Boston Lez Contest PT13

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Boston Lez Contest PT13A Girl Guide’s SisJasmine woke up at one thirty in the afternoon after a wild kinky night at the bar where she had scored three back-to-back-to-back turns and handily taken the lead.She glanced at her phone and saw she was still in first place, although the scoreboard had been updated and she was no longer there alone.Scoreboard:Carol: 3Jasmine: 3Crystal: 2Portia: 2Veronica: 2Jasmine texted Carol, surprised to see who she was tied with: You scored two today?Carol responded back immediately: Yep, and the day is just getting started.Jasmine got up and made herself a coffee. She then showered and was in her robe when she heard her phone buzz as she returned to her bedroom.Fuck!There had been three updates on the scoreboard in fifteen minutes.It was a fucking tie between all five contestants! It was like starting the contest all over again!Score at 1:58 PM on Saturday:Scorecard:Carol: 3Crystal: 3Jasmine: 3Portia: 3Veronica: 3This was going to be a lot more competitive than she’d thought. Which in retrospect shouldn’t have surprised her. Four of the ladies were natural female predators, shit, all but Carol had seduced their own daughters (Carol’s daughter had seduced her… how pitiful), and each was very competitive. The only real surprise was Carol, who was much more a submissive and therefore at a disadvantage, or at least theoretically.Yet it was a day and a half in, and everyone had scored three turns.Obviously winning would take a lot of work… fun work to be sure… but work.She was trying on different outfits for the wedding she was going to crash, hoping to perhaps use the bride for an early orgasm before she walked down the aisle. She had done this three times in the past and always enjoyed the nervousness of the bride going through the ceremony knowing she smelled like fresh cunt, as well as knowing that when the groom kissed the bride he was unknowingly tasting her.Then as she pondered how she was going to seduce the married Zelda and perhaps the bitchy Tiffany and who knows who else (the mothers of brides or grooms were often easy targets, so were drunken guests and even grandmothers if fate smiled on her), she heard her doorbell ring.Jasmine, in a black garter-belt and stockings and a matching lace bra, grabbed a robe and went to answer the bell. Reaching the front door, she looked through a peephole to see a cute girl standing there in a girl guide’s outfit even though she was obviously too old to be a girl guide, with knee high socks.Jasmine smiled gratefully up at the lesbian goddess of love as her next turn no doubt had literally just arrived on her doorstep.She opened the door and greeted, “Hi.””Hello, ma’am,” Emma greeted, slightly disappointed to see a woman answering the door. She had sold ten boxes of cookies so far, all were to men… who had been seduced by her sexy outfit… a size too small and showcasing her tits. She had learned a while ago that sex sells, and she had the body and beauty to capitalize on that truism. She also was very good at flirting with the men.”Please, it’s Jasmine,” the seductress said as she assessed her prey. Her only concern was this sexy young thing may have already explored the pleasures of cunnilingus.Emma smiled warmly, noticing her prospect was in a robe and stockings, and the robe was short enough to show the lace tops of her stockings, “Well, Jasmine, my name is Emma, and I’m selling girl guide cookies. The good ones, chocolate and vanilla, not those mint ones.””Aren’t you too old to be a girl guide?” Jasmine inquired.Emma was used to this question, since she hadn’t been a girl guide since she was twelve, six years ago. She answered with the truth, or at least a truth, since it wasn’t her true motivation, “I’m doing this for my sister, who is a girl guide.” The actual truth was that the top seller got a brand-new Apple laptop that Emma wanted, and she’d made a deal with her mother that she could have it if she sold the most cookies in her sister’s name.”That’s so sweet of you,” Jasmine said, already imagining tasting this ripe young thing. She was still kind of hungry from her wee hours breakfast.”Will you buy a box?” Emma asked, thinking maybe she could get five bucks out of this woman.”Sure,” Jasmine agreed. “Come on in, I was just getting ready for a wedding I’m attending.””Oh, sorry, I can come back later,” Emma offered, then wondered why she’d made the offer. Buying some cookies should take this lady no time at all.”No, no, come on in,” Jasmine said. “It’s hot outside, and you could probably use a drink.””I could use a glass of water,” Emma agreed, as she followed the woman into her home.Jasmine led the young prey into the kitchen and poured her a glass of water. She handed it to