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Subject: Horny Dad Tales 13: Chief’s Boy Horny Dad Tales Bill Drake (billdrake@hotmail) The usual disclaimers apply: for adult readers only. Contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men, some of whom are related. More dad-son shenanigans. The series has gotten a lot of great feedback, so thanks to those readers out there who’ve taken a moment to write. Send those comments and story suggestions along: billdrake@hotmail. Check out all of my stories at my Yahoo hoo/group/drakestories/ Horny Dad Tales 13 Chief’s Boy It was the most depraved sight young Kevin Durant had seen. Half a dozen men’s bodies piled onto his father’s kingsized bed, an incredible pile of sleeping cop flesh. With limbs intertwined, it was difficult to make out who was who. The eighteen year old high school jock set down his bag of clothes and gear he’d packed for the upcoming week’s football camp and squinted into the darkness of the bedroom. He recognized a couple of guys… Frank Gelson, a family friend that Kevin had called Sarge growing up and still knew as Sarge even though Gelson had long been promoted in the ranks. He lay at the edge of the bed, his hairy chest rising and falling as he slept… Reggie Washington, a chocolate-skinned black man with smooth, muscular body and incredible arms that stretched the short sleeves of the uniform in the summer. The rest seemed to the started young man an indistinguishable mass of body parts and exposed skin. Beefy asses, sinewed backs, beer bellies, and limp but full cop cocks. Until Kevin saw a bobbing motion in the center. He was the only one with his police cap still on; he had his head buried in the crotch of an older, burly man. The town’s police chief. Kevin’s dad. “Shitfire, Yates. You know how to suck!” Chief Durant’s booming voice woke up the other men, who began to stir on the oversized bed. Sounds of man-to-man kissing accompanied the sloppy smacking of one hot subordinate-boss blowjob. The teen felt frozen in his tracks. He wanted to turn away but couldn’t do anything but watch his dad’s cock get sucked deep into the beat officer’s wet, open, eager mouth. Maybe Kevin should have been warned of this scene by the line of police cruisers in the driveway. But, damnit, his father had sternly told him to come at 9AM sharp, so it was his fault. Since his parents’ separation, Kevin’s world had turned upside down as he watched his gruff bruiser of a career-cop Dad turn queer before his eyes. Kevin had tried to be open minded when his father mentioned, offhand one fishing trip, that he was dating men. But this was different. Having goddamned orgies in his new house. Just then, Chief Steven Durant’s eyes popped open. It was his eldest boy standing in the doorway, just looking, seething, watching. The boy was shaking like a leaf. The police chief thought he could see a hardon in his jeans…. maybe his imagination was getting away from him. “Sorry, Kevin,” he breathed in his croaking morning voice. “Just hold on a sec and I’ll be ready…” Intently, he looked down on Sgt. Yates doing a number on his oversized joint. “You can wait in the living room if you like…” Kevin stood still. He was mesmerized by his father’s prick. It was big. No scratch that, it was huge. Big fat round billyclub of a throat stretcher. Even from the distance, even in the dark, Kevin could watch the wide red-brown circumcision ring pop in and out of the unknown policeman’s mouth. The girth was doing a number on the sergeant’s jawopen throat, pushing a wide lump in the neck with each upstroke. As Steve looked up, he saw Kevin still there, not moving. “Or not,” the man added, a sinister lust-driven smile crossing his face. He kept his eyes riveted to his boy’s as he neared, then reached, orgasm. Somehow, he’d lost control. It was his dick calling the shots these days. His hormone-surging testicles making him do crazy shit, like taking on half the force every other night of the week. Making him a bad father. “Dad,” Kevin started, as he heard the desk sergeant choke and cough on his father’s heavy load. The lusty cop soon sucked any spilled seed back into his suctioning mouth. “I can, I mean, you want me to…?” Kevin didn’t know how to finish his question because he didn’t know what he was asking. He hoped his dad would ask for him. Steve was gasping for air and could barely form words. His eyes half back in his head he nodded for Kevin to