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Subject: Brazilian brothers The following story was inspired by 2 pictures, 1 of which captures a young Brazilian nudist boy enjoying body painting, the other of another young Brazilian nudist boy standing on a beach. There’s no way of knowing if the boys are related or not but for this story, we’ll pretend they are. I’ll try to describe the boys as best as I can but if you want an actual picture, let me know. As Brazilians, they probably speak Spanish or something similar but I don’t and I doubt you do, so allow me some wiggle room. Besides, whose to say they’re not bilingual? Maybe their parents had ties to America in some way. Anyway, seeing as how this is fantasy, a lot of allowances have to be made regardless. Hope you like it and if you do, let me know. ail Donate to Nifty, if you can. A side note, the names of the boys really are Brazilian. Jaren means, ‘to cry out’ and Gencio means ‘one who loves his family.’ I picked these names for reasons that will become apparent, hopefully. Jaren and Gencio never put any thought into what they would wear when they woke up. The choice was practically automatic, especially since they had been donning the same attire from the time they could use the bathroom on their own. The weather was warm, as usual, so there was no reason to dress in anything suitable for cooler temperatures. In fact, there was no reason to dress at all. Jaren and Gencio were raised in a nudist community. Neither of the boys thought twice about their own nakedness or the lack of clothing on anyone else. They saw plenty of people of all ages and both genders in their birthday suits (even their parents, shocking, I know!) and because of this were quite aware of all the changes their bodies would make as they got older also. And of course there was no curiosity about what others had between their legs because everything was out in the open for all to see. Jaren knew he was going through puberty when he first noticed black hairs congregate in a small patch right above his 3-inch, uncircumcised penis. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t help getting boners throughout the day and even though he wasn’t shy about nudity in and of itself, being erect around others (especially family members) still made him a little bashful. He usually blocked it with his hand until it went down and if anyone noticed, they didn’t say anything. They all knew it was natural and pretty harmless, as long as the boy didn’t flaunt it or begin playing with it. Jaren knew better than to do that; he had been taught the general guidelines and basic nudist etiquette several years ago. However, as a growing boy on the brink of puberty, he also knew he had to play with it SOME time and he quickly found a place where he could without the prying eyes of the rest of the community. Not far from his beachside home, there was a trail that meandered throughout the entire village but it was pretty narrow and bordered on either side with thick shrubbery. şişli travesti He had used the trail countless times to visit friends and such but recently he had started to use it for a different reason. He had his older brother Gencio to thank for that. When he turned 13, Gencio had told him about a secret spot along the trail that could be accessed by crawling under the shrubbery. After only 3 feet or so, it opened up to a small clearing, just the right size for a young boy to enjoy his body without being seen, even if some one came along the trail. Jaren always giggled when Gencio told him about how he kepting pleasuring himself while passersby went by, barely a yard away, and completely oblivious to him or what he was doing. And recently, Jaren had followed in his brother’s footsteps, literally. He had yet to experience the thrill of having some one walk by while he was in the act but the possibility was always there. Even if it wasn’t, though, he would continue to go there for the fun of it. The day was bright and sunny, as usual, when he set out for his new favorite place. He took a towel with him, partly to cover his boner if it happened to rise to the occasion before he was ready for it and partly because it felt better to lay on than the hot sand. Turns out, the sand is quite capable of burning your little bare bottom, as he found out the hard way. Why Gencio failed to mention that was anyone’s guess. Maybe a little joke to play on a younger brother. He strode along the trail, whistling quietly in an attempt to mimic the birdcalls around him. Sometimes he came close, sometimes more than a little off but he was in a good mood and didn’t really care one way or the other. When he got to the secret spot, he got on all fours and crawled the short distance to his hideway. Before anything else, he leaned back onto his knees and laid out the towel so that it covered the offending sand. He had recovered quickly because he’d only placed his bottom there for a moment but the memory still tinged his mind like the sand had tinged his little brown backside. With the towel now in place, he turned around and lay on his back, basking in the sunlight as it warmed his entire front side from head to toe. He draped one arm over his face so that the crook of his elbow covered his eyes while he began to idly fondle his penis with his opposite hand. He gently pinched it at the base and flopped it against the inside of his left thigh, than his right thigh. He did this several times until the head started to climb out of the tip of his foreskin. But he grew impatient and suddenly pulled down on the skin of the shaft, allowing the head to become completely exposed to the fresh air and sunlight. This motion inevitably made him quietly moan at the sensations he felt. Now with a proper erection (small, but proper just the same), he pinched himself with his two fingers and thumb and began to thrust his hips into his grip. Most beylikdüzü travesti times, he kept his hips down and moved