Cheating in my Building

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Cheating in my BuildingThere was this new couple that moved into the building, and for a month, I didn’t really get a chance to talk much to them much past a casual quick introduction in the elevator from time to time. What I thought I could tell though, is that they were always so tense together, and my beliefs were only confirmed when I’ve heard both of them on the phone talking about the other, and how frustrated they were with each other.I didn’t really think much of it though for a little while.Then one day, I get a knock on my door, and it’s the husband of that couple standing there.”Hi, we haven’t really met before…” He paused and looked me up and down up close.”No problem, you want to come in?” I asked since he looked like he didn’t really want to be seen standing there very long, maybe in case his wife saw.He stepped inside, and I sat down on the couch, and he sat down right across from me.”So, what’s up?” I asked.”So, I, uh…I heard from a friend about you,” is all he had to say, and I knew what he meant.I’ve been fucked by a couple guys in the building, so I’m guessing one of them met him, and told him about me being a bit of a slut, or quite a bit of one.”Oh, so you’re curious about it?” I asked, still unsure whether he was actually into that, or just wanted to ask something else.”I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never been with someone like you before, but he showed me some pics, and you’re pretty fucking hot, if that’s not weird to say.””Not at all, don’t need to be bashful around me,” I bit my lips and replied back. “You’re married too, aren’t you?””Ya, is that a problem?””Nope, it makes it better,” I smiled back.”Oh, so you like being a homewrecker, eh?” He grinned back, and kaçak iddaa started to stroke his bulge looking right in my eyes.”I love it,” I smirked back. “Does she not give you the attention you deserve?” I leaned over and asked, stretching out my arm to rub his bulge myself.”She doesn’t do anything other than taking it missionary, and we barely even do that,” he let out, as if he were holding in his frustrations.”Mmm sounds like you’re pretty pent up,” I muttered, looking at his bulge grow. “And you heard you can experiment and enjoy yourself with me, didn’t you?””That’s what he said…” he groaned out, itching to have his cock sprung out of his pants.”Then let’s do exactly that, why don’t you take everything pent up out on me, and this fat sissy whore ass. Use me like I’m your personal fuckdoll to do whatever you want with.””Fuck yes, you really are a good dirty slut,” he grunted out, and whipped his rock-hard cock out in my face before I went down to slurp it up.Moaning as I slurped him up, drooling all over his cock and balls and looked up at him like a good dirty whore. His head was flinging back, and he couldn’t stop groaning out, as if he hadn’t even received a proper blowjob in a long time. “Oh god, that’s it baby, get down lower to lick my ass for me,” he muttered out, and pushed my head down lower.I stuck my tongue in his ass, twirling it around and moaning like crazy hearing him grunt out uncontrollably, and shaking. I could tell he hadn’t been rimmed before, so I made sure to do an even better job. Reaching up and stroking his hard throbbing cock, with its precum coating both my hand as he pinned my head under his sweaty ass for me to serve.”Fuck….oh fuck!” he shouted out, kaçak bahis shot up to his feet, positioned himself right above my fat ass in my tights and came all over them.”Mmmm wow I can feel all your hot cum through my clothes,” I was bent over on the floor, shaking my ass with his cum dripping all over me.He was still rock hard though, and his cock pulsed and twitched like it wanted to shoot even more cum for me.”Why don’t you sot on the couch, and lay back,” I told him, and snuck one more peek of his cock stroking for me before I turned around and stripped down finally.I slowly took off my now cum covered tights, showing my ass without any panties on.”Such a naughty slut, no panties on…” he muttered out, stroking wildly. “That’s such a nice fat fucking ass for me, way better than my wife’s.””It’s all yours to own and use as you please,” I turned my head, looking back over my shoulder as I bounced up and down to jiggle my fat whore ass for him.”Mmmm then get on this cock and ride me with that sissy ass,” he waved me over with one hand, still stroking hard with the other.I climbed up on top of him, and slid all the way down on his cock, swallowing up every last inch of his big dick. “God this cock is good, it needs a good fucktoy to serve it, sir,” I moaned out, grinding and swaying my wide hips on him, already getting hot and worked up.He didn’t reply back with words, but just kept smacking my ass, staring at it jiggling and bouncing all over his cock and balls as I rode him hard and deep, slamming my fat whore ass down on him with his balls smacking against me too.Both of us started to drip wet with sweat, and I clutched my arms around him to slide all over him, my thighs shaking, illegal bahis and squeezing against him as he made me weak.”Fuck baby yes, fuck yes take that dick like a good whore for me,” He grunted out loudly in my ear, reaching up and gripping my long hair so tight, before he started to thrust up into me fast and hard.My eyes rolled back, my tongue stuck out and started to drool as if I turned into a mindless fucktoy for him.”That’s such a good nasty bitch, oh fuck look how much you’re enjoying this dick, I love that face!” He shouted out, and made him fuck me even harder.There’s no way the neighbors didn’t hear his shouting grunts, letting out every last bit of pent up frustration on my ass, and god did it feel good. I could feel every bit of him taking it out on me.”Please, breed me…please cum inside me,” I barely was able to whimper out as I leaned into his ears.He just let out an echoing shout, and slammed into me as deep as he could, shooting a huge surge of cum deep in my sissy pussy as he sat back completely relaxed.”Oh my god….oh god so much cum inside me mmmm.” I grinded slowly on his cock still inside me, still semi-hard for now and I climbed off so I could stick his sensitive cock in my mouth.”That’s a good slut, clean me all up. Taste your sissy pussy all over me,” He pet my head and lightly held it down as he relaxed on the couch, then peered over at my ass wiggling in the air for him. “God, look at that cum dripping out of that hole, fuck you’re good. That guy was right about you.”I smiled with cum covered lips, slobbering all over his big hard dick, loving being praised like a dirty whore.”Come by anytime you need to take your day out on me, or when your wife isn’t giving you any.””Oh I will. I want even more right now, but that fat ass made me cum pretty quick since I haven’t had sex in a month.”Just a quicker story this time :p but I found it so hot at the time 🙂