Cathy; A Great Fuck While It Lasted!

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Cathy; A Great Fuck While It Lasted!I’d known Cathy Winston for about 23 years; she had been my late wife’s best friend from school but at 43 had never married. Although I’d often looked at and vaguely fancied her in a way, I’d never done anything or made any suggestion. But even before I split with my girlfriend Anna I can remember going to Canazzaro Park with Cathy on a lovely summer’s day, lying on the grass while she remained sitting, looking up at her tits which I started to want in my hands; she looked at me and probably guessed as much, some unspoken intimate message passed between us. However after my wife died and my girlfriend and I split, she was obviously amenable to something more than just talking now that we were both single. One Saturday she came over to my flat in the late afternoon, in the evening I cooked supper and afterwards we settled down on the sofa. As we chatted I put my arm round her, she offered no resistance and snuggled up to me. So with that encouragement I slowly let my hand slip down her front giving her plenty of opportunity to stop what she knew would happen. She obviously wanted it so I moved my hand further down and covered it over her right tit, then gave a gentle squeeze. She first looked at me, smiled, down to my hand squeezing her tit and izmit rus escort then back to me with and even sweeter smile. She puckered her lips and moved forward, I did the same and we kissed, first lightly then increasingly more passionately. Her tongue forced my lips apart and met mine. I took hold of both tits and gave them a good firm squeeze which made her stop kissing so she could gasp with pleasure. We both looked down and watched my hands working her tits then she reached out and very lightly ran the palm of her hand across my rapidly hardening cock. It was my turn to gasp which I did, so she pressed harder then felt along its length. We played like this for several minutes and I began to feel it was getting too much so said, “I will cum if we keep going like this”. She stopped instantly and responded, “You can only cum if this is all the way in my pussy” and gave my cock a really hard squeeze which made me jump.I put my hands inside her loose fitting top, ran them round the back and undid her bra and took hold of her tits in the flesh for the first time. To my delight her nipples were very large and hard, an irresistible turn-on for me so my cock went completely hard and she said she wanted it inside her very soon.We moved to the izmit rus escort bayan bedroom, took our clothes off quickly and she lay down on the bed so I moved her legs apart then knelt between them. I reached out and ran my fingers gently through her pubic hair which made her breathe heavily and open them even more. Parting the hairs with one hand, I ran a finger along her now wet pussy then pushed it in making her squirm with pleasure. By now we were both ready to fuck so I put a condom on my cock, got on top of her, pushed it in slowly and fucked her gently at first then really hard. It was the first fuck with Cathy and was great, it was to be the first of many times we would have sex together.At other times we had sex, she played a game with me that I suspect she’d done with every man she’d had sex with; she would deliberately avoid touching or getting hold of my cock for ages. No matter how much I pressed it against her or tried to get it into her hand she would not touch it. She must have been a real expert as just when I was beginning to think I would lose my erection, she would take hold of it firmly. The feeling this gave was almost as good as orgasm itself, so powerful was it. Cathy really knew about men and how to manipulate rus escort izmit an erect cock for maximum pleasure, no other women ever did this, in this respect she was unique.Later we moved on and had oral sex. It started when I pushed my hard cock in front of her mouth so she kissed it nicely, flicked her tongue over then ran it round the head before slowly sucking it, it was gorgeous. On one occasion I was on my back and she was over me sucking my cock but facing the other way so her pussy was right in front of my face, it was obvious she wanted me to tongue and suck her. She knew that the more of my cock she took in and sucked the natural inclination from me would be to raise my head and lick her pussy. She was right, I couldn’t resist it and did, and then put I my tongue in which made her suck my cock even more. We went 69 on our sides for a while before I put a condom on, got her on top of me so she could impale herself on my cock, I soon came massively although she didn‘t. So I lay on one side and at first gently but with increasing vigour, massaged her clitoris until she came also.Cathy was very skilled in sexual matters and I revelled in doing it with her. The fact that when aroused her nipples became very large and extremely hard was a big factor in my continuing to have sex with her. But she overdid it when she told me that her period overdue. I first thought she was going to have my c***d which was awful, and then a week later her period happened. I was so annoyed with her blackmail tactic that in spite of the fact she was so good at it, I never had sex with her again. Shame.