Confused messages

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Confused messagesOne of the difficulties about online dating is that you can be having conversations with a number of people at once whilst trying to manage their expectations. It is not always possible to start out with on person come to a conclusion whether it was going to work and if not move on to the next. Quite frequently you think that you are not going to get a reply and move on then things change.That is what happened to me and it got a trifle awkward. Well it was at least partly due to my own idiocy, but only part.First, I sent a message to Melissa asking if she would like to meet with me after we had been chatting on and off for a couple of weeks or so. After a couple of days, I had no answer I concluded that she had gone off the idea of talking to me.I went back to the drawing board and found another nice lady who I rather liked. Apparently, she was interested enough in me and I started to talk with Elaine, this went on for about a week and then she asked me if we could meet. That was the first hurdle successfully crossed.Following the advice on the site to meet somewhere public we found a café bar and spent a couple of hours chatting before going our separate ways. But since we both agreed that the meeting had gone well, we agreed to arrange another but she could manage it straight away because of work commitments. So far so good except Melissa then came back to me apologising but she had been on holiday and not picking up her messages. Now Melisa was really keen but what I should have done was say sorry but I have started to meet another person. The problem was that if that second meeting didn’t go well, I would have neither and it wasn’t as if I was actually going out with Elaine. I agreed to meet Melisa and was very careful not to be encouraging without seeming to be the contrary. Somehow this backfired as she liked the fact that I wasn’t too pushy and asked if I could escort her a works function, she had to attend and needed a plus one. It would have been churlish to refuse.Things went on this way for several weeks both ladies were showing increasing enthusiasm for me and in my case increasing kaçak iddaa panic because I liked both ladies and could see myself losing the friendship of both. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to the point of choosing between them or indeed upsetting one.Melisa was statuesque, with a pretty almost elfin face who lived in the countryside but worked in London. When not in evening dress for an important business dinner we went for walks in the countryside in jeans and wellies. Elaine on the other hand, lived in town, was tall elegant and utterly charming. A bit older than Melisa she was more reserved but had a mischievous wit. With some trepidation I agreed to go to a concert with her on Friday night. I had arranged to go down to Melisa’s and go for a long walk with her on the Saturday. It felt awfully like I was going out with two women at once. That really wasn’t my intention, I am not the kind of jack the lad who plays fast and loose with a women’s affection so this situation made me feel very uncomfortable but I couldn’t see a way to resolve it. This was when things went really pear shaped because I had a stinking cold and was really not clear headed. In trying to make an arrangement with Elaine I somehow sent details to Melissa as well. What had been planned was that we would go to a concert together. I was going to be tight for time so I asked Melissa to pick up the tickets at the box office for me. I also asked Elaine to do so and for some reason she didn’t say anything. I was feeling much worse and sent a text to Melissa to cancel but as luck would have it her phone was out of signal and it didn’t arrive until much later.I will let the girls explain to their own words.Melissa – “I arrived at the concert hall went to the box office. After a short wait I got to the front of queue and of course gave your name since you paid for tickets and they started looking through them envelopes for them.Elaine – “As luck would have it, I was standing immediately behind Melissa and heard her ask for Tom Rainer’s tickets which was a bit of a surprise as you can imagine. They found the tickets and handed them over. What is more kaçak bahis they confirmed they had the right person by asking for the post code. Of course, I had it as well, so I said to Melissa that I was also waiting to pick up Tom Rainer’s tickets.Melissa – “This is the point where you had to very confused and somewhat irritated women. It was clear to both of us realised that we were both equally the offended party. Well we waited for you until the two minute bell. In trying to work out what was happening we had talked a bit and we both made it clear we wanted to hear the concert.Elaine – Well you weren’t there. We had two tickets and there were two of us. So, we went in and despite being rather miffed with you enjoyed the concert. Of course, you didn’t turn up and our phones had been switched off.Melissa – During the interval we both used our phones to go on the site I went to my favourites list as I thought I had seen Elaine and I was right I had messaged her the day before. I also got the text from you saying you were ill and not coming. Elaine – At Melissa’s suggestion I looked at my messages on the site and did indeed find the one she had sent me but I hadn’t replied to because of course I was expecting to go for a date with you. Melissa – We couldn’t work it out. Were you matchmaking or something and if so, how did you know that we were both bi. They were separate accounts since you couldn’t choose don’t care when it came to women seeking whom. Well regardless of what I may or may not have been up to the result was the girls went off together had a chat over a quick meal and swapped contact details. Whilst I was trying to sort my mess up with them, they sorted things out between them and the next night when I rang Melissa and she answered a little icy but she agreed to listen.I explained it honestly as I had to you and at the end of it, she said I see with rather less frosty. I also mentioned that I wanted to try and get a chance to give the same explanation to Elaine. This was the point when I spluttered up the water I had been drinking because my throat was dry with nervousness“Don’t bother she heard illegal bahis the lot of it as I put you in speakerphone.” I heard a lot of giggling at the other end of the line.“What is she doing with you?”“Well currently sharing a double dildo.”I knew that this was deliberately intended to wind me up but what else was this, their way of telling me to go away. I would have said they wanted me to fuck off but if anything, it was the opposite. I had sort of realised they were bi but never thought that they would get it together. I just said bye and hung up. I went to bed to lick my wounds but in the morning, I got a surprise, messages from both girls saying they wanted to talk. They had been thinking and chatting as girls do and had decided that they believed that it had been an honest mistake and that I was genuine in not wanting to upset either of them. In fact, they appreciated my sensitivity if not my adroitness. In the end they accepted my offer to take the pair of them out to dinner as an apology.I made sure that I was there early and the two of them turned up together hand in hand. I remembered thinking they looked lovely, but also distinctly mischievous. The price I was going to have to pay was to severely teased probably for as long as I continued to know them. Actually, that meal was fun the two of them seemed far more confident together with me that either had been separately. Most important I was forgiven and it was made clear that I was not required to choose between them provided I could handle that they were also in a relationship.“To be honest girls I rather like the idea you two seem to fit together really rather well. I find the idea doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”“You just want to get the two of us in bed together.”I didn’t try to deny it and that night we ended up in bed all three of us and it was great fun. I realised that I hadn’t even kissed either of them before and now I had both of them. I had never tried group sex before. Here I was with Elaine impaled on my cock and Melissa sitting on my face being eater out whilst the two of them had a torrid snog. It did not take long for us to decide that this all worked rather well and that the best solution to my dilemma was a permanent ménage a trois. The three of us have been together two years now so no more juggling girls on a dating site for me.