Christmas Part 2

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Christmas Part 2This is a very overdue second installment. You should read the first installment to understand the situation. I promise, future installments won’t be so long in comingChapter 1: 2We were waiting to board our plane when I spotted the woman with the heavenly ass approaching our gate. Instantly, I felt a tingling in my groin and forced myself to look away before I developed another case of embarrassing dick syndrome. Besides, it was late and I was tired. We were catching the last flight of the day out of Miami. Even though we didn’t have to change planes, our flight had one stop over in Atlanta then non-stop to Detroit where my mother’s family was supposed to pick us up in the wee hours. We were due to arrive in Motown at five twenty five AM and then drive the rest of the way to the exciting metropolis of Toledo.“Hope we get through.” I heard my Mom say to my father.“Yeah, Atlanta’s lookin’ kinda sketchy right now,” was his reply.“What’s goin’ on?” I asked.“Atlanta has an ice storm coming in. There are winter storm advisories in place.” He had a genuinely concerned look on his face as we boarded the plane. “I guess we’ll find out soon enough if we’re getting out of here or not.”I followed them to our seats. “You’re there, honey.” She said and pointed to the right. “Dad and I are over here. I couldn’t get all of our seats together.” She added as she motioned to the other side of the aisle and a few rows up. My pass said I had a window seat, another thing to thank Mom for I guess, and I quickly moved over to the far side. The rows of seats were situated around an exit, so there was another row that faced me. At least there was lots of leg room. I could stretch out and make myself comfortable.I found some headphones and plugged them into my chair as I stared out the window. The music sucked, but it did drown out the voices of the rest of the people as they got on the plane. The Captain even came on and said that there appeared to be an opening in the storm that would allow us to make it into Atlanta. I noticed the slightly overweight, middle age man sit not quite opposite of me and the thirty-something couple fill the two seats to my right.Watching the lights of Miami and South Beach fade away, I closed my eyes fully intending on sleeping until we were on the ground. Just as sleep was catching me, the Captain blared in my headset, “Sorry folks, we have a change of plans for tonight’s flight. The weather will prevent us from landing in Atlanta, so we’ll continue on to our destination without stopping.”There was a pause as I heard some of those near me grousing about the changes.“I understand it is an inconvenience.” The Captain continued, “Especially to those of you that were going to be departing from Atlanta. Connected flights back to Hartsfield-Jackson will begin as soon as the weather passes. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to pass it along to you. In the meantime, please accept our apologies and enjoy the flight as best you can.”Finding the humor in the fact that Detroit was open and fully functional and Atlanta was closing because of ice storms. I drifted off to sleep with some boring jingle again restored to my headset. It did not take long for the images of the woman in the line appeared before me. We were in the line again or was it still. I don’t know. Her man was pulling his had from her pants and I could smell her. Oh how I loved that smell, musky and alive. I felt a light tapping on my knee as some dribble played away in my ears. My head was foggy, that just woke up state where reality and dream meet. The lights were dimmed to just the running lights above the storage bins. A soft drone of the plane mixed with the muffled sounds of the late night flight. A snore, a whisper, and …. That smell. I could feel that knot in the pit of my stomach begin to turn as the tingling sensation warmed my crotch. Images flashed before my slowly closing eyes as I replayed the scene from earlier in the day. She twisted and turned and made room for the invader as it pressed through her, into her. She withered as his fingers picked up pace. She buckled as her moment of glory struck her. She basked in the glow as she playfully teased him while slowly cleaning his fingers.That smell.She looked at me. Not just looked at me, but announced herself and her accomplishment in the brief glance. It was her saying that she was free. She was powerful. Sex was power. That simple glance conveyed all the force and strength that only a woman that is comfortable with sex and recognizes that the woman is the most intoxicating d**g. Her eyes said that and more to her lover. That smell.And, more to me. For I knew right then and there that I would do anything for a woman like that. No matter the task, the deed, the peril, it did not matter. That look she gave me was an invitation. Not to her specifically, but to lust; to unbridled and raw sexuality. Her eyes glassy as if on a d**g but clear as if on the highest peak, spoke volumes of the power of passion.It was at that moment that it hit me. As my mind imagined the woman and her face and her all powerful smile, that smell was not part of a memory. It was not a fantasy conjured by a mind dancing through dreams. It was here and now. My eyes flashed open.As I took stock of where I was, I realized that there were two people opposite of me. The chubby man, clearly sleeping as spittle was dripping off his chin. The two to my right must have been asleep as their breathing was slow, deep, even. Slowly my