Casey’s Mom Needs A Taste

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Casey’s Mom Needs A TastePam and Ethan’s sexploits continue… part 13… Ethan does Casey’s Mom!Ethan was thrilled. Only ten more minutes left for this short Saturday afternoon and he could go home. The sun was shining, as it had been all week, and he was anticipating the chance to drive his car around and enjoy the rest of the day, then maybe find a woman he had never met before.Then he heard a woman’s voice he did not recognize. “Ethan?”He turned to see who knew him. He was amazed to see a woman who looked incredibly like Casey, with same features, same smile and same build, except that her hair was short and gave her a more playful look, whereas Casey’s long hair gave her a seductive, wild appearance. “I’m Mrs. Turner,” she said, holding out her hand. “Casey’s mother?”Ethan shook her hand. “Of course,” he said, shaking her hand. Her dress was cut low in the front. He looked down at her attractive cleavage, then up to her eyes. “I can see the resemblance.” He was afraid she was there to tear him to pieces and was only being nice to set him up.She smiled demurely and he braced himself. “My husband tells me you took my daughter’s virginity,” she said quietly, as if someone in the store might hear their conversation.“Yes, Ma’am,” Ethan said. He wouldn’t know what to do if she started yelling at him. He could handle it much better if she just hit him.Mrs. Turner blushed, looking around uncomfortably, then began speaking. “I never expected I would be aware of the man my daughter would choose for such an occasion as the one she experienced yesterday. I always believed she would go off one night and give herself to a man and my husband and I would never know when or with whom.”“Yes, Ma’am,” Ethan said, feeling dumb. When was she going to let him have it? Did she have to antagonize him this way? Instead, she went on.“Goodness knows that was the case where I was concerned. But then, I was much older than Casey is now when I became sexually active. I believe that is the case with all young people today. k**s are having sex younger and younger every year, and the risks of pregnancy are very real, no matter what their age. I think what you did was best. I mean teaching my daughter the way you did and wearing a condom. That was very thoughtful.”“Yes, Ma’am,” Ethan said. He was beginning to think she wasn’t there to tear the hell out of him. Nevertheless, he had to do something to make her get to the point. “Mrs. Turner, do you have something you wanted to ask me.”She smiled with embarrassment. “Yes, there is,” she said. “Forgive me. I simply didn’t know how to ask the question I have.”“Maybe I can help. Did it have to do with Casey?”“No, it has to do with you. You see, my husband described to me as well as he could the details of your …” she hesitated. “Well, of your endowments.”“Oh?” Ethan was almost ready to burst out laughing. She wanted to check him out. She was coming on to him in the most polite way she could think of. He had to find a way to stop her from dancing around the point.“I was wondering, since my daughter is already so familiar with it and all, if you might consider showing it to me.”Ethan brightened immediately. He wasn’t about to lose his head or his job. The thought of what he was going to get to do created a stirring in his pants. “I’d be delighted to, Mrs. Turner. Does Mr. Turner know?”“Oh heavens, no. If he knew I was asking you to show me your … thing, he would be quite upset, I’m certain.”“He had no problem with Casey seeing it,” Ethan reminded her.“But Casey is different. She was a virgin and she isn’t married. My husband would not have put up with such a thing if that had been the case.”“I think I understand,” Ethan said, even though he didn’t. He didn’t want to argue a moot point. He wanted to let this attractive woman get her hands in his pants. “When would you like to see it?”Mrs. Turner looked around the store. No one was near. “Right now would be fine,” she said secretively.Ethan smiled. “Okay. Did you have somewhere you wanted to go?”She suddenly looked pensive. This was obviously something she had not considered.She glanced out to the parking lot. “How about my car?” she said hopefully.“That would be fine with me,” Ethan said, and she looked greatly relieved.“Good. I’ll wait for you there. I’m parked next to your car.” Without another word she turned and walked out of the store just like any other customer. Ethan shook his head and went to the back.Five minutes later he was sitting in the passenger seat of her car, looking into her smiling face.“How did you know where I worked?” he asked.“Your sister Pam told me,” Mrs. Turner said. She kept glancing at his crotch. “She also told me your schedule for today.”Ethan nodded. He would have to talk to her about that. He began to think about the last time he made love with his sister and that made him think about his plans to find a young woman that day. He had really been hoping for someone young and horny, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen.“Are you going to show it to me?” Mrs. Turner said anxiously.“Uh, yeah,” Ethan said, snapping out of his daydream. He sat back and opened the front of his pants and slowly pushed them down. Mrs. Turner eagerly watched every move. Ethan watched her eyes. They stared ravenously like an eagle searching for food. Then they grew really wide, just like Casey’s the first time she saw it.