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DadVegas.By jjcoleDad had decided to throw a birthday party for my twenty-first birthday. That made me nervous because since Mom left us Dad had become more gay. Apparently both of my parents were bisexual when they met. Her pregnancy had been a surprise and they married. To me they were ordinary Mom and Dad until I was f******n.By the time I was eighteen I had figured it out.I went away to college and Mom immediately left with her best friend. Dad had expected it.When I came home for Christmas break it was just Dad and me.I loved my Dad and was not too upset to learn he sucked cock. I had watched him do so with a friend the winter break after Mom left.However every school break I came home he tried to cool his gay escapades while I was there but told him not to make changes in his life just because I was home. He kissed my lips and said, “I gladly put my life on hold for my son.”It was not the first time Dad had kissed my lips but it may have been the first time he did so on purpose.I smiled.I was not gay and in fact I always had a girlfriend. They only lasted about three months but I got laid often during that time. Dad knew that and encouraged my behavior although he always cautioned me about using condoms each time.I understood where he was coming from but also understood that if he had followed his own advice I would not exist.I declined the birthday party offer which seemed to hurt his feelings.“Who would you invite?” I asked him.Every name he came up with had a built in danger signs from my old girlfriends to any of his friends. He understood and asked what I would like for my birthday.“Las Vegas,” I said.He broke into a big grin and said “Deal. Who do you want to go with you?”“Just you.”That seemed to surprise him. He was holding back tears when he said.”OK.”Then I did something I had never done before, I kissed his lips and said, “I love you Dad.”His tears flowed and I hugged him to me.I really did love my Dad. He had always stood by me even when I was embarrassed he did. He had always encouraged me to pursue my dream no matter what it was at the time. He always showed his pride in me.I had seen how lucky I was when I compared him to my friend’s fathers. Except for the fact that Dad sucked cock he was better than any other Dad.After my spring semester ended we went to Vegas.We shared a room at the Bellagio and would be there for six days.On the first day we never left the hotel, hell we never left the buffet. Dad and I had fun there but over ate so we needed some pepto that night.The following morning we went walking and entered every hotel and every tourist trap on the strip.We returned to our room in the afternoon and took a nap. We were in our boxer shorts when we did.When I got up to take a leak I saw Dad look at my semi-exposed cock.Same old Dad I thought. I decided to leave my cock out as I returned to bed. Before I went to sleep I could hear Dad masturbating. I smiled.That evening we went to a Cirque show and had a great time. After the show I wanted to go to a dance club and Dad told me to go ahead. I did go without him but found myself bored to death so I went back to our room.Dad had company. He had a cock in his mouth and had his eyes closed. The guy whose cock was being sucked had his eyes closed. Both were nude on on Dad’s bed. Neither knew I was there.I retreated and stood behind a curtain and watched.I saw both were as happy as they could be, there was no argument to refute that. Both seemed to love the other was there for them.Dad slid his cock out of his mouth and put a condom on it. He got on his hands and knees and the man slid behind him and inserted his cock in Dad’s ass. They fucked. The man groaned and Dad’s cock spewed.They were done, or so I thought.They took each other into their arms and kissed with love. The kisses and caresses lasted at least twenty minutes. Then they got up and headed to the shower together. I took the opportunity and left the room.I wandered around the casino for a while then went back up to my room. Dad was alone watching TV.In answer to his question I told him the dance club was boring, there were no real people there. He answered my question by saying he had made a new friend.I kissed his lips, went to the shower and masturbated. I went to my bed nude.Dad noticed.“Where did you meet this new friend?” I asked.“In the casino. I won four hundred dollars on a slot machine and he was on the machine next to me.He told me I had enough to hire a woman for the night. He became interested when I told him it would never be a woman I would be spending my money on.I invited him to keep me company for a drink. I invited him to come up to our room. I was happy you did not come back early. So was he.”