Boss’s New Bitch

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Boss’s New BitchThis was about 2 years ago and I was in need of some financial help. I took up a part time job near where I lived. It was a small IT firm with less than 20 people working at the office. The company was owned by a 21 year old who set it up right after he graduated. He was a workaholic and stayed at the office well after the the regular hours. My role was to be at the office after his regular assistant left for the day. I had to answer few calls and run some errands. Light work and decent pay. I took it gladly. Little did I know it was gonna get better. Being a submissive bitch, I was trilled to have a boss almost ten years younger than me. My first day I got there just as everyone was leaving. The day time assistant filled me in on what needed to be done for that day. I got settled in when the intercom buzzed and I was summoned by the boss. ‘Who are you?”I am the new part timer, your regular assistant hired me 2 days back sir’I felt really submissive calling a much younger guy sir. But it was obvious that he was much more of a man than I would ever be. He was assertive and had an air of dominance as he checked me out from head to toe. I felt almost naked standing there. My tiny cock was already getting excited and I didn’t want to embarrass myself on the first day. Not that my tiny cock will make much of a bulge anyways.’OK… How old are you?”Am 30 sir”Aren’t you a bit too old to be doing this job?”I am a little strapped for cash sir”Oh… So you are a bit desperate then…”Yes sir”You remind me a bit of my professor in college. Chubby and hairy like you.’I didn’t know where this was going. I just stood there staring at the floor. ‘He was also a submissive fag like you’Hearing rus escort that last comment made my tiny cock twitch harder in my pants. ‘I knew you were one the minute I saw you, Bitch”Well… Are you? Answer me bitch”Yes sir”Yes sir WHAT?”Yes sir, I am a faggot slut who loves to serve real men and their cocks”Haha… That’s a good boy. I think we need to change your job profile a bit. Now strip boy’I took off my shoes, shirt and pants but left my underwear on. Which was a bad mistake. He came up to me and slapped me across my face. My tiny cock was fully erect all the way up to 3 inches and there was a wet spot of precum on my underwear. ‘I asked you to strip bitch. NOW’I quickly took off my underwear to reveal my tiny erection. And the same response I get every single time. ‘Haha… That is one small dick boy. I don’t think we should even call it a dick. Mine was bigger than that when I was 10’I just kept staring down at the floor. He came up and started pinching my nipples and squeezing my man-boobs. All I did was squeal and moan like the bitch I am. He seemed to like that and pinched them harder and I squealed louder. ‘Get down on your knees boy’I did and my face was less than a foot from his crotch. He grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed it onto the bulge forming in his pants. I took a whiff of his manliness and it was heaven. He pulled me back by hair and asked me to take his pants off. I didn’t need to be told twice. I pulled his pants down and was confronted by a beautiful bulge in his boxers. I pulled it down and a 6 inch semi-erect cock slapped my face. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and took his cock in the other and slapped my face with it rus escort bayan a few times. His cock was truly gorgeous. As he slapped me with it, I felt it growing and becoming fully erect. It must have been a good 9 inches. WOW. He held me by both ears and told me to open wide. With one thrust he shoved more than half his cock inside my mouth. I almost gagged. He pulled out and rammed my throat again. And again. And again. By the fourth thrust almost all of his 9 inch was in my mouth. He held my head in place and I was almost choking. He pulled his cock out and slapped my face again few more times. By now his cock was slick with my saliva. He throat fucked me for a good ten to fifteen minutes. ‘Fuck bitch, you really know how to deepthroat a cock”Thank you sir”Get up and place your palms on the desk. Stand back and stick your slutty ass out’I did as I was commanded. His precum mixed with my saliva was oozing from the side of my mouth. My legs were spread and ass in the air. That when I felt the first sting. *SMACK *SMACKHe slapped both my ass cheeks. I squirmed and jumped. ‘Stay still bitch’*SMACK *SMACK *SMACK *SMACK *SMACK *SMACKMy ass felt really sore and raw. Once he was done spanking my chubby ass, he grabbed me by my hips from behind. He spat onto my asshole and shoved two fingers in my boipussy. It felt awesome and I let him know. I was moaning like a bitch. And I started begging him to fuck me. I felt his fingers pull out of my boipussy to be replace by the tip of his huge cock. Ge pushed his dickhead into my boipussy and pulled out. He did this a few times and it was driving me crazy. I was moaning even louder. Then with one thrust his entire cock, all of 9 inches escort rus entered my boipussy. I let out a loud squeal. ‘If you get any louder bitch, the security guards are gonna come looking, and if that happens I am gonna let them gangbang you’. I thought that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. ;)He held me down as he fucked the hell out of me. He went on for about half an hour. And even without touching my tiny cock I started to cum. I oozed over the table and at the same time I felt his cock stiffen up inside my boipussy. The inside of my boipussy was covered with thick cum. I counted 7 blasts into my ass then I lost count. He pulled out from me and wiped his cock clean on my face and spat on my face. He then pushed my face down on the desk and made me lick up my cum. ‘Get dressed and get back to work bitch. And I don’t want you to clean up.’I got dressed and went back to my desk. With bit of cum and spit on my face and cum oozing out of my boipussy. I would have been there for about half and hour when I was called back to my boss’s office. ‘Bitch, I found a new place for you”Yes sir?’He pointed to the space under his desk. I got on my knees and crawled towards his. He slapped me and told me to strip first. When I took my underwear off, there was a puddle of cum. He asked to eat it, which I gladly did. He told me that this would be my dress-code from now on. Once I was naked I went under his desk on my knees. He pulled his chair closer and pulled his cock out. It had gone soft but was still 2 inches bigger than my erect dicklet. He told me to keep his cock in my mouth while he worked. After a while he reached down and held my head in place and that is when I felt something warm in my mouth. I realized that I was being used as his toilet. ‘Don’t spill bitch, or I will make you lick it off the floor’I did as was told and drank every last drop. My routine in the office was defined that day. And I served him well for almost a year.