Change of Life Ch. 14

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The games lasted for about over an hour and I dropped about $50 bucks. It was well worth the money. Billy told me everything about him and my wife last night. He confirmed that he hadn’t actually fucked her. But, he knew the next time he met her he was home free. He told me she actually told him that she was going to rent a room and fuck him blind next week some time. I asked him what night and he asked me why I wanted to know. I smiled and told him, “No reason Bill. I was kind of wondering about her. I mean I heard from the bartender that she was a really good-looking fucking babe. That all, just would like to see her for myself.

He told me, “Well she was the best looking whore I have ever seen.”

Then he talked about her husband. He wondered about her old man and why he was letting her run around with just a black see-through teddy on unless he wanted her to get fucked. He smiled and said, “Well, if he doesn’t want her, I’ll be glad to fill her up every damn night. She was one hot to trot babe last night!”

Billy told me she was coming back to meet up with him on Thursday. Then he gave me a blow by blow description of what they did. It was even more realistic and graphic than my wife had provide in the kitchen. And now she was coming here Thursday night to meet him and take him to a motel and fuck his brains out! I said, “Would you care if I waited and saw what she looked like?” He laughed and told me, “Well as long as you don’t get in my way or try to take her from me. Sure I don’t care. Oh and I’m not into three ways either.”

I laughed and said, “Na, me either Bill. I’m just wondering what she looks like that’s all. I would love to see her that’s all man.”

He said, “Not a problem. 7PM this Thursday.”

When I got home it was 8 PM and Shirl was feeling and looking a little better. She had showered and had fresh clothes on. She said, “I didn’t cook anything because I’m still not very hungry. And I’m calling in sick tomorrow Bud. My head is still splitting.” I said I had something to eat and wasn’t hungry either.

Anyway, as we sat there drinking a cup of very old coffee. Then I went over all the shit that had happened yesterday and today except what I had heard when she was talking to Mandy and what Bill had told me at the Iron Gate. She had no idea I knew about either of these things.

I then told her to please not interrupt me until I finished. I had something to say and when I was finished she could say anything she wanted. She agreed. I wanted to give her my opinion as her husband on what had been going on in our lives. I told her it was dangerous and we should stop now while we both still could. I also told her I didn’t expect her to cheat or try to cheat on me any more and that meant with Mandy or anyone else male or female. I told her I felt that since she didn’t tell me about her and Mandy and the “girl on girl stuff” she had cheated on me. And, what she did in the bar the other night with Billy, that as far as I was concerned she had cheated again. I told her I cheated too when I fucked Mandy without telling her. So as far as I was concerned we were even now and I wanted to break this thing off. I didn’t want anyone but her and was hoping she felt the same way about me. Then I waited for her reply.

I didn’t say anything at all what I knew about her going on a date this Thursday night to “fuck Bill’s brains out”. He was the same man she met at the bar last night when she came home looking and smelling like a drunken whore. And, I didn’t tell her I also knew she was seriously thinking about joining Mandy and that if she did both men would be there too. I was sure her and Mandy would fuck them both that night. So I knew she was planning to fuck two maybe three guys without my approval, and I would never gibe her that!

So, as I sat there at the kitchen table, I made my decided to give her the final statement to what I wanted to tell her. I said, “I had been thinking about this a lot Shirl. And, it comes down to this. I won’t see Mandy any more or any other woman ever again. It will be you and me and I promise I’ll give you as much sex as you want or can stand. I have been waiting years for you to turn this corner and make a turnaround. I have actually begged you and you know it to have more sex with me. I want to make love to you much more than we did it and I wanted it all the time. You know that. So either you give up the one on one with Mandy and stop hanging around her and acting and doing things like you both did in VS and at the Iron Gate or I think we should separate.”

She sat there for a long minute and then told me, “You say you have given this a lot of time and consideration Bud. Right?”

I said, “Yes Shirl. A lot of thinking.”

She said, “Well I haven’t given it any time or consideration Bud. You just dropped it on me this morning. And now I’m so sick I can’t give anything any consideration.”

Then she stopped and didn’t say anything for a minute but I could see her thinking. Then she said to me as mad as I have ever seen her, “I’ll tell you one thing. If you ever do to me again what you did to me earlier, I’ll have you arrested for rape. I mean it Bud. You had no right to casino oyna treat me like that! No right at all regardless of what we have been going through.”

