Bro glory pt 2

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Bro glory pt 2I spent a night a week in that booth with my father. Each time he would slide his huge cock deep into my wanting pussy, ripples would surge through me. I would continue once he left. A few times a cock would come in the glory hole before or after our time together and they seemed wrong and dirty. I felt my father making excuses more and more to our family and i needed to stop. Am i wrecking this family?I wanted Mark’s cock bad and txted him with the anonymous phone. It wasn’t until i said that i wanted a secret session of fucking that he replied. He said how is it going to be different to all the other girls?Mark is getting some from somewhere i didn’t know, either that or he is playing it really cool.I offered the glory hole or blindfold he said that doesn’t sound intimate enough he said he needs to connect with the person he is having sex with.How could this work…I though about a latex outfit.I went onto some site and found a black latex suit that covered all of me but my eyes, mouth, pussy and asshole.I knew it would work perfect. Just my hair out the top in a nice ponytail and my holes wanting to be filled. I said we could meet at the same booth and he said that it would work for him.This was it i was going to find out what the men in my life felt like on the most intimate level. Inside me. I wanted to step it up a notch also. I wanted Mark to lust over me a bit. So i bought a butt plug with a little rose shape at the end. I hope to show Mark that i am ready for my rosebud to be tamed.When i tried on the suit it fit my legs perfect but was a bit tight in the midsection, i managed to slide into it just but fuck i looked good. I wore a coat over my suit and a hat and sunglasses. Once in the room i removed them and put the hood over my face. I txted him i was ready and excited.The knock on the door was a few minutes after.He looked at me and said that i looked hotter than he imagined. Perfect eyes he said. Wow that made me feel special.I said nothing yet just sat there with my hands on my closed legs, my hands slid down to my knees and i gently opened them. All the time looking at his face, he stood and stared blankly at my now wet pussy. No one moved for a while, just breathing it. He unzipped his pants and took them off. He left his shirt on and his long cock was standing out proud at my eye level.That’s when i made my first real noise. A inhale istanbul escort of excited breath.His cock was different to both john and my d@d’s. His was a thick head on a long shaft. The head thickest of the three and the shaft the thinnest of the three. He was middle length. Such a variety of cock.My eyes lit up, i knew he would hit my gspot with that bulbous head and i could try and clamp down on him when he cums. Until then i hope he comes over and puts himself in me so i can taste him like i have been wanting to since my first time sucking a cock and drifting into the feeling of safety. He took a step closer. Now looking into my eyes and he was touching himself. As he was close, before i knew my hand was guiding him into my wanting mouth. I stoked his shaft as i licked his cock. My tongue circled around the head. At this point i was only getting to know his mushroom and not his length. It was sensual and caring how he put his hands on my head and started to rub his fingers through my hair. I held eye contact the whole time. Waiting for him to recognize me. He said that my eyes looked like they wanted his cock and he said he was going to give it to me. I took my hand away and gave him the look again. He started to go futher and futher into my throat and the size of him made me gag a bit but i think it was a turn on. I let go of all thoughts and just felt my way through the situation.Something came over me.I didn’t want to be told how i was going to be fucked. That was for only my f@ther.I was daddy’s girl. But in charge of Mark.It was like a switch was flicked. I moved my mouth of his cock. And said to him. “I need your cock”. I said it in such a lustful way i barely recognize myself. Mark had no clue. As it seemed i had awoken someone new within me. The room had mirrors on the door and ceiling. I knew that eye contact was what Mark wanted. What i wanted was hard cock fucking.We were both going to hGet what we wanted. I pushed him backwards and turned around with my legs shoulder width apart and straight. I lent down and placed my arms on the chair. Ass up and head down i said. Make me cum, eat me out.He saw my butt plug and tugged at it and put a finger inside my pussy. No, i said eat me not finger me. For that start with my ass and make it good.He didn’t even pause to think he avcılar escort pulled out the metal plug and quickly replaced it with his mouth and tongue. My small asshole quivered at his