Camp of Blessing Ch. 11

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Kristanna opened her eyes, half-awake she could barely feel her body. She looked around and recognized the room, she was definitely in the dungeon at the mines. As her vision slowly cleared she also recognized the tall security guard standing a couple yards away. Kristanna realized she had no clothes on, and her arms were stretched above her head. She tried to twist her wrists against the tight ropes but it was pointless. As adrenaline began to kick in her system her senses began to return. She felt her flesh jiggle, bare tits, cock and ass swaying as she struggled against the ropes. Cuffs were around her ankles, there was a wooden bar connecting then. She could only touch the floor with the tip of her toes and couldn’t close her legs. She couldn’t lift her legs either as the cuffs were bolted to the floor.

“You will be there a long time. The more you struggle, the worse it is.” Said the guard with a cynical voice, her arms crossed under her breasts and a smile on her face as she observed Kristanna’s gorgeous naked body. Jeana almost ate the girl with her eyes, one of her hands began slowly sneaking down her uniform pants. When Kristanna tried to talk she realized the ball gag in her mouth, tied around her head. Only gibberish came out, she drooled helplessly and frowned in anger. Jeana laughed loudly at the redhead protests, going as far as to arch her back in an exaggerated gesture of mockery. “Hahaha cry all you want, girl. You can’t escape, this is just starting!” Jeana was clearly touching herself, watching Kristanna spin and sway in front of her. “But damn if you aren’t the hottest tranny I have ever seen!” The guard said, licking her lips.

Kristanna looked around, the corners and back of the dungeon were dark, only a couple torches and some candles lit the room. She tried to use her aura vision but she could not focus enough, shaking her head to try and forcefully wake herself up. She now recalled the events in the infirmary, and reconstructed her memory to the point where it all had gone dark, with Jeana’s arm around her and a sharp pain on the side of her neck. Now Jeana just stood there, gazing at Kristanna’s exposed body. If only she could talk and try to somehow manipulate the guard. It wouldn’t be hard, clearly Jeana desired her. But in this situation there wasn’t much for Kristanna to do, except waiting for a chance to escape.

The redhead tried to calm herself down, breathe through her nose. She looked down to the floor underneath her and noticed something had been drawn on it with white paint. Some kind of circle painted on the stone, full of symbols and shapes she had never seen before. And yet, some of those she intuitively knew, their meaning randomly popping up in her head: words like “Seal” and “Bind”. Some parts of it were in latin and she knew nothing of that. What were they going to do with her? Some kind of satanic ritual? Jeana seemed too simple minded to pull off that kind of complex writing, and her hand was busy down in her pants.

Several minutes later the secret door into the dungeon began to slide open. Mother Grace walked in, wearing her elegant black habit. The noise of her shoes on the stone floor echoed throughout the room and the mine shaft as the door closed behind her. She now wore her official, pompous headgear that differed her from the other nuns. It was a somewhat square hat, standing tall with some kind of frame. It was entirely black, with the exception of the white band on her forehead. From her neck hanged a silver cross on a long chain, adorned with all sorts of details, it went down to her chest. Grace walked in proudly in an almost ritualistic manner, watching as Kristanna helplessly hung from the ceiling. “Well done, Jeana. Now this creature can corrupt my school no further!” Jeana quickly removed her hand from her uniform pants and turned to face Mother Grace. It was strange for Kristanna to see such a big, black woman almost kneeling before the nun.

Mother Grace held in one of her hands a very sturdy leather bag. She placed it on the floor next to her and kept staring at Kristanna. “Such unholy body! Such sinful nature! But none, not even you, are beyond the Lord’s mercy. Even you can be redeemed through suffering. And tonight, I will be dedicated to redeeming you form your sins. Whatever it takes!” Jeana looked excited, she almost jumped in place, smiling from ear to ear. “Oh Mother Grace, can I wear the outfit?” The nun nodded and Jeana immediately ran to a chest at the corner of the room, excitedly looking for something. She began to undress, removing her uniform. Then started wearing some kind of leather strap gear she took from the box. A leather harness that left all of her body fully exposed. The thin straps tied together by metal rings adorned her torso, back and hips, supporting her breasts but not covering them. She also kept her leather boots on, they went up to her knee.

