Breaking the Rules Ch. 01

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This was actually quite difficult to wright keeping some sort of realism in the story, and even more difficult to choose a category it should be in!

I hope everyone enjoys it, I apologize if anyone thinks it should be in a different category 🙂 have fun!

P.S: I didn’t use an editor once again so I’m sure there’s plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes in there for those of you who seem to enjoy good punctuation rather than the actual story line. I’ve been told my stories are generally easy enough to read and enjoy, so I honestly don’t care if its grammatically correct, but have fun critiquing it anyways 😉


It was a pleasantly hot summers afternoon on a weekend, and Steve was enjoying an ice cold beer whilst watching his wife Alice tend to their child.

It had been barely four weeks since they brought little Alexandria home from hospital, although it of course felt like yesterday to the couple.

Two things happened that day…

Firstly just like any other young parents, they became absolutely captivated by their offspring and secondly, it rained. In fact it absolutely POARED down from the moment they stepped inside with their newborn child as apparently mother nature had decided to unleash what might had well been a nonstop monsoon for the weeks that followed.

They of course didn’t care what the weather was doing outside seeing as their attention was understandably drawn elsewhere.

While Alice was of course on maternity leave from work for the whole year, Steve had to go back to work less than a fortnight after the birth took place. As reluctant as he was to leave his wife and baby behind every day, someone had to keep the money flowing in to finance the repayments on their home loan.

Today however was the first weekend the sun had managed to poke out from behind the clouds and the two of them decided to make the most of it by hanging out under a large shade umbrella by the side of their beautiful in ground pool.

Alice, sensing his eyes on her looked up at him “Watcha thinking about hun?” she asked him.

“Oh nothing in particular babe, just about how lucky we are,” he replied as he snapped out of his daze.

Although extremely hard working, the two of them really where lucky for their age. Having met each other at school, they got married less than a year after they graduated and spent the following years securing good stable jobs and saving up for a home deposit. Now both at just twenty six years old they had their first child AND where living in their very own house (although they of course now owed the bank a sizable amount of money just like any new home buyers).

They weren’t necessarily rich, although you couldn’t ignore the fact that they were amongst the minority of people in the same age bracket as themselves who’d been smart enough to know what they wanted from a younger age, and weren’t afraid to work for it.

It wasn’t until Alice fell pregnant that they decided to settle down and reap what they had sowed by spending the vast majority of what they’d saved on a home deposit. They hadn’t saved nearly as much as they’d planned to but they weren’t picky.

The only necessity was that the house MUST have a pool!

Although they compromised slightly on the size of the house, as long as they could look forward to a dip in the cool refreshing water after a long hot day in the scorching Australian sun, they didn’t mind having a little less room inside.

Suddenly Alice’s mobile rang.

“Who’s that?” Steve asked her.

“Oh, it’s just Skye,” she replied after looking at the caller id “Hey sis what’s going on?” she said into the phone.

Skye was Alice’s younger sister. At 23 years old, she hadn’t even begun to achieve what Steve and his wife had made for themselves. Not to say that she was lazy of course, she simply wasn’t lucky enough to have met the person she wanted to marry so soon in life. As such, she still lived at home with her parents.

As Alice finished her phone conversation, Steve looked back to her “What did she want?” he asked.

“Just wanted to know if she could spend the weekend with us,” Alice replied “Do you mind?”

“Nah that’s fine with me,” he said as he took another swig of his drink.

“Good, cause she’s already on her way,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh I see, so I had no say in the matter?”

“I’m sorry honey, I know you wanted to finally make use of our backyard pool as a family,” Alice said defensively “It’s just that she wanted a weekend away from the parents. They can be a bit irritating to live with after a while as much as I love them,”

“It’s ok babe, I was just joking!” he said as he grinned “I was just being silly. Besides I like your sister, she’s always a good bit of fun,”

The back screen door swung open.

“Well that’s always good to know! I AM fun!” said Skye as she walked towards them with a beer in her hand “Hope you don’t mind, I stole one of yours Steve,”

“God! You were quick!” Ankara escort Alice exclaimed.

