Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 5

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 5Continuing “Daddy at the Truckstop”, Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.Amber’s Descent – 5———-Even in sleep, I could not escape lust. Locked in the padded hole underneath the playroom, I dreamed an extension of what I’d already gone through that day, a blur of faceless men spearing me at each end with hard cocks, over and over. A heavy feeling shutting out the entire world, my whole existence in service to these cocks that owned me. Owned.. the vivid senses of my dreams faded into darkness as I awoke. There was no light in the hole, all I could do was wriggle around and feel the padding on all sides, the walls and top close at 2 feet deep and wide. I could breath well, so there seemed to be plenty of air. I thought back to the times I was sure I wouldn’t be hurt, reassured by them, and it kept me from panicking. My breathing deepened as I thought it through. They meant to keep me for a while, telling me things would change. Change how? Everything they’ve done is to make me more helpless, and feel more trapped. All part of the lesson, a lesson I was learning to be so very real.It didn’t take long for the fresh memory of being broken to flood my thoughts. The plug still vibrated in my sissy hole, the lustful haze rising as my anxiety fell, and soon I was squirming in both memory and anticipation. My confinement amplified the waves of arousal that were crashing over me. Time passed, the waves continued, and eventually I heard the lock-handle turning above me.Light hit my eyes as Daddy propped open the hatch. He reached down and began lifting my bound form out of the pit, unshackling my ankles and helping me to my feet, still teetering on high heels. “I think 2 hours is enough time in the hole for a break, it seems like you slept. Good, your lesson is far from over. Time to get you cleaned up, fucktoy.” Daddy guided me out of the playroom, into the bathroom next to it, where my original whorish clothes were waiting for me.——–I hadn’t ridden a cock before, but that day was a first time for a lot of things. Daddy and 3 of his friends were sitting in the entertainment room in the basement, with one or two others wandering in and out of the basement, one of them always holding a camera, with another one recording on a tripod nearby. I was facing away from one of those friends, bouncing up and down on his thick cock as he reclined in his seat. His hands steadied me as I rode him, my hands were chained up and behind me once more to my collar, and each bounce was tugging the leather against my throat as I panted like a slut in heat.The men sat naked, stroking their hard cocks as they watched me work the cock in my ass, as well as the entertainment on the TV. It was probably about 70 inches of screen, and taking up every bit of it was the video they took of the gangbang earlier in the day. I saw myself in high definition, dressed as a sex toy, locked up in the sling as the men used me. Every so often, the camera angle changed, and I felt more impaled by the shame and lust than I did by the cock I fucked onto repeatedly. “Yeah, horny little bitch really loves watching herself getting broken in. She photographs so well, too, there are so many shots where her face is crystal clear. Her family will have no trouble recognizing her if they see this. There’s even a little surprise for her in a minute, hehe.” Daddy came into view beside me, reaching out to hold my head up by my hair, making sure I looked at the TV, as well as his hard dangling prick.I moaned as I kept bouncing, doing my best to keep my prostate rubbed. My clitty was hard again, and the cockring and straps were secured around it and my balls once more. He was right, I couldn’t get enough of seeing myself like that, digging the hole deeper and deeper, making me want to be taken further to see myself being humiliated and degraded in whatever way they want me to be. Daddy stood close, cradling my face with his free hand, pressing his thumb into my mouth. In a minute or less, the picture changed güvenilir bahis to something else familiar. It was Sir’s apartment, my second visit there. A hidden camera capturing my first time in bondage as I sucked cock. Watching that, realizing how far they went to make me feel as submissive as possible, I whimpered around Daddy’s thumb as I saw myself give up my safeword that first time, and admit over the phone how I was cuffed and sucking to a stranger. The camera angle changed, more than one camera hidden to capture my slutty acts, Daddy showing up behind me as they both began to teach me about being dominated.”God damn, this whore is gonna squeeze my cock off. She’s eating it up like she’s starving!” The man under me said as he pulled me harder onto his cock. Daddy chuckled. “Yeah. Every time she experiences something new like this, she takes to it faster than a duck to water. One of the most natural little whores I’ve ever come across.””Damn. I can’t tell if she’s lucky or not that she met you. How far are you gonna take her?””Far. I’m not letting this one go anytime soon, and she handed me a golden opportunity I’m not passing up. Whores like her have slipped through the cracks before, but that’s not happening this time. Oh no. She’s mine now. She’ll find out how deep she’s in soon enough.” Daddy took his thumb from my mouth, replacing it with his cock as they spitroasted me.They talked about me like I