Candy’s beginnings

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Candy’s beginningsCandy’s beginnings.I’ve been asked a few times when and how I started dressing and what turns me on about it, so here is the story of Candy’s beginnings.I went to a boys only boarding school many years ago. I suppose I would have been 13 when the adolescent rush of hormones became so overpowering that I began to have sexual desires and, as there were only boys there, there was only one way to go. There were many boys at the school who had relationships with other pupils. One in particular who sparked the desire in me to enter into exploring a sexual relationship was a boy named Peter. He was probably a year younger than me, but it was fairly widely known that he had been involved in numerous affairs and was much more sexually experienced than me. I supposed that it started with suggestive comments between the two of us, followed by “accidentally” touching each other. We had communal showers and after sports one day, he and I were in the showers and it quickly became very obvious that there was a sexual attraction between us as our respective cocks hardening showed. That night, in the dormitory before lights out, we had changed into out pyjamas. He was in bed reading and I went over to talk to him. There were about 30 other boys in the dormitory, all talking with other boys and wandering about. We chatted for a few minutes and I looked to see whether anybody was paying us any attention. Fortunately there wasn’t and I put my hand into Peter’s bed and felt his rock hard cock as we look at each other. It became obvious from there that something was going to happen between us. A couple of days later Peter came up to me and said that, as her was a group leader in the school Scout pack, he had got the key to the Scout Hut and would I like to go there with him. Of course I was desperate to do so. That afternoon, we met outside the Scout Hut and he opened the door and we went in. As soon as we were inside, Peter locked the door so that we wouldn’t be disturbed and we kissed each other passionately, our tongues entwining. We went to a storeroom at the back and soon we were both naked. Our two young cocks stood hard and proud, the tip of each touching the tip of the others. We started to wank each other, both so excited. Soon our breath started to come in gasps, our cocks were anadolu yakası escort both glistening with precum and we each shot a huge jet of hot spunk. It was magical. It was the first climax I had ever experienced. It made me almost light headed and I felt as I had never felt before. Afterwards we wiped each other’s cocks clean with tissues. Of course now, there is no way on earth that I would have wasted all his delicious young cum – I would have licked him clean and swallowed every drop of his wonderful juice. Over the next year or so, Peter and I met regularly and wanked each other. He was definitely the dominant member of the relationship and thinking about it now, I can see that I was very happy to play the subservient role. After a year or so, Peter left the school and I started to become more interested in females. My desire for relationships with boys and men reduced and I became a hetrosexual male. For the next thirty years or so, I had relationships with women. I was never good at having sex with women, but I did.As I said I seemed to have a subservient personality and I often, as well as having relationships with girlfriends, also occasionally visited Domme escorts. I enjoyed being controlled, and humiliated. I was also introduced to being fucked by a Domme with a strap on which, I suppose, also indicates that I have feminine aspects to my persona.The real turning point was when I was looking at a porn video site on the internet and stumbled across videos of transvestites and crossdressers. The effect it had on me was remarkable. The years of taking an unsatisfactory male role in sex now seemed pointless if I could do this. I did some research and found a full time transvestite escort, who also did male to female makeovers. I could not book an appointment with her quickly enough.On the day of my appointment, I could hardly contain my excitement. I travelled to her flat, rang the doorbell and she let me in. Caroline was so feminine I could hardly believe what I could see. She was wearing a very short mini skirt, red holdups, a black see through top with a red bra underneath and black ankle boots. She looked wonderful. We sat down and she asked me what I was looking for, what I wanted to look like, what I wanted to wear and she seemed to pendik escort completely understand me. We started off by getting me dressed. I had asked her to make me look like a total slut. She had got me from her wardrobe a black suspender belt and stockings, a lacy black bra, a sheer top and a frilly skirt. She also had a pair of black patent 5” heels and a blonde wig. I undressed and she helped me put on the female clothes. As we put each item on, I just felt more and more wonderful. Running my hand down my leg encased in the very sheer stockings, it just felt as I had never felt before in my life – it was just an amazing feeling.Caroline was most definite that I should not look in the mirror until my transformation was entirely complete though. The next step was to get my makeup done. She sat me at a dressing table mirror and started to apply foundation that she had selected in a colour to compliment my facial colouring, bronzer & blusher. Then she started on my eyes with a purple eye shadow, eye liner and applied stick on lashes. The lashes were long and very slutty -just like the whores would be that I so wanted to look like. The final step with the makeup was a deep red lipstick and lipliner – her putting the lipstick on to me felt so marvellous I can hardly describe it. The final step was a shoulder length blonde wig and my transformation was complete.She asked me if I was ready to see the finished result. I could not wait to. I got up and sat in front of the mirror. I honestly could not believe my eyes – the person looking back at me from the mirror was unquestionably a female and looked exactly as I had wanted to – the sluttiest, dirtiest hooker that could be imagined. The sort of hooker who would wait on a street corner to attract men to pay to fuck her, the sort of hooker who would come up to a businessman at a bar in a hotel and ask him if he was looking for company that night, the sort of hooker who in a hotel room would perform the filthiest acts on a man, who would let him fuck her in any position, fuck her ass, who would suck his cock and get him to shoot a load into her mouth, swallow it and love every moment of it. Caroline looked me up and down and smiled. “Well aren’t you the dirty little slut. You really do look a filthy bitch. I think you are tuzla escort going to crave cock you fucking slag. Now you look like a slutty girl, you’d better start behaving like one. Get on your knees girl.” I knelt in front of her and she looked down at me. With that, she raised her short skirt and lowered her lacy knickers, revealing a very large and hardening cock, it’s surrounding area completely shaved smooth. “You know what you have to do, don’t you?”, she smiled knowingly at me. Of course I knew and I could not wait to do it. I took her into my mouth, playing my tongue around the tip of her cock, feeling it grow bigger and harder inside my mouth. I played my hand around the base as I sucked her. My head bobbing to and fro as I took her length to the back of my throat. I caressed her balls, kissed around the glans of her cock as I gently wanked her – this was heavenly and I now felt the start of the only true sexual satisfaction that I had experienced since taking Peter’s cock in my hands all those years ago. Soon her breath started to come in short hurried gasps and I know she was close. She took her devine cock out of my mouth and started to wank herself furiously in from of my face then, with a squeal of delight, she came a great fountain of warm spunk onto my face and into my open and very willing mouth. Oh, this was fulfilment for me. I wiped what of her cum was on my face into my mouth and swallowed it all greedily. I was now the Cumslut spunk bucket that I now realise was always my destiny. As she calmed down Caroline smiled and said to me, ”you do give a very good blowjob you slutty bitch. I think you have a future as a dirty girl. Let’s see what you have down below then.” With that, she reached into my panties and took out my rock hard cock. “You probably won’t be having much use for that now you are a cumslut bitch, but I think I’ll let you have some pleasure this time at least.” She took my cock in her hand and started to gently stroke it. I was so excited it didn’t take me long to cum, but when I did there was a lot. She could tell when I was close and ordered me to hold my hand in front of my cock and when I exploded a load, it all went into my cupped hand. “Now as practice, you’ll have to drink your own girly cum. I think you’ll be getting a lot more in the future, so you’d better get used to it.” I passed my had up to my mouth and swallowed my own gurl muck. It was humiliating, but I think that’s what Caroline wanted – to make me realise that my role was to give other pleasure. “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with you”, Caroline smiled.