“Yeah I was already driving when I rang. I knew you couldn’t say no,” she said with a laugh.

“Well make yourself at home why don’t ya?” said Steve.

“Don’t mind if I do!” she said before pulling her shirt off and wiggling out of her shorts to reveal she was already wearing a bikini ready for the occasion.

As she laid out a towel on the deck in front of the pool, Steve couldn’t help but admire her figure, if only subconsciously.

He had known her since she was a kid but seeing as they lived in the tiniest little shoe box of a house whilst saving up for their own; he had never actually seen her in swimwear.

Clearly she kept herself in shape he thought as he took in the shape of her tight behind and long legs. She looked like a younger version of Alice. Neither of them where particularly tall or had massive breasts, just nice subtle curves with manageable sized boobs. The biggest difference between the two was that Alice was blonde whereas Skye’s hair was a fiery red.

Other than that, you would just about be forgiven for thinking they were twins. Not that the two sisters saw it that way. Forever jealous of each other’s features, always wanting what the cant have.

“Having a nice perve there are we?” said Alice, once again snapping him out of a daze.

“Hmm?” Steve said trying to shrug it off.

“You were checking her out weren’t you!”

Steve couldn’t tell whether she was joking around or actually being serious. Generally his wife wasn’t the type to happily watch her husband to drool over other women, much less her own sister.

“Relax babe, I only have eyes for you,” Steve said as he smiled back at her.

“Oh come on, can you blame him? The guy can’t have sex for what, another two weeks? On TOP of the four weeks he’s already waited!” Skye said, laughing at Steve “Poor bugger probably has a serious case of blue balls by now!”

At this comment Alice looked absolutely mortified. This had been somewhat of a sore point between the married couple. Not so much for Steve necessarily, more so it was Alice who was worried about HIM.

No matter how much he would try to convince her it would be ok, Alice continued to worry over the way her body would change over the pregnancy, voicing her concerns over whether or not Steve would become un-attracted to her. The fact that (like all pregnancies) they wouldn’t be able to have sex for at least six weeks after the birth just made it all the more concerning for her.

Steve loved his wife in every and any way a man could love a woman. She could be the size of a WHALE and he would still be attracted to her! Fact was though, she was an extremely attractive woman from the get go, and her body had already recovered well so there really was no problem.

Telling this to a woman who has had a truck load of hormones running wild through her system for the past nine months is however a different story altogether…

Alice glared at her sister before looking to Steve “I really am SO sorry baby,” she said. “If it where up to me, I would have ripped your clothes off as soon as we got back from hospital, but you KNOW why we can’t!”

“Babe, relax! I’m not a bloody cave man!” he said as he laughed. “We’ve got the rest of our lives for all that, I can handle a few weeks of sexual abstinence!”

While Steve would never dream of cheating on his wife, this wasn’t entirely true. He had masturbated plenty more than a few times in an attempt to curb his growing lust for sex.

Problem was it was actually becoming addictive!

Being someone who was lucky enough to marry his high school sweetheart, he never actually had the need, nor want to use his own hands. Alice had an identical sex drive, so there was never a time he had to resort to porn. Essentially this was his first introduction to the shady underbelly of the internet, and he liked it…

“Jeeeeze guys! It was just a joke,” Skye said before poking her tongue out and dive bombing into the pool, splashing everyone with water.

Before Alice had a chance to protest, Steve quickly jumped out of his seat and dive bombed right at the moment Skye resurfaced, resulting in her sucking in water instead of the air she was hoping to breathe in. She coughed and spluttered before clearing her eyes to find the perpetrator. Once she laid eyes on Steve she jumped at him, wrestling him under water playfully faking a want to drown him.

Eventually they finished their play fight, bellowing in laughter as Alice smirked and shook her head at their shenanigans.

After a while they all settled down into some small talk, chatting about everything and nothing in particular. Steve and Sky decided to remain in the cool refreshing pool while they all talked, only Steve getting out to run down to the fridge for another beer for them both.