She started crying and ran into the bedroom. I sat there knowing she was right. I didn’t have a right to hurt or treat her like I did. But I also knew she didn’t answer my question. I got up and walked to the bedroom. She was on the bed laying face down crying. I sat on the side of the bed and said, “You’re right Shirl. I didn’t have any right to rape you and hurt you like I did. The only excuse I have was that you made me so fucking mad by telling me about that guy and what you and he did in that bar. That plus the fight we had about Mandy and Victoria Secrets, I just lost it. It will never happen again. I swear to you. I will never hurt you like that again. I promise. I might walk out on you or leave you but I won’t hurt you again like that.”

She rolled over on her side and said, “Good. I think I want to sleep alone tonight Bud. I’ll go into the spare bedroom.”

I said, “No. You stay here I’ll go.”

I stood up and started out the room. When I got to the doorway I turned and saw her watching me. I asked, “What about the things I said in the kitchen? Do you agree? Are we back to where we should be as real husband and wife? Are you going to stop your involvement with Mandy and cheating on me?”

She said, “I want to talk with you again about this when I feel better and have had time to thing about it just like you did. You can wait a few days for my answer. I mean you took your time deciding and I think I should have the same consideration. I want some time too.”

I said, “How much time will you need?”

She said, “I’m not sure Bud. Maybe we should talk about this again on Friday when we get off from work. We’ll then have the entire weekend to work it out. Goodnight.” She rolled over and told me, “Please turn off the light and close the door. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night Bud.”

I walked out and turned of the light and closed the door. As I did I said, “I do still love you Shirl, you know that!”

There was no answer. I walked downstairs and started o watch TV even if I didn’t really care what was on. I was thinking about Shirl and me and not much else. How the hell had things gotten so out of hand and so crazy so quickly? Then I knew the answer, Mandy! It was Mandy who had started all of this. Well maybe not all of it, I mean I had spent a day myself fucking Mandy like a mink. And Shirl knew it, Hell she was the one who had given Paul and Mandy my name as a lover for Mandy. But then she might have done that in an attempt to cover or justify her involvement with Mandy too.

And now there was the other problem. Men! That worried me as much if not more than the sex between the girls. I knew about Shirl’s meeting with Bill on Thursday night. And I was pretty sure she wanted to string me alone to at least Friday before telling me she either agreed with my request for us to stop any outside sex we were both having. Or, she was going to tell me on Friday she didn’t agree and didn’t want to stop having sex with Mandy and then wait for me to find out about the man or maybe men she would be with over these next 10 days.

I pictured in my head that if Mandy had her way, and she usually did, Shirl would be with Mandy when she met her new lover and his friend. The four of them would find a place for a group fuck. That too was going to happen soon too. As I rolled these things over in my brain I wondered what and where our lives would go if she decided to cheat on me again with Bill or her friends from the mall. I decided Bill was the first problem.

I figured if Shirl and Bill had a great evening of sex, that is, if Bill was as big as she told me he was and he fucked her like she wanted, then her answer would most likely be that she wanted to continue the outside sexual meetings, at least with him. But if she felt it wasn’t worth it and that she might loose me and our marriage, then she might decide to stop like I wanted us too.

And as far as the meeting with Mandy and her lovers, I had no idea how to stop that, but I just couldn’t let Mandy convince my wife to have sex with another man or men. At the same time, I didn’t want her to have women on women sex either. My wife the ice queen was melting like a fucking iceberg from global warming right before my eyes. And, I wasn’t the only one reaping the rewards of her change in sexual attitude.

Finally I went to bed in the spare bedroom and gave this entire issue a great deal more of my time rather than sleep. I awoke at 7AM knowing I had maybe 2 real hours of sleep and now had to go into work today. Mandy changed her mind and she went in to work too. She only worked two or three days a week and Tuesdays was one of those days. I also knew that whatever I was going to do I had to do it within two days. Short weeks are hard but now with all this hanging over me it would be a real bummer. We said our good-byes and she gave me a half kiss almost missing my mouth. I said, “Bet you didn’t kiss old Billy like that.”

She didn’t answer me but waved as she drove off. I drove to work not having the slightest canlı casino idea what I was going to do other than wait and she if she met up with Bill on Thursday night at the bar. Then I decided to call Paul. I said, “Are you and Mandy free everyday this week?”

