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Daddys PrincessI had come home earlier than I had planned with business a little slow at the store and plenty of help there. I figured I could use the time to load more stuff to my online store. I have a comfortable office at home and get more done when I’m alone and not being interrupted. Besides, I wasn’t in the best of moods because of the argument with my wife Linda last night. Not having sex in over a month helped to start the argument, but knowing my wife as I did, I accused her of not having a similar month long dry spell. She would neither confirm nor deny it, but she ended the argument just the same.So I was a little off my game when I walked in the house and was met by my daughter Teri in her tiny white bikini. This one was a skin-hugging spandex that outlined every sumptuous curve of her body. She loved wearing white because she thought it was a sharp contrast to the dark Mediterranean skin she inherited from her mother. Her nipples stood proudly, almost poking through the light, tight material.”Hi daddy!” she chirped. Always perky, she came over and gave me a hug, sliding her arms around my neck, and then giving me a short peck on my lips as she had done thousands of times before. There was nothing sexual in it, strictly a platonic welcome home kiss. But something in those sultry dark brown eyes said that something was changing between us.”I’m going to hop in the shower so don’t flush the toilet,” she admonished. “Boy you fuck up one little time and they never let you forget it.” Her arms were still around me and I still had my hands on her bare hips. “I’m just getting a snack and I’ll be in my office. Promise not to flush.” She kissed me again, her lips lingering a second or two longer than normal, and slowly slid her arms from my neck down my chest. Her long fingernails sent chills through my body as they softly raked over my nipples and I found myself gripping her hips harder. She smiled and pushed herself away. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but it was creating some very un-fatherly feelings in me. Or was it just me being horny from a lack of sex?”See you in a few minutes. Oh, and Lisa’s out by the pool so don’t get startled if you hear someone.” She turned and bounded up the stairs, giving me just a glimpse of her pretty, round little ass. The snake in my pants was awakening and I chastised myself for my lack of control around my own daughter. But damn, even her mother was never that cute.I’m not sure when I noticed that Teri had grown up. She had the short-cropped black hair like her mother with those dark brown, sultry eyes, but the comparisons pretty much stopped there. Her mother was tall and athletic with a full chest, tiny waist, and flared hips while Teri remained petite like her grandmother. At just over five feet tall, her well proportioned body had the look of a young swimmer or a gymnast with curves.I thought of all those nights over the years when she would be watching television with us and then suddenly would just get up and come and plop herself down in my lap, curling up on my chest while I wrapped my arms around her. She never did this with her mother, at least not while I was around. Linda had enjoyed doing this when we were first married, but once Teri was born, she had taken to curling up in her own over-sized chair.Sometimes when Teri was sleeping in my arms, Linda would shift position in her chair so she was facing me instead of the television. Then the teasing would start. She would fondle her enormous breasts through the soft silky nightgown until her nipples stiffened and became visible. Then she would pull one of her large pendulous breasts out of the gown and pinch that hard nipple and mouth “Oh Daddy!” at me. When she was sure I had an erection, she would start playing with her pussy, fingering her slit through the soft shiny material until it was wet. Then she would start mouthing “Yes Daddy, Yes Daddy!” while I looked on helplessly with a bulge in my shorts and my little angel in my lap.I didn’t get to spend much time with Teri while she was growing up, so when I was with her, I gave her all my attention. I had always thought the teasing was part jealousy and part Linda’s need for kinky public sex. As the memories passed quickly through my brain, I wondered if there were more to it. Had she been trying to make me see Teri as something more than my little girl or had something happened to Linda in her c***dhood that prompted her actions?I quickly dismissed the thoughts and grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to the cupboard for the pretzels. That was when I noticed Lisa out by the pool. She was laying by the pool in a purple suit similar to Teri’s white one. She was on her stomach with her boyish round buns staring at me. It appeared her top was off and her long blond mane was cast to one side while she soaked up the rays. Her fair skin glistened in the sunlight either from suntan lotion or perspiration. Teri had been friends with Lisa since c***dhood having met in kindergarten and staying close right up to their recent high school graduation last week. It was unusual in this