“Well your evening was a lot more interesting than mine. Good night Dad, I love you.”“Good night son. I am so proud of you I could kiss you.”“You can you know.”He apparently thought about it then stood and walked to me and softly kissed my lips then returned to his bed. He was nude.I ran that evenings gay encounter in my mind and had to return to the bathroom to masturbate again.I worried about that briefly then fell asleep.The next morning I woke up when I felt a hand caressing my chest.“The breakfast buffet is open, we need to go pig out,” Dad said.I grunted then headed to the bathroom. I peed and noticed Dad was looking at me. I brushed my teeth then went out and got dressed. Dad did not begin to get dressed until I did.We loved the breakfast buffet and staggered back to our room well after ten. We needed a nap. We stripped to our boxer shorts and got in our beds. We were asleep in seconds.Dad was sitting on my bed when I woke up.“We have a tour of Hoover Dam in thirty minutes. Get dressed,” Dad said.I got up and dressed but wondered if my cock had fallen out of my boxers on their own or if it had türbanlı nevşehir escort been pulled out. Dad had been staring at it when I woke up.Our tour of Hoover Dan was mostly boring. What wasn’t boring was watching Dad seduce a man my age. The man was a ranger and he had apparently told Dad of interesting places to go. He was on duty of course so Dad could not have him.When we got back to our room I went to the shower first then Dad did. We both remained nude when we got out. We had a different Cirque show to attend that night but Dad said he had a place to explore after the show. I asked him to allow me to come along since I was not enjoying the dance clubs.He thought about it then said OK.After the show we took a cab to a place away from the strip. It was a gay club. Dad asked me if I wanted to try someplace else and I said no. I wanted him to have a good time too.The place was interesting. The few women there weren’t. Most of the patrons were Dad’s age. Many saw me as a young stud. I was flattered.Dad made his way around the room and I followed. Thirty minutes later he found what he was looking for. The man had grayish hair and looked like a movie star. Dad charmed him into his web.Dad was good.Soon the three of us were in our hotel room. Dad and his guest became nude and began to kiss.I got nude and began to watch them.Dad sucked his cock then did something I did not expect, he fucked the guy in the ass. Until then I had assumed Dad was a bottom. They were soon done with each other and the man left.“Well, what did you think about all that?” Dad asked.“I think you have more powers than I thought and you are more unpredictable than I thought. Thanks for letting me watch.”“Not a problem but when are you going to have fun?”“I was having fun tonight. I like watching a master at work.”He laughed and came to me. He took my face in his hands and gave me a long loving kiss.“You can masturbate on your bed if you need to,” he said as he went to the bathroom.I was masturbating when he came out and kissed my lips before going to bed.We spent most of the next day in our hotel’s pool. Dad spotted a target and talked him into coming up to our room.“Is your Dad gay?” the woman whose husband Dad had taken to his room asked.“Yes. Your husband will enjoy the experience.”“Are you gay?”“No. Do you need me me?”“Yes.”She took me to their room and we fucked for quite a while.She told me her husband was bisexual and needed a cock every once in a while. They usually came to Vegas for that and he usually picked up a man with a wife and she had the wife. She was very happy to see he had left her with a fine young man that day.I fucked her then made love to her then fucked her hard until I filled her pussy. She may have had seven orgasms.I left her dozing contentedly as I went to our room. The man was fucking Dad when I walked in.I went straight to the showers and got in bed when I got out.The man was being fucked by Dad. I watched for a while but fell asleep before they were done with each other.That evening after a different Cirque show Dad took us to a strange club in which many were in costumes. The clientele seemed to be evenly divided between straight and gay, Dad made friends with a couple and I danced with the wife. By midnight the four of us where in my hotel room. I fucked the wife as Dad fucked the husband.Then the couple switched and her husband ended up in my bed. I had no idea what to do but the husband just wanted to suck my cock. I let him and enjoyed it.They switched again and I found myself eating pussy.I