

Ian just stared at her, wondering just what options he had left.

“Now, should I undress, or are you in the mood to rip this one off me?” Ricah laughed as she began unbuttoning her dress.

“What, no help this time?” Ian said, his anger getting the better of him.

“Do I need some? Really Ian. Am I losing my attractiveness already?” she said, her dress dropping to the floor.

Ian just shook his head as Ricah stepped up to him, her hands reaching out to grasp his shoulders.

“That’s it.” She said as she slid onto his lap, her pussy grinding against his still hard cock.

She eased him backwards until he fell onto the bed, her fingers quickly unlacing his pants and reaching for his cock. She let out a long sigh as she slowly slid down his length, her pussy already dripping with excitement.

As she sat astride him, Ian closed his eyes, letting her pull his hands up to grasp her tits. He tried to call up images of Ayra, tried to pretend it was her astride him right now, but his mind would not cooperate. Instead, Grisha’s face appeared, speaking her words of warning.

“It is not Ricah. Ricah doesn’t care about love, she only wants power.”

Suddenly images flew through his head, images of his mother working in her garden, images of her collecting flowers and placing them all over the house when he was young. The scent had been overpowering, and always, always when she did that she and his father would…”

“Ayra!” he shouted, as Ricah began thrusting rapidly, her pussy clenching at his cock.

“No boy. You can, ugh… you can fuck your mother later.” She gasped, her fingers digging painfully into his chest.

Ricah’s nails digging into his chest served to pull forth more images, as he saw his mother sitting astride him, her head tilted back as she writhed uncontrollably on his cock, her fingers clawing at his flesh, and behind her, sitting on the table, a vase filled with wild flowers. Twisting to his side, he flipped Ricah over, her legs instinctively wrapping around him as he rolled on top of her.

Ricah smiled to herself as Ian grabbed her legs and raised them up before beginning to slam into her with a blind rage. His hips slammed against her ass noisily as his cock drove deep into her, setting her off in a series of spasms that she knew were just the start.

She could feel his cock pulsing and growing, the depth he was reaching seemed incredible. She could see the outline of his cock pressing against the flesh of her lower stomach, which only pushed her higher. Her hips writhed and twisted, intent on enjoying every second of this suddenly wild ride.

He pushed her legs further, until her knees were almost touching her chest as he hammered into her with unrelenting fury. Ricah could feel his balls slap against her ass, sending waves of pleasure washing over her. He pushed her legs further, her knees now touching her chest as he slammed hard into her. The thrust of his cock was all she could sense, her body seemed focused on his manhood as it drove her over the cliff.

Her muscles tightened and she cried out, begging him to fuck her. It didn’t matter, as he thrust even faster, sweat dripping off his brow as he stared unseeing at her, his mouth hanging open, his arms trembling as he pinned her against the bed.

Ricah’s body writhed and shook, waves of pleasure cascading through her unrelentingly. She couldn’t feel her legs, and her pussy was on fire. Her insides churned and she eyes wouldn’t focus as her orgasms washed over her in never ending waves. She needed it to stop, she needed Ian to stop. She tried to catch her breath, tried to shout out at him, to command him to stop.

He had to listen. He was not in control, she was! This was her game, and he would fuck her when and how she wanted. She raised her hand up shakily, trying to push him away but he ignored her. She tried to yell but her mouth would form no words. She tried to twist from beneath him, but her legs refused to respond to her commands. Suddenly she realized she was at his mercy and she was afraid.

Tears formed in her eyes which only made her angry. He couldn’t do this. He was little more than a boy. He was her toy to do with as she wished. He would pay. Her mind screamed out, commanding him to stop but no words formed on her lips. Her body betrayed her thrusting wildly as yet another series of spasms wracked her exhausted frame. His arms held her legs tight, keeping her in place as his cock drilled into her, stroke after agonizing stroke.

The end came suddenly as Ian released kaçak casino her legs and she fell to the bed, her body wracked with painful pleasure, her muscles still twitching. His cock pulsed angrily throbbing in the air before swelling and erupting, his hot cum splattering across her body in a sticky mess. Had she not been so completely drained, she would have screamed. Instead, she merely curled up into a ball, shuddering as her pussy continued convulsing.