his hand but today, he wanted to give his hand a rest. He didn’t do the hip thusting much because it always made him too excited and when he got that way, he made too much noise. Doing it quietly was definitely safer in a place like this because even if the passersby never saw him, they would know what he was doing if they heard him. But today he was in a particularly good mood and wanted to test his luck. That and he knew from his limited experience that moving the hips felt better than just moving his hand. And so, he went to it. He had purposely waited until this time of day because he knew everyone else would be busy and the chances of anyone using the trail were slim, like him. While he still wanted to do it with some one walking by, as Gencio had done, this was not the day. Today, he wanted to have a good time with little risk of trouble for it. Jaren had his arm still covering his face and his hips in full motion when Gencio saw him. The older boy had crawled under the shrubbery to the sound of his younger brother having some fun in the sun. He knew Jaren’s body very well but couldn’t help admiring it, especially as the thin brown hips thrust into the small grip of Jaren’s hand, the boy’s smooth legs spread wide and exposing an equally smooth sack of balls that didn’t quite hang low enough to cover the small puckered entrance. Gencio even thought the little brown dot that lay between the base of his brother’s penis and inner right thigh was worth admiring and in fact, he had done more than that to it several times. The older boy sat back on his haunches for a moment to admire his brother before opting to speak. As he watched, he began to fondle his 4-inch, uncircumcised penis. Sensing a pair of eyes on him and realizing who those eyes belonged to made young Jaren remove the arm from his face, lifting it just enough to keep his own eyes in shadow so that he could see his visitor. With confirmation that it was who he thought, he smiled and rested his arm back on his face. He had slowed his thrusting but didn’t stop; now he went back to his quicker pace. “Hey, bud, I thought I’d find you here. Mind if I help you finish?” Gencio felt it always necessary to ask but he had a pretty good idea of what the answer would be. He was right. In response to the question, Jaren rested his hips on the ground and let go of his small erection, allowing that arm to rest at his side. His legs remained spread, though, ready for what was about to happen next. His knees were bent and his feet lay flat on the ground between his brother and him. Gencio leaned forward until his elbows were supporting his upper body on either side of Jaren’s slim brown hips. His hands came together and began to rub all over his brother’s abdomen and his fingertips tried to comb through the small patch of hair. He glanced istanbul travesti up at Jaren and smiled, receiving a similar smile in return from the boy, whose eyes were still under the protective shade caused by his arm. The older boy then looked down at the part of Jaren’s body that he couldn’t get enough of no matter how many times he enjoyed it. To him, it was perfection and he felt blessed that Jaren was willing to share it with him pretty much any time he asked. He had a close-up view of it, too, since his face was only a couple inches away but it was a view he never grew tired of seeing. He gently pinched the base and flopped it from one thigh to the other, as Jaren had recently done, then leaned further down and wrapped his lips around the exposed head. This made Jaren sigh and put his free hand on Gencio’s head. Gencio loved the feeling of his brother’s fingers running through his hair as he moved his head back and forth along the adorably short shaft. Inside his mouth, he expertly swirled his tongue over the entire organ, lubricating it completely with his saliva. Jaren spread his legs a little bit wider to allow his brother more access and moved his arm from his face (but left it in a good position to block his eyse from the sun). His other hand was still on Gencio’s head, not to guide him since he knew what he was doing but rather to just have another connection. He loved lookind down and seeing his older brother between his legs, especially when Gencio looked back and smiled with his eyes and the corners of his mouth. True, his original plan had been to thrust his hips into his hand but Gencio had changed that so now he kept his moans of pleasure more quiet than expected. After all, if either of them were to be caught alone pleasuring himself, that was one thing but to catch them together, especially as brothers, that was something else entirely. Gencio allowed Jaren to slide from inside his mouth to the firm but gentle grip of his right fist as he began to lick all over his little brother’s smooth brown balls. His hand moved back and forth as his head had while his tongue now swirled around Jaren’s small marbles. Even though they were small enough to easily fit inside Gencio’s mouth at the same time, he knew Jaren preferred them to be sucked on individually. Sometimes Jaren allowed for both to go in at once but usually not. There were also times when Gencio got the distinct privelege of having not only both balls but also Jaren’s little erection in his mouth but that didn’t happen often either. As Jaren lay back in the sun with his brother between his legs servicing him like a pro, he decided to let Gencio do something he hadn’t for at least a couple weeks or more. For the same inexplicable reason that he was in a particularly good mood today, he was feeling generous with his small brown body as he began to wiggle under Gencio’s expert tongue administrations. He felt the tip of his brother’s tongue tease his little pucker and couldn’t help bucking his hips upwards as a result. “Hey, Gen, you can do it if you want.” Jaren raised his arm and smiled from under the shade it caused as Gencio looked up from his crotch and smiled in return. To be continued…