Chrissie, Rene and Jean

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Chrissie, Rene and JeanChrissie, Rene and JeanI hope you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve already related to you concerning my adventures with Rene. I’ve told you of his insatiable love of S/M and bondage. I’ve also told you a tale of my relationship with Charles, his driver. Now I’d like to relate the details of an encounter with Rene which occurred near the end of our nearly 2 year involvement. Charles and the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud called for me at my condo the same as he had so many times previously. I must point out that this encounter occurred prior to the occasion upon which Charles and I had become, shall I say, intimately involved. It would be several more months before that fateful day when I would treat Charles to one of my superb blow jobs and allow him to avail himself of the pleasures that a gentleman might derive from my lush round ass.The journey to Rene’s progressed as usual in silence and darkness with Charles upfront ahead of the one-way glass partition and me behind it alone with just my thoughts. I naturally wondered what dastardly deeds and wanton acts of debauchery Rene might have in store for me upon my arrival.Shortly before we arrived at Rene’s estate Charles lowered the glass that separated us and handed me a black silk scarf. I was instructed to use the scarf to blindfold myself. Although Rene had directed to affix a blindfold on several previous occasions, it had been quite a while since he’d instructed me to wear one. Needless to say I did as I was told and tied the smooth silky fabric of the scarf around my head, making sure that I was securely blindfolded.Once Charles had pulled the Rolls into the garage he led me blindfolded into the house. Once inside I was led down a hallway and after a turn to the left and a few more steps I found myself in a room that I surmised was the library. This was a room I been in many times before. Still blindfolded I overheard the voices of two women conversing in low tones. I immediately recognized one voice as that of Rene’s wife but the other voice was slightly accented and was unfamiliar to me. I was able to distinguish that the two women appeared to be bidding goodbye to one another. By this time I had become quite used to Rene’s wife’s departure which always followed my arrival on these occasions.I stood in the middle of the room and awaited Rene’s eventual appearance. I remained standing there shrouded in total darkness but I sensed that perhaps there might be someone else in the room. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt someone walk up behind me and begin to squeeze and caress my butt cheeks. I knew from the way these hands kneaded the flesh of my fanny that they did not belong to Rene. The fondling continued for several minutes and then finally a low raspy female voice whispered “Stand still little slut. Just stand still so that I may find out just what kind of little plaything my dear frere has provided tonight.”Did she say “Frere” ? Aha! So the mystery woman is Rene’s sister. Thank goodness for high school French. Once she had thoroughly explored my bottom she turned her attention to my breasts. The hands that had just fondled every inch of my ass were now busily cupping, squeezing and caressing my tits. “Mmmmmmmmmmm…..yes very nice.” she murmured “I believe you’ll do just fine my sweet little whore.”She squeezed each of my breasts in turn, lightly at first and then a little harder. When I winced a bit she placed a hand on my to my chin and squeezed my cheeks together tightly.“Ohhhh!! Does my little whore find that too painful?” she hissed as she squeezed my right tit even harder.“AHHHHHHH!!!!” I cried out as best I could, what with her hand so tightly squeezing my cheeks.“I would have thought that you’d have been properly broken in by now but don’t worry I can certainly complete what may be lacking in your education.” she said after releasing her vice-like grip istanbul escort on my cheeks..She roughly squeezed my breasts several more times and attempted to pinch my nipples through the fabric of my blue velvet cocktail dress and black strapless bra. The bra and dress afforded me some protection from her pinching fingertips, however she was still able to inflict a certain degree of pain. “Now I need you to remove that trashy frock you little whore.” she hissed at me. My hands immediately went to back of my dress in search of the zipper. I grasped the tab of the zipper and tugged down the length of my back. I shrugged the dress from my shoulders and pulled away from torso, letting it tumble down to bunch around my waist. Apparently I wasn’t stripping my dress off quick enough to satisfy her because she reached out and grabbed the fabric surrounding my waist and roughly yanked it down off my hips and down my legs to the floor.I stood before her clad in only my black strapless bra, my heels, knee highs and a black half-slip. My dress was pooled around my ankles on the floor. Naturally I wore no panties under the slip, as Rene insisted that I always remove them and hand them to Charles prior to every arrival. I was to be constantly without panties during the duration of my visits to Rene’s.