It was the first time Kristanna saw Jeana naked, and she could notice that while the guard was tall and bulky, she casino oyna had very little muscle tone. In fact Jeana had a considerable fat padding, with a pouch on her belly. Maybe one day she had been fit with big muscles, but she had clearly left those days behind her. It was undeniable that Jeana was naturally a big woman. She had big tits, wide hips, and a huge black ass. Her pussy lips were dark and juicy, with a big clit that poked out like a little pinky finger. While Jeana changed, Mother grace elegantly crouched and opened the zipper on her leather bag. She grabbed a flogger from inside, carefully unfolding the leather straps. The nun waved the flogger gracefully in front of her, showing mastery and feeling the tool’s weigh while she eyed Kristanna and began pacing around her slowly.

“You came into my school, right under my nose. You dared to spread your influence and corruption upon my beloved! My Rebecca, my Beth! Exemplary servants of the Lord misguided by your… spell. Tonight you will learn the error of your ways, redeemed by suffering, you will come to feel a mere fraction of what Jesus Christ endured for our sins, and you WILL understand his sacrifice!” Without further hesitation the flogger was raised up in the air and descended upon Kristanna’s back. The redhead let out a grunt, the unfamiliar pain heightening her senses. Kristanna tensed all muscles on her body in the attempt to dull the sharp pain, her perfectly shredded abdomen and back in evidence.

Mother Grace continued the flogging, with a few seconds between each strike, changing the angle and the area she hit with mastery. She stroke hard enough to leave markings on Kristanna’s skin, but not hard enough to break it or draw blood. The red marks emerged on Kristannas back, growing in numbers with each strike. Her screams were muffled by the ball gag in her mouth, tears of pain and anger rolled down her eyes. And what made her feel even worse was that she felt her dick throbbing, growing harder.

When Kristanna looked down she was already at half-mast, her erection evident. Jeana gasped in surprise watching Kristanna’s dick grow thicker, bigger, harder. Mother Grace pretended not to notice, her flogging went down to Kristanna’s massive ass. There was no lack of flesh to hit, and the nun indulged in it, flogging the white skin with firmness and precision. Kristanna’s cock only grew further, becoming fully hard, the skin peeled back on it’s own revealing her glansas it dripped precum on the floor. Mother Grace warned Jeana. “Don’t come close to her emissions, Jeana! That is how she gets you!” Jeana just nodded slowly, keeping her distance without removing her eyes from Kristanna. The guard was almost drooling, from both her mouth and her pussy, watching the magnificent amazon being flogged. Kristanna’s huge prick was out of this world, throbbing with thick veins all over. Kristanna felt a mix of fear and anger, mostly at herself. How could she be getting hard from this? Her nipples were also stiff, like two thumbs sticking out of her areola, and she could also feel her juices sliding down her inner thigh, her engorged clit pulsating against her sack. She was exhilarant with arousal, as if her body reacted to the abuse in its own way, independent of what she thought she wanted.

Mother Grace continued to methodically flog down the redhead’s thick thighs, sticking to the back side. It was as if the nun was attempting to stop the erection with her whipping. But the result was the exact opposite. The more pain she inflicted, the harder Kristanna’s dick became. It throbbed like a column of steel and drooled precum continuously. Grace started panting, a drop of sweat rolling down her forehead from her efforts. She had to stop for a moment, adjusting her headgear before going back to the leather bag. She put away the flogger and began searching for other items. The nun took out a pair of long black gloves, made of a shiny latex. She pulled up the sleeves of her habit and took a few seconds to perfectly wear the gloves, they went all the way up past her elbow, ending in the middle of her arm.

Ever so gently, Mother Grace started to untie and unbutton her habit, taking it off. Underneath she was wearing a tight leather corset that pushed her breasts up beautifully. She had a stunning black lingerie set, with black panties and garter connecting to black, sheer stockings with two big white crosses stamped on them, starting on her tight and going all the way down to her shin. On her feet the nun wore black, fully closed plastic high-heels. They were so high it was hard to understand how she could even walk on those. But she did, and with mastery at that. Grace crouched back to inspect her leather bag as she spoke. “Let’s see how you handle this!” The nun pulled out couple of small weights, they hung from an equally tiny chain. On the other end of the chains were metal pressure clips.