neighborhood for families not to move away as careers changed but somehow our two families had survived and Teri and Lisa were closer because of it.Lisa had matured physically at a much younger age, puberty hitting her just before her teens. At first it had been a problem for them with Teri being very envious, but as friends do, they worked out their differences and the relationship grew stronger. Lisa was a half-foot taller than Teri with a chest that even my wife was envious of, a flat stomach and still somewhat boyish hips. Given the way her chest filled out, one would have thought the hips would have followed, but they had yet to develop. She still had a nice well rounded ass and flat tummy, the total picture showing a beautiful young lady. The bottom of her shimmering purple suit left a lot of her beauty exposed to the sun.I heard the shower start upstairs and then looked back just as Lisa rolled over; those large pendulous breasts unleashed were swinging back and forth as she tried to get comfortable on her back. This was an even better view that her lovely little backside. And that purple bottom was hugging her skin so tight, that I could see a perfect outline of her delightful, swollen mound and the ample slit that dissected it.With her earbuds in, she obviously hadn’t heard me come home. I don’t think she had even noticed that Teri had left her until she looked around. With a slightly aggravated look, she pulled out her earbuds and propped herself on her elbows so she could expand her view, not finding Teri anywhere. Her frustration obvious, she grabbed the suntan lotion and squirted some across her chest and then into her hands.She lay back down and began to massage the milky fluid into her light, now pinkish, skin. She began by spreading it out quickly over her torso and then slowly began to work it into the soft skin of her flat tummy and ribcage. She started a slow massage around her navel and then carefully worked her way up to those mammoth mounds. It took both hands to work the creamy lotion into the pale, white boobs that had been encased in the purple top. She lifted the left one, working underneath the heavy flesh, then back up and over the pale nipple that quickly popped up, glad for the attention.I set down the pretzels and reached down and unzipped my fly, releasing the swollen meat that had been pressing against the front of my slacks. Clear, thick fluid was oozing from the tip and I spread it up and down the entire length of my hardened shaft. My heart was beating faster and every nerve in my body was awake as I stroked my meat while watching this nubile nymph. I took a long gulp on the cold, frosty bottle of beer and then turned my attention back to this gorgeous young girl.Lisa continued to work that stiff nipple and I could see her breathing quicken as well, her ample flesh rising and falling at the same pace as her massaging fingers. She switched to her right breast, again slowly massaging the lotion into her skin until it blended perfectly with her alabaster flesh. She teased the nipple, squeezing and pinching it, while her breathing continued to quicken. Leaving her right hand on that nipple, her left hand began a slow trek downward, eventually sliding over the soft material onto her mound.I chugged the rest of my beer and then used the condensation from the bottle to add more fluid to my stroking. The chilled liquid only added to the stimulation of my long hard cock. I dreamed about spreading the material of the tight purple bottom and burying my tongue between the dark pink lips that I was sure rested there.I watched as her hand pushed against the soft cloth, her middle finger forcing the material into her slit and making the outline of her mound complete. She began to work it faster and harder, the spandex disappearing between her wide crack and making a gorgeous camel toe. The swelling of her mound was a dark pink, but as she continued to work it, I watched in awe as it turned a beautiful shade of deep red. My stroking became faster and I knew there was no going back now. I would need to finish this or I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the work I needed to do. I could feel my body quiver as I watched her and could feel the lava boiling in my balls as my sac tightened. Lisa was desperate for release as well and pulled the material aside so she could insert two fingers from her right hand while the left hand worked her clit. Her lotion covered fingers easily slid in and out of her pussy. She didn’t even bother to look around to see if Teri might be coming back. She no longer cared about anything but her own pleasure now.I slowed my stroking briefly, looking for something to shoot my wad into, and grabbed a dirty cup from the sink. My eyes quickly locked back onto those fingers as they worked in and out of the tight pussy. I looked up to her beautiful face, now contorted in agony as she waited for the inevitable climax. Her full lips were wide apart and quivering as she gasped for air while her hands flailed away trying to bring her satisfaction. She gripped her clit between her thumb and index finger and began to squeeze and rub as she tried to muffle her moans of pleasure. Her