Cindy the tease

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Cindy the teaseCindy is a tease, a real prick tease and she loves it. The house behind her home has 3 boys in an upstairs apartment that looks into her bedroom. She knows that they have watched her at times and she likes the thrill of them watching her masturbate. Cindy got turned to the idea of fisting when she connected with a story writer at a web site she visits, xnxx. Now she has been trying to fist herself and she is getting there so tonight she wants to get really turned on and one way to do that is to do a show for the boys.She enter the bedroom, the blinds are up and wide open, wearing her little mini skirt and tank top. The window across the way is dark but she saw them come home and knows when she turns on her light they will be there. She bought a very large cucumber at the store as she does not have a really big dildo or vibrator and she needs something almost as big as her hand. She has washed the cucumber and laid out her collection of vibrators and dildos along with a jar of special lubricant. Maybe tonight will be the night.The boys are there alright in the darkened room all three of them hoping she does not pull the shade as she has done sometimes in the past. Maybe tonight she will forget, so they think. They can see the collection of toys and the cucumber.“Man look at that cucumber, what the hell is she going to do with that, it bigger that your cock Dave.”“Shut up you ass , she is going to use it to fuck herself but man it is big, that has got to hurt.”“Okay look at that set of tits oh man I want to suck them.”Cindy had pulled the top off and then cupped each breast outside the blue bra and squeezed. She reached into the bra and cupped one breast and held the nipple between finger and thumb and pinched it gently at first and then pulled with increasing pressure giving a low istanbul escort moan of pleasure from the feeling and the thought of the boys watching her. She undid the bra and let it fall to the floor and cupped each breast in a hand as it fell and held each nipple between fingers and thumb. She was thinking how good it felt.Cindy had very beautiful breast, not too big but certainly not small. The light brown areola set off the very hard nipples nicely. Her skin, which was young, smooth, soft and unblemished, was wonderful to touch even for herself. She felt an electric tingle run through her body as her hands ran over her belly and breasts.“Oh god, look at those tits and the nipples, nice show.” The boys all had binoculars so they could see very well the body of the young woman next door.She then ran her hands down and unbuttoned the skirt and let if fall the floor. Now she stood with only her pink panties on. She hugged herself and ran a hand down and into the panties where here middle finger slipped between her pussy lips and she felt a sudden thrill surge through her body. Oh god she wanted something really big in there oh please fit tonight. She pushed her finger in deeper and then added the index finger and rubbed her pussy hard. Her thumb was looking for her clit and when it hit home she arched her back with pleasure.“Man did you see that I be she had an orgasm, look at her hand its going crazy, I want my cock in there.” Two of the fellows were already stroking their cocks and the third was rubbing his erection in his pants.Cindy then pulled down her panties and in doing so ran her hands up and down her legs. She stroked the inside of her thighs in a most sensual way and then reached around and squeezed her ass cheeks avcılar escort throwing out her hips toward the window. There was a very tight lipped pussy with a small strip of fuzz pointed at the window. The boys ought to like that one, she thought. She moved to the bed and lay down with heels to her butt and started to stork her body in a very arousing way. Who better to know what turns her on as her hands and fingers sought out the sensitive and erotic places of her body. She let her finger trail very lightly all over her body and then picked up a dildo which she lubed and worked into her pussy. This was followed by the vibrator on her clit. Her pussy was squeezing the dildo while she worked the vibrator on her clit with one hand and the other was squeezing and pinching a breast and nipple. She did this for some time reaching a couple of small orgasm.“Oh god do you see that, man I cannot hold it.” One of the fellows had shot a load of cum all over the floor. “I can see just fine and you better clean that load up before you step in it”She was getting very excited and then picked up a small silver vibrator and sipped it in her ass. The pleasure she felt as the vibrator slip into her ass sent tingles all through her body. Cindy got turned on when thing were put in her cute little butt hole. She had another orgasm and her pussy was really wet and wanting more. So with the vibrator going in her butt and another on her clit she pulled the dildo out and now tried to put the huge well lubed cucumber in her pussy.“Oh man look she’s going to put that cucumber in her cunt, oh man that’s too much.” By now all three fellows had shot a load and were stroking their somewhat hard erection. Two were sitting in chairs with their cocks out of the open pants and the third was şirinevler escort standing jacking off with two hands as he had a rather large cock.Cindy put the cucumber against her wet pussy lips and rubbed then she pulled the lips apart with one hand and pushed with the other. Oh it was so big but yes she quivered as it slid into her eager pussy. She pushed hard now and pushed it deeper. It stretched her pussy to the limits but it felt so good and she felt a new sensation as she moved it in and out. Her body adjusted to the size and she worked it faster. Then her body on it s own convulsed and every muscle tightened up and she quivered and let out a loud moan. The orgasm was great as wave after wave of sensations ran through her body.“Shit look at that, she is coming so hard I can feel it here” and all three fellow were jerking their cocks so hard you would think they would pull them off. Then they started to shoot another load but much smaller now. They were no longer breathing heavy they were panting like they had run a mile.Cindy pulled the cucumber out as it had done its job; it had lubed and stretched her pussy. Now she put her hand on the slippery lips and slid in all four fingers and then folded her thumb into the palm and pushed. Slowly her hand went, deeper and deeper and then it finally slipped all the way in and the pussy lips closed around her wrist. The sensation was unreal as she clinched her fist and extended her fingers several times. She could feel the vibrator in her ass still going and then it started. It was slow at first but then the waves of sensations increased. First she moaned then screamed while her body jerked and convulsed. I lasted forever it seemed but then it was over and she pulled her hand out and the vibrator. She lay there exhausted and sated.The naked sated body laid spread out on the bed.“Dam that was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, I could not believe she could get that much in there. Hey man we have to visit that woman some day, soon.”All three of the fellows were standing up with their pants down around their Someone will be knocking on Cindy’s door one of these days.