her and said, “By the way, I’m impressed.””Thank you,” Emma said taking the glass of water and then added, “Pardon?””You’re very creative,” Jasmine said.”What do you mean?” Emma asked, confused.”I was once young too,” Jasmine pointed out.”You still are,” Emma said, both trying flattery to perhaps increase the sale, but also meaning it. This woman was very pretty and looked to be in her thirties.”You’re sweet,” Jasmine smiled. “But I have a daughter likely older than you.””No way,” Emma said, meaning it, as she sipped on the water.”How old are you?” Jasmine asked. They hadn’t clarified the rules about age in the contest, but she assumed all the turns would all have to be at least eighteen. Teens younger than that would be i*****l and/or way too easy, since young girls crave attention.”Eighteen,” Emma answered.”My daughter is too,” Jasmine said, “perhaps you know her. What school do you attend?””Bishop,” Emma answered.”Oh no,” Jasmine fake gasped.”What?” Emma asked.”I’ve allowed into my house a sworn enemy of Mount Royale,” Jasmine mocked.”Is your daughter Candace Jones?” Emma asked, suddenly realizing there was a striking similarity between this woman and her arch rival. Emma was the head cheerleader for the Bulls, and Candace her bitch counterpart with the Tigers.”She is,” Jasmine nodded. “How do you know her?”Emma couldn’t hide her disgust, “We’re both head cheerleaders.”Jasmine gasped slightly, “Are you the Emma?””If you mean captain of the Bull cheerleaders and archenemy of your daughter,” Emma said with noticeable swagger, “that’s me all right.””I’ve heard a lot about you,” Jasmine said, walking towards her.”I bet,” Emma scoffed. “None of it good, I trust.””True. But nevertheless, do you want me to help you sell all those cookies in no time at all?” Jasmine offered, now standing directly in front of her.”Why would you do that?” Emma asked, no longer trusting this woman based on the bitch c***d she’d released into the world… the saying ‘like mother, like daughter,’ existed for a reason.”Well for one thing, Candace has been a bit of a bitch lately,” Jasmine said, taking the pretty teen by the hand and leading her to her bedroom.”Where are we going?” Emma asked, for some reason compliant to the mother of her nemesis.”To get something to help you sell the rest of those cookies,” Jasmine answered, as they reached the room.”Really?” Emma asked, somehow drawn to this woman and curious how this lady could help sarıyer escort her make Candace’s life miserable.”Sit at the edge of the bed,” Jasmine ordered.”Um, okay,” Emma agreed, as she watched the older woman reach into her dresser drawer.Jasmine found a pair of mocha thigh high stockings that almost perfectly matched the girl’s girl guide uniform, and she returned to the girl.Emma saw the package of pantyhose and asked skeptically, even as she watched Candace’s mom lower herself before her, “Pantyhose?””Stockings,” Jasmine corrected. “Sheer, silk stockings.”Emma had often imagined Candace on her knees before her, not in a sexual way, she wasn’t a lesbian, but in a grovelling, ‘I lost, you won’ sort of way. “What’s the dif?””Oh, you’ll see,” Jasmine said, as she pulled off the teen’s runner and pulled down the long sock before Emma even knew what was happening.”W-w-what are you doing?” Emma stammered, stunned by some of her clothing disappearing without warning.”Making you completely irresistible,” Jasmine answered, as she grabbed a stocking and went to put it on the stunned teen.Emma pointed out, “That was the purpose of this outfit.””A good start, which is why downstairs I called you creative, but have you sold an entire box to a house yet?” Jasmine asked, as she slowly glided her hands up the teen’s legs.The hands felt weirdly nice as Emma admitted, “A quarter of a box is my best so far.””Then either you aren’t selling yourself effectively enough or you need this accessory,” Jasmine said logically, the nylon now smoothed up to the teen’s thigh. She glanced between her legs and saw a pair of black cotton panties. Boring! She added, “Feel the nylon.”As Jasmine prepared the second stocking, Emma stroked the nylon on her leg. She let out a small gasp, “Wow, these are soft!””I buy them from France,” Jasmine informed her.”I can see why you would,” Emma replied, enamoured of the sheer, silky stocking on her leg.”Let’s put the other one on and let you see how they enhance your outfit and bring it to life,” Jasmine suggested, removing Emma’s other shoe and sock.”Okay,” Emma agreed, now eager to see what they looked like on her legs. She’d only worn pantyhose once, at a funeral, and found them to be itchy and annoying.Jasmine applied the second stocking and resisted the temptation to go for broke right then and there. She stood back up, pulled Emma up and told her, “Now go look in the mirror.”Emma