cute butt lifted off the towel as the slick fingers worked furiously, and I could picture my cock sliding in and replacing those fingers. My knees suddenly got weak as my cock surged forth spewing gob after gob of my cloudy liquid into the cup. I squeezed my cock hard and felt a second surge as more cum followed and dribbled down into the cup. My body was shaking as I continued to stroke even after the liquid stopped.Lisa was now moaning loudly, her back arched as her left hand squeezed her clit one last time and held it while her orgasm rippled through her body. Her humongous tits were laying off to the side now, her chest heaving as I watched her shiver in delight. The muscles in her legs and tummy were well-defined as the tingling rippled through every nerve ending in her body. She slowly let her butt lay back on the towel and removed her fingers from her wet pussy. Her hands came back up and clenched her tits, rubbing the nipples intensely as that tingling gradually left her body. Now feeling somewhat guilty, she looked around again to make sure she had not been caught.I quickly grabbed a paper towel and wiped the remains of my cum from my softening prick and then tucked it back in my pants. I rinsed the cup out, washing my seed down the sink and placed the cup back where it had been. With one last, longing look at Lisa, I grabbed another beer and the pretzels and briskly walked to my office and shut the door. I heard the shower stop and was thankful for the timing. It took a few minutes and about half the second beer, but I finally got down to updating the web page list of items.My wife Linda had warned that she might be late tonight due to a presentation she was working on to lure a new client and after our discussion last night, I was certain she would not be home tonight regardless. I had been wondering for some time now if work was all she was doing when she stayed out late. Our sex life had fallen off sharply since her promotion last year and had been fairly active prior to that. Given our past history, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was having an affair with her new assistant, even if she was a female. Her lack of acknowledgment last night seemed to confirm my suspicions. At least with her gone, I could get this work finished tonight and have tomorrow night to myself.There was a knock on my door as the knob turned and the door opened. Teri was freshly showered and had put on a pair of tight, white short-shorts and a loose white tee shirt. With her dark skin as a background, the outfit glowed like it was under a black light. Her dark hair was still damp and disheveled giving her that freshly-fucked-in-the-morning look. Shit, who thought about their daughter like that? What was wrong with me? Meanwhile Lisa now had the purple halter top to her suit back on with the matching skimpy bottoms. The purple looked much brighter close-up and her pussy was still swollen and well defined in the tight bottoms. Her long blonde hair hung down her back almost to her ass. It certainly added to her appeal but it must be a bitch to take care of being that long.”Hi Lisa, how are you today?” I asked trying to be polite and giving me an excuse for staring at her lovely face and body.”I feel wonderful!” she cooed as she stretched her arms up over her head and pushed those enormous tits up and out, the nipples clearly visible. “Thanks for letting me come over and use the pool. It’s the perfect way to relax on a hot day.””You’re welcome to use it anytime you want,” I offered, knowing what really caused her to be relaxed.”I forgot to tell you,” Teri broke in seeming annoyed that I was paying attention to someone other than her. “Mom called and she’ll be staying in town tonight because they are catching an early morning flight to meet their new customer. I think she said, they agreed in principle over the phone so they are flying there to meet them and get the paperwork signed. Not quite sure where “there” is, but maybe she’ll call you later. So, can we order pizza and can Lisa stay for dinner?” I couldn’t tell if she was irritated because she had to play messenger or because of the vagueness of the message.”Well, that’s wonderful news I guess,” I said half-heartedly. “Yes you can order pizza and Lisa can stay as long as her parents don’t mind. Let me know when it’s here and I’ll come and pay for it.” She got this funny look on her face like she wanted to say something. “Or do you ladies perhaps know this delivery boy and maybe want to handle this yourself?”Teri smiled and walked up to me with her hand outstretched. I fished out a twenty dollar bill and glanced up at her. There was that look again. I added another ten to it.”Just make sure he gets the tip. After all, you want to impress him.””Thanks daddy, you’re the best,” she smiled, reaching down to take the money and giving me another smack on the lips. “Love you!” And off they scooted, slamming the door as they left.I turned back to the computer, trying my best to keep the visions of those two lovely nymphs as far in the back of my mind as I could. It lasted about forty-five minutes until Teri brought in a plate with two slices of pizza in one hand and a cold beer in the other hand. She had changed her shirt and was now wearing an old shirt of mine that she had cut the bottom half off.”What was wrong with the clean shirt you put on after your shower? With your mother gone, you know who will be stuck doing the laundry this weekend?”It wasn’t the laundry that I was upset about. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were poking fiercely at the ragged material. When she leaned slightly to set the pizza down, the bottoms of her breasts came into view and my manhood was reacting to the lovely sight, much to my chagrin. I could picture my hand slowly rising up to cup the tender morsel.”I know daddy. I just didn’t want to risk getting pizza sauce on it. This one really doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. Although I do look better in it than you ever did,” she smiled, trying to lighten my mood.”Sorry sweetie. I don’t mean to be a grumpy old man,” I smiled back. “I know daddy. And you’re not old. Grumpy maybe, but we both know that’s mom’s fault.” I stood to give her a hug and she jumped into my arms and held me tight, her cheek next to mine. I had one hand under her tight ass while the other clutched her bare back to keep her from falling. If she felt the protrusion in my pants, she was ignoring it.”I’ll always love you daddy,” she whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek softly. Her voice sounded sad but the words came out authentic.She leaned back slightly to look me in the eyes, and then rubbed her nose against mine in an Eskimo kiss like we used to do so many years ago. Then she kissed me. It started soft but passionate and was certainly not a father-daughter kiss. I couldn’t help myself and responded, my lips forming perfectly between hers as the passion rose. It probably only lasted ten seconds, but it seemed a lifetime. As she let her legs down, I released my hold on her and let her down gently. If she hadn’t noticed my erection before, she most certainly did as her lithe body slid down across it. I was flustered and didn’t know if I should apologize or thank her.She stepped back and smiled as she checked out my bulge. Her smirk said she was proud she could turn me on and showed no sign of guilt. Her half-shirt had risen up just enough to expose some breast flesh, which she quickly remedied. “Lisa’s staying until 10:00 if you want to come out and watch a movie with us. I promise I’ll behave.””What are you watching, Twilight or The Notebook?” my sarcasm evident in the tone of my voice.”Actually, it’s Ironman 2. Scarlett Johansson has some kick-ass outfits you might like.” “Hmm, maybe I will join you later,” I smiled my most lecherous leer. She turned and left, leaving the door open so I could make out bits of conversation that made it difficult to concentrate on what I was working on.But having finished my pizza and third beer, I thought better of it and continued working into the night. I finished just before 10:00 and had everything stuffed back into my briefcase for morning. I wandered out to the living room to check on the lovely ladies who had fallen asleep while watching the movie. I caught a brief glimpse of Scarlett in her tight black leather outfit and immediately regretted not watching the movie.Lisa was asleep in my chair, the white over-sized shirt having ridden up just high enough to bring those bright purple bottoms back into my view. Visions of the afternoon lingered only briefly as I looked over to Teri to see her laid out on the couch with the bottoms of those lovely breasts in plain sight of my wanton eyes. I coughed once and both young ladies awoke from their slumber.”Well, two sleeping beauties. Must have been too much sunshine out by the pool today. C’mon Lisa and I’ll walk you home.””It’s only two blocks and I’m an adult now. I think I can walk home alone,” she said sarcastically. “Bullshit,” I said irritated. “It’s dark out and even if this is a good neighbourhood, bad stuff still happens occasionally. I’d expect the same from your parents if it was Teri at your house.””Alright, alright, Mr. G,” she conceded and yawned. “Let me grab my bag.” She trotted upstairs to Teri’s bedroom to retrieve her clothes.Teri stood and stretched which totally exposed her breasts. My eyes locked on the perfect round orbs. They were just the right size for her petite body with absolutely no sag. The dark areolas were puffy and the nipples stood proud and long. They were certainly more than the pencil eraser tips her mother had. Guilt immediately rushed over me at enjoying the sight of my half-naked daughter.When Teri opened her eyes after stretching, she noticed my gaze and the strange look on my face. Realizing the show she had been giving me, she quickly lowered her arms and actually blushed. Due to her dark skin, it was hard to tell when she was blushing, but her nose always went a little red and her neck would get darker.”Sorry daddy. Forgot what I was wearing,” she said sincerely. I went over and gave her a hug and kissed the top of her head. The fresh scent of her shampooed hair attacked my senses and sent more blood rushing to my swelling b**st as we hugged each other tightly. “It’s okay sweetie. I’m just