approach the bed. “C’mon.” By istanbul travesti now all the men on the Henderson City force were wide awake, their eyes on the new arrival. They’d seen some wild times with the Chief but nothing had prepared them for the erotic energy in the room right at that moment, as the Chief’s son slowly, hesitatingly joined the fuck party. “Dad, I don’t know if I can…” Still, he walked to the bed, where a fate awaited him, only he wasn’t sure just what yet. All he knew was that his pounding heart and throbbing cock drove each step forward. Til he felt a man’s rough hand touch him. Grazed his arm, then up the boy’s bicep. Sending the hairs on his arm straight up. He recognized Mike O’Malley, a 6′ tall married piece of Irish beef. Officer O’Malley’s arm reached around Kevin’s waist, starting to pull him toward the horny cop. Then, as if in afterthought he spoke up, “‘s OK if I touch ‘him Chief?” Not even taking his eyes off the boy. Chief Durant swallowed the knot in his throat and nodded his assent. “Sure. He’s open game to any of you fellas, but the boy calls the shots, hear?” Then looking up at Kevin, “You OK with this son? It’s your party. Anything you ever wanted to explore… well here’s the chance. Don’t have to feel nervous, just do what you want to do.” Kevin looked up from O’Malley and saw his father’s steely gaze. The paternal cock, which had gone soft after the blowjob was now erect and pusling again. Kevin wanted to explore that erection, but he felt that was too much, too fast. And right now, O’Malley was pulling Kevin’s athletic body into his lap. The high schooler resisted for a second, then relented and felt his mass crush against the heavy cop muscle. Instantly, Mike’s hot kisses were attacking Kevin’s neck, sending bolts of electricity straight to his confused, overcharged crotch. Then he felt powerful hands turn his head, then O’Malley’s mouth against his… then his first man kiss. The force and power and sheer forbidden nature made Kevin whimper. O’Malley’s hands were now taking off his T-shirt, undressing him. “Hey Mikey, don’t hog the kid. Let us share.” Detective Roarke was getting impatient, even though he sat on his buddy Greg’s face enjoying a nice deep-tongue rim. Roarke’s hardon jutted high and leaked pearly lube down its impressive length. “I SAID,” Chief Durant reprimanded. “Kevin’s calling the shots, boys. What part of that did you not understand?” That froze O’Malley’s attack long enough for Kevin to wriggle free, panting, hard, but confused. He looked around the bed piled high with cops. There was a new guy, about 25, not the most muscular man on the force but he was handsome like a movie star. Beaming smile, sea-blue eyes, and short blond-brown hair. Kevin crawled over and pushed his face against this perfection. The rookie cop, Ryan Dorsey, couldn’t believe his luck. This teen was sex on legs and didn’t even know it. Immediately, he met the boy in a soulful, passionate kiss as his more experienced hands reached down to caress the bubble jock ass, the smooth lower back, the quivering upper hamstrings. Gently, teasingly pushing his fingers into the heat of the virginal teen crack. That really made Kevin moan and the sent a good pulse of pre-cum onto Ryan’s furry abs. “Figures he’d go for the young guy,” Frank Gelson intoned, a little wistully. Reggie laughed. “I seem to recall you were pretty eager to get Dorsey as your riding partner.” “Yeah,” O’Malley added, “you had a goofy grin on your face all of Rookie Week.” By now, Kevin Durant was grunting loudly as that rookie swallowed his aching prick. “Oh fuck! Fuck, guys, this shit’s incredible.” The men laughed. “You got a bright boy, Chief.” Steve Durant leaned back and watched the proceedings. That desk sergeant was now giving a tongue-worshipping on his asspucker as the Police Chief spread his furry legs and watched his son get his first blow job. He knew what he had said, about the boy calling the shots, and he meant it. Only he desired more, wanted to get closer. “Let’s switch positions,” he instructed the sergeant and got up on his knees so the cop could eat him out from behind. Kevin looked up from Ryan’s bobbing face and saw his father facing him, three feet away. He felt this need, this impulse. Slowly, his hand reached forward. He father leaned in. Father and son connected, hand on hairy chest. “Touch me, son. Feel your dad’s muscle.” kadıköy travesti Kevin looked up pleading, expecting. His father smiled, then