A few hours had passed and a few drinks had been drunk when Alice decided she had become tired;

“Well Ankara escort bayan guys, its true what they say… When the baby sleeps, the mum sleeps with her!” said Alice as she yawned. “Seeing as you’ve got a drinking buddy now, I might go to bed for a few hours before dinner if that’s ok?”

“Sure thing babe, I’ll wake you for dinner then?” asked Steve. “Actually… What IS for dinner?”

“Oh I grabbed some meat for the barbeque down the shops the other day. You can just cook that up for us tonight,” said Alice as she carried Alexandria back down to the house before disappearing inside.

“So, just you and I bro-in-law huh?” said Skye. “How about I grab us another beer this time hey?” She said as she got out of the pool for the first time that afternoon.

Steve couldn’t help but watch as she ascended the small ladder leading out of the pool. The water cascaded off her hair onto her back as she lifted herself out, revealing the sexy little bum that until now was hiding, submerged beneath.

She quickly ran down to the outdoor fridge they kept the drinks in before returning with two fresh ones as she opened the pool fence and strode in.

He could see her nipples had apparently gone hard since leaving the pool and exposed herself to the air and where now leaving two small dents in her bikini top.

“You know what?” she said before handing him the drink “I just realized I haven’t put any sun screen on. You guys got any I could use?”

“Yeah sure, we keep one over by the chairs,” he replied as he pointed towards the seats he was sitting in before.”

“Cool thanks,” she said as she grabbed the bottle of lotion and begun rubbing it on her arms “You think you could quickly do my back?”

“No worries, let me know when you’re ready,”

“Might as well put it on while I do my arms,” she said.

“Ok,” Steve said as he got out and dried his hands.

He squirted the lotion into his hands and started lathering it on her shoulders and upper back just above where the bikini strap was. When he started to make his way down, he skipped the part that was being covered by her swimwear and started working on her lower back.

“Hang on, let me get that,” Skye said as she reached around and untied the strap on the back whilst holding the front part to her chest “No point in only doing half a job!”

As Steve massaged the greasy lotion into her smooth skin, he realized it was turning him on as his penis started to twitch underneath his board shorts.

There WAS a semi naked girl in front of him after all!

As he applied the sun screen, he tried his best to fight the erection, but by the time he was finished he had a nearly full blown hard on that was jutting out at an angle from his shorts. There’s no way she wouldn’t notice it if she turned around now.

“You know what, I might go use the loo,” he said as he re tied her bikini back onto her back. “Don’t wait up, I might be a while” He said humorously as he spun and exited the pool yard before she could turn around.

“Ew, gross TMI!” she said with a laugh as she assumed he was going for a “number two”.

As Steve walked to the house, he begun to feel guilty about the impure thoughts he was now having about his sister in law. Then he remembered he hadn’t had his after work ‘alone time’.

Over the past few weeks he would wait for Alice to have her afternoon nap then surf the web for some of his favourite explicit sites and relieve himself to the images. Seeing as Skye had come around for a surprise visit, this alone time never happened today.

“Fuck it,” he muttered under his breath as he entered the house and grabbed his computer tablet from the kitchen bench and went into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Considering the size of the rest of the house, their bathroom was quite large for what it was being the only recently renovated space in their home. The previous owners had actually extended the original area actually cutting into the spare room next to it and had fitted a nice corner spa bath along with freshening up the shower and toilet.

Strangely enough they didn’t touch the old door which actually sat about an inch above the floor not offering as much privacy as you would want in a bathroom. The couple hadn’t gotten around to fixing that part, seeing as it was only the two of them plus a baby living there so it wasn’t their greatest concern.

Meanwhile, Sky had skulled down yet another drink and was making her way to the house to grab a quick snack before dinner, she could feel the alcohol already getting to her and seeing as she had nothing to eat all day, felt it was a good idea to have a bit of food in her stomach.

When she got to the kitchen she could only see a loaf of bread on the bench with nothing in the fridge that would really make for a good sandwich, so she put some bread in the toaster and waited for it to cook.

As she stood there she heard some strange noises coming from down the hall. Thinking Escort Ankara that baby Alexandria had woken up, she ventured towards the noise and stopped at the bathroom realizing it was coming from there.