“Remove your bra whore!” she commanded me “Let me see your fucking tits.” I reached between my breasts and unclasped the front hooking bra. It easily fell away landing on the floor behind me. “Place your hands in front of you at your waist.” she instructed. And then grasping my wrists together with one hand she proceeded to bind them tightly with a length of rope.As I stood there stripped to the waist and, my hands tightly bound my body jerked and I winched as she slapped my tits. “Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!….” She slapped first the right and then “Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!…She slapped the left. “You have very lovely tits my little whore.” she said “I like the way the bounce and jiggle when I slap them.”“WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! “ She slapped away at them, only harder this time. I could have cried but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction……..not yet at least.I listened as she walked away and then quickly returned. I felt her hand as she let the palm slide back and forth across my ass cheeks. She squeezed each cheek lightly and then gave each one a modest little smack. “Bend over from the waist little whore” she instructed “Now stick that sweet little ass out. Stick it up and out.”I did as she asked, bent over with ass pointed up and out. I knew instinctively what would be coming next. It was obvious that she had plans to spank, whip or cane me. I tensed up and apprehensively awaiting the painful stinging blows that were to come. I didn’t have long to wait…..THWACK!…the first blow from a leather strap landed squarely on my ass………THWACK!…the next blow was directed directly across the center of both cheeks…..THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!…three more blows two falling on my right cheek and one on my left. The thin fabric of the half-slip provided little protection from lashes of the strap. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!……the blows continued…then a pause.“Now we pause little whore.” she said “We pause so that you might feel the stinging sensation of the lash as it burns into your skin. Do you feel burning deeply into our flesh whore.”After she let adsorb the stinging pain from the strap for 30-45 seconds she grasped the elastic waistband of my half-slip and yanked down off my bottom. She let it ride across my upper thighs just below the cheeks of my ass.“Such a pretty red ass you have now whore” she said. “Oh but I think we can do even better.” …..THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!………a strap descended upon the tender naked flesh of my ass.“OWWWWWWWWWW!!!! OWWWWWWWW!!! OWWWWWWWW!!! avcılar escort OOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” I howled with each stroke of the strap. “THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!……..the blows continued until finally…….“BRAVO JEAN! A splendid display of your prowess with the strap as usual.” I heard Rene shout. “You can be such a vicious little cunt when you put your mind to it.”I returned to a standing position and felt Rene remove the blindfold from my eyes. “I am sorry Chrissie, I haven’t properly introduced you to my lovely older sister.” Rene said. “Forgive my momentary lack of manners.” Now that the blindfold had been removed I was able to see Rene’s sister. She was a tall thin woman, made even taller by the 5 inch heels on the thigh high black leather boots she was wearing. The rest of her outfit consisted of a black silk blouse that laced up the front and a knee length black leather skirt with a slit at the side that traveled up nearly to her waist. Her blond hair was medium length and pulled back behind her head. I would guess that she was about 50 years old. A still very attractive woman with long legs, a smallish tight ass, and large but not excessively large breasts.“So Jean, what do you think of my little toy?” he asked “I think she managed to stand up quite well to your punishment. Wouldn’t you agree?”“I suppose the little whore was adequate. But Rene, I think you’ve had much better.” she answered.“Perhaps your right Jean but this one has a little something the others didn’t have.” he said.“Really” she replied “And that would be?”Rene spun me around so that I faced Jean, reached out and tugged my half-slip down. “Show my sister your “clitty/cock” Chrissie.” he said.“Ohhhh Rene! I hadn’t even noticed.” she said “It’s rather small isn’t it? I doubt it could barely fill my pussy.”“Well you are certainly welcome to try and fill it.” Rene said with a laugh.Jean walked over to the desk and retrieved something from the drawer. She returned and I could see she was holding a leather collar and lease. She affixed the collar around my neck and attached the leash to the metal ring that hung below my chin. She then untied my hands and tossed the rope aside.“I believe your little whore understands that I mean to use her as I see fit and there should be no need to leave her wrists bound.” she said “Don’t you agree Rene?”“Chrissie? Are you prepared to do as my sister instructs you?” Rene asked.“You know I will Rene. I will do whatever I am ordered to do.” I answered.“Rene, I am now going to take the little whore to my bedroom. You may join me if you wish?” she told him.“After my nightcap perhaps I shall join you.” he said as he walked toward the bar to pour himself a brandy.