Daddy’s Good Girl

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Daddy’s Good Girl::THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! PURELY FICTIONAL!::Reader x Author———————–A pleasant warm breeze flutters across my body as I lay out on the soft fresh grass behind our house. It’s the first truly nice day we’ve had all spring and after being cooped up inside for months on end, I can’t help but go out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The grass tickles against my bare skin, but I don’t mind. It feels so nice. Sensual, even. Like thousands of tiny fingers caressing me while the sun laps at my smooth mound and the breeze teases my taut nipples. My eyes closed, I smile to myself as I open my legs wider, letting the sun delve deeper. It’s like nature itself is worshiping my body, slowly driving me wild before making love to me.I drag my hands down my body, pulling and pinching at my nipples, rolling them between my fingers as I gasp softly before moaning in pleasure at the feeling. Wishing you were home from work to do it for me. One hand continues to play while the other slips down across my flat tummy, brushing over my lithe waist until following the fold where thigh meets body, down, down down, until I whimper out loud. My little clit is already sensitive and begging for attention. Juices starting to glimmer in the sunlight. I don’t even bother to slick my fingers up before slipping one inside my pussy. It feels good, but not enough. I add a second, then a third. Still, something isn’t quite right. Finally, frustrated, I roll myself onto my stomach and pull my knees under me, lifting my ass in the air while my fingers keep working at my pussy. That feels better. My face pressed into the grass, I don’t hear you come home or step out onto the back patio. You stand there watching me, your thick cock growing harder and harder by the second. It doesn’t take you long to strip your clothes off and come striding over to where I’m busy humping my hand. “Just what the HELL do you think you’re doing?” You boom, taking hold of me and flipping me onto my back again, yanking my hand away from my pussy. I cry out in surprise and lay perfectly still, paralyzed for the moment as I stare up at you. “How many times have I told you? That cunt is mine! No one, not even you, is allowed to put anything in it, except for me!””I’m sorry, Daddy! It won’t happen again!” We both know it’s a lie. It will happen again. And again, you’ll istanbul escort demand that my pussy, my entire body, belongs solely to you. No matter how many times you invite your friends over to take turns with your young, gorgeous daughter.A glare is the only response I get as you move to kneel between my knees and point to the collar next to my head. “Put your clothes back on! Now!” “Yes, Daddy.” I reach for the collar and drag my fingers across the cool, soft suede of it. The tag jingles as I tighten the collar back into place around my neck. Daddy’s Bitch engraved across the tag. My collar back in place, you nod once before reaching your large hand down, letting it hover over my pussy. “I’m going to have to punish you for touching yourself. You know that, right?”I swallow thickly and nod, my nipples going hard again at the thought of it.With another nod, you bring your hand down hard and fast across my pussy. I cry out and jump a little. You do it again, harder this time. Again, I cry out and jump. Your other hand presses down hard on my hip, keeping me in place as you slap across my exposed pussy six more times before pressing your finger to my clit. I bite my lip and roll my head back as you press against it harder and harder. It hurts the same way my pussy spanking hurt, and it only serves to make me wetter and hotter for you. You keep pressing against my clit, letting it slip from one side of your finger to the other as you growl low in your throat and slide your body up mine until you can capture one of my nipples with your teeth. I yelp as you tug at it, toying with it with the tip of your tongue. My yelp only makes you growl again and move to do the same to the other nipple. You make your way up from my nipples to my neck, biting just below the collar, leaving your mark on me before trailing your tongue up to my ear. I moan and squirm against you, anxious for you to put your fingers in me. Nibbling at my earlobe, your finally brush your lips across the shell of my ear as you whisper in a rough tone, “I’m going to breed you. You’re more than old enough now, you should have been bred a few years ago, but I wanted to keep hold of my babygirl for as long as possible. You’re fertile, though, and it’s high time you started producing for me.”I stare at you with wide, frightened eyes. You grin a slightly zonguldak escort sinister grin at me as you nod. The hand