Corner Shop Suck

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Corner Shop SuckJust a story of my 1st Indian daddy cock.For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term ‘corner shop’,in the UK this defines a small shop,usually on the corner of a residential street,hence the title,which are invariably run by the Indian(Asian),community & very welcome they are too.You can mainly rely on them at holiday times,like xmas,when you can be sure to get a carton of milk rather than schlepping out to a supermarket.Well that’s how it was back in the day.Now it seems everywhere’s open 24/7!As a teen in the 70s if you had tight-fisted parents like mine were,the way to earn extra money was by getting a paper round.So in the summer of 74 that’s what I did.I’d seen a Chopper bike which I almost lusted after as much as cock,lol.Dad had said that if I wanted it for my main xmas pressie then I’d have to ‘write to Santa’.F*ck that,lol,I was a teenager,I didn’t believe in that crap anymore,tho I had always liked the big,burly hairy type,hahaha.Anyway,popping round to the corner shop one saturday to get my dad’s newspaper I spotted the sign,’PaperBoy Wanted’ in the shop window.Now I could be a real lazy k**,apart from when I was tossing off in which case I’d really burn off some energy…but I had my mind set on this bike so I asked Mr.Singh,the shop owner,if I could have the job.He asked a few questions,usual crap,was I good at getting up very early,did I take orders well,was I polite blah,blah,blah.Smiling & lying through my teeth,(I wasn’t used to getting outa my pit very early),I said ‘Yes’ to whatever he asked.And that was it,my 1st ever ‘job’.I could almost picture me racing around the streets on that bike.A few weeks went by & I actually quite liked being out & about early in the morning when it was still relatively quiet apart from the sounds of the milk float trundling around the streets,milk crates clattering & old Milkie whistling & the night shift blokes making their way home.So one saturday morning I went to the shop as per usual & Mr.Singh gave me his usual gruff,’Alright k**,ya ready for ya shift,then?’ Only this time I noticed he wasn’t dressed in his day clothes,rather he had on a pair of ratty,slightly grimey long türbanlı batman escort johns & a similarly worn vest.His full beard wasn’t carefully combed & he looked like he hadn’t slept in days.Turns out his missus was in the hospital popping out another sprog,their 5th I think.Now,I’ve already mentioned I liked the big,furry kinda bloke & he was just that.Got to have ben a good 6’5″ & quite stocky.I noticed how much jet black hair he had all over his arms,shoulders & what I could see of his chest through the vest.Jesus,it was EVERYWHERE.So yeah,my teen boy-knob instantly went full stonk,which was a tad embarrassing.But when I glanced down and spotted that the fly opening of his long johns gaped slightly & this thick wiry bush of equally black hair sprouted through I nearly,well,I almost spunked in my undies! I reckon Mr.Singh saw me staring coz he gave a little smile & adjusted his crotch right in front of me.But the ‘spell’ was broken coz at that moment a customer knocked on the window pane in the shop door mouthing ‘Aint ya open yet,come on Mr.Singh’. Mr.Singh handed over the newspaper sack & said he’d see me later & to come out the back for my money.Funny,he normally just paid me outa the till!So off I went on my paper round,all the while wondering what Mr.Singh’s knob looked like,if he was uncut like me,how big his balls were & how much he spunked.I think I must’ve done that day’s round in double quick time.So soon enough I was back at the shop to find a hand written note stuck to the door saying ‘Back In 10 Minutes’.Now how the fuck was I gonna get my pay? Through the door window I spotted movement so I gave a knock & Mr.Singh gave a wave & then came & unlocked the door taking my arm & hurrying me inside before re-locking the door.he pointed to the door at the back of the shop telling me to go wait in the back room.The space was quite cramped,stacked with boxes & tucked in a corner was an old desk with two hardback chairs by it.I took a seat,looking round & thought maybe I could help myself to a few chocolate bars,lol.Hearing a deep cough I looked up & there he was,Mr.Singh in the same get türbanlı batman escort bayan up from earlier! Only he also had on a thin bathrobe though it was open in front.When he sat down