Caught by my sister and her friend 11

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Caught by my sister and her friend 11Well school camp continued, the usual stuff, swimming, hiking, archery etc. all good fun.There was a roster posted, I was rostered fort kitchen duty on the third night so at 5pm I headed over there. It was all quiet I expected noise, oh well I went in, there was one girl there, being new to the school I didn’t know her name but I had seen her. She was pretty with a nice figure and light brown hair, she was sitting on a low bench wearing a chefs apron. “Hi I’m Alan” I said, “I know” she said, “I’m Sheree”, then she lifted the apron revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any pants. She spread her legs and seductively traced her finger up and down the entrance to her pussy, her pussy was smooth and hairless with small lips, it was so beautiful I couldn’t help but stare. She reached out and grabbed my hand drawing me to her, she placed my hand on her pussy pushing my index finger inside her, “oh yes that’s better” she said as she stared undoing my pants, “I’ve heard all about you” obviously my reputation had followed me from my old school. As my kırklareli rus escort pants hit the floor my rock hard cock sprung free, Sheree grabbed it and started stroking my shaft, “I know where we can put this” as she drew me towards her and my cock head entered her pussy with no effort, “put it all in, fuck me” she said as she grabbed my hips and dragged me into her. Our pubic bones ground together and with a firm grip on my hips she started pushing me back and forth pumping my cock in and out of her, her pushing got faster and she started panting, then she started making a noise in time with every thrust, the best way I can describe it was like a yelp. This was really turning me on, this girl was really getting off and making a lot of noise, the thrusting got even faster until she stopped and screamed, I felt her pussy clamp around my cock and at that moment I started filling her pussy with my semen. as our breathing returned to normal I slowly withdrew my cock, as I did cum started flowing from her pussy, just then one of the teachers kırklareli rus escort bayan walked by instead of getting angry he just said, “looks like we’re having cream pie!”.Last night of school camp and we all in the dining room having our last dinner, as dinner finished the plates were cleared and everyone sat around talking. There was twenty students and three teachers, the talk was loud and lively, then after a while I noticed a couple of people missing, I looked around the table to see that several of the boys had their heads tilted back and their eyes closed. looking under the table I could see why, the girls that had been sitting next to them were under the table sucking their cocks!It didn’t take long for this to set the mood for the room, people started to touch each other and strip off, before long there was naked flesh everywhere. Sheree the girl I had fucked two days before was on her back with her legs in the air with one of the male teachers licking furiously at her pussy and she was making all kinds of noise. rus escortkırklareli Some of the boys were happy to watch while the girl under the table sucked, Miss Stone was on all fours and her favourite (Peter) was driving his good sized shlong into here eager pussy. Two naked girls pushed me onto the table, one pulling my pants down while the other straddled me pushing her pussy onto my mouth, the other one then mounted my cock and started to ride it. The two geek boys, who wouldn’t even shower when anyone else was there, had their cocks out and were walking around the room watching the sucking, fucking and licking. As they got to where I was they stopped and watched, particularly turned on by the sight of two girls riding me as was I, the sensation of a pussy in my face, the smell the taste of her juices and the other sliding up and down my cock, before too long I was cumming but the girl kept riding it drove me crazy but felt unbelievable. the geeks were really getting excited by this and seeing this Sheree came over, she had been tongued my one teacher and fucked by both male teachers and nearly screamed the place down by this stage, and she knelt before the geeks and offered her tits for them to cum on. Well they didn’t need much encouragement and before long they were spaying her with cum and grinning from ear to ear. A great time was had by all but the reality was that the bus would be there to pick us up in the morning.