Curious Desperate Minds

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Big Tits

“Dad? Hello?” I found myself being pulled out of my daydream by the voice of my daughter. “Huh? I’m sorry sweetie, what were you saying?” “God dad why do you always zone out when I’m talking to you? You shouldn’t be thinking about the waitress and her huge tits, that’s what mom is for.” “Watch your mouth Elise, I’m your father! You’re not supposed to talk to me like that.” I retorted to the girl sitting in the booth with me. As you can obviously tell, this is my daughter Elise. She just turned seventeen two days ago. Her mother and I were supposed to take her out for her birthday dinner, but me and my wife’s conflicting work schedule stopped us from being able to do just that. It has always been tough doing things as a family, with my wife working afternoon shifts and me working mornings. Last year poor Elise had to celebrate her birthday by herself, as I was forced to do a double and her mother as well. This year I swore it would be different, and so placed a request to have a day off for my little angel. Angel is however, a relative term. My daughter has the attitude of a rich snot and the mouth of a drunk sailor. Sometimes during the rare occasions that our family did sit down for dinner together, she would send my wife into a fit of gasps over the type of language she used. Speaking of my wife, I have yet to give you a picture of her have I? Her name is Anna, a woman about 5′ 8” in height and in excellent shape for a woman in her mid forties. She is extremely well endowed with luscious size C breasts that have yet to start sagging, and to top it all off, long flowing brown hair. Our sex life was amazing when we met in high school, and continued that way through our marriage. istanbul travesti That sadly changed after the birth of my one and only Elise. Anna picked up a full time job working as an emergency room clerk at the local hospital soon after our daughter was born. Kept ranting about how “it was an inspiration to see people help others” and something stupid like that. I didn’t argue, working as a factory manager was hard work and didn’t pay enough to keep my wife and daughter happy in our two story house on the water. It also didn’t manage to impress my wife enough to let her spread her legs for me anymore. It has been almost a whole year since last time we made love, which leads us to my newest hobby. Since my wife refuses to bed me, masturbating has become my new favorite past time, usually with my imagination focusing in the hottest woman I saw that day. I would wait until my daughter went to bed before going to my room, stripping naked and stroking my cock for a good half hour. Tonight I had taken my daughter to Red Robin to grab a burger for her birthday, and lo and behold our waitress happened to be one smoking hot babe. Her extremely curly blond hair cascaded to her shoulders, her breasts bounced ever so perfectly and her eyes screamed slut. I wanted her more than I wanted the burger she so lovingly placed in front of me. “So anyways, Lauren and Amanda wouldn’t invite me to their stupid party this weekend, so I’m stuck at home. Dad, are you even listening?” She smacked my arm that was propping my head up and helping me stare off into the distance. I had accidentally started thinking about the waitress again and pushed my daughter’s rant off istanbul travestileri into the back of my mind. A sizable tent had built itself up in my pants from the mental images of my hard prick penetrating the slut. “Jeez dad, you’re such a dirty man. You need to stop thinking about her or else I’ll tell mom.” My Elise said with a stern glare at me. I looked back into her hazel eyes and smiled slyly at her. “You know I would never cheat on your mother, and as far as I’m concerned looking but not touching doesn’t count as cheating.” I replied before taking a large bite of my cheeseburger. She gave an irritated ugh before getting out of the booth to walk to the bathroom, and that’s when it happened. I noticed how my daughter’s jeans hugged her ass, the way her shirt came up enough to let some smooth skin show off her love handles and how her hair hung like a curtain down her back in a river of wavy brown. I had to shake my head a few times. This was my daughter I was checking out! Its not right of me. Sure the waitress was worth every glance, and the images I had of her nude body were delicious enough to eat, but my daughter? I couldn’t believe what was going through my head. I tried to take my mind off of it, but the image of my Elise’s ass as she walked away haunted me. What is worse is my hard on remained stiff as a plank, and was showing no sign of retreating. “It’s just her ass, as long as I don’t look at her boobs everything will be fine.” I whispered to myself with a deep breath. Breasts are my weakness, without a decent pair of em, I find it difficult to picture a female naked. I took another bite just as I spotted her returning and travesti gagged on the burger and it’s juicy contents. The red t-shirt she was wearing was tight against her chest, forcing her breasts to stick out and the outline of her bra underneath to bleed through. The damage was done, and it sunk in deep like poison. She must be at a size B bra, and judging by the way her jeans hugged her tight bottom she must look amazing naked. The mental image of my daughter’s nude body exploded into my mind. She was an absolute vixen, her body and it’s wonderful features tickling my fancy in every corner of my brain. Perfect nipples, a bald pussy and all of it in between. I wanted it bad, but an overwhelming thought popped back into my mind. She is my daughter, and it was wrong. “Dad, will you come back down to earth dammit!” Elise’s voice was like a bucket of cold water, pulling me out of this bizarre dream. I smiled and finished my burger as she did hers. The dinner went on without my imagining her again, and I was finally able to refocus. An hour later we arrived back home, the lights on the house were off and the door locked. “Your mother must be asleep already.” “Does she have another double tomorrow?” Elise asked as I put the keys into the lock and let her in. “Yeah, but for a Wednesday it seems like an awfully long time to spend at work.” I answered her as I turned on the hallway light. The house was quiet, with only the ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room to greet our ears. It’s old hands pointed out that it was nine thirty in the reflection of the light, much to my daughter’s dismay. “Damn I guess I gotta go to bed. Oh well, night, dad!” She said and with a peck on the lips she hurried off upstairs. “What has gotten into her?” I wondered out loud. She never liked to go to bed so early at night, but thinking about it was too much, I had much better things to think about. My mind drifted back to the gorgeous waitress and my cock became rigid once again.