He said, “Yes, everyday this week. I asked about next week and he told me, no not next Wednesday Bud. Why want to come over again? You like my wife even if she is a bitch?”

I said, “No Paul. But, why not next Wednesday?”

He told me Mandy had her “Big Brothers and Big Sister’s” meeting that night. It was from 6 PM to 11 PM or maybe midnight if they had a dinner. “

I asked him where it was usually held and he told me at the Marriott hotel in downtown center-city. I thanked him and waited to see if Shirl was going to try and figure out a way to get out of the house on both of those nights. Time would tell.

Work was long and I called Shirl and told her I had to work over about an hour. She said, “Well you’re not the only one Bud. I’ll be about an hour late too.”

I asked her if she wanted to meet me for dinner and she said, “Yes! That’s a great idea. Let’s make it for 6 PM.”

I said, “OK there’s a good place next to the Marriott hotel which is about 3 blocks north of where you work. See you them!”

I waited for her protest but there was none. I met her in the bar I was about a half-hour early. I didn’t want her to have the slightest chance of meeting some guy from out of town at the bar waiting for me. She came in and we left immediately for dinner since she didn’t want anything to drink. She said her stomach had been bothering her all day but now she was staved. We ate almost in silence. As we finished and was having tea, she said, “I haven’t had much time to think about what you asked me about Bud I’m sorry. But work is so busy this week. In fact I my have to work over time and I’ll be late Thursday. It may be midnight before I get home so I’ll fix you something for dinner before I leave for work”

I said, “Oh. I was hoping w could go out again and maybe have some fun dancing and I was thinking that maybe we could even rent a hotel room next store for the night! You know Shirl they say if you want to get lucky, stay in a strange hotel room.”

She said, “Well Bud it won’t be this week that’s for sure. They even asked me to come into work tomorrow, Wednesday. I’m never scheduled for Wednesday ever.”

I said, “WOW! They must be really busy. Why are they so busy this time of year?”

I wanted to see what she would say. She said, ‘Orders from Japan and Thailand have grown 200% from last year. So you might be on your own tomorrow night too. Don’t worry baby….Bud. I’ll let you take me to a strange hotel room next week some time, I promise. And I’ll also have an answer for you then too. I need time to decide about us Bud. I mean I love you dearly more than anything else in my life. But, this thing with Mandy is so new and exciting and refreshing I don’t know if I want to stop. Or, Oh God, I don’t know if I can give it up right now. I need more time to decide. I hope you understand.”

I said, “And that man? What about him, have you given him up?”

She said, “Oh Billy! Well I don’t ever expect to see him again. I think that happened because I was drunk and we had that big fight.”

I said, “So are you telling me you won’t see him again?”

She said, “Well I never told you I was going to see him again anyway Bud.”

I said, “Answer the question Shirl. Are you or are you not going to see Billy again?”

She wasn’t looking me in the eyes when she said, “No Bud. I don’t have any plans to see Billy again. OK? Satisfied?”

I said, “Well half satisfied Shirl. Now if we could go home and make love, then I would be closer to satisfied.”

She said, “Pay the check.”

She stood and I paid the check and we walked out of the restaurant. As we walked out a man walked up to us and said, “Hey Shirl remember me, Jerome from the mall that day?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, Jerome how are you? Bud this is Jerome he’s one of the guys Mandy talked with at the mall the other day to get his opinion on the PJs we bought. Jerome this is my husband Bud.”

He looked at me and said, “Hey man how you doing? Look Shirl I want to get up with Mandy but can’t seem to locate her phone number. You got it by any chance?”

I said, “You know she’s married don’t you?”

Shirl said, “Sure do. You going to visit her?”

He laughed and said, “I don’t think her old man would like that to much. She’s gong to come see me next week. In fact she said something about you joining us. My brother is looking forward to seeing you again.”

I said, “Well she’s married and has to work so I don’t think she’ll be there.”

She said, “Bud! Don’t be rude! Yea, sorry Jerome, I have to work. Maybe we’ll all get together some other time. Got to go see you.”

He said, “Yea, See you soon I hope?”

I walked and when we got to the car I said, “That’s one of the guys you were showing your body of to? God Shirl what’s happening to you, to us?”

She said, “Let’s not spoil the evening Bud. I won’t be doing that any more I kaçak casino can promise you that. I won’t let Mandy show me off like that in Victoria Secrets again. It was wrong and I didn’t think it was proper. I’m sorry. Now take me home and make love to me. OK?”