“Oh my god,” she whispered. “It really is that big.” Without having to be told, she reached across the seat and put her fingers around the shaft. Silently, she began pumping it. Ethan sighed. She seemed to handle it somewhat clumsily, but it still felt good. “I’ve never seen anything so big,” she said.“Suck it,” Ethan groaned, watching her hand.“You want me to?”“Yes,” he said, nodding. Giggling, she quickly leaned across the seat without hesitation and put the head in her mouth. “Oh yes,” Ethan sighed. Her mouth felt very good. She knew how to bob her head, but he could feel her teeth scr****g over the shaft. It was uncomfortable, but he didn’t stop her. He wanted to come in her mouth. The car was very quiet for a long time, except for the sucking sounds her mouth made, until a noisy truck passed behind them and she abruptly raised her head, like she had suddenly remembered where they were.“I want to have some more of it,” she said. Her hand slipped up under the hem of her skirt. “I don’t think I can wait much longer.”“Where do you want to go?” Ethan asked. He glanced down at her hand between her legs.“My husband is home now,” she said, thinking aloud. “I have a friend who might let us use her place.”Uh oh, Ethan thought. This might be trouble. Even so, he went illegal bahis along with it. Sexual desires took precedence over any apprehensions.“Okay,” Ethan said. “But you’ll have to drive me back here so I can get my car.”“Deal,” Mrs. Turner said, and started her car. Ethan stuffed his member back into his pants. Mrs. Turner glanced at the lump in his slacks once more before she backed the car out, then looked at it every chance she got while she drove.Ethan wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into. She was driving to the other side of town. He knew a couple of girls over here, but he didn’t spend much time here. It was a nice neighborhood, but it was like a different city instead of a part of the same one he lived in. He hadn’t even known this part of town existed until several years after they had lived there.Mrs. Turner finally stopped the car in a driveway and opened her door.“Let’s go,” she said. “I think she’s home.”Ethan stopped to read the name on the light post in the yard. It read ‘Murphy’s’. It couldn’t be, Ethan said to himself. Not the Mayor’s house.Mrs. Turner went right up to the front door and pushed the doorbell. By the time Ethan had sauntered up to the covered front porch, the front door was opening. On the other side of the screen door was Colleen Murphy, the Mayor’s wife, smiling at her friend, Mrs. Turner. Then she saw Ethan coming up the sidewalk and he could tell from the change of expression on her face that she was wondering what was going on.“Hi Colleen,” Mrs. Turner said. “This is Ethan, my daughter’s friend. Is it okay if we come in?”“Sure,” Colleen said, and held the door open for them. “What can I do for you?”“Well, it’s kind of an unusual request,” Mrs. Turner said. She looked at Ethan. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to discuss this with Colleen in private,” she said.“Sure,” Ethan said. “I can wait right here.”Colleen looked at her friend suspiciously. “You can wait in the living room, if you’d like,” she said to Ethan, and pointed the way.“Thanks,” Ethan said. He found his way to the living room and sat on the sofa to wait. This was truly a strange day. Mrs. Turner wanted to ball him so badly she was willing to impose on her friend, the Mayor’s wife, no less, for an empty bed to commit the adulterous act. Ethan didn’t mind having sex with another man’s wife, nor did he mind that she wanted to involve yet another married woman. It was just that he felt silly about the pretense of it all.He could hear them talking in the small room just off the foyer. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he knew what they were talking about. Ethan sat back and sighed. This was very awkward and he felt terribly uncomfortable. Despite his discomfort, he had a hard on that threatened to tear open the front of his pants if he didn’t let it out soon.He heard footsteps coming down the tiled hallway into the kitchen. Mrs. Turner was smiling broadly as she went toward him.“We can go upstairs now,” she said, standing before him in front of the sofa. She was fidgeting nervously, but smiling. She had a look of intense desire in her eyes. Her chest was heaving, pushing her breasts almost out of her dress. She was obviously aroused.“Okay,” Ethan said. He stood up. She had to look up at him. She was a petite woman, just like Casey. Her hand came up to feel the ridge of his cock hanging down his pants against his leg.“Oooo,” she cooed. She seemed very pleased to find that he was still very hard.Ethan heard a footstep on the hard tiled floor in the hallway and looked back to his right. Colleen was standing in the hallway. Her arms were crossed and she was watching them with interest. Her expression was somewhat skeptical. He wondered how much Mrs. Turner had told her and if she had told her what he had done with Casey yesterday. Ethan found himself more interested in the Mayor’s attractive wife than Casey’s mother right then. He didn’t know if he could bring himself to have sex with the wife of a man for whom he had a great deal of respect. He would, however, be willing to find out.