“Come whore I’m not finished with you yet.” she hissed as she tugged on the lease leading me from library and up the stairs.Once in her bedroom she led me toward the bed, lay me down on my back and hooked the looped end of the leash around the bedpost. I lie there on my back wearing just my black thigh high stockings and 3½ inch black heels. She sat on the bed next to me and began to stroke my “clitty”. “I hope this tiny pathetic thing gets a little big whore.” she said “There’s no way it would satisfy my pussy like this.” She bent down and took my limp “clitty” into her mouth and began to slowly suck it. I could feel my “clitty” beginning to wake up a bit but she soon ceased sucking it. “I think you’ll have to satisfy me another way whore.” she said as she stood up and unzipped her leather skirt. She stepped out of the skirt and quickly peeled off a pair of lacy white bikini panties that appeared to be quite expensive. She ruffled the small patch of hair above her pussy and slowly stroked the lips of her sex several times. While she was stroking her pussy Rene walked into the room.“Ah there you are little brother. You’re just in time to şirinevler escort watch your little whore eat my pussy.” She said “and you will continue to eat my pussy until I come won’t you whore?’“Yes Maam.” I replied.Rene settled into the chair next to the bed while Jean proceeded to straddle my upper torso. She moved up until her pussy was directly over my face. “Lick my pussy you little whore.” she said as she lowered her snatch down toward my waiting mouth. I inhaled the aroma of her sex as I began to lick her glistening pussy lips. My tongue darted up and down her slit, occasionally I would force it between her lips and push it in as far as I could. I would fuck her with my tongue.“YESSSSSSSSSSS that’s it little whore eat my pussy!!” she moaned as she ground the mound between her legs down against my face. The sweet nectar that flowed from her pussy now coated my face. Rene set down his brandy glass and moved toward the bed. He opened his silk bathrobe and I could see he was naked beneath it. He knelt upon the bed and bent down to kiss Jean. They kissed long and passionately while she continued to grind her pussy against my mouth. Rene bent his head down further and began to kiss, lick and suck Jean’s nipples. “Don’t be shocked Chrissie.” Rene said “Jean and I have been very close ever since we were teenagers.”Finally Jean began to spasm, she let out a several loud moans as she exploded in orgasm. I continued to eat her dripping pussy and her moans became louder. Eventually she had had enough and raised her pussy up off my face. Jean rose up off me and reversed herself so that her ass was now just above my head. She placed one hand behind each of my knees and raised my legs up high in the air. She held my legs up nearly to her shoulders and my ass was now raised up off the bed. Rene now climbed in between my legs and teased at the entrance to my “pussy” with his cock head. With one quick hard thrust Rene stabbed his stiff cock into my cunt.“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I let out a yell as he drove his cock deep inside me. The way Jean was pulling my legs up and back my “pussy” was gaping wide open and Rene was able to drive his cock deep inside me. I don’t ever recall his cock so deep inside me. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I moaned as his big hard cock pounded my “pussy”. Rene and Jean were once again passionately locked in a kiss as he vigorously fucked me. Rene continued to drive his cock deep inside me with long measured strokes. “MMMMMMMMMMMM……YES!, YES! YES!…OH MY GOD RENE!!!……FUCK ME!!” I yelled……”FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!”As Rene approached orgasm he withdrew his cock from my “pussy” and knelt up on the bed while Jean released her hold on my legs and climbed off of me. Rene reached for leash that still hung around the bedpost and yanked me toward him.“Suck my cock Chrissie!” he ordered “Suck my cock and taste your ass on my prick”I opened my mouth and he slipped his stiff wet cock into my mouth. He began to slowly fuck my face and I could tell he was about to come. Once he’d thrust his cock in and out of my mouth several times he pulled it from my mouth and turned toward Jean. She opened her mouth and eagerly excepted his cock into her mouth. She began slide her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock…………”OHHHH YESSSSSS JEANIE!!! SUCK MY COCK!!………SUCK IT JEANIE!!! ……..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……he let out a long loud moan as his cum burst forth and filled his sister’s mouth. I watched in amazement as Jean took every drop of Rene’s cum and dutifully swallowed it all.Jean and Rene kissed one more time before they both headed toward the shower. Before she left the bed Jean once again took the leash and gave it several yanks as she pulled from the bed. She directed me to my knees and led me to circular throw rug at the end of the bed where she tied the end of the leash to the leg of the bedpost. “This is where you will spend the night little whore.” she said and then headed toward the shower. Following the shower Rene and Jean returned to the bedroom, both clad in expensive silk pajamas. They settled down in the big king size bed while I remained curled up naked on the floor at the foot of the bed listening to the sounds of Rene and Jean’s lovemaking in the darkened room.