Mother Grace approached Kristanna from the side, careful to avoid being in the aim of her unholy cock. The nun reached up canlı casino and hung one of the weights on Kristanna’s hard nipple. The clip squeezed tight and painfully, Kristanna screamed under the ball gag, her eyes opened wide in protest. The student’s pupils elongated immediately, shifting into the more reptilian eye she had when aroused. Additionally, the sea green in her iris began to glow. The nun and the guard gasped for a second, seeing the obvious change in the girl’s eyes, revealing her nature. The more Kristanna squirmed, the more the weight swung and pulled on her nipples, causing more pain. Mother Grace placed the second weight on Kristanna other nipple, getting out another scream from the redhead. One could swear the nun had an evil grin, but she quickly straightened her face as she moved around Kristanna. The redhead had a tense and accelerated breathing, she trembled trying to fight her impulses to move due to the discomfort. A practically impossible feat.

As minutes passed, Kristanna seemed to get used to the weights. Her nipples were stretched down, dripping her milk on the floor. Her cunt juices also dripped from her ankles, sliding down her leg. But as soon as Kristanna slowed down her movements, Mother Grace resumed the flogging. Perfectly timing her actions to never let Kristanna slip in a comfort zone. This time it wasn’t just the pain from the strikes, but also Kristanna’s desperate efforts not to shake her tits. A pointless effort, as she couldn’t help but squirm and arch her back in response to the flogging, causing her tits to bounce and swing, flinging the small weights in the air as they pulled painfully on her nipples. Mother Grace went once again to the bag and grabbed a third small weight. Standing behind Kristanna she clipped it to the bottom of her ballsack, causing the redhead to scream through the ball gag. The nun barely had to hit Kristanna with the flogger now, as every tiny movement she made caused her discomfort and pain. Yet somehow, her body would interpret it as pleasure, a confusing mix that made the redhead feel more alive than ever.

Both Mother Grace and Jeana were feasting their eyes at the face of Kristanna’s suffering. Watching that magnificent, perfect body squirm, all of that flesh shaking. The confusing in the girls glowing eyes as she drooled and shook. The weights swinging on her thick niples and under her heavy sack, pulling on the loose skin. For minutes they tormented Kristanna, Mother Grace keeping a perfect pace of cruelty, letting the pain sink in before striking again. It was a crescendo of pain and pleasure, taking over Kristanna’s mind.

At some point, Kristanna noticed a halt. Mother Grace was once again reaching in the leather bag. This time she took out a massive rubber cock. It wasn’t a regular size by any stretch of the imagination, this one was easily fourteen inches long and very wide, probably custom made. “Oh no, the impaler!” Jeana let escape with excitement. Mother Grace moved behind the redhead, she had a clear view of the student’s juicy cunt, her obscenely large clit, engorged and pushing against her dangling ball sack from behind. Using one of her gloved hands, Mother Grace spread Kristanna’s ass cheeks to see her asshole. She aimed the rubber cock on it and began pushing. As the dildo invaded her asshole Kristanna trembled in agony. She tensed all muscles in her body trying not to shake too much, to keep the weights still, but it was almost impossible.

The redhead squirmed helplessly as her asshole was penetrated by the impaler, her squeezed nipples began to shower milk in front of her. “Is this how it feels when I fuck other girls?” She thought, realizing that while painful, it was much more pleasurable than she had ever imagined. The redhead groaned under the gag, her body shaking, climax approaching. But as pleasure raised, it stopped before she reached the peak. The feeling of being on the edge overwhelmed her at first, but it wouldn’t go away, worry crept up Kristanna’s mind. “Why can’t I fucking cum!” Minutes passed, Mother Grace continued her flogging, now moving to the sides and front of Kristanna. The redhead was being driven insane with the desire for release. Her balls swelled rapidly to the size of two huge beach balls, churning inside the sack.

Mother Grace took a moment to watch that obscene body. She paced around Kristanna again. “I know you feel pleasure, I expected that a filthy body such as yours would take pleasure in any suffering I inflicted. But thanks to our late Father Graham I know better! It took me a while, but I did learned a thing or two. The protection circle underneath you was designed to prevent a creature such as yourself from climaxing. You will not taint me or this place any longer with your corrupted seed! You will repent and bow before my… I mean, before the Lord’s will! No matter how much you resist, I will keep you here until you abandon your sinful ways and follow the path of the righteous!”