“Let’s go,” Mrs. Turner said. She started down the hallway. Ethan followed her, sauntering lackadaisically, his eyes gazing into Colleen’s. Her eyes were locked onto his as he neared her. He waited for her to look down at his crotch, but she didn’t. She gave him a half smile that he knew was meant to make her appear that she was not interested. He was sure then that she was. They went up the stairs and Ethan didn’t look back at her.Mrs. Turner was standing inside the doorway of the master bedroom, waiting for him. Ethan went in and she closed the door.“I want to get your clothes off,” she said. Her anxious desire was clear in her voice. She pulled his shirt out of his slacks and began to unbutton it.“Mrs. Turner, you surprise me,” Ethan said. “I had no idea you were such a passionate woman.”She pulled his shirt open and put her hands on his chest. “When I find something I like I can usually find a way to get it,” she said. She kissed his chest on the sternum, in the shallow valley that ran down between his flat, hard pectoral muscles. Her hands worked furiously to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. Ethan let his shirt fall off his shoulders to the floor. Mrs. Turner’s hands worked with remarkable quickness and dexterity. In one quick move she had the belt undone, undid the clasp and the zipper, and practically flung open his slacks. She reached down into them before they could even drop to his ankles.“Oh yes,” she sighed when she had his prick in her hands. She dropped to her knees in front of him almost as if in reverence to his manhood. Ethan raised his eyebrows in surprise. No sooner did she have his pants down than she had the end of his cock in her mouth. Ethan moaned. She may have been clumsy with her teeth, but she certainly was not timid when she wanted to give head. She moved her head back and forth rapidly and worked her tongue over the head like she was in a blowjob contest to see who could make a man cum first. It was working. He was going to come and he couldn’t stop it. His teeth were clenched together. His knees were just about ready to buckle under him.“Nneeahhh,” he groaned, and his cum was shooting into her mouth. Mrs. Turner squealed and her eyes shot wide open. It was like she had an oil gusher going off in her mouth. She sucked it all up and never let his cock out of her mouth. His cum spurted past her lips when it had filled her small mouth past its capacity. The liquid dripped off her chin to her dress and bare chest and ran down into the deep valley made by her cleavage. She tried to swallow it as fast as she could, trying to prevent it kaçak iddaa from overflowing any more than it was. It proved to be a difficult task. Ethan’s first orgasm that day released a supply of cum that had been building up for three or four days.Finally his knees did give out and he collapsed on his back on the bed. The move yanked his cock from her mouth and left her on her hands and knees with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out. Her lips and chin were covered with cum and a long string of the stuff hung off the tip of her tongue. She had the look of a c***d whose candy had just been taken away. She had to blink a few times before she closed her mouth to swallow the last of the cum in it.“Oh man,” Ethan groaned. “Why did you make me cum so fast?” He looked up at Mrs. Turner. She had stood up and was removing her dress. The top around the opening of the low cut front was stained with wet drops that were spreading through the fabric to make larger drops. Her arms were behind her, unzipping the zipper that ran up the back of her dress. Ethan saw her silhouetted in the window like a pinup model. She shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell away. Ethan’s eyebrows went up again. This woman was one surprise after another.Her luscious breasts were pushed up together in a tight, skimpy, lacy white bra. Her lithe legs were covered in white stockings that were held up by a lacy, sexy white garter belt. The tiny, white lace panties over her mound barely covered the small patch of fur on her pussy.“You came prepared, didn’t you, Mrs. Turner?” Ethan said. He was resting on his elbows to get a good look at her. His cock was stiff and erect and dripping with saliva and sperm.She hooked her thumbs under the this straps of the panties and pushed them down. “Yes I did, Ethan. I wasn’t going to let you get away.” She stepped toward the bed.“What if my dick wasn’t what you had been told it was?” he asked. She climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees, straddling his body.“But it is, isn’t it?” she said. She grabbed it and held it up against her groin, grinding her mound on the shaft.“I guess so,” he said. Her beautiful breasts swayed as she moved over him. He reached up and squeezed them. They were soft and supple in his fingers.She maneuvered his pole between her legs and hunched over him to guide it to her hole. Her breasts dangled inches from his face. Ethan laid beneath her, motionless, completely at her mercy. Up until then he had remained passive and let her be the one in complete control. He remembered how quick Casey was to learn what he had taught her about lovemaking. Did she take after her mother? He was going to enjoy discovering what Mrs. Turner had to teach him.She had managed to insert the end of his dick. Her lips were quivering. Her eyes were squeezed shut. She tried to push herself down on it and moaned. She was wet enough to let it slide all the way into her, but it was a tight fit.