did. “Wow!””Indeed,” Jasmine purred, admiring the beautiful teen.”You were right,” Emma admitted, still admiring herself in the mirror.”I usually am,” Jasmine preened, as she walked up to the teen and added, “There is just one more thing.””What is that?” Emma asked, now willing to take heed of this stranger, regardless of her daughter.”Well, you know how I said I wanted to help you because I was pissed off at my daughter?” Jasmine began.”Yes,” Emma said, “I’m usually pissed off at your daughter too.””Want to one up her?” Jasmine asked.”Definitely,” Emma said.”Come with me,” Jasmine ordered, taking her hand.Emma followed again, still finding this entire encounter rather surreal and oddly exciting, even though she couldn’t explain why.Jasmine led her into Candace’s room and said, “Take off your panties.””Pardon, but why?” Emma asked, startled by the request.”Trust me.””I don’t see why I….” Emma began, as Jasmine abruptly raised Emma’s skirt to her waist, grabbed the panties and pulled them down, taking a nice close look at the teen’s shaved snatch… one she hoped to be devouring soon.”What are you doing?” Emma asked, even as she automatically lifted each foot to allow her panties to be removed completely.”Helping you to take revenge on my daughter,” Jasmine answered.”How?” Emma asked, bewildered by this whole encounter.”By fucking her mother,” Jasmine answered. “She’ll be so pissed.”Emma’s eyes went wide as Jasmine raised her skirt and slid a finger inside her, causing Emma to realize she was quite wet.Jasmine, a g-spot expert, quickly found her target, not easy from this angle, and tapped it three times as she whispered in her most seductive tone, “You’re already soaked, my pet.””Oh, God,” Emma trembled, her entire body quaking at the magical fingers of this aggressive mom.”Want me to get you off?” Jasmine asked, stopping the tapping.”Oh my… I… God…” Emma babbled, before begging, the recent pleasure so intense she desperately needed to feel it again, “yes, please.””Have you been with a girl before?” Jasmine asked the crucial question, giving her two quick taps.”N-n-no,” Emma stammered, effectively paralyzed by the sudden m*****ation and by how good it felt. She had fucked three guys, she even came once with a hot college guy three years older than she, but nothing had ever come close to the pleasure she was experiencing right now.”But you’ll be a good girl for me?” Jasmine asked, two more taps.”I-I-I don’t know,” Emma stuttered, bewildered by what was happening. The pleasure was consuming her, but she wasn’t a lesbian and couldn’t figure out how having sex with Ms. Jones could have anything to do with getting revenge on Candace.”I think you do,” Jasmine insisted warmly, two more taps.”How will it be revenge?” Emma asked, trying to find a way to allow this to happen while still saving face.”Well for one, you can wipe your wet cunt cum all over my daughter’s pillow,” Jasmine offered wickedly, three taps.”Oooooooh,” Emma moaned.”Want to grind this sweet cunt all over Candace’s pillow? Mark her lair?””I kind of do,” Emma nodded, the idea so wicked.”Go ahead and do it, and I’ll give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced,” Jasmine ordered.”You sure?” Emma asked, not wanting this finger to ever leave her.”Go ahead,” Jasmine said, pulling her finger out. “Then I’ll take you places you didn’t know existed.””Fuck it,” Emma shrugged, her orgasm so close she would do anything to get that finger back inside her. Plus, the idea that tonight Candace would lay her head in her pussy juice was super exciting.Jasmine watched as Emma went to the bed, grabbed the pillow, shoved it between her legs and dragged it back and forth. “The****utic?” Jasmine asked.”It is,” Emma said, rubbing her wet pussy all over the bamboo-pattern pillow case.”You know of course that my daughter is a lesbian,” Jasmine mentioned.”No way,” Emma retorted, surprised.”It’s probably why she’s mean to you,” Jasmine offered, walking towards the bed.”I don’t follow you. Why?” Emma asked, making sure she got the entire pillow as wet as possible with her cunt juice.”She probably has a crush on you,” Jasmine planted a seed for the future then added, “and she hates your school, of course.”Emma was surprised once again as the mother dropped her robe, revealing her all-black lingerie, commando style.Jasmine climbed onto the bed, pushed the teen onto her back and straddled her face.Emma’s eyes went wide as she stared at a wet pussy and its subtle scent drew her in.Jasmine explained, “Get me off, and I’ll finish what I started.”Emma hesitated at the expectation. She desperately wanted Jasmine to finish what she started without delay. But she also esenyurt escort was becoming curious to know what a pussy tasted like as one lingered inches above her, entrancing her with