did manage to fuck her again as her husband fucked Dad. They rested then left. Dad and I were asleep before they closed the room door.Dad and I were in the bathroom at the same time the following morning. We took a shower together. Our cocks seemed to think there was a possibility of something but were too exhausted to press for it.We dressed and went to the breakfast buffet.Half way through breakfast Dad left with a guy about his age. A woman my age came to me and asked if the man in the gray sport coat was my Dad.I said yes then asked if the the guy that left with Dad was her father,She said yes.I asked her to sit with me and we soon admitted our fathers were gay. She was not troubled by that anymore than I was.As we ate together she told me she was a lesbian. I gave her a wolfish grin and admitted I was too.“Oh, good. Lets go to my room and fuck,” she said surprising me but I was soon fucking her in her room.We were done with each other but still nude when her father came back. He kissed both of us then went to his bed and was soon asleep.I kissed the girl and told her “I better check on Dad,” then dressed and left.Dad was nude and asleep. I walked to him and kissed him then went to bed. I briefly wondered if I had squeezed his cock before going to sleep.Dad was caressing my cock when I woke up. He said, “Let’s take a shower before we go exploring. There is a mall where it rains inside every twenty minutes.“Deal,” I said and he gave my cock a squeeze before I got up.Apparently I had squeezed his cock before going to bed and apparently he had been awake when I did.“Cool,” was the only thing that came to mind.We both had partial erections before we left the shower. My cock had caressed his ass and his cock. We did not hurriedly move away from each other on those occasional “accidents’ and we never acknowledged them.We did find the mall and a seafood buffet place and returned to our room. It had been a long walk in the heat of the day so we undressed and took a nap when we were back in the room.I did notice Dad and I were now always naked when in the room.Dad woke me up by squeezing my cock then said, “Blue Man Group tonight.”“Oh good. We need to shower again first.”Dad reluctantly let türbanlı nevşehir escort bayan go of my cock and we were once again in the shower together.Our cocks were completely erect that time. Contact with them to the others body was pretty much a constant. Once he took me in his arms and kissed me. Once I took him in my arms and kissed him. Our cocks had kissed too.We separated and dried mostly while looking at each others erection. We kissed again before getting dressed.We loved the show and afterwards Dad took us back to the club with the people in costumes. He was very picky that night and eventually chose a nice looking couple.Back in our room the girl sucked my cock then got nude. My cock was slowly sliding into her before I noticed she had a cock. Then I realized my cock had just entered her ass, it’s first such experience. It took all my willpower not to ejaculate immediately. I brought her to me and kissed her. She began to fuck me. I caressed her tits then allowed my hand to drift down to her cock. It was small and flaccid.I decided she needed to be pleased too so I began to slowly masturbate her. Her cock became firm and I began to masturbate her in sync with her fuck. We ejaculated together.She sank her body over mine and we kissed as lover do. We fell asleep.When I woke up I was in bed alone. I saw Dad was too. I went back to sleep.Dad woke me up as he slowly masturbated me.“I saw you had fun last night. You have her cum on your belly. They said they want us to pick then up again tonight. I invited them to come to join us at the buffet dinner instead then come straight to our room.Are you OK with that?”“Yes, it was fun last night.”Dad made no move to stop his slow masturbation of my cock so I made no move to get up.“Was this things first ass last night?”“Yes it was. I had difficult time controlling it at first. I think her tits are real, they felt real.”“They may be. Her partner was good. He may want to swap tonight.”“Oh,” I said, partly because of what he said and partly because my cock had suddenly spewed over both of us.