“Oh yeah … oh yeah,” she moaned. She was straightening up and it was going into her gradually. Her wet cunt made sucking noises as it engulfed him. She straightened up on her knees, resting all of her weight on him and grinding her pelvis in a circle. She took a deep breath.“I wish my husband had a tool this big,” she said. “I’d fuck him every day of my life.”“Don’t you fuck him every day now?” Ethan asked, squeezing her tits. She was licking her lips while she moved her ass slowly up and down. Her head was tilted back.“Yes, that’s true,” she said softly. “But that’s beside the point. I just wish he had a cock as big as yours that he could use on me when he fucks me every day.”Ethan began moving his hips up and down with the same rhythm she had. She moaned. She put her hands over his hands on her tits and moved them vigorously over her nipples.“Are you going to fuck my daughter again?” she panted.“Definitely,” Ethan replied.“How was she?”Strange question for a mother to ask about her daughter, Ethan thought. How do I answer this sort of thing? Do I tell her I liked the way she moved her ass? Should I tell her Casey was tighter than a bank manager with his last nickel?“She was fine,” he said finally with a shrug.“She said she gave you a blowjob. Did you like it?”Again, Ethan shrugged. “It was fine.”Mrs. Turner opened her eyes and looked down at him. She appeared somewhat cross. “You can be more specific, Ethan. I am her mother.”“Why do you want to know this stuff?”“Because I’m coaching her,” Mrs. Turner said. “I’m the one who taught her how to kiss.” She closed her eyes and tilted her head back again. She pressed herself down on his cock as hard as she could. When she got the deep groan out of Ethan she smiled and lifted herself up slightly. He opened his eyes and she was looking down at him. “I didn’t expect she would be giving head so soon. Now that she’s started I want to make sure she does it well.”Ethan nodded. It was unusual but he could see that she was concerned. He could think of some other girls who could use some coaching to improve their technique.“She did okay for her first time,” he began, still unsure of how to critique a person’s oral technique. “I think she didn’t think she was going to like it when she got started. That didn’t stop her, though. Once she got into it she did well. She has a small mouth, of course, so she wasn’t able to get much of my dick into it. She handled it like she was afraid it was going to do something to her.”Mrs. Turner looked down at him again, smiling. “I’m sure she did,” she said. “Did you come in her mouth?” She let go of his hands and he stroked her hips and thighs.Ethan shook his head. “I think her first time was much too early to do that.”“Will you do it next time?”“Probably.”She smiled again. She continued to move her hips up and down in a slow grinding motion. Her hands were on the soft, warm flesh of his belly to help hold her up. “Do you always come as much as you came in my mouth?”“Pretty much,” Ethan said. He put his hands around her hips and pulled her down again as hard as he could, forcing his cock even deeper into her body. She was tight enough to prevent her from sliding up and down on his cock too much. She was like a clamp around him. She started moving faster, her back undulating and her shoulders rolling back.“I want you to fill me with it,” she sighed. Her body bent way back. Ethan held her around her waist and kept her from falling over backwards.“Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?” he said.“No. Just fuck me.”She instantly became a wild woman like someone had turned a switch inside her. She started moaning and screaming and tossing her body wildly. He had to move fast to keep up with her. In güvenilir bahis siteleri her clothes she was mild, timid housewife who made no attempt to impose on anyone, but when she took those clothes off she became a passionate, lusting, sex-starved a****l who would fuck the first man who came near, very much like Casey had been when he got her clothes off.She grabbed his arms and rolled himself over on top of her. They went over once more and almost rolled right off the bed. Ethan had to grab her to keep her on top of him. She didn’t seem to notice that she had been in any danger. She rolled over again in the opposite direction and he wound up on top of her, locked in a grip by her legs that could have snapped a weaker man’s back. It hurt like hell anyway but she didn’t seem to notice that, either.Her eyes were closed. She was tossing her head and screaming. Nothing else in the world mattered except for the fat cock that was inside her right then, and Ethan had a tool to make a woman rejoice.Ethan could not move. She had him locked to her body to keep his cock deep inside her and their pubic mounds pressed together. She was doing all the moving for them. Ethan could hardly breathe, either, but she wasn’t doing the breathing for both of them.If she was like this when she got started, Ethan thought as she rolled him over one more time, what was she like when she came? Her lovemaking was like she was wrestling with him, except that she would not let him go for a second. She threw him all over the bed, pulled all the