Body Corporate Chp 15

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Body Corporate Chp 151679 – .84Chapter 15New MasterIt was shortly after midnight when Cindi felt someone at her back playing with the ropes.As she opened her eyes and looked she saw one of the guest dressed only in his shorts trying to untie the bindings. Before she could say anything the man told her he was the winner of the games and she was his for the next day and he wanted to start now. Well it was after midnight so she was technically his, as the Master said the winner had her for twenty–four hours. Obviously he wanted every minute of it. Cindi wondered when he was declared the victor, as she hadn’t been told. She would have to ask about that later. She only knew that if he wasn’t telling the truth it wouldn’t be her to suffer the consequences. As Cindi stood up the new master could clearly see the results of the whipping noises he heard shortly after retiring. He was amazed at the marks on her skin and started to sympathize with her. Cindi was still very red from the whip although the marks were fading somewhat. He told her to come with him, which, she replied, “Yes master”. He came back very quickly and told her to call him Darren. If masters do this to beautiful women I am no master. This was the first time she was allowed to call anyone by his first name. Cindi started to care for this man already. By the sound of his accent she figured he must be a New Yorker. She had never really listened to the men before as she didn’t really care but there was some kindness from this guy at least for now. He took her by the hand and led her upstairs into his bedroom and then into the bathroom so she could first take a bath or shower. Cindi chose the bath, to sooth her aching body. Darren filled the tub for her and helped her into the water. Cindi couldn’t believe the kindness in the man but they were alone. She didn’t see this during the week. Before Darren left he poured bath oil into the tub for her to enjoy, which he said, may even help her wounds. Cindi even though very tired laid in the bath for some time enjoying the water and soothing oil. Darren finally came into the room and suggested she get out so he could rub her down konyaaltı escort with antiseptic cream and body oils before they went to bed. Cindi carefully dried off and walked back into the bedroom where Darren was waiting to give her a body massage. After placing a sheet over the bed covers Cindi laid on her stomach and waited for her new master to rub her down.Darren seemed to know what he was doing covering all of her back releasing all the tension in her muscles. He slowly rubbed her bare skin with seemingly expert hands. Cindi had had many massages during her business career and knew a good one when she received it. With the back finished he gently turned her over and marvelled at her beautiful bosoms and cunt. He had a hard time not looking at them and it was obvious he was distracted while rubbing the front of her body. Darren couldn’t help himself he cupped her bosoms in both his oily hands one at a time. He played with her nipples causing them to react to his touch. They both stood out and looked at him.He then went down her stomach and slowly slid into her very welcoming cunt. It was wide open allowing his fingers then part of his hand to slip easily into her love canal. He played inside her rubbing her clit in such a way Cindi started to moan with excitement. Inside her his fingers played with the walls and soft skin and slowly pushed more and more until he was in up to his wrist with Cindi squirming as he did so. He went in and out of her cunt driving Cindi into a sexual frenzy. He used his other hand to play with her clit, which stood up like a small penis waiting to be sucked. With his hand still in her cunt he went down on her and attacked the clit with his lips and teeth. It was difficult to keep his mouth on her as she pushed and then pulled her hips away from him. She was again loosing control. She wanted him licking her so she was doing more pushing then pulling. He knew he was doing a good job, as she wanted more and more pressure on her clit and faster arm pumping in her cunt. She yelled at him to eat the fucking clit, bite it, bite it, harder, harder which Darren korkuteli escort was more then willing to oblige. Her breathing became faster and faster as she lifted her hips up higher and higher to meet Darren’s very talented tongue. She couldn’t get enough as she experienced rolling orgasms over and over, actually loosing count. By this time Darren’s tongue got very tired even though he was extremely aroused. He was beginning to wonder when this lady would stop as he needed relief himself. His cock was stretched to a length he had never seen before. It was ready to burst. As soon as Cindi relaxed he jumped on the bed and sat on her tits, driving his manhood down her throat. He started to pump it faster and faster until Cindi grabbed his waist to slow him down. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and told him to slow down and enjoy the moment. He had completely pleased her and she wanted the same for him and just getting his rocks off wasn’t the way to go about it. She pushed him off her and had him lay on his back on the bed with his rod pointing at the ceiling. It was rock hard with all the veins very evident. She slowly sucked on the head and barely touching the shaft. She sucked it like a lollipop, moaning and talking to it at the same time. Cindi kissed it telling it how she loved it and how stiff and thick it was. Down the side of the shaft she went kissing, licking and sucking, telling it how she loved the taste of its skin. You would think it was a person the way she was carrying on. Cindi then went back to the head and slowly put it into her mouth using her lips to play with it. Slowly she put the shaft in further and further until she almost swallowed it. It was a good eight inches and all eight inches were in her mouth, Darren was ready to explode but she felt it and pulled back quickly, letting him cool down. She wanted him to have the fuck of his life. This would be the benchmark of his sex life. He would never see her again but he would never, ever forget her. She again licked the head and stayed clear of the most sensitive underside so as to prolong his experience. kumluca escort Again she talked to it saying how wonderful it was, so large and manly. Slowly she buried the shaft down her throat again until her face was in his pubic hairs. She sucked him hard giving him the feeling she was going to swallow his cock whole. It was heavenly for Darren, he didn’t want it to end but again he felt his climax coming and so did Cindi but this time she let it build and slowly pulled back allowing his orgasm to fill her mouth with cum. He didn’t have to pump it as Cindi just slid her tongue and lips back and forth over his shaft and let it shoot into her mouth. This never happened before other times he had to pump like hell to get it to blow. Darren shot cum at her seemingly forever as it filled Cindi’s mouth, probably several times, if she had let it but she left her mouth open and let the excess roll out and down her chin. As Darren started to relax Cindi took his cock once again and put it into her mouth and let it linger in its own cum, massaging it with her lips. All Darren could do was lay back and relax. He was completely spent. He had let go a magnificent load as was evident by her mouth and face. He didn’t know where it had come from as he had fucked Cindi many times in the recent past. It had to be the way she did it to him. In the past it was all him, Cindi was only a hole.Both were very tired now as Cindi slowly sat up and came towards Darren kissing him with her mouth full of cum. They both shared the sexual juices with Darren tasting his own cum for the very first time. He wasn’t crazy about it but his sexual feeling were so high that it was taking sometime to come down and eating his own cum out of Cindi’s mouth wasn’t all that distasteful at the moment. He held Cindi for a while until they were starting to feel cool, having sweat all over their bodies.Darren got up and took Cindi by the hand into the shower where they soaped and rinsed each other before drying off and going to bed. Cindi had forgotten about her aches and pains and was just enjoying the moment. They slid under the pure white cotton sheets and relaxed. Darren lay on his side with Cindi’s bum against his stomach and very satisfied cock He pulled her back into his chest and cupped one of her beautiful bosoms massaging it gently as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Cindi had never felt this tenderness or comfort with a man in bed. It took her only a minute to fall off to sleep.