that had been holding my hips down now moves to press against my stomach. “Yes. I want this little tummy of yours so big and round you can’t move. Want you naked and bearing at all times, now. And once I’m sure you’re good and pregnant, I’ll be letting others come in to mount you every day. This first one, though, I want to know for certain it’s mine. Want my baby growing in my baby. Like her mother before her.” My heart flutters and speeds up as I whimper and nod. Just the idea of it all has my body screaming out for it. Desperate for it. “Please, Daddy. Please? Want that so much, Daddy.””You want to be Daddy’s little breeder bitch?””Yes, Daddy. Yes.””Beg for it, then.””Please, Daddy. Please let me be your breeder bitch? Please? Want it so bad, Daddy. Want you, Daddy. Please?”You pinch my clit between your fingers and twist. “Please, what? What do you want Daddy to do?”Crying out, I squirm harder and start panting. “Want you to breed me, Daddy. Wanna be your breeder bitch, please? Please let me be your breeder bitch, Daddy. Want you to breed me!”Smiling, you nod and stroke a hand down my hair and neck. “Good girl. Good. I’ll breed you like the little breeder bitch you are.” You take hold of my collar and tug at it as you push yourself up onto your knees, yanking me along with you. “Get on your knees, Bitch. Present yourself to me.”I do as I’m told, scrambling to my knees and lowering my upper body back down to the ground. My ass in the air and legs spread, I close my eyes as whine softly. My body aches to be filled! I feel your thick, mushroom head cock rub against my clit and hole before you shove yourself into me, hard, forcing my body into the ground under the force and pressure. I cry out in pleasured pain, gasping and panting as you waste no time in mounting me. So thick and long, I can feel you slamming against my womb with each sharp thrust.”Oh Daddy!” I cry out. “Daddy yes! Oh Daddy! Feels so good, Daddy!!! Hurts so good!”Your hand wraps into my hair, yanking me up so my back is flush against your front. You keep thrusting into me. I cry out in pain only to gasp when you press hard on my clit again and try to devour my ear. “Bitches don’t talk, do they?” You growl into my ear. escort bayan I shake my head and whimper. “No. They take what their breeder gives them, when their breeder gives it to them. What noises do they make?”My eyes going hazy with lust and pleasure, I hang my tongue out of my mouth and begin to pant, whine, whimper, growl. The world around me begins to grow fuzzy. “Good girl,” you moan into my ear before pushing me back down into the grass. “Now behave, and take your breeding.”I whine and whimper. My fingers dig into the soft dirt beneath me. You fuck me harder and faster the more I whimper and pant. The new grass sticks to my breasts and teases my nipples, driving me even more insane. Your heavy, seed-filled sac slaps against my clit as you bottom out in me again and again, your cock head trying desperately to force its way into my uterus in order to deposit its load. We’re both hovering on the edge, teetering dangerously. Suddenly, you take hold of my collar and pull me upright again. One hand rubbing frantically at my clit while the other wraps around my throat and squeezes, just enough to make breathing slightly difficult for me. I moan and whine louder, surrendering my body up to you. “Good girl! Such a good girl! You like it when your Daddy Breeder chokes you, don’t you? Yes. Like letting Daddy Breeder decide when you can or can’t breathe. Fuck. Fuck! Such a good little breeder bitch for Daddy!”My body no longer my own, I squirm and writhe against you, gasping and panting. You squeeze a little harder, shoving yourself deeper. “Yes. Yes! Good girl! Fuck! Such a good little breeder bitch! Take Daddy’s cock! Take it!” You push me roughly back down to the grass, keeping one arm pressed against my shoulders as you d**** yourself over my back, keeping me pinned as you thrust harder, faster, more frantic than before. “Every day, Bitch,” you pant, growl, into my ear. “We’ll do this every day. Six times a day. Just like this. Until you’re fucking knocked up. Every day. Just. Like. THIS!” You slam me harder, harder, HARDER! We both scream out as you slam one last time and hold yourself deep within me, spurting you load in my fertile womb, planting the seeds that will soon take root and blossom just as the spring flowers have. True to your word, we breed everyday, six times a day — most times outside on the lawn — for three months, just to make sure I am well and truly bearing for you. And true to your word, my flat tummy soon grows large, round. Our little ones growing inside your babygirl Breeder Bitch, leaving me helpless to your insatiable lust for my body. Naked and bearing at all times. Just like you wanted.