constantly surprised to realize that my little girl has grown into a beautiful woman. But we should sit down this weekend and talk about it. And that kiss. It’s just not…,” the sound of clomping feet on the stairs interrupted our conversation.Teri pushed away with that beguiling smile and walked over to Lisa, giving her a big hug as well as they kissed each other on the cheek. It was innocent enough but given my current state, I wanted to interpret it the wrong way. What was on my little girl’s mind? There was a glint in her eye.I opened the door for Lisa who was still in the tee shirt and we walked outside. She hadn’t bothered to slip on any pants. The glow from the porch lights made the tee shirt look like a mini-dress with the dark material of her swimsuit showing through.”Ooh, it’s chillier than I thought,” she squealed. She reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of jogging pants and started to slip them on. With her back to me she bent over as she slipped her right leg into them, her slim, taut buns coming into view. As she tried to get her left leg in, she lost her balance and started to fall. I quickly reached out to grab her, lifting her up and turning her around, her long hair smacking me in the face as she twirled.”Oh shit!” she cursed. “Thank you for catching me Mr. G. I hope I didn’t hurt you with my hair. It can be a lethal weapon at times,” she giggled.”I’m fine. I just didn’t want you to get hurt,” I said as I cradled her in my arms. “And why are we back to Mr. G? What happened to calling me Joey? I thought that made you feel more adult if you used my first name?” I’m not a strong guy but even for me, her lithe body was an easy lift. Not as easy as Teri, but not a struggle either. My right hand could feel the excess flesh of her boob and my left was holding those sweet, milky thighs as the pants hung around her knees. I stared into those beautiful blue eyes, remembering the show she put on for me earlier.”I don’t know. Mr. G makes me feel like I know a very important person.” She ran her fingers through my hair. “Um, I think it’s safe to set me down now,” she said softly even though her arms stayed wrapped around my neck. Her sharp nails running through my hair had the nerves in my head send tingles straight to my prick. “You have the softest hair I’ve ever felt on a man,” she whispered leaning closer.Her full lips were just inches away as temptation crept in. I remembered we were still standing on my lighted porch and forced the tempting thoughts from my brain. I let down her legs and between the two of us we were able to get her feet through the pant legs before I set her down completely. She quickly pulled them up before facing me again.”Alright then, let’s get you home.” We walked in silence until we were away from the house and into the shadows. Then she started some small talk, thanking me for trusting them with the pizza delivery boy, about her friendship with Teri, and about her lack of direction for college. Even at this slow pace, we were at her house in a few minutes. She stood on the first step of her porch and turned to face me.”Sorry if I was babbling on. I talk fast when I’m nervous.””I didn’t notice,” I lied. “Besides, what are you nervous about?””This,” she said leaning forward and wrapping her arms around me. Her lips met mine in a hard, passionate kiss to which I responded without even thinking of any consequences. I sucked her lower lip between mine as I reached for her narrow hips and pulled her to me. She opened her lips slightly and her tongue slipped out and caressed my lips before it pushed through and started dancing on my own tongue. The soft appendage created a very sensuous feeling as it worked in and out while our moist lips collided in a frenzy of lust.My hands were under her shirt now as my head was swimming in confusion. I could feel her soft, tender skin against my fingers as I caressed her. My cock surged in my pants, blocking out any cognitive processes of my brain. Desire was overcoming me like it had when I was a teenager. Like anger turning into rage, this siren had turned my temptation into pure lust.I brought a hand around to massage her bountiful boobs, finding the nipples already hard. Fondling the hardened nub only served to increase the blood coursing through my swollen rod. I flinched as her hand ran across my pants and then gripped and squeezed my tool. I knew this was wrong and I knew I would have to be the one to stop it, whether I really wanted to or not.”No Lisa. We have to stop. This is wrong. You should be with a boy your own age and not an old man like me.” I was trying to rationalize this crazy situation I had let myself get caught up in. “You’re not old and I’m an adult now so it’s not wrong. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want this as much as I do.”She was starting to sound like Teri now, finding a way to make everything she does seem okay. Still I forced myself away from her even though my cock was screaming “Fuck her you idiot!””Look, this isn’t the time or place. We could get caught by your parents or a neighbour and I would be in deep shit then. And Teri will be expecting me home any minute. So just cool your jets and get inside before we both end up in trouble.” She looked very disappointed but grabbed my shirt and pulled me back for one last kiss, quickly sliding her tongue inside my mouth. She was surprisingly strong for such a young, slender girl. These were not the actions of a c***d.”Think about that while you’re jerking off tonight. You could have had the real thing.” And she turned, walked up the stairs and disappeared into the house. She was as pissed as I was confused.When I got home, Teri was already up in her bedroom with the door shut. I had a vision of Lisa texting her about what just happened and her using it as ammunition against me when we finally sat down to talk about what happened today. She had successfully avoided me for now because I needed some sleep before my early morning tomorrow.I was up early and had a quick bowl of shredded wheat for breakfast before hurrying off to work to beat the morning rush hour. I had a couple short staff meetings scheduled and then planned to take off early again as long as everyone else showed up for work. For once, things went as planned with the meetings going very well. Numbers were better than expected so I was in a good mood. The stores in the three other cities I had expanded to were all turning a healthy profit. I went to lunch with a couple guys who had been with me since day one and we had a great meal and a celebratory drink. They went back to work and I headed home.It was about two o’clock when I got home and I had been thinking about how to discuss the more than paternal feelings I was having for my daughter, as well as her part in fueling those feelings. Every time I came up with an angle, I thought of her rebuttal. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I would come out on top in this discussion and this was very unusual for me. You don’t become a successful businessman by lacking confidence.And now that I was home, it wasn’t going to matter. As I walked into the kitchen I could see Teri and Lisa out by the pool again. They were having a good time and laughing about something. Teri was wearing another white suit but this one didn’t have a halter strap. I think she called it a bandeau the day she modeled it for me. The top was a wispy, white strap of cloth with ruffles so at least I wouldn’t be teased by those nipples. But I remember the bottom, while a similar wispy, white material had no ruffles and I was afraid of what it would look like if it got wet. It had a small triangle in the front and a slightly larger one in the back that left quite a bit of those luscious cheeks exposed.Lisa was wearing another purple suit, but this one definitely was a string bikini. Two small patches covered her nipples and a tiny patch barely covered her pussy. Her slim round cheeks were on full display with the piece of dental floss in the middle barely covering her dark hole. The girls certainly hadn’t planned on me being home early or they wouldn’t have risked this blatant display. Or would they? After yesterday, I wasn’t sure what these two might try to get what they want.I grabbed a beer and came back towards the window to continue lusting after their sweet, young flesh. Teri knew I didn’t like getting into arguments that I couldn’t win and how could I ever win an argument by telling a girl the swimsuit she chose made her too beautiful? With no way to win, I conceded victory to them without them even knowing. There would be no arguing today. I ogled these nubile nymphs, totally mesmerized by their beauty and sexuality.My cock didn’t care that they were barely legal or that one of them sprang from my own seed. It had a mind of its own and right now it just wanted to feel good. I watched Teri pick up the bottle of suntan lotion and squirt some onto Lisa’s back, the skin already turning pinkish from being in the sun. As she leaned over Lisa, I noticed Teri’s white suit bottom clung to her body, whether it was wet from perspiration or being in the pool didn’t matter. The translucent material allowed her cunny lips to bulge through leaving little to the imagination.As I watched from the kitchen window, she was rubbing suntan lotion on the fair-skinned Lisa, her long blond mane rolled up lying by her head, breasts bulging to the sides as she lay face down on the towel. At first, Teri was off to the side just rubbing the lotion into her neck and shoulders but it looked more like a massage than just spreading lotion over skin. She smoothed more down her back and then slowly over the exposed flesh of Lisa’s buttocks. She squirted more on Lisa’s legs and then slowly began to work it in, going down the left leg and then slowly back up until her fingers were almost touching the forbidden zone. I watched as Lisa gradually allowed her legs to part offering more space for Teri to work. She started on the right leg, again slowly moving down and then almost tortuously slow coming back up with her fingers on the inside of Lisa’s thighs. This time as Teri’s fingers approached paradise, I could see a slight movement in the purple patch of cloth indicating contact had been made. My manhood was straining against my briefs, aching for release.Most fathers would have been running