Ian stared down at her, his mind a whirling mass of conflicting thoughts. He had known Ricah was nothing but a scheming power hungry woman, but Grisha had been clear that Ricah was not the real threat. He looked at her cum splattered body in disgust, wondering what he ever saw in the woman. He knew he had never really felt anything for her, anything more than a hint of excitement at the forbidden at least. Even that was gone now, as he looked upon her with open eyes.

Grisha’s words echoed through his mind as he stared down at his aunt. Ricah had not been the one she had warned him about. Ricah was not the threat. The threat, according to Grisha was Ayra, Ian’s own mother! Images of Ayra flashed through his mind, her smooth skin trembling beneath his hungry touch. She had seemed so true, so in need of him. Surely Grisha was wrong; surely Ayra was not the danger!

He stood there, mentally arguing with himself, knowing all the while that Grisha was right. That Ayra was using him, using him just as Ricah was using him. He remembered the nights watching her and his father, he remembered the bouquets of flowers, wild flowers scattered about the house, their soothing fragrance suddenly taking on a far more sinister meaning.

Chapter 15

Ian walked down the hallway, completely oblivious to his surroundings. Before he even knew what had happened he was standing at the door to his mother’s chamber. His mind was a myriad of emotions as he grabbed the door and pushed it open.

“Ian!” Ayra cried, scrambling off the bed and grabbing her robe.

“Hello mother.” Ian said, as he watched his mother quickly put the robe on, though once she saw that he was alone, she didn’t bother to tie it.

Even with his newfound discovery, Ian found himself staring at her nakedness, his cock hardening as if everything he had learned didn’t matter. He glanced around the room, and wasn’t surprised to see that Lia was once again absent.

Walking over to the bed he sat down, his eyes still locked on Ayra as she watched him. He looked around the room, half expecting to see wildflowers scattered about the place, but there were none.

“What’s wrong, Ian?” Ayra said as she walked over and knelt in front of him, her hands grabbing his.

“I… Uncle Brayden…” he started, his mind filled with her nakedness.

She just nodded as she gripped his hands, pulling them to her bare chest.

“I know.” She said, as she pressed his hands against her tits.

Ian stared at her, his mind whirling, accusations flying through his head. Nothing was making any sense.

“Everything is going to happen fast now Ian, so I need you to be ready.” Ayra said, her hands slowly pulling his downward, moving them from her breasts to her waist.

Ian could feel the heat emanating from her, the sexual energy seemingly flowing from her into his hands, up his arms and through his body. He shook his head and jerked his hands away, staring at her. He stood up, trying to chase the images away that flew through his head.

“Are you alright, Ian?” she said, reaching out to touch his cheek.

“I’m fine.” He said, as she pulled his hands back to her tits.

She leaned into him, her hands fumbling with the ties on his shirt, pulling them loose. She felt so hot, so in need. He moved his hands back upward, unwilling to believe what Grisha had told him. Ayra was his love, his everything. He pushed the robe from her shoulders, smiling as she trembled, her fingers finally managing to untie his shirt.

“Oh!” she said, as the shirt opened, revealing the mithril shirt underneath. Ian had grown accustom to it and completely forgotten he had it on.

“Hindor said I should wear it all the time, to uhm, to get used to it.” He said, wondering if she would notice the little lie.

“It suits you.” She said as her fingers ran down the length of it, stopping at his waist.

She looked up at him and smiled as she let her fingers drop lower, grasping the ties of his pants. Ian gripped the shirt and lifted it over his head, surprised at how uncomfortable he suddenly felt. Ayra pulled at the ties, loosening his pants and pushing them to the floor.

His cock sprang straight out, nearly slapping against her cheek. She looked up at him, smiling as her fingers wrapped around the base, squeezing gently as she guided the head toward her slowly parting lips. Ian trembled as her lips encircled his cock, drawing him deep into her throat.

Letting his hands drop to her shoulders, he steadied himself, fearing his knees might give way as she moved her mouth up and down the length of his cock. She tilted her head back, looking up at him, her eyes gleaming as her tongue worked its magic. She drew his cock deep into her mouth, her fingers reaching up to caress his balls as she felt him pulsing and swelling.