both its inviting beauty and its intriguing scent.So after a pause, Emma leaned up a couple inches, extended her tongue and licked.”Good girl,” Jasmine moaned, a rush going through her not only at achieving another turn, but at achieving one of this magnitude… this very moment she had turned her daughter’s archenemy.Emma had never seriously considered having lesbian sex, had never considered what a pussy might taste like, yet as she tentatively licked her first pussy, she was overwhelmed.It wasn’t a fishy taste like her ex had described it.It wasn’t the least bit disgusting as some boys had called it.It was a subtle taste, suffused in a surprising amount of wetness with a thrilling tang that had her body tingling with unexplainable excitement.”You’re a natural at this,” Jasmine moaned, as the teen’s licks became more aggressive… something that typically only happened when a new turn had progressed through the normal stages. Stage one, What’s happening to me? Stage two, Okay, I’ll just try it. Stage three, Tentative licking. Stage four, Eager acceptance. Stage five, Cum-hungry lust. Emma had leaped immediately to stage three and soon progressed to four.”I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Emma said between licks, wanting this woman to know this wasn’t who she was.Jasmine smiled but didn’t say anything and just enjoyed the teen’s tongue.Emma was getting turned on licking, which made no sense as none of her erogenous zones were involved in the slightest. She decided it was no longer about her own pleasure as it had been when she decided to do this; no, now it was all about getting this woman off, about tasting the full flood of her cum. She didn’t just want to get her off, she needed to, and the idea itself was what was getting her hornier.Jasmine’s orgasm was building, so she instructed the teen, “Now suck on my clit, my pet.”Emma obeyed the order, realizing nobody, girl or guy, had ever sucked her clit. She took Jasmine’s in her mouth and tapped it with her tongue while tugging on it with her lips.”Oh yes, eat my cunt you eager little slut,” Jasmine moaned, reaching down and pulling Emma’s head deeper inside her as she ground on the teen’s face.If any guy had called Emma a slut she would have sent his balls home to his parents on a platter yet being called one in the heat of this particular moment by this seductive woman, somehow turned her on even more. As her face was being coated with wetness, she just extended her tongue and allowed her face to be used… enjoying this a lot more than she had the guy at a party who’d face fucked her when she was drunk.”Oh yes, get ready to be baptised, my lesbian cunt-licking pet,” Jasmine moaned, as she roughly used the teen’s face for her own pleasure, congratulating herself about being back in the lead.Emma had no choice about staying or going, although she had no intention of leaving, as she suddenly experienced a massive face wash as the indomitable woman screamed and came all over her tongue, lips and face. Emma mindlessly lapped up as much cum as she could reach, the taste stronger now and more satisfying… and way better than semen.Emma kept licking until Jasmine got off her and said, “I’ll be right back to finish what I started. Don’t you dare move.””Okay,” Emma agreed, dying to feel those magical fingers back inside her.Jasmine went to her room and texted her daughter: Get home ASAP! Do I have a surprise for you!Candace texted back: Actually on my way now. About five minutes out!Jasmine responded: Come in quietly, get a strap-on from my room and put it on before meeting me in your room.Candace texted back, suddenly very curious: Who’s it for?Jasmine teased her response: Your new pet!Emma was slowly rubbing herself in her archenemy’s bed, trying to replay how this had all gotten started when the older woman returned and crawled between her legs.”Now, where was I?” Jasmine asked, lowering her face to the teen’s tantalizing twat.”About to bestow upon me true pleasure such as I have never before imagined,” Emma answered cheekily, just before the tongue made contact.”You may be joking but you’re correct: it’s time to change your life forever,” Jasmine smiled before she began pleasuring the pussy.”Oh, God,” Emma moaned loudly the second the tongue made contact. She couldn’t explain why, but this was way different from the few times guys had gone down on her. The guys just licked and fingered her with no rhyme or reason, but this woman really knew what she was doing.Jasmine traced the teen’s pussy lips with her tongue, flicking the clit just once.”Oh, fuck,” Emma twitched.Jasmine parted the pussy lips wide and did a dozen paintbrush tongue-strokes to summon an excessive wetness.Emma’s head was going light as this woman played her pussy like a pleasure fiddle. She no longer