wasn’t there, like an object who didn’t matter, except in its use as a toy. There were so many aspects of humiliation they used on me at once, and I was every bit as hungry for it as they said. All that came out of me were moans and whimpers as I heard plans about me that I had no choice on, and I kept squeezing down on the cock in my pussy, while trying to give Daddy my best oral attentions. I didn’t have the presence of mind to think too much about what they were saying, I was deep in my submissive trance with no signs of surfacing, only feeling the ground sink beneath me an inch at a time. Daddy pulled out of my mouth and yanked my head back, looking up at him, panting with half closed, almost out of focus eyes. “Today’s a big day for her, bigger than she knows yet. She’s going to learn that it’s real….”SLAP. Across my face, Daddy punctuated his words.”That she’s trapped.”SLAP.”That she’s a piece of property.”SLAP.”And that she won’t have a choice for a long.”SLAP.”Long.”SLAP.”Time.”SLAP.I was incoherent as I meweled under the fresh humiliation of his slaps, driving me further down with each word, knowing it to be true. My ass muscles squeezed hard with every jolt.”Jesus, the whore is about to take my cock off, I’m gonna blow. Get her on her knees.”The man pulled me off of him, and Daddy pushed me to my knees, as his friend stood over me, thick cock pointed at my open mouth. Moments later, he let loose his load across my reddened cheeks and outstretched tongue, marking me for the first time since they let me out of the hole. I was beyond reason or sense, I only wanted more.I didn’t pay much attention to words being said around me at that point, registering only that they talked about me, and never to me. I only felt my heavy chain leash being tugged as I was moved to the next man, another friend who’s name I didn’t know, and I was pulled onto his cock to ride like a sissy cowgirl again, facing the TV. The videos continued as they used me, likely on repeat as I was passed around. Riding, being slapped, spitroasted, kept deep in sub-space with every act as they filmed.—————–At first, I could feel every lurch, bump, and turn on the road. I couldn’t tell where we were going, or rather, where they were taking me, but my ability to think was nowhere to be found. Locked and in the dark as I was. I don’t know how many of them passed me around and used me as a cumdump, I lost count quickly, and afterwards I was marched into the bathroom for more cleanup and outfit change. It was similar to my first outfit I had met sir in. Very similar.. a cute short pink dress, white stockings, but in pink ankle strap heels, and the pink cuffs and türkçe bahis collar with whorish makeup reapplied. The ring and straps around my clitty remained, and the familiar plug filled me as I stayed panting and horny for their pleasure. I was led upstairs and into the garage, where a van was waiting. Next to the van, though, was a large open foot locker trunk, and I was nervous when they had me kneel in it, chains being looped through my cuffs. A set of goggles with a smartphone were put over my eyes, large headphones over my ears, and my mouth was pulled open, the ring gag secured once more as they finished binding me, closing the lid with a thud, a lock being placed on the latch. I was lifted and loaded into the van. The goggles and headphones filled my senses with more footage of me, this time including my riding the men on the couch. Clips from different angles played out of order, showing me being used and surrounded by different men each time, my own moans and their words of objectification assaulting me as I writhed in my box prison. My owners were keeping me constantly stimulated and reminded of my place as a toy, a mere plaything who exists for sex at their whim, and at no point did they relax that pressure. Several times on screen, my information flashed over shots of my cum stained face. Name, address, parents numbers, old friends, school emails. Each one a fresh nail in my coffin of servitude. I was being driven crazy, constantly on fire. After the ride ended, my goggles were removed and I was lifted from the foot locker. They set me out walking, surrounded by Daddy, Sir, and 2 of their friends. Glancing around, I could see other cars in the parking lot, with another joining them. The light was starting to get low under the trees, we seemed to be near woods, or in a park, the trail leading to a building with an “Out of Order” sign hung out front. The men disregarded it as they pulled my chain collar, guiding me through the door as I whimpered.It was a public restroom. I choked on my own lust once more.—————-Light flickered intermittently in the restroom, the bulb needing replacement. Urinals lined one wall, and several stalls were on the other side, near the sinks. It seemed run down, but relatively clean, though it still had a bit of a smell. Smell that mixed with the scent of hard cock driving into my sissy mouth. On my knees, hands once again chained up and behind me, and a spreader bar between my ankles. One of the men was fucking me with a dildo as I sucked, and cameras were recording my every move, my heavy chain leash looped around and locked to one of the urinals. I was lost in my feverish lust as they surrounded me in such a degrading place, Daddy fulfilling his words from earlier in the day. The top of my dress was pulled down, and the nipple clamps were on me, connected to my clitty strap, and I did my best to keep up with the