Craving The Pain From My Son 2

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Craving The Pain From My Son 2Craving The Pain From My Son 2I am stood here right now in a punishment pose, with my breasts bound and placed in a stress position. My ass feels full as a large butt plus has been inserted into my anus and a dildo inserted into my cunt. I have to avoid the urge to expel them or I will receive a severe punishment.It’s all my fault. You see, for the past year, I have been a slave to my son Todd and a sister slave to my daughter Samantha. It all started a year ago when I first submitted to my gorgeous Master and son, Todd. I was aroused by a fit of jealousy when I saw Samantha submitting to Todd and something just snapped. I have a craving for pain and for years I have been self-abusing. That day when I saw the two of them together, all the urges I had been feeling just rushed to kocaeli escort the fore and I embraced my wholly submissive nature without any thought that in addition to indulging in BDSM, I was committing i****t with my son and my daughter.Since that revelation in what seems a lifetime ago, I have been the best little slave to my Master and a willing sister slave to my own daughter.My Master decided one day to give me as a gift to his other slave, Samantha and allow her to Top me, but only under his supervision. My Master is so generous.The first time he did so was to be honest a bit of a disaster. My sister slave and Mistress was literally shaking like a leaf. As any true submissive will tell you, it’s not easy to become a Switch. Being a true submissive, means you are not wired to raise a hand against another. kocaeli escort bayan When it came time for the humiliation of my Mistress peeing in my mouth, her pee went anywhere except where it was supposed to go. I was literally drenched and not in my mouth. Naturally, Samantha was embarrassed but she’s a very staunch young lady, let me tell you. To spare her embarrassment and to ensure she was in charge, I begged her forgiveness for my clumsiness and proceeded to lap up the mess on the vinyl floor.Over time whenever my Master gave me to his other slave to do with as she saw fit, my Mistress grew more confident and assertive. That is why I am bound in this awful position, with a butt plug up my ass and a dildo embedded in my cunt. You see, I did the most unpardonable thing a slave and mother could do. izmit escort I addressed my mistress as I would a daughter, forgetting for that unspeakable moment, that at that precise moment, Samantha was not my daughter, but my Mistress.I have been in this position bent over for almost one hour. In all that time, I am forbidden to relax to alleviate the uncomfortable position I am in, because if I was to do so, one of the items in my orifices would slip. Mistress has threatened me with twenty strokes from a nylon washing line, cut to three foot. Trust me, that sucker hurts. Especially if the nylon is plastic coated like the item I have been threatened with.So, for now I must obey and put up with this uncomfortable torment, for if I don’t, then the sheer agony of what awaits me for failing to comply is beyond comprehension. Then again, even though I am an obedient slave, maybe I could help my Mistress with her confidence and accidentally let one of the items slip from my body. Us sister slaves have to look out for each other right?