eyes focused on the person setting next to the chubby man and I realized in shock and horror it was the woman from the line.Her eyes sparkled in the weak light and I could clearly see the small smile tug at the edges of her mouth. She wet her lips, sensuously when she recognized that I was now fully alert. Her button up top was not overly loose, nor were her breasts bulging lewdly, but I couldn’t help but start down the front of her shirt as she leaned forward and stood up. I’ll never forget that fleeting glance. That subtle curve of the breast, that hint of the softly shaped chest, it was a just a whisper of sight that ignited my desire. To this day that first curve of a woman’s breast is still the most alluring, exciting part of a woman. Her right hand used my armrest to assist her. As she rose, she gave me a look that spoke as if to say, “Follow my lead.” Yet no sounds came from her lips, but, I knew it right then. That smell.Somewhat confused, I was at a loss as she immediately sat back down directly opposite me. She glanced up at the now glowing light that signified that she wanted service from the flight attendant. We waited for what seemed an eternity for someone to notice the angry red light above her head. As we sat there, she slowly slid her fingers up and down her arms. Lightly, her fingertips danced on her flesh. I swear, I could see goose-bumps as she slowly caressed herself. ataşehir escort Nothing more, however. No skin, nothing. Just a slight quiver and… that smell.After what seemed an eternity, a flight attendant arrived and turned off the light. The woman said, “I needed to move, I hope it’s alright?” Her voice was soft, a bit raspy. “Of course, ma’am. No harm in it at all.”“I hate to be a bother, but could I trouble you for a blanket and a pillow?” She said this with her eyes firmly locked onto mine.The flight attendant nodded in the affirmative when another light went off. This time in my head, “Could I get the same too please?” I quietly asked of the helpful woman. She again nodded and hurried off to get our items.I looked across at the woman. I realized that all I could remember was her fantastic ass and that smell. But in the dim light I could now get a full understanding of how gorgeous she really was. The shadows danced of her angular features. Her nose was perfectly proportioned to match her high cheek bones. And, her eyes, almost gray, were fully alive and sparkling in the faint light. This picture of perfection was framed by a light mane of jet black hair. Straight, not long, but not short, her ebony locks hung just past her ears. The pale skin of her neck dove into the buttons of the blouse she was wearing.Her form was lost while sitting, but I already had that shape of her backside etched into my mind. My eyes traveled back up to her face and saw the smile on her face. It was most decidedly not the smile of a mother or that of a friend. It was hard, and I would come to recognize it later in life as pure lust. It’s that look when you’ve already gone too far and you know it but still don’t care. At this time, though, it made me squirm. I had the distinct feeling the cat was about to eat the mouse.The flight attendant returned and shattered the moment. Handing the woman opposite me her blanket and pillow first then me. I watch as the woman shifted in her seat. Almost squirmed as she d****d the blanket over her. Her movements were muted by the shadows of the darkened airplane as I could only detect the motion, really couldn’t see what was happening. It was maddening. I sat frozen, straining to see what the woman was going to do. My heavy breathing drowns out the rustling she was making under the blanket. I nearly jumped from my seat when I felt her touch my leg. At least I assumed it was her. Just a graze up the inside of my calf, but it was enough to send an electrical charge coursing through my body. My heart pounded, my breathing stopped, as I sat in the darkness. Frozen in the moment.As if on cue, the reading light directly above her popped on. The yellowish LED was a miniature spotlight illuminating her in ways that are difficult to describe. The shadows cast her body in an almost ethereal fashion. She seemed to float above the seat. The folds of the drab blanket blurred the reality of my vision in the vague illumination. Shadows both hardened the features of her angular face and softened the lines of her body that were visible. Her gray eyes were still hungry in their gaze, but were glossed as they had been while we were waiting in line. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips were clearly moist. It was a vision of perfection. A vision of desire. The vision of my dreams.I could clearly see the button up top was no longer buttoned up. It was not splayed open displaying the top of her torso, but hung loosely at her shoulders hiding everything my young mind craved to see. Gravity and nature parted the top at the most glorious point. The small valley between her breasts was almost as white as the pictures of snow I had often seen. As she leaned back in the seat, her body was somewhat off center, almost as if she were leaning against the chubby, drooling guy soundly sleeping to her left. She offered me a wider smile as her eyes looked up. Following her gaze, I realize what she wanted. I froze. Petrified by what she was insinuating. It was one thing for me to sit back and watch her, safe in my little cocoon of darkness. While not alone, I was still mostly anonymous. But she was expecting me to illuminate myself. Expose myself not just in the physical sense, but in every insecurity