touch and made me think about his cock taking my ass. He really knew what he was doing cause my ass relaxed and started to allow his tongue deeper. Before i know it i could feel a small gape in my ass. This sent me to my first orgasm. He sensed it and darted his tongue in and kept it in there as my ass spasmed around him. Mmm i let through my lips and he went down lower and licked up the juice that was nearly dripping from my lips. He moaned and lapped away at my lips teasing me. I wanted the same treatment in my pussy as what got in my ass. He felt another building of intensity from me. He just kept going and going until i exploded i to another orgasm, which rolled into another one. Arhh. Yeah.Now i need your cock. Fill me. Fuck my cunt now. It was at this time where he said nothing and placed himself at my pussy and pushed. There was a slight resistance at his size then a sensation of warmth and lust. His cock dove into my. His head hitting my g spot and his shaft sliding in from my wetness.I could feel where his head was and if felt amazing. Stretching me and hitting spots that made me scream. He was about to cum i could tell.I told him to stop. And for him to lie down and face me, now!He was quick to listen, he was on the floor cock ready and looking at me waiting. I have used my dildos like this all the time and now it is a real cock. I placed a leg either side and lowered myself down to him, he was fixated on my pussy and i his face. The site would have been sexy for him. And now i was going to make it even better for him. I grabbed some lube, previously unused but now i needed it. I guided his massive head to my sexy ass while showing Mark my used pussy. I was horny for this and relaxed cause he was a loving and caring man in my life. I bounced on his cock hoping that it would just pop in. No such luck.I had to push down quite hard. It was stretching me and a bit painful. Then once the head went past my asshole i slide down half way of his cock. I giggled and he looked at me dead in the eyes. Oh no he has recognize me from my giggle. I sank deep onto his amazing cock, my ass slowly gripping his shaft and not letting his bulging şirinevler escort head out of my ass.He looked at me, then started to fuck his cock up into my ass. I felt his cock shatter a orgasm out of me he was building to cum i could sense it. I said to him,I want you to fill me. He looked at me in the eye and gave a affirmative nod. He started to buck up and deep into me. I sank down hard and started to grind my bottomed out ass on his crouch as he moaned he was cumming. I felt his head throbbing. And his seed being released in me. I started to fuck his cock again still horny i fucked his cock to a quick orgasm before his cock plopped out of my ass. His cock was still rock hard. I sucked his cum off his cock and into my mouth. He tasted yummy and i hoped for round 2 if he was still hard.I face away from him and put his now clean cock into my soaking pussy. He said that he didn’t think we should be doing this. What if our parents found out.He knew!He knew and he still came in me. And fucked me. I loved it.My reply was.Just shut up and fuck me.I started to fuck his cock deep and hard.I was looking at the mirror on the door and was looking my brother in the eyes.I looked at him in an encouraging way. Like come on man you can do it.He came round real quick and started to talk sexy to me. He was asking if i liked his cock cause my ass was starting to drip his cum onto his pubs and stomach.His cock on my gspot gave me such an intense orgasm that i wasn’t sure if i was moving or frozen on his pumping cock. I want you to cum deep in me. Make me full of you loving cum.He gripped my hips and started to fuck me hard. He was lifting me and pulling me down on his cock. My legs were on fire but i wanted all his cock in me when he came. So i was squatting hard and often on his.huge cock. He would lift me up so his head would stretch me then he would send it deep in me.I came over and over, the feeling of my gspot and the depth of the strokes kept intense orgasms cuming and cuming.He finally held me down on his cock and made his release in me. Fuck i felt loved and cared for. I held his cock in me and sat on his lap. I took my hood off and said thankyou.That was wonderful.Mark said what are you doing?We are a family this is wrong.You didn’t seem to think it was wrong when you were balls deep cumming in your sister.If we can do this more, i wont tell dad.Things couldn’t have turned out better today.I stayed back once Mark left and i did feel turned on by the cock that came in through the glory hole 5 mins later. I thought that i will always have options for cock. But at this point i will be busy at home for a bit i think.John will be home i a few weeks i wonder if i could fuck mark and john together… maybe.Stay tuned.