bit his lip as the sensation of his boy’s sexual caresses teemed through his beefy body. His fatherly cock was dripping majorly now. The jock looked down at his dad’s raging prick and noticed the desk sergeant crouched behind him. “What’s he doing Dad?” Kevin didn’t want to sound naive and he thought he knew the answer anyway, but couldn’t believe it. “He’s eating me out, son. Munching ass. Licking your daddy’s hole.” It was so wrong to talk like this, to his own son nonetheless, but it felt liberating to Steve. His prick was iron hard now. Kevin paused a second to let the thought sink in. “God, that’s nasty.” “Feels pretty good actually. You should let someone do it to you.” Kevin paused to reflect. He had to admit the idea turned him on a little, but it also repulsed him. “Nah, I couldn’t.” His father reassured him, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Don’t hafta. You’re calling the shots, remember.” The boy nodded. “Besides, Ryan’s blowjobs feel pretty good, huh?” Kevin smiled and nodded. “Do BJs always feel this good?” “Why don’t you compare?” The son’s eyebrows raised in a question. “You know, try a few of the other fellas out.” Kevin felt nervous again. The illusion was gone that he was a passive recipient of the sexual advances of these overlusted men. If he went with another guy it was because he wanted it. Wanted a blow job, wanted the sex. And the guys would know he wanted it. He reached down and guided Ryan’s bobbing head off. “Thanks, man, you’re great, but I’m gonna give a couple of the others a try.” Ryan winked and nodded his understanding. Breathing deep he sat back on his haunches. Reaching down, he pinched beneath his cockhead to control the lust. He’d almost shot off sucking the boy. Kevin looked around him, surveying the hunks. Six cops all looking at him expectantly. Their pricks raging, their chests poked out, their gazes boring into his soul. He could choose any one of them. The teen’s attention kept coming back to Gelson. Sarge. The man he’d practically grown up with. He was big, burly, tall man with muscles and a healthy hairy beer belly. Pure grade-A rack of cop meat. “Gonna give old Sarge a try?” the man whispered. Boner sticking high. Clearly excited. Kevin felt a shiver as he looked at the forty-something man. He was in many ways the opposite of the rookie cop. The teen’s hands felt along the burly body, cupping the man’s bulging pecs, feeling the swell of his stomach. As a devotee of men’s fitness magazines and possessing a washboard stomach himself, Kevin had never though of a man’s belly as sexy. But at that moment, combined with the feel of the man’s upper-body muscle, the teen all of a sudden felt the power and girth of that gut, and imagined he was making out with one of the team’s linebackers. Or with Coach Carroll. Tentatively he reached down to touch Gelson’s cock. Thick, rigid cop dick, leaking right into Kevin’s palm. The first dick he’d ever touched. The manhandling got Frank’s approval, “Yeah, Kevin, feel my meat. God, you make me so fucking hard, stud.” The heat and the ridges of his cock nearly burned a brand into Kevin’s palm. Kevin looked up to see if the man was being sincere. The thought that he turned this hunk of a man on excited him. The two’s eyes locked. “You embarrassed to kiss me in front of your daddy?” Gelson taunted. Kevin looked over at his dad who was now embracing and kissing Reg Washington, then turned back “Un unh,” he grunted and leaned forward to lock lips with Sarge. The man’s thick tongue felt different on his lips, in his mouth, than the rookie’s had. It wasn’t romantic or tentative. Kevin felt possessed by the rough kiss. Gelson broke the kiss. “You embarrassed to suck me in front of your dad?” That made the jock pause. He hadn’t counted on sucking dick. He had to admit, the stiff police prick in his hand felt full, exciting. He wanted to try it. Still… He licked his lips and swallowed the spit that was collecting in his mouth. “I don’t… I never have.” “Just lick it til you’re ready to stick the head in your mouth. Take only what you can, son.” Kevin knelt down excited. The other policemen were watching him, expectant and a little jealous. Chief’s boy getting a lesson in cocksucking. The jock groaned as his forehead pressed against bakırköy travesti the hairy cop gut and his face wedged against that meaty cock. He put his tongue out and instantly savored the hot, salty skin of the man’s dick. “That’s