“We need a shower,” Dad said.As he was lathering his cock I turned him to the wall and masturbated him from behind. After he plastered the wall with cum I turned him around and kissed him.We smiled at each other throughout the buffet.We went up the Eiffel Tower and took the roller coaster at New York, New York. We walked into the Harley store and Dad became very popular very quickly. He told somebody that he would except he would be taking me to a titti show for my birthday.My birthday had been before we got to Vegas. We went down to the buffet at seven and found our dates already there waiting for us. The t-girl looked all girl even in the bright lights so I found myself kissing her on the lips. She seemed to be very happy I did.We talked as we ate and found they lived in Vegas.They were not partners but brother and sister. Both were choreographers but their show was on hiatus.They had actually heard of our hometown and asked many questions about it.When done with dinner we went up to our room and became nude. I went to bed with the girl as I had last night. We began with lots of kissing. Her hand went to my cock and mine went to hers. Both were already erect.She slid my cock in her mouth when she let it out of her mouth it was wearing a condom. She put a pillow under her hips as she lay on her tummy. I slowly slid my cock into her then when completely in I d****d my body over her and kissed her neck.“Make slow love to me please,” she said.“That was my intention,” I replied.It was slow long lasting fuck. Dad and her brother were both done before I began to quicken my strokes.She turned her head for me to kiss her and I did as I filled the condom.I gave her a few more strokes then slid to her side.She kissed me then slid the pillow out from under her and lay on her back. Her cock was still erect.I put my head on her tummy and began to masturbate her. She began to softly purr.I kissed her cock, she moaned.I slid her cock into my mouth. She groaned.I decided a cock in my mouth felt nice.I sucked her off.Cum in my mouth did not feel that nice until she slid me up to her and cleaned my mouth with her tongue.We cuddled and kissed for several minutes until Dad brought her brother to me and took her with him.Her brother kissed me then kissed his way to my cock. I was amazed at how quickly it recovered.I had just cum and so had a lot of control but he stayed at my cock for a long while. Then he slid a condom on me and sank his ass over my cock.As he fucked me my hand went to his cock. It was smaller than his sisters. It occurred to me it would not hurt going into my ass.I slowed masturbating him and as soon as I ejaculated I kissed him. Got on my tummy with a pillow under my hips and handed him a condom.His insertion was slow although he didn’t need to, all I felt was good.He had just cum too so he lasted a while. It felt good throughout. He slid to my side and we kissed.His sister pulled him up and covered my body with hers. Her cock made an impression going in and it felt fabulous. She did not last as long as he had but all of that fuck was nice.She slid to my side and coaxed me off the pillow and d****d herself over it. It was not until then that I realized I had another erection. I slid a condom on and slid into her and began a fuck. It was a hard fuck from the start and I filled the condom in less than five minutes.I slid to her side then d****d her body over mine. We kissed. Ravenous kisses were inter sped with soft kisses. We fell asleep.When we awoke we were alone in the room. We could see a note was on my night table and she sat up to read it.“They went to the club to dance.”“Would you like to go dancing?”“Yes but not at that club. The pyramid türbanlı escort nevşehir would be nice.”“Yes it would,” I said and kissed her.“We need to shower,” she said and we did. We washed each others’ cock and kissed them before we dressed.The club was crowded but we had a nice time and danced a lot. We stopped for a snack at small cafe then returned to my room. Dad was fucking her brother when we walked in.We got naked in bed and kissed. Neither of us needed sex so we simply went to sleep.The next morning we sucked each other off in the shower then hurried to join Dad and her brother at the buffet.We had a long night of sex look to us so I was not surprised to hear her brother say they needed to go home. Dad and I thanked them for a fabulous two nights and kissed them bye right there in the lobby of the hotel.Dad and I went to our room and went back to bed.I awoke as Dad was sucking my cock. I caressed his head and he was soon swallowing my cum.He slid up to kiss me then I slid down and sucked his cock. I kissed him with my mouth still full of his cum.We went back to sleep. We showered with just kisses between us and walked to a diner we had seen on our walks. He wanted fried chicken and I wanted fried catfish.He then took us to a strip joint. Men were dancing for men. The dancers would at times kneel down in front of a customer and allowed him to slurp his cock into their mouth, after giving a tip. Dad fell in lust with one of them and had the cock in his mouth a bit longer that normal. Later