cock picking up the pace in my mouth. The lewdness of the clamps, combined with the filthy nature of my surroundings, drove me another notch deeper than I had been before. I felt like I was drowning under the constant pressure, the intoxication taking me further through the broken subservient hunger they’d unleashed in me. “See? The little whore is eating it up like a goddamn buffet. Soon she’ll get all the cock she can take. I have something special for her tonight, too, a little cherry on top. She’ll be ready for it soon.” Daddy chuckled as I didn’t miss a beat. The men swapped out for a while, I was beyond caring, just wanting more. Then, the last of them stepped away. The restroom door opened, and in stepped a new man. As he stepped closer, it became apparent to me, the uniform he wore.. belonged to a police officer.I felt my heart beating hard through the lust. For a moment, I was afraid we were busted, my eyes growing wide as i looked at his imposing physique getting closer. Until he turned and shook hands with Daddy.”You weren’t lying, this one really does look like fun. Mind if I get a crack at her?”The cop asked.”Be my guest, our arrangement stands. You always get first option when güvenilir bahis siteleri I bring a whore out to one of these spots.” Daddy grinned, not even glancing at me. “Great. I haven’t had a good blowjob in a couple of weeks, this one looks like it’s worth keeping off the official radar. Some of the other boys will want a piece, probably a couple of the higher ups. Mind if I put the word out?” The cop stepped towards me, undoing his pants as he talked. “Do it. I’m breaking her in deep today, and that will be perfect.” Daddy took a camera and moved in closer.The cop grabbed my hair and pulled my head onto his cock. It wasn’t as big as some of the others, easier to manage, but it still filled up my sissy mouth as he fucked my face. One of the men kept the dildo in my ass going, and it sank in more what kind of a situation I was in, at the mercy of men who were protected by the police.. police who would use me just like the others. Another link in the proverbial chain that bound me to these men, another layer of entrapment and control. The thought fueled me as I put more effort into sucking him.”Damn.. this whore is good. Where the fuck did you find this one?” The cop exclaimed.”Trade secret, friend. They come looking for it, and we’re right there waiting.” Daddy replied. “Well, however you do it, I’m glad I get a piece. Fuck. Whore’s already gonna make me blow my load.” The cop sped up his thrusts, making me gag a little.”On her face, for the camera.” Daddy zoomed in.Spunk splattered across my face, and the cop cleaned up without a second glance.”Damn, hit the spot. I’m gonna radio in to the boys, you’ll be here for a while?” The cop tidied his uniform.”Yeah, we just arrived, plenty of time for them to come get a piece of their own.” Daddy handed the camera back to one of the men, grabbing my hair. “Get as many of them as you can, this whore needs a thorough lesson.” Daddy sank his cock into my face, and I moaned around its familiar taste. The more I tried not to think about the men who might come to use me, the more I failed, and the harder I sucked. Before long, Daddy stepped away, and a new stranger wandered into the restroom.”I got the text, man, were those prices for real?” The stranger directed at Daddy and Sir.”Yep. New whore special, getting lots of practice tonight. You’re in?” Sir intoned.”Hell yeah, man. I’ll stick around for more, too.” The stranger reached into his pocket and handed Daddy a small wad of bills. I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment, more of it hitting home, and Daddy being true to his words. He was renting me out in the middle of this place, and made sure I saw it. Fuck. I had only imagined this as a far flung fantasy, even under his control, but it was actually happening. The stranger stepped up to me, pulling his cock out, and I knew that once it was between my lips, that I’d forever be a sissy prostitute. A real piece of property. My whimpers went up in pitch, and my eyes started to water up. That feeling of drowning in lust was eroding whatever was left between these terrible depths of perversion, and my normal sense of self, buried deep down in spite of the inescapable addiction. Unable to do anything about it, the stranger began using my face like the cop had, spewing insults and names before his cum decorated my cheeks. Just like that, I was a sissy prostitute, and the fact that it was all on camera hit me hard as cum began leaking out of my strapped clitty in little streams, the pressure becoming too much to hold back, unable to be stopped. Tears were starting to streak down my face.”The whore is leaking. Good, looks like she understands. Let’s get her up and into the last stall, set up the equipment.” Daddy smiled. I was carried over into the larger handicapped stall at the end, and a chain hung from a crossbar above. It only took them a moment to have me suspended off the ground, bent over, feet spread by the spreader. One of the men removed the dildo, replacing it with his own cock, quickly getting into a familiar rhythm. I saw the cameras again, and Daddy came into view with a black cloth in his hand.”Whores don’t need to see who they’re servicing, right boys?” Daddy chuckled, before slipping the blindfold around my eyes. I panted and whimpered more as I heard another stranger enter, and walk up to Daddy.”I got the text…”—————