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It all started with my new job and a work trip out of town. My wife and I hadn’t been having sex as often as I would like (not at all), so I turned to porn as a way of coping with it. But lately I had become obsessed with bi asexual porn and transsexuals. Mainly I was loving to see the cocks in the movies. I didn’t consider myself gay or bi but I had started wondering what it would be like to stroke and suck another man’s cock, which brings me back to the work trip.

I was sitting in the back of the van so no one would know what I was doing but I was on my phone watching porn. I was watching a black tranny doing a strip tease. She wasn’t the prettiest but she had a huge set of tits and a really fat ass. Now when she got down to taking her panties off she first rubbed her cock before pulling it put off the side of her panties. It looked to be at least 8 inches long and I soon as I saw it I automatically had a hard on. I sat there watching as she stoked this monster cook imaging that it was me down there sucking on her meat and eating her to cum am one my face. Once she came all I could do was sir there and think how much I wanted to stroke a casino siteleri big cock to completion. I feel asleep horny wondering what it would be like and when we reached the hotel I woke up drunken with horniness and determined to go through with my fantasy while I was here. So once I checked into my hotel room i got on Craigslist and posted and add with the subject hand job and it read “38 year old black make in town for work looking for a cock to give hand job and have you shoot on my chest. You come to my hotel room I get naked and run my ass on your cock until you get hard then I get on my knees and give you a hand job and I may suck it if I get horny enjoy. ” And I went in the bath room set up my phone and took a pic of me bent over slightly with my pants down showing my ass with my pants down showing my ass. I posted the ad and rushed off to work.

I worked the rest of the day and I forgot about the ad I posted and didn’t check my email until I got off. Once I got off on the ride back to the hotel I started checking my email and noticed that I got a few responses. The one that really caught my eye was from an older black guy canlı casino and he had a cock that was almost the biggest I had ever seen. And for some reason I could not so staring at it. When I email him back he told me he was married and he was willing to meet and at that point it all became real and I became frozen with fear about meeting him. So over the next couple of days I kind of ignored the emails he sent but at the same time I couldn’t stop looking at his pic. My last night in town I sent him one more email and by now he was tried of dealing with me. I explained to him how I was terrified of meeting him. Being that I had told him earlier in the week the hotel I was staying in he emailed me and told me that he was coming and if I wanted to see him I needed to come out and let him in. Now I didn’t see that email until I heard the alley on my phone with an email from him telling me he was outside. I automatically started to panic and when I looked out my window there was a truck there with a guy sitting in it. So I dug down deep and went to the door flagged him in and we walked to my room. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I want sure kaçak casino what would happen.

He followed me into my room, I say on the bed and he say in a chair directly across from me. When he did he pulled the leg of his shorts up and pulled his big cock out the side. I just say there frozen staring at it. Once he saw I was frozen he put it away and started talking to me but I couldn’t take my eyes of his bulge. So I speed to my knees and squeezed it through his pants. He stood up unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out and I really got to see how big it was. It was over 8 inches big and extremely hairy. I grabbed it and started stroking it and at the same time he started pinching my nipples. I was in a trance just amazed that I had a big black cock in my hand. I put lotion on my hand and stroked it some more when he asked me to stand up. Not letting his cock go I stood up and he pulled my shorts down and started rubbing and squeezing my ass. He pull my shirt over my head and rubbed all over my body. And what seemed like forever be told me to get read and I doted down to my knees and started stoking him faster and he shot his hit cum all over my chest. I felt so good feeling it splash and run down my chest. I cleaned the cum and lotion of his cock with a towel and then I sucked on the head for a while and then he left. I cleaned myself up and sleep all night with a big smile.