that dancer came to Dad and asked him if he was interested in a lap dance.Dad said he was only if I could watch. The dancer looked at me then nodded. We went to a small cubicle and the guy got naked and began to swing his cock in front of Dad’s mouth. Dad captured and swallowed it and the dancer stopped dancing.I saw Dad slide a finger into his ass. I slid over and took Dad’s very stiff erection out of his slacks. I slid a condom on it and whatever reservations the guy had vanished. I held dad’s cock as he slid his ass over it.I stood and slid my cock over the dancers lips, he sucked it in. The three of us were in heaven.Dad came into his condom and we slowed. As the dancer stood Dad resumed sucking him off as he masturbated me. The dancer ejaculate and Dad then took my cock into his mouth. I soon ejaculated and the three of us spent some time kissing before the dancer thanked us and left.Dad had given him a hundred dollar tip.We had enough for that night out so we went back to our room. We took a shower and both of us climbed into my bed. As soon as he had my cock erect he covered it with a condom then got on his hands and knees,I fucked Dad.When done he collapsed in bed and I collapsed over him with my cock still in his ass. We fell asleep that way. In the morning we packed and went into the shower. I took a condom in with me and as soon as I had sucked Dad to an erection I slid the condom on him then leaned on the shower wall.Dad fucked me.We kissed, dressed and rode to the airport. We were home and after unpacking went to our favorite restaurant and noted our dinners were better than anything we had eaten at Bellagio.We took the short walk to the gay bar and visited with friends but made no effort to connect with anyone.On Dad’s bed that night I fucked him and he fucked me. We fell asleep in each others’ arms.We fucked each night for two weeks before I had to return to school. That morning we were back to father and son mode, well except for the kisses.During Thanksgiving break he had a guy staying with him so I gave them room.During Christmas break his companion seemed to be a girl but wasn’t. When she saw I was cool with her she began to walk around the house naked. Her cock was bigger than my t-girl so I knew Dad was happy with her.My t-girl and I had never exchanged names but I knew which show she worked for and it did not take me long to find her. I called the show and she was soon on the phone with me. I told her I missed her and asked her to join me for Christmas at my home.“My brother has a partner now so he couldn’t come,”she said.“Just as well, Dad appears to have a partner too.”“Are you buying my tickets?”“As soon as you give me the dates.”“From today until January fourth.”“Go pack, I will call you back with your confirmation number.”She arrived the next afternoon. We were going to have eleven days together.We kissed Dad on the way in and went to my bed and fucked. We were kissing when Dad came in and introduced us to his girl friend Ronnie.My girlfriend Leslie was somewhat surprised then pleased. Dad and Ronnie left my room and allowed us to cuddle and kiss.I took her to a lesbian biker bar that night and she made many new friends. We could hear Dad and Ronnie fucking when we got back. I was sure they could hear Leslie and me fucking soon after that.Leslie and I were lovers by the time she went home. We were a couple. I brought her back home for spring break and again for my graduation. Friends were asking us when we would get married.A few girlfriends seemed to suspect Leslie did not have a pussy. I encouraged her to attend a small hot tub party with them. She did. She was mauled.“The women in this town are crazy. I love them. Many of them knew about Ronnie but did not talk about his large clit and promised me they would not about mine. I love this town.”“I have a teaching job here. We have a music video studio here that may need a choreographer. Marry me.”“OK.”I never had another gay experience with anyone else. Leslie had suspected Dad and I had fucked but she did not see any of it and never asked.Dad and Ronnie and Leslie and me I married in a double ceremony in Hawaii and honeymooned there. Dad and I only saw each other during the ceremony.We are now just two of the many happy couples in town. Leslie will at times bring a girlfriend to our bed and I fuck her as she eats pussy. Some times we switch and I eat pussy as she fucks me. Sometimes the girl sucks me off as Leslie fucks her.The one with the pussy is always one of just two girls. They can keep secrets. Both are married to bisexual guys.Ten years later we were just as happy as our first week. We go to Vegas on each anniversary.We have fun.