sheets out and tossed the pillows around the room but she never let him pull his dick out even an inch. She made more noise than a whole room of horny women all having sex at the same time. He hoped she was going to come soon. He couldn’t keep up with her for much longer.Ethan put his arms around her and pulled her up off the bed. She rose like a dancer in a glorious ballet. Her head was back and her arms were straight out over her head. She never let him free from the hold she had on him with her legs. When she was straight up she was almost touching the ceiling. Her bangs fell down just over her eyebrows. She looked down at him with a wide grin. She looked more sexy and mysterious than ever.She put her arms around him and held him tight. Her pelvis moved in a hard thrust. His pelvis moved back and forth with her. Still in her hug, Ethan lowered her to the bed a little more quickly than he had intended and came down on her. She groaned but kept thrusting her hips.She managed to work herself over to the edge of the bed somehow. Ethan wrestled with her arms to hold onto her. She started to slide off and he was afraid she was going to pull him down with her. He would definitely hurt her if he fell on top of her from the bed. She was hanging half on the bed and half off the bed. Her head was on the floor. Her ass was on the bed. Ethan was holding her by her hips. Her legs were still closed around his waist and she was grinding her pelvis madly.“I’m coming,” she shouted. “Please give it to me.”Her hips were bucking up. Ethan had no choice but to give it to her. By the way she was moving he couldn’t have held his cum back any longer if his life had depended on him keeping it. He was pumping his hips furiously. He could feel it building. He screamed and exploded inside her. When she felt it filling her womb, Mrs. Turner screamed as well.Ethan pulled her legs, pushing his groin into her as hard as he could again and again. His cock was throbbing hard, painfully. He swore he could see the bulge of the shaft in her flat stomach.Mrs. Turner was twisting her upper torso side to side. Her hair flew around her head. She looked like he was torturing her. Her screaming actually worried him. He had never known a woman to have so violent an orgasm.Her writhing hips gradually slowed. Even then she refused to release him from her grip. Her legs were not clamped as tightly around him but it was still as if they become attached at their groins.She rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her legs slackened their grip. Ethan held her hips and continued to grind his pelvis against hers. He put his thumb on the nub of her clitoris and pressed lightly. Mrs. Turner cooed softly and her hips thrust more firmly. She opened her eyes, smiling at him.“That was wonderful,” she said with a sigh. Her legs slackened and she slipped from him to the floor. Ethan held out his hand for her. She got up on her knees, took his hand and he pulled back onto the bed. She laid across his warm body. “Why did you ask me if I was going to get pregnant?”“Because your husband insisted I wear a condom.”She snickered. “That sounds like him.” She toyed with his cock. “I had my tubes tied so we could make love every day and not have to worry about condoms. I hate those things.”“Me too,” Ethan said.“I’m glad you did anyway,” she said. “My daughter is too young to be having a c***d.” She was looking at the cock in her hand with a puzzled expression. “How come you’re still hard?” she asked.“I don’t know,” Ethan said.“Didn’t I make you come twice already?”“Yeah.”She looked at him. “How can you keep it up after all that?”Ethan shrugged. “I don’t know. I just do.”She turned around and got up on her hands and knees. “Maybe you’d like to show me how you do that,” she said, looking back at him from under her bangs. She stuck her ass up in the air in his direction. “Maybe I can teach it to my husband.”When Mrs. Turner finally came down the stairs, Colleen breathed a sigh of relief. Her friend had been up in her bedroom with that young man for more than half an hour. She was almost afraid to go up there. The room was bound to be a disaster. She had never heard so much noise from two people making love. It had started then went quiet and started again. The second time lasted longer than the first. She was almost afraid Ethan was killing her friend. If she hadn’t been screaming his name so loudly, along with so many other adjectives and pleadings, she might have thought he actually was.But wait a minute, she thought. Why was she coming down alone. Where was this Ethan she had brought with her. Why was he still upstairs? Mrs. Turner was glowing and she had a smile that was beaming from her face. Colleen rushed over to her at the bottom of the stairs.“Where is he?” she said.“He’s getting dressed,” Mrs. Turner said. She sighed wistfully.“Why did you leave him alone?”“I told you, he’s getting dressed.”“So how was he? Was he as good as your husband said?”“He was better. Much better. My husband only told me how big he was. He never mentioned anything about how he was as a lover.”“And you say he’s hung?”“Trust me. I’ve seen a lot of equipment before but I’ve never seen a man who could come close to his size.”“He can’t be that big,” Colleen said incredulously.“He is. Don’t take my word for it. Go up and see for yourself.”Colleen looked up to the top of the stairs.