I said, “Good, come on.”

She said, “Well I would rush home and invite you back into my, our, bedroom tonight Bud.”

I said, “Well what are we waiting for come on let’s go to the car.”

We drove home hoping I wouldn’t get a ticket. We almost ran into the bedroom undressing as we went.

The sex was unbelievable. Shirl did everything I wanted her to do without any hesitation. She sucked my cock letting me cum in her mouth. She gagged but actually tried to swallow all of my cum. She actually smiled at me with loving eyes as I began to shoot into her mouth. Then she had me eat her pussy and make her orgasm over and over again. She told me that I was as good or better than Mandy. Then she told me she was sorry she had said her name.

I ate Shirl’s pussy like a man processed using my fingers and mouth an d tongue. I sucked her clit until she just couldn’t take any more stimulation from my mouth. She begged me to fuck her now right now! She was dripping wet and I moved over her and hissed at her to put my cock into her. She reached between us and guided my hard cock to her open hole. Since I had cum in her mouth I lasted much longer and used that time to fuck her in three different positions. I was much gentle and easier with her until she told me to fuck her like a whore again. I did that too. She actually liked it that way when she was fully lubricated and I was being loving and not hateful.

She came like with a orgasm like I have never seen her have before when I took her from behind. She came and came as she rammed her body back on my cock. She screamed as her head fell forward on the bed and her ass lifted up higher in front of me. As I pumped into her, she cried out with each shot of cum I filled her with. When I had finished and she felt me hold my cock deep in her still pumping the remainder of my load into her she turned her head and said, “OH God Bud I love you so much!”

We finished up by her offering me her ass to fuck. I wasn’t soft yet and so I did her there too releasing another load in that hole. It was the most unbelievable evening of sex I could ever remember us having since that second night of our honeymoon all those years ago. It was just like I had always imagined our lovemaking would be. When I shot a third load into that ass hole, I was figured I was done. She fell forward on the bed and I followed her down with my cock going soft as we both fell on the bed and lay there. We rolled over eventually and we held each other. She said, “Would you?”

I said, “Would I what Shirl?”

She said, “Would you eat me and clean my pussy again Bud?”

I said, “Jesus Shirl, I think I have created a monster with that. Don’t think I will do this every time, I don’t really enjoy it. To be honest the taste isn’t very nice. But, for you tonight here in our bed, so that you know I really, really love you, yes I’ll do it for you.”

She squeezed me and told me she loved me so much. The she kissed me hard and moaned as I began to lick my way down her body. She pushed my shoulders with her hands gently as she tried to push my head between her open and wet legs. As my mouth touch her cunt she arched immediately and cried out with such passion or maybe lust that it almost scared me. I spent a good 20 minutes on her pussy licking and sucking it until she was clean of both our cum. She finally pulled and pushed on me until I rolled off of her.

She then moved around and went down on me again cleaning me. She sucked me back to being hard surprising me. It was the first time I had ever gotten hard after cumming three times. Then she moved quickly and sat on my cock and came all the way down on it. As she started to fuck me wild. Her hands were over her head and I watched her tits bouncing up and down as she pumped her body on my cock. She bounced up and down on me over and over again for a long, long time. Since both of us had cum a couple of times this evening, I lasted a very long time. In fact I was hard but didn’t think I had any cum left to give her. She looked down at me and smiled with eyes full of lust and said, “Oh Jesus, this is so good. Oh God I’m going to cum baby!! Oh Bud, this is so good! So good! So fucking good!! It’s fucking wonderful! Oh God Bud!! I’m cumming, cumming, cumming againnnnnn!! OHHHHHH!! YESSSSS!! BUDDDDDDD!!”

And she started to orgasm like I have never seen her do before with me. As she did, her cum juices coated my cock and as she started rocking back and forth on me, my extremely hard shaft was locked in her cunt being squeezed like a vise. She squeezed my cock shaft tighter and tighter with the muscles in her pussy until I couldn’t hold back any longer. She was right it was fucking wonderful. When I started to cum this time it wasn’t much left in my nuts but she fell forward on top of me and we held each other until we were both finished. We stayed that way until I felt and heard her begin to take deep smooth breaths. I knew she was asleep in my arms with just the head of my soft cock still inside her pussy. I lay there and was wonder where our marriage and our lives have gone. I still wanted to kill Mandy for starting all this mess.