Kristanna could barely hear the words, she just wanted kaçak casino to cum. Her mind switched rapidly between reasoning what was happening and just giving in to the sensations overwhelming her body. Unless she found a way of escaping she would end up broken in this dungeon.


Some say that being alone is one of the worst forms of torture. Even in prison, where people are surrounded by criminals, solitary confinement is a punishment. Prisoners prefer the company of each other, however unpleasant, rather than being alone. Rebecca was used to being alone and restricted, she almost welcomed it. But this was different, she wasn’t the same anymore. Not physically, not mentally. Things were changing fast in her world since her encounter with Kristanna and Sister Beth. She had a body now that many would consider deformed. While her petite, small general shape remained unaltered, the massive cock and balls between her legs almost had a mind of its own. It already affected Rebecca normally, but now she had been prevented from touching or using it, the sensations were driving her crazy. While lying alone in the dark room, Rebecca’s mind often wandered. After days of confinement and deprivation, feeding only on cum, the novice was living in some sort of dream state. As Edgar Allan Poe would say: “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

The diet of Sister Beth’s cum had changed the symbol in her head to the upside down cross, she was now bound to the nun more than to Kristanna. Among the erotic, out-of-this-world, wet dreams filling her mind, sometimes Rebecca would get lost in deep reflection. Revisiting her story and past, she remembered when she was six, the first time her father came to her room at night. She recalled when a year later he brought her to the basement to “check out his card collection”. Rebecca relived the feelings of helplessness, confusion and pain. She knew that her mother was aware of everything, but did nothing about it. “Maybe that was just what daddies do”. She thought at the time, in her innocence.

On her twelfth birthday her parents were taken by the authorities. It was certainly too late for the girl at that point, but finally it was over. Rebecca didn’t know where her parents had gone to, just that there were a lot of policemen. She couldn’t be with them anymore, having to live with her aunt and uncle. She knew nothing about her uncles except they were the most religious people in her family. Those first years in that different household felt numb, she was detached, silent, always tired. Attempts from her uncles to approach were ignored, ineffective. Rebecca couldn’t really care, everything felt pointless.

During her teens Rebecca remembers feeling afraid all the time, sometimes angry. She couldn’t trust her uncles, she couldn’t trust anyone. All of that religious stuff they pushed was weird and annoying. “Talk to the priest, ask for help.” They repeated such advices like broken records. Rebecca did what they told but the advice was always the same, it came in one ear and out the other. She sticked to books, movies, TV shows. The furthest away from her reality the better. All to try and escape, get away from her own mind. Eventually entertainment wasn’t enough. She resorted to drugs, began drinking and smoking. In the last year of high school, when her uncles found pot in her room, they decided to transfer her to the Camp of Blessing before “she sought heavier substances”. No surprise for Rebecca there, they had no idea what to do with a problematic teenager, so they sent her away.

At least at the Camp of Blessing the routine and activities kept Rebecca’s mind busy. It was easier to stay centered here, she wanted to get away and she actually did. Disconnecting from her world was actually helping Rebecca, and at least the nuns delivered a consistent narrative about God and religion, unlike her crazy uncle and priests she talked to. Soon after Rebecca’s arrival, Mother Grace noticed the girl’s struggle and distress. She quickly extended a hand to mentor and council Rebecca personally. Grace not only explained, but showed the fearful redhead how suffering was a noble thing, how it redeemed the soul. She explained to Rebecca that the more she suffered in this life, the closer to God she would be in the next. Of course it made sense, it had to! How else would Rebecca justify all the hurt she went through so early in life? God certainly had a plan for her, something grander!

Day after day Rebecca learned to discipline herself, to endure, to pray everything away. At the daily private masses the nun made sure to keep all novices on a tight leash. At least once a week Mother Grace would take Rebecca to the dungeon and help her “strengthen her will”. The more she suffered, the better she felt afterwards. She felt God’s presence with each swing of the whip, knowing she would be in eternal bliss in the end. She welcomed everything Mother Grace did to her, the insertions, the whiping, the clips and weights. Her focus was on the reward, on the plenitude of being in the presence of God when the time came. She knew that Mother Grace did the same thing to other girls, she was helping all of them!