Christmas Window

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This story takes place on Christmas, 2017. Exactly 2 days after I purchased a 1/5 bottle of very luxurious liquor for my father, grandmother and I to enjoy on Christmas, I figured it would be the perfect classy spirit beverage for the holiday. My buddies and I have tried it before and it is definitely one of our favorites, so why not have this drink with the family this year? We always had something classy to get buzzed off of every year before anyways.

It’s Christmas evening, six thirty in the evening. My grandmother, father and I open the liquor to drink straight or mix with our hot chocolate or egg nog. Right away I can tell the drink was the perfect choice, they loved how it was as smooth as it was strong, after a good hour goes by and we’re catching a pretty decent buzz.

Around eight forty five I get an invite from my buddy Chris to have food at his mom’s house for the holiday, and I’m pretty tipsy at this point. I get picked up about a quarter after nine o’clock.

I get dropped off back at my house about ten fifteen, it’s freezing outside, slightly breezy and it’s snowing like hell. I noticed some of the outdoor chores weren’t attended to so I thought I would tidy everything outside before I go in the house and possibly work off my hard buzz a little.

Where we have our patio set up, you can see in the front room if the curtains are open, I see my grandmother and dad are sitting on the couch watching TV laughing outrageously, that bottle must have did a number on them. I’m fixing the area up and I look over and see that my grandmother tries to pour herself another drink, and sure enough they drank it all. At that same time she laughed hysterically about how quickly they had drank the liquor.

Clumsy izmir escort her, she demands more to be poured out, so as a silly joke she shakes the bottle upside down over her glass, which resulted into her breaking the bottle with her glass mug cup over her V-neck shirt and her chest. She laughs and makes fun at what she just did while at the same time my dad tries to help her clean up and at that point she just moved his hands out the way and aggressively rips her shirt all the way down the middle, exposing her bright red bra and surprisingly large busty tits. As much as she’s laughing I’m pretty sure she’s drunk and doesn’t give a fuck about the glass, my dad laughing right along with her unsure how to handle the situation still tries to help her clean herself up.

I sort of just wanted to see what else my hilarious grandmother would do before I walked inside, which was a better choice because she did the unexpected. As my dad tried to get the glass off her with her torn shirt she opens her bra from the middle of her chest releasing 2 enormous breasts. My dad tells her to cover up but she refuses to listen and she starts kidding around with him and began pushing them together and making them bounce. He tries to cover her tits with the shirt but she takes it from him and wraps it around her boobs tightly and bounced them both making her nipples go up and down. She kept bouncing up and down in the couch with her tits out as he struggled to get her situated while drunk and laughing, but she then got on top of him where he couldn’t get up or move her. She tried to make him grab her tits but he continued to resist and I heard her yell out

“I thought you wanted alsancak escort me to cover up!”

My dad laughs and she gets his hands placed over her nipples and tries to look away while laughing as she cheered and chanted happily.

This drunken play fight got weird instantly when my grandmother started to dry hump her son. He tries to tell her to stop as she pulled her skirt up but she’s not listening and continued to jump up and down on him with his hands on her tits. With her hands she finally let go of his hands and untied her hair and she leans back and moves her panties to the side exposing her pussy to him and she starts what looked like fingering herself. My dad is still drunk himself, and has titties in his face and a vagina right next to his cock, his dick began to get hard and she knew it. At that moment he tries to talk her out of it but she wants it bad, the more he tried to resist she seduced him more and more. She slightly cries while rubbing herself and grinding on his cock with her face in his neck.

He gives in, wraps his hands around her waist and picks her up and pulls his sweats down and I see his thick wide cock flop out and he sets her back down. She spits on it and plays with it with her hands but it wasn’t long til she stuffed her pussy with his cock. She was jumping up and down on his cock so hard his balls looked like they were going to burst out of his sack. He rubbed her clit with his left hand and his right hand on her right breast while she slowly rocks back and forth on his dick before she stood up and undressed and got on her knees and bent over the coffee table to get fucked doggy style by her son. He gets behind her and takes buca escort his shirt off and spits on his hand and rubs the tip of his cock and begins fucking his mom.

He rocked her back and forth so hard the table started to slide. He turns her over on her back and placed her ankles around his neck. He’s pounding her pussy so hard she squirts all over his cock and makes an incredible mess but he continues to bang her. The closer he gets to climaxing the harder he squeezed her tits. Once he was ready to cum he stood up and had my grandma get on her knees and suck his thick cock, which she did. As she sucked on my dad’s cock he moans and moans and grabbed all her hair and makes her go deeper and faster. As she struggled to keep up he cums inside her mouth, filling her mouth and sending a giant load of jizz squirting almost in every direction out of her mouth as he continued to face fuck his mom. Once he was done she held all of his cum in her mouth and swallowed all of it.

He sit down on the couch and just relaxes, my grandma gets up and sits next to him while she wipes his jizz off her chin and cheeks and licks it off her hands. They talked for a while and I could tell this was the first time this ever happened, my grandmother just needed to get her jollies. At this point, I’m freezing my ass off and I have to find a way to get in my home without my dad and grandmother just did. So I waited awhile and gave my dad a text saying I forgot my key and I was on my way back home and needed him to leave the back door open. On my way to my room I seen my grandmother’s wet mess she made on the carpet. The next day I could tell they were so drunk the night before they didn’t even remember what happened, until about 2 days later we were all sitting in the front room watching TV and I had found my grandmothers bright red bra stuffed in the cushions. Before my grandma snatched it from my hands, when they saw her bra they paused and looked at each other and remembered everything and were speechless. You should’ve seen their faces.