that a guy my age has. I looked to her, fearing judgment in her eyes. What I found was support, an eagerness sparkling. I saw her left hand trailing in the shallow valley on her chest. It was making the same, slow motions it had earlier on her arm. Intoxicated by the vision playing in the shadows before me, I could see the fingers skimming softly across the skin where the breast met the frame of her body. Lightly it brushed over the point where the swell began to rise. I noticed that it was not goose-bumps this time that were noticeable. What could only be a thick nipple rose under the thin covering of her top dangling from her shoulders. Her hand stopped its general movement; just her fingers softly tickled the skin. Her eyes said what her mouth did not. I reached up for the light that seemed too far out of my reach. I had to physically rise out of my seat to reach it. As I scooted forward and began to push myself up, I again felt something on my leg. Looking down, I could see her foot. I could feel its heat through my pants. It gave me strength.Clicking on the light, I quickly retreated into my own shadows. Trying to hide, trying to blend into the folds of darkness as she did. But, all I could see was the bright light shining on me. I dared a look at the woman, expecting to see her displeasure with my form screaming at me through her eyes. But those gray orbs said something entirely different. They had regained that glassy look from earlier. I spotted the movement of her hand again. Now it was trailing further down her torso loosening each button as they passed over. The fingers played an invisible guitar across her skin. The melody was surreal. I caught a glimpse of her other hand joining in the music making. Coming out of the shadows, this had stood in contrast to the softness of the left. The right was clearly more demanding, clearly more insistent. As the left moved up, over and around the top of the breast, sliding gently under the fabric of her top, the right hand moved in with force and determination. It pushed aside the light fabric as it mauled the object of my desire. I could see her pinch and twist what could only have been the nipple. As she did, I swore I could hear a gasp and see a quiver ripple through the shadows. As her hand slid away, another destination clearly in mind, I saw my first full breast of a woman since I had fed from that of my mother. I was fascinated by the sight in front of me. The breast itself wasn’t overly large, there was not a hint of it sagging. It was firm, with the nipple, fat as my thumb, up turned and nearly pointing to the roof of the cabin. It was erect. In the dim light, I could see the redness from the force of the assault by her right hand pendik escort on it. Shifting in my seat, I felt my own hardness pushing against my jeans. I tried to adjust myself as I continued to watch the show.Now on her left breast, fully exposing the entire top of her torso, I saw the scene repeated. The left hand danced as if a feather, tickling the skin, teasing it. The right moved on to the engorged nipple that was demanding attention. Pinching, pulling, squeezing, the woman clearly shook as the sensations rippled through her body. My own hand wandered down into the shadows; my fingers stroked the length of my hardness through my pants.As her hands flitted across her torso and worked their way down her trimmed body, the blanket pushed further open. Spot-lighted, her skin pimpled as her fingers lightly caressed from the base of her breasts to the shadows not yet revealed. Her pace slowed, and I realized she was looking at me. Her eyes, those grey eyes, crumbled my will. I edged open my own blanket so she could see my erection straining against my denim pants. My eyes never looked off hers, as I felt my hand unbutton the jeans. I slid my left hand down, inside my pants and her eyes sparkled in the dim light. As if of its own volition, the zipper on my trousers also found its way down. My swollen member was happy to be free of its confines, but still demanded more. I was surprised when I felt the fabric of my boxers slide down and the cool, dry air of the cabin on my leaking, hot hard on. Clearly, my hand and prick had a mind of their own. I looked down and it was clear that it was now wholly spot-lighted. I didn’t care at this point. I only had one thing on my mind and it didn’t matter who could see me in all my glory. Her left hand unhooked the button at the top of those impossibly tight jeans. She pulled down the zipper with the right and I saw that she had on a very small piece of silk. It was muted in color and the dull light cast it as blotted gray. Frankly, I didn’t care. I needed to see what was hiding. Her fingers traced along the top, slipping under the elastic band, only to come quickly out. I sat back and watched her, and she watched me as I rolled the head of my dick between my fingers while gently stroking it up and down. In a flash, her hands had vanished. My throbbing cock demanded more! In that split second a hundred thought flashed through my head. Were we caught? Did she realize what she was really doing? Did she just want to tease me and stop here? To my great delight, I noticed a shifting of her hips as they seemed to float a little more into view. I saw she had hooked fingers at the sides of the denim and was peeling them slowly down her legs. As they came off, I held my breath. It was as if my every fiber of existence was tied to the slow descent of her pants. I had even stopped stroking myself as her pants settled about her ankles. As her hands came up, they grabbed