cared about revenge, she only cared about the pleasure building through her entire core.Jasmine, taking her time as she waited for her daughter to arrive, slithered her tongue down past the teen’s pussy and all the way to her asshole.Emma’s eyes went wide at feeling a tongue probing at her butt; she had refused the two boys who’d wanted to ass fuck her… the idea had repulsed her… yet this tongue licking her asshole felt rather nice.”Such a cute butthole,” Jasmine complimented, thinking a little double penetration tag team with her daughter may be fun… something they’d only done once, with a cute Cuban girl this summer while on holiday.”Thank you,” Emma replied, that easily being the strangest compliment she’d ever received.”Ever been ass fucked?” Jasmine asked, swirling her tongue around.”No,” Emma answered.”The ass has a lot of erogenous zones,” Jasmine explained, as she moved her tongue back up to the ripe pussy while moving a finger to the teen’s ass.”I always thought it was disgusting.””Not if it’s done right,” Jasmine informed her, as she resumed licking the teen while now sliding a finger inside her ass.”Oh my,” Emma gasped and moaned simultaneously. The pleasure on her pussy overrode the slight discomfort in her ass… although it wasn’t painful, just weird.”Relax, my pet,” Jasmine purred between licks, “and let me show you what real pleasure feels like.””You already did that when you fingered me,” Emma said, trying to hint where she wanted the finger.”Oh, but I can do even better,” Jasmine promised, as she did something only a very few experienced women could do: she fingered the teen’s ass while also tapping her g-spot and licking her clit. The triple attack always worked within seconds, and this was no exception.”Oh my God!” Emma screamed, as she felt pleasure coming from all different angles. Inside her pussy, outside her pussy and in her ass. It was overwhelming! Her orgasm, which at the beginning had been progressing in fits and starts, then been denied for what felt like an eternity, had suddenly speed-shifted into overdrive as if her body had gone from 0 to 50 in three point zero seconds.”Come for me my pet,” Jasmine avrupa yakası escort demanded softly, knowing the teen had no choice but to do so.”I am! God, am I!” Emma screamed, as the most intense, life-changing, body-quaking, finger-tingling orgasm erupted out of her. She also discovered she was a squirter, something that had never happened in all her previous orgasms.Jasmine got a straight spray into her face before she opened her mouth to catch the rest of Emma’s cum missile.Candace was naked except for a strap-on as she stood in the hallway watching her mother work her magic on the bitch Emma and get her off. She had so many questions to ask, but those would have to wait. The most important part of this scenario, the one that needed no explanation until all the answers came later was that her Mom was giving her a bitch to fuck. She walked over to the bed while Emma was still coming, eyes closed, lost in the ecstasy, and touched her mother’s ass.Jasmine looked up, pulled her fingers out of her conquest and crawled out from beneath her legs.Emma’s eyes remained closed, her body too weak to move, even her eyelid muscles seeming inoperable.Candace replaced her mother and moved the strap-on, all eight inches of it, against Emma’s cunt, which was still coming. In one quick hard thrust, just as Emma was opening her eyes, wondering why the mother had gotten off the bed just to climb back on, Candace filled her completely.Emma gasped, “Candace!””Mom here tells me you’re my new pet,” Candace announced gleefully, as she grabbed Emma’s legs, held them up in the air and began pounding her.”Oh my God!” Emma moaned, from the sudden deep fucking, from the shock that Candace was the one fucking her, and the all-absorbing distraction of her first orgasm still bringing her intense pleasure even as a second one was suddenly overtaking it.Jasmine grabbed her phone that she’d left on the dresser when she returned from texting Candace and began filming, unbeknownst to either girl. She continued filming as she reached into her daughter’s bedside drawer to grab the anal lube and another strap-on (Jasmine owned four, her daughter two).Emma was mortified to become Candace’s pet, yet the rough fucking was driving her wild.Candace usually was the one getting fucked in her bedroom, usually by her mother, so this was quite a rush. Truth was Candace was mostly a dominant, except with her mother and grandmother who she served as a submissive pet… a secret family lesbian hierarchy that went back over three centuries. She fucked Emma for a couple of minutes, hard and deep, before she suddenly stopped deep inside her and ordered, as she noticed her mother was filming, “Beg for it, slut.”Emma hated