Now knowing the origin of the sounds she suddenly realized what it ACTUALY sounded like as she giggled inwardly wondering if she could be right. “Maybe I shouldn’t have made him put the sunscreen on me after all,” she thought whilst grinning.

She was going turn around and check on the progress of her toast when something stopped her. Suddenly she had the unexplainable desire to confirm her suspicions.

Skye then crouched down and lowered her head to the floor facing the crack underneath the door and peered inside. From her angle she could quite clearly see Steve on the toilet, but instead of sitting like anyone else would whilst using the loo, he was facing the cistern straddling the toilet backwards.

As she looked up she could see his arm moving up and down on what she could only assume was his penis and could just barely make out that he had sat his tablet computer on the ridge in front of him.

Also she could see he had earphones plugged in, explaining why he mustn’t have heard her come inside.

Then for reasons unknown to even herself, she felt compelled to get a closer look…

“I could always just shrug it off as accidently walking in on him if I get caught,” she thought to herself as she stood back up and placed her hand silently on the door knob and started twisting it slowly.

The door became free of its bindings to one side and swung open, allowing Skye to slip inside leaving half her body inside the bathroom and the other half out.

From this angle she could see much more. She saw him moving vigorously on his shaft now, rock hard in his hand as he watched the screen where there was two naked young ladies both kneeling on a silk clad bed whilst sensually kissing, letting their hands wander each other’s bodies.

One of them had found the others pussy and was now gently pushing two fingers into her folds, making her mouth open in a sign of lustful pleasure.

The camera zoomed out as one of the women broke the embrace to flip over onto all fours on the bed, facing a tight little bum towards the other one who placed her hands on her behind and spread her cheeks to the side as she leaned down and kissed her rear end, slowly zeroing in until her mouth made it to the centre. Her tongue then lapped at her rose bud before beginning to gently probe it, deeper and deeper on each movement.

Skye’s eyes darted back and forth between Steve’s groin area to the porn video playing in front of him and suddenly realized she too was becoming aroused.

The whole scene felt totally alien to her. Not that she was a virgin in any way, she had her share of boyfriends over time. She’d simply never seen a man pleasuring himself in this way, unknowingly being watched by another person.

It wasn’t that she wanted to seduce Steve, although admittedly she had always found him attractive from the moment Allice had brought him into the family house. It was more the whole idea of spying on someone whilst they masturbate that turned her on. At least that is how she was trying to justify it in her head.

Steve had now quickened his motions as he felt his balls tighten up whilst he watched the lesbian in front of him who had now inserted a finger all the way down to the hilt inside her asshole.

He noticed a movement in his peripheral vision and turned to see what it was…

Steve’s eyes widened when he noticed it was his sister in law staring back at him. Skye, still being only half way inside the room now pushed the door wide open, making as if he had turned around at the exact moment she had opened the door.

“Oh SHIT sorry!” she said to him as she turned to leave.

Steve had unfortunately reached the point of no return as suddenly a stream of cum squirted from the head of his dick, landing on his own horrified face as he looked at the intruder.

She paused involuntarily if only for a second as she saw Steve start to cum. She stayed just long enough to watch a second stream of sperm jet out over his shoulder lading on the floor before quickly leaving the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Skye just about ran back into the kitchen and after spreading some butter and vegemite on her toast in record time, exited the house and made her way quickly back to the pool.

Meanwhile, Steve was in a panic of his own, hurriedly cleaning up the mess he’d made before flushing any used paper down the toilet and timidly exiting the bathroom looking for anyone in the kitchen. He was absolutely mortified by what had happened, but he couldn’t just burry his head in the sand. He would have to face her sooner or later, and better off now while his wife was sound asleep rather than having to explain himself to two people.

When he approached the pool he noticed Skye had already slipped in and had two fresh bottles of beer waiting beside her as she smirked up at him.

“Have fun in there?” she said casually, with a slightly cheeky undertone.

Steve was tongue tied as he cautiously lowered himself into the pool and walked towards her.