the thin cords of what was clearly a G-string and pulled the silky material tightly into the folds of was obviously a hairless pussy. She shivered as it squeezed what I would later learn was her clit. She rolled her hips into the fabric, rubbing herself on the silk. I was fascinated and peered into the dim light and thought I could see moisture darkening the material that was now giving her such obvious pleasure. She leaned back and her legs parted. The silk g-string pulled tight. Her hands slid from her hips and dove into her crotch and pressed together her inflamed, wet mound. Slowly, they pressed the fleshy mound and pulled upwards. She was pushing hard enough that I could see the force in her movements and her hands pulled the flesh. Over her now tightened stomach and up towards the base of her breasts. I watched in stunned silence as her hands cupped a breast and continued to push up into her flesh. Her thumbs wrapped around the side, then over the top, while her fingers moved into the cleavage. She squeezed and pulled and twisted, all at the same time. Her nipples were caught in her own, vice like grip as she stared directly into my crotch. He eyes didn’t move up to see my face until the attack on her breasts slowly eased as her fingers danced back towards her partially hidden pussy.I had forgotten to breath and the spell of her own assault on her breasts had held me captive. Now, as her gaze returned to my eyes, the spell broke and I gasped for air and remembered my hard cock in my hands. I had tensed my whole body watching her ravish herself, and relaxed a bit as we built into a slow rhythm. I was moving my left hand up and down the shaft while using my right to pull down on my scrotum. It pulled my skin tight, giving me more area that could feel the bliss that was racking my body. The beautiful woman had pulled the G-string to the side and was working two fingers in and out of her wet hole with one hand, the other was rubbing vigorously just above. Her cool, gray eyes were locked on mine. She gave me that lustful smile as she removed the fingers, glistening in the dim light. She held them up as if to inspect them. They went to her nose, and slipped into her mouth. I was shocked. I’ve never tasted myself and it never occurred to me to try. Yet she seemed not only comfortable with it, but to enjoy it. She worked the two middle fingers of her hand in and out of her mouth. Swirling her tongue around them as she pulled them out, only to plunge them back in, deep into her mouth. I picked up the pace of hand, working my cock furiously imagine it was my dick she was using to explore the dark recess of her mouth and not her fingers. I spied her other hand move away from the top of her slit to pull on her engorged nipples. One then the other, she twisted them, pulled them, and squeezed them. Impossibly hard, but she clearly enjoyed the pain she was giving herself.She pulled the fingers from her mouth and quickly began moving them in and out of her wet slit. There was a determined look on her face now. I watch as she shifted again in the seat, and slid slightly forward. The hand that was violently m*****ing her breasts vanished from sight but only momentarily. Again, I was in awe as I saw it reappear into the dim light of the overhead reading lamp. It was not from the top, over her hips as was the other. Instead, it had emerged from the darkness below. The fingers weren’t teasing the juicy opening like the other one either. They were pushing their way into the other hole. One, then two, then three, they stretched her from the bottom as she worked another finger into her pussy. Her hips rocked as she worked one leg free of the denim pants that were at her ankles. While I may not have had the will to taste myself as she had just done, I did not hesitated to move my right hand down to my own dark orifice. At first I just let the fingers tickle the opening. The reaction I felt was instant. My cock nearly jumped in my hands. That emboldened me. If it felt that good on just the outside, tuzla escort what would it do with a finger or three on the inside?I pushed the first one in, but it was dry. I realized quickly I didn’t have the natural lubricant she had to coat everything below my waist. I quickly pulled my hand up to my mouth and wet the fingers with saliva. The slight aroma of it passed into my nose as I made damn sure the fingers were wet enough to do the trick. It did not go unnoticed in my mind at the time, that while I may not be interested in tasting my own “man juices” I clearly didn’t have any issue with tasting my own ass. Mission accomplished, one then two fingers slid into my now stretching asshole. I glanced at the woman, took her all in.Her eyes were locked on to what my hands were doing. The movements of her hands had matched the pace of mine. Her chest began to heave, her nipples were like rocks. The look on her face should have made me scared to anywhere near her. It was tight, her jaws were set, pushing the muscles out slightly to the side. But not a sound. No moans, no screams, just heaving breathing not all that much louder than the sleeping fat man just a foot from her wriggling body.I could feel my end approaching. I was trying to keep quiet, like the lovely vision across the emergency aisle, but I was not nearly as successful as she. My breathing was ragged. My fingers worked my ass as my fist pumped my cock. The level of pleasure cannot adequately be put into words, but it was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced before this gateful flight. Sure I was used to using my hand to