opposite me his meaty legs were wide open & the fly of his long johns really gaped.I mean,I could see a good few inches of his very brown shaft & fuck me if it didn’t give a twitch!”So lad,how’re getting on with saving for that bike yer so keen on,got much saved or are yer wasting it on sweets & stuff?”He must really know teen boys,lol,coz he was right.I did want that bike but sometimes I just found myself buying crap like comics & junk.”Nah,don’t think I’m gonna have enough it’s really expensive,but maybe dad will surprise me” Yeah right!He looked at me & gave me a huge grin,god his teeth were blinding white against his dark features,gleaming through his heavt thick beard & ‘tache.”You must REALLY want that bike eh k**? I suppose you could say you’d do anything for it,right?”Well I guess he wasn’t far wrong,I once sucked off a mate for a ciggie,hahaha.”Erm,well yeah I guess so,Mr.Singh”.I wasn’t naive,I kinda guessed what he was gonna say but even though I’d sucked a fair few cocks,men & boys,I was still a bit nervous.Like I say,the back room was pretty cramped & we were almost touching knee to knees sat opposite each other.I couldn’t help looking down at his crotch & by now his knob was pushing against the front of his long johns,twitching & pulsing,oh & there was a definite bubble of slime oozing through the material!”So ya’d do anything eh,ANYTHING yes?”Aw fuck it,the randy old goat had me & he KNEW it! He reaches into the fly of his long johns & flops his knob out which instantly rose to a full on solid throbbing hard-on! Jeez,it was BIG! I reckon a good 8 inches with serious heavy duty veining all over the dark brown shaft.And when he skinned his knob hood back over the head,FUCK,this strand of thick clear slime drooled outa the defined piss-slit & hung there almost down to his heavy swollen bollox!”Well k**,get on it then,christmas is coming & ya DO want that bike,don’tchya?”Normally when I’m due to nosh türbanlı escort batman on a cock my mouth starts off bone dry but seeing this beautiful slab of fat uncut Indian man-cock,well My mouth was watering like crazy,lol.I only had to lean over a little before that burning hot fucker was buried in my mouth & that delicious salty,bitter pre-slime was filling my mouth,mmmmmmmm,TASTY! Mr.Singh let out a low deep hiss as my mouth began suckling on his fat mushroom slimy knob-head.”FUCK,k**,that’s the way,good little cock sucker for daddy,oooooooh yessssss,suck that big Indian fucker”.He took hold of the back of my head in his meaty hands & practically ****d my aching mouth! He was pumping that drooling hairy brown cock in & out,hitting my throat & hissing filth,”Ooh yeah,dirty fucking k**,loves daddy’s BIG fucking cock” & “Gonna fucking swallow daddy’s huge thick spunk,aint ya?”Hell,I could feel my eyes watering & a strand of snot bubbling at my nostrils as he gripped my head in a vice like grip! It was a real struggle to not heave my guts up.But I kept trying to focus on that Chopper,the BIKE not his knob,lol,& hoped that he’d soon spunk off.I must’ve done a decent job sucking & gagging coz it wasn’t too long before Mr.Singh tensed up,clutched my head tighter & almost roared.”FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK,YESSSSSSSSS,spunking,gonna spunk ahhhhhh,swallow it all k**”.And,BOY,did he ever let rip with one of the thickest,greasiest loads of adult jizz I’d ever had in my mouth! I was gulping like a piglet on a teat as glob after glob spat into my aching mouth.I could feel some of it oozing down my chin but I swear to god I did try to gulp it all down.With the final chunks he almost ripped my head off then eased his grip & as his swollen slimy knob pulled out he gave a heavy sigh & heaved a shuddering,deep,”FUCK,what a sucker you are,you’ve done THAT before,ya lil’ slag haven’t ya?”‘SLAG’? Jeez,talk about gratitude! Well that kinda blew the mood for me,cheeky sod calling ME a ‘slag’! I kept my eyes downwards & just muttered a sulky ‘Yeah’ which made Mr.Singh chuckle,”Aww,don’t be like that k**,I love slags,take it as a compliment”.Funny how things turn out,isn’t it,coz I did get that bike…though it was off my dad! Mr.Singh just wanted to see how far I’d go & whatever ‘lesson’ he might’ve been trying to teach me didn’t work coz I carried on sucking cocks but never HIS ever again.I quit the paper round too.One thing he DID teach me though was that I enjoyed sucking Indians off,lol.So I guess I should thank Mr.Singh. 😉