it, son.” This time it was his father urging him on. The jock complied by lapping up the full, heavy length of the shaft. Up close, Gelson sure seemed hung to fuck. Kevin had seen guys dicks in the locker room, but this was a real man’s dick, all right. When he got to the leaking tip, he swirled his tongue around the glans, eliciting a moan of approval from Sarge. Then, taking a deep breath, he plopped the fat shiny head into his mouth. And descended. He felt nervous eating a man’s dick like this, but it felt right, too. Kevin felt the hard shaft push back into his oral cavity and against his throat. Then, like magic, he felt his throat muscles dilate a little and that magnificent rod push deeper. “Holy fuck, Chief!” one of the men exclaimed. “Your boy’s eating Gelson like a champ.” Kevin was concentrating on handling Frank’s piece when he felt a new presence at his back side. Soft and wet, a tongue was licking all along his exposed, upturned ass crevice, nuzzling in to lap at his hole. Holy fuck! This was what his father had been experiencing. Unconsciously, uncontrollably, Kevin hiked his round, smooth butt cheeks against the face of the man eating him out. The assrimmer responded in kind, doubling his assault. It was O’Malley who gave a clue of who was doing it. “So hot, Chief… watching you eat your own boy out.” Chief Durant grunted his reply straight into the smothered darkness of his boy’s asscrack. Never once coming up for air or for a break. His tonguework – and the thought of his own father having sex with him – drove the younger Durant mad with lust. His cock pulsed and his asshole fluttered like crazy against his father’s lips and expert tongue. “Oh, Dad!” he wanted to grunt, but Frank Gelson’s thick tool was pistoning in and out of the boy’s mouth at a good pace now. It was almost too much. Just when Kevin thought his internal circuits were going to trip, the rimming stopped and after a brief second something hard pressed against his hole. Before the teen could register that it was his father’s cock, a few pre-cum wet inches bored their way into his anus. “Dad!” he cried, this time freeing his mouth from Gelson’s pile-drive. He felt his father’s thrust pause, felt the man’s reassuring hands on his back, soothing him. “‘s OK son. But Daddy’s gonna call the shots now.” With that, the horny police chief pushed his hips forward and fucked more of his cock into this own boy. “Daddy’s gotta fuck you, Sport. Hell, yeah.” Now that fatherly cock was buried deep, all the way inside his son’s heated bowels. Kevin felt tears welling in his eyes, but through the discomfort, it felt good. Felt good to be broken in like this. By his cop father. The men on the bed were all encouraging the hot incest scene in front of them. “Fuck him, Chief!” “So hot, sir.” “Go on, Steve.” This from Gelson, the only one to address Durant by his first name. He’d taken a break from the face fucking in order to concentrate on the dad-son cherry popping he was witnessing. His prick had never been harder. The chief nodded at his best friend and subordinate and pulled his hips back. Then fucked a hard thrust right into this boy. Then again. Breathing hard, he acted as if he was trying to hold back his nut. “Nice, tight ass, Sport. Daddy’s not gonna last long.” He continued with the long shafting, nuts now swinging in their sac and bouncing against his son’s perineum. Kevin was panting, too. “Me neither Dad. God, your dick… so big… so good.” The elder Durant was going to tell his boy to get his nut off, but he was too engrossed in his own orgasm. Rapidly he fucked Kevin as his cock spurted the familial seed into his son’s violated ass. The man couldn’t speak, just huff and puff as his first son-fucking experience drove him out of his mind, nearly out of consciousness. Kevin was feeling the same thing, only from the inside out. His father’s cock punched against something deep inside him til he felt convulsions wrack his body. When he came to, his father’s weight slumped against his back, pushing both of them to a flat prostrate position on the bed. The young jock felt his father’s heavy breathing against his neck, then soft kisses. “Thanks, son,” Steve purred, “That was fucking incredible.” Kevin turned his head, and father and son craned so that their lips together in their first kiss. At that moment, the horny spectators started spraying the dad-son duo with their ejaculations raining sperm down on the Durant men.