College/ University Fantasy

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College/ University FantasyI want you to imagine that you have a huge crush on your College or your University teacher, I want you to think of me being that male teacher you so badly have a crush on, think of it as a sexual fantasy, I want you to imagine that you have been a very naughty girl in class today and that you are craving for some sexual attention by miss behaving. I have then asked for you to come back and see me on your lunch break so that you can explain yourself to me what it is you were doing and why you were doing it.A few hours have gone by since then and I hear a knock at the door in of which you then calmly let yourself in and walk over and sit at a desk, I walk on over to you and hand you some paper work that you didn’t happen to get finished off as you wasn’t paying any attention to what I was saying, once I have told you what I want you to do, I walk back over and sit at my desk it isn’t long before you start doing the task I set you, after a few minutes you look over at me and wonder what it would be like to have yourself bent over my desk with me punishing you pumping you from behind, it isn’t long before you are starting to get turned on by the thought of what it is you are thinking, you start caressing your boobs with you hands, rubbing your nipples through your shirt tweaking them with your fingers, you then close your eyes for a minute and imagine my hands exploring all over your naked body , I look over at you and realize what it is you are doing, I become very aroused and unzip the flies to my trousers, I pull out my cock and begin rubbing myself, up and down, up and down, it isn’t very long before my cock is really hard from watching you, you then open your eyes and I quickly look away, not noticing me watching you, I quickly stop what I am doing and cover myself up, I glance back over at you again and realize you have not noticed I have been watching you, your hands have now crept down in between your legs and you begin slowly rubbing your clit through your panties feeling yourself becoming a little wet, you slip your hand down your into your panties and start rubbing up and down along your slit, anadolu yakası escort you then slide 2 fingers gently inside between your warm and by now wet pussy lips and start playing with yourself, pushing your fingers deep inside you becoming very wet and extremely turned on, you then feel yourself starting to breath heavily and are finding it very hard to control yourself, by now you are in need of some cock and are willing to do anything to get it, after a short time not wanting yourself to cum you then stop and walk over to my desk, not noticing you are standing right next me I quickly swing my chair around and cover myself up, you notice my flies are undone and that I have a huge bulge in my trousers, you then ask me weather or not I saw you touching yourself wanting to know if I had been watching what you was doing, in which I reply and mumble ye, ye, yes I was, you then ask me if I enjoyed watching you in which I reply again yes this time in a more confident way, you then lift up your skirt, pull your panties to 1 side and gently start rubbing yourself right there in front of me you, I then swing my chair around and reach out wanting to touch you wanting to know how soft your skin feels but you then lift up one of your legs and kick me back down firmly back into my chair, so I lye back watching you rubbing your pussy lips playing with your clit seeing your fingers slide in and out of your pussy, by now you are becoming very wet and are wanting my cock, I too have now become very hard, so you walk a few steps over to me slowly bend down and crawl towards me looking so sexy purring like a wild cat who wants her cream, you then sit up kneeling in between my legs, you slowly rub your hands up and along my legs teasing me before reaching for my cock, you start to rub it up and down nice and slowly getting a firm grip in our hands rubbing me really slowly you then move towards me more and bring your mouth closer to my cock licking the head of my cock rolling your tongue around it and then sucking the head cupping your lips before taking me hard and deep all the way down ataşehir escort to the shaft of my balls in which you use your other hand to massage them and begin sucking them taking them into your mouth one at a time and then trying to take both of them into your mouth at the same time, you roll your tongue up along my by now fully erect cock and suck me hard and deep again. I then pick you up from kneeling on the floor and lye you on the desk, I lean over you and start kissing your mouth, after a few minutes I begin kissing your neck and then up and along your arms before kissing your chest sucking your boobs not wanting me to stop you push my head down lower, I then begin kissing you up and down your legs and around your more sensitive areas like around your inner thighs getting a scent of your pussy smelling how sexy you are wanting to taste you before you reaching down with your hands and wanting me to start sucking on your fingers before pushing them right up inside you fingering your pussy hard and then pulling away tasting your fingers whilst I dive my head in between your legs and begin to explore you for the very first time, tasting you with my mouth sucking your pussy lips taking them into my mouth licking your clit flicking it with my tongue driving you insane, driving you mad by screaming out in ecstasy, I slide my fingers inside you, two fingers first and then when your muscles start contracting I slide three inside you opening your pussy up so I taste all of you concentrating on and around your clit, I then pull away from your pussy and start kissing you on the mouth having you tasting yourself, I slip my tongue inside your mouth and start massaging your tongue with mine I move away from your mouth and move down on to your boobs cupping them with my hands and sucking your nipples biting on them one at a time causing you to let out a whimper of excitement before moving back up to your mouth where I start kissing your lips, we kiss so hard it hurts but not wanting to stop we carry on for a little while longer, I pull away again teasing you, I move down on to your neck kissing ümraniye escort you softly and then start nibbling at your ear, you ask me to stop and push me away I then grab a hold of you and bend you over my desk pull your panties to one side and slip my cock inside you teasing you, just sliding the head of my cock inside you, getting frustrated you give a shove back and I feel myself slide straight up inside your wet pussy, I lean over you and start fucking your pussy hard and fast, harder and faster harder and faster still until after a short space of time you are about ready to cum, you start moaning and groaning and it isn’t long before your ready to cum, not wanting me to stop I thrust my cock inside you harder and deeper feeling my balls slapping against our ass cheeks, its not long before I am going to be cumming too and I tell you so, you scream out with sheer pleasure as you cum all over my cock, you turn around and look right into my eyes and tell me you want to taste yourself on my throbbing cock , I pull out and away from your pussy lips as your creamy cum slowly runs down my cock, you move around quickly and take me into your warm mouth sucking me and licking me tasting your sweet purgulent juices from off my cock, when you have licked and sucked me clean you kiss me on the lips I lift you up and place you on to my desk, you lye back as I slide my cock straight up inside you thrusting you hard, I then pull out of your pussy and begin slapping the head of my cock over your pussy lips teasing you sliding it in and out of you every now and again, I then lean over you and thrust myself into you once again you scream out loud and ask me to fuck you, I take your nipples into my mouth and suck on your nipples hard and pull on them with my teeth, you reach over with your hands around my back and push me down on to you so I am fully impaled on you wanting all of me inside you pumping you hard you clawing my back, I’m almost ready to cum and pull my cock out quickly shooting all my hot cum over your stomach and up on to your tits oozing out of me pulsating, you move down and suck me so hard and deep right down to the shaft of my balls and then sucking all the way up to taste the last drop of cum ready to run down the head of my cock, you then lick me clean and I move up towards your lips and kiss you the bell rings and we start to sort ourselves out, to this day we think of the experience we had but never talk about it to one another. THE END