relieve myself, but this was different. This was powerful. This was…………Cum started to erupt from my dick. From somewhere below my dick, below my balls, deep in my body, the first splash went up my chest and onto my face. I forced my fingers into my ass as far as they would go and slid my up then quickly down my shaft … the second pulse of cum went across my belly. A tingling, a tickling, something far more than just an orgasm throbbed out of me. The woman’s body shook, her hands as deep into herself as they could get her slim fingers. Her hips rocked and her mouth opened and let out a silent scream as I saw a trickle of juice seep from her now thoroughly drenched pussy. Her chest heaved; I could see the sweat had formed over her body and she glimmered in the dim, yellow light. Another pulse escaped my throbbing cock and barely made it past my hand. She pumped herself a couple of more times as tiny aftershocks rocked her small form. She then slid her hands from her holes and ran them up her body. Quivering, across the tight abdomen, up, under, then over her pert chest. Finally, they landed over her once abused nipples, this time though, she did not twist and maul, but gently squeezed and caressed. A final quiver rolled through her body as if it was a slight wave and she sunk back into the darkness of her seat. I could hear her breath, short and shallow.I closed my eyes as the last throb of my now deflating dick spit its final dribble of cum on my hands. In my mind’s eye, I saw her again, crashing her fingers into her holes, writhing, cumming all over again, and a final wave of ecstasy washed through my body. I trembled as I struggled to catch my breath. My left hand still mashed my cock, sending quivers through me. I was content, blissful… spent.As the wave started to take me out of reality into sleep, I was jarred. Suddenly very aware of my surroundings. Very aware of my dick in my cum covered hand, very aware of cum all over my chest, stomach, and some on my face. I felt the pressure of someone lean over me. Panic flared in my now fully awake body.It was her! She was above me. Her hand went up to the light above and she turned off the light that was spotting the messy outcome of our shared bliss. She leaned into me, into my neck. I could feel her hair brushing against my chin. She inhaled. Taking in the smell of me, my cum covered body. I felt her breath in the crook of my neck as she took a small nibble. I shivered in response. I couldn’t breath.Her tongue came out and she licked me there, then it traced its way up the neck, just to under the ear. I could feel her breath. Not just on my neck and ear, but in my now hardening cock. “If there were only more time,” She breathed into me. Her hand had slid down my chest and she was gently stroking my manhood with my own hand. I let my hand drift off and it was only hers there wrapped around my throbbing dick. It was the first time in my life that anyone other than me had touched me there with the intent of giving me pleasure. Her soft fingers were exquisite. Just the right amount of pressure, not too hard and not too soft. She continued to stroke me with one hand and breath into my ear. She whispered, about my cock, what she would do with it if we were alone. How she would scream for all the world to hear as it buried itself in her pussy, in her ass and in her mouth. She let my hands slide up into her shirt. I felt a breast for the first time. I mimicked what I had seen her do. Cupped them as my fingers worked around them. I pulled and squeezed her shapely tits as they slid through my hands until only the hard, hot nipples remained.Despite just having a cum of a lifetime, I knew I wouldn’t last long with her moist breath sighing in my ear and my cock sliding up and down her hand. The head of my cock rubbed against the palm of her hand and the base of her wrist as her fingers held me tight. I humped upwards into her hand. I could feel her body shake, as if from an orgasm and I exploded my second load in less than five minutes. She bit down on my neck, fairly hard and stifled her moan. I opened my eyes and looked down and realized why. The other hand, the one that wasn’t wrapped around my vibrating dick, was buried in her pants.We had both just cum again.“Give me a few minutes to get to my seat,” she breathed into my ear. “Then you’d better get cleaned up. You wouldn’t want your mom to find you like this when we land in about thirty minutes.”As if on cue, the Captain came on the speakers overhead, “We will be beginning our descent in a few moments. The flight attendants will be by shortly to pick up any items.” I jumped as the woman pulled away into the darkness. I wrapped myself in the blanket and waits, just as she said. Then I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I saw the mark on my neck where she had bitten me, I hoped it wouldn’t be noticeable to my parents. I had no idea how I would explain it.By the time I had returned, life was starting to come back to all the weary travelers. The two thirty-something that had sat next to me were chatting and the ugly, fat man had woken. “Hey k**,” he said and pointed to the ground. “That looks like an expensive handkerchief. You probably don’t want to lose that or your parents may get a little pissed.”My eyes followed his outstretched hand and I saw the purple silk of the G-string the woman had been wearing. I nearly fell over in my hurried attempt to pick it up before anyone realized what it really was. As I did, I could smell her. All of her. My cock throbbed a little in my pants.She had left me a gift. A remembrance.