this; she hated it even more that she loved it; she reluctantly submitted to her archenemy, as she begged, “Please fuck me.””That’s it?” Candace asked, doing three quick deep thrusts and stopping. “You call that begging?””Fuck!” Emma cursed as she begged, mortified by her desperation to come again, “Please fuck your dirty slut.””Because which team is the better team?” Candace asked.”Please just fuck me,” Emma begged.”Say it, slut,” Candace demanded, followed by five furiously hard thrusts. Then stopping.”Damn it,” Emma cursed, her imminent second orgasm forcing this betrayal of her school, “The Tigers are better.””Good slut,” Candace approved, “now tell me, ‘The Bulls are a bunch of sissy cock suckers.'””Please,” Emma pleaded, this humiliation so shaming, yet nevertheless enhancing the pleasure building inside her.”Say it,” Candace ordered, now pulling out of the slut entirely, making Emma desperate for the cock’s quick return.”Fuck!” Emma cursed, as she repeated the scripted words, “The Bulls are a bunch of cock sucking sissies.””And the Tigers?” Candace asked, as she rubbed the cock up and down the pussy lips but evading Emma’s thrusts as she attempted to get it back inside her.”Tiger men are big cocked studs and I want them all to fuck me,” Emma improvised, willing to say anything to have that cock back in her.”I can arrange that for you,” Candace smiled wickedly, as she slid back inside Emma and added, “although you’ll be the Tigress’s pet tonight.””Oh fuck,” Emma moaned as the fucking continued, although no one including she knew whether that ‘oh fuck’ was because of pleasure or because of what the hell had she gotten herself into. The truth was, it was both.”Oh yes, you’ll be eating so much Tigress cunt tonight,” Candace promised, as she fucked the bitch, loving to win… and loving her mother for making this happen, however she’d pulled it off.Emma was so dazed with lust she moaned, “I can’t wait,” before realizing what she’d just said.”Me neither,” Candace laughed, as she resumed fucking her… this easily her ultimate moment of domination. As she slammed into the conquered bitch, she waved to the camera that was still filming the entire thing. “Hi, Mom!”Jasmine smiled back with a chuckle as she updated the score and noted she was back on top:Score at 2:32 PM on Saturday:Scorecard:Jasmine: 4Carol: 3Crystal: 3Portia: 3Veronica: 3As Emma babbled her way through the second orgasm exploding through her, Jasmine donned the second strap-on and joined them on the bed.”Let’s dp this slut,” Jasmine offered.”Deal. I get her ass,” Candace approved the plan. Emma could hear them talking about sodomizing her, but her body was pulsing with such pleasure that all she could do was lie there and wait for it to happen.”Sure,” Jasmine agreed, handing her daughter the lube, before lying down and ordering, “Straddle me, slut.””I’m not sure I can even move,” Emma objected, her entire body feeling like goo.”Just straddle my cock, pet,” Jasmine said, “Just that one thing, then we’ll do the rest.””I’m exhausted,” Emma moaned weakly, her second orgasm still coursing through her entire body.”Now!” Jasmine demanded, as Candace helped the limp-limbed slut up and assisted her in straddling Jasmine’s cock before collapsing forward onto Candace’s seductive mother.Candace poured lube on the inviting virgin asshole as Jasmine unexpectedly changed the subject, “So about those cookies.”To Emma, mention of the cookies was like someone referring to ancient history. She couldn’t believe that was how this had started, but it had. She also couldn’t believe she was about to get ass fucked for the first time and worse yet, by her archenemy. Nor could she believe she had agreed to go down on the entire Tigress cheerleader team. Yet, here she was, feeling a cock poking at her ass even as her second orgasm refused to leave her.”I’ll buy all your cookies.” Jasmine offered, thinking it was the least she could do after turning the girl over to her archenemy. Contrary to her earlier premise, Candace was not in the least pissed.Emma couldn’t help but laugh at that, although it was short-lived, as she suddenly felt a cock slide inside her ass as she said, “Thank yoooooou!”Candace didn’t know it was about the cookies and replied, “You’re welcome, my little anal slut.”Jasmine smiled as she considered the rest of her day: she was going to miss the wedding at three or be quite late, definitely too late to make the bride wear her pussy cum on her lips as she said her ‘I do’s’. That said, doing a turn at the actual wedding would be crazy difficult, but doing a couple of turns or even more during the reception would be a lot easier.As she and her daughter dp’d their slut she smiled as she thought to herself, I have the lead, and I have a wedding to attend tonight. This contest is mine!