out the door at this point, screaming at what they thought was a lesbian affair. But she was an adult now and it was her life and she had to make the decisions about how to live her life. I am also a perverted middle-aged man who has been watching way too much internet porn lately so this just seemed like something that teenagers do all the time.Then Teri straddled her lower back and began working her way down again. Her hands drifted to the sides and seemed to caress the ample breast flesh that was exposed, the purple top nowhere to be found. My arousal increased as I watched my daughter seduce her best friend. Teri was grinding her mound on Lisa’s tailbone and I could see beads of sweat on both girls as they glistened in the afternoon sun. I didn’t know if this was their first time together but neither seemed to be inhibited about what was happening.It was déjà vu as I pulled my throbbing manhood from my shorts and precum oozed from the enraged purple head. Was Teri just teasing her or was she ready to take the next step while they were outside where prying eyes could see them? Was she expecting someone to be watching, the idea turning them on more, or were they just caught up in the moment?I began to stroke my long, hard rod, nature’s lubricant allowing my hand to glide effortlessly up and down the turgid pole. I squeezed firmly allowing more dew to escape from the eye of the b**st. My eyes watched transfixed as Teri’s perfect ass rotated, grinding her pussy hard into Lisa. It was a far better show than the solo act that Lisa had performed for me yesterday. Their breathing was becoming heavy as Lisa rose up and Teri reached under and cupped the bountiful mounds of flesh offered to her, grinding desperately to get the relief that only an orgasm could provide. She started kissing canlı bahis Lisa’s neck and then sucked an earlobe between her hungry lips. Lisa turned her head and their lips brushed briefly, tongues darting out searching for forbidden contact. Lisa turned back and started concentrating on raising her hips and timing it with Teri’s downward thrust. Teri was grinding hard now as Lisa kept her beautiful butt raised allowing Teri full access to the hard button of Lisa’s tailbone. Minutes passed with bodies flailing before Teri stiffened, pulling Lisa to her tightly as her breathing stopped and a low throaty moan escaped her luscious red lips. Her body was quivering as her climax rolled through every nerve ending in her body.They stayed like that for a few seconds before Lisa broke the bond and rolled over. I looked on in wonder again at those pendulous breasts as the ample flesh fell slightly to the sides. She pulled Teri down to her and their lips met in a sensuous kiss that erased any thoughts I had that this might have been their first time together. I watched as their lips meshed, my arousal nearing the boiling point. Tongues began to mesh and I knew I had to think about where I was going to spray my load again. Unlike yesterday, the sink was empty and the dish towel was gone. I was too far gone to go looking for something now, my eyes riveted to the gorgeous young girls in front of me.If I ever had any doubts about my voyeurism being evil, they had long since left me. Lisa unsnapped Teri’s strap, then whipped it off her and threw it, the small strip of white resembling a butterfly as it fluttered to the ground. After eighteen years of not seeing my daughter naked, I had now seen her topless twice in less than twenty-four hours. Her breasts were a perfect handful as Lisa caressed them and then pulled the left one down to her waiting lips. The pale areola swelled against her bronze skin and the nipple stood as proud as my aching manhood. Teri now had her hand inside Lisa’s bikini bottom and was working her slit with swift strokes. They kissed again, their breathing becoming labored as Lisa arched her back looking to increase the contact and bring their duel to a climatic end. The suit was pulled down now while Teri plowed two fingers into her best friend and worked the clit with her thumb. As Lisa’s moans became louder, my geyser sprayed my load onto the kitchen floor. Stream after stream flowed from my rod, threatening to reach the cupboards three feet away. I squeezed and stroked, milking it for all I was worth as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through my body. My legs weakened as the last drops leaked out of my still inflated rod. As I looked back out the window, the girls had collapsed, softly kissing and bathing in the afterglow of their lovemaking. I grabbed some paper towels and wiped off my dick and then my hands, before reaching for more towels to clean up the floor. Cum was everywhere and I had to be careful to make sure I got it all. Last thing I needed was for Teri to find my milk on the floor.My wife had caught me once before when I jacked off while watching her masturbate out by the pool one night. She was pissed that I hadn’t come out to the pool and at least done it in front of her. If she had known I was home, she would have sat on my face and had a more fulfilling orgasm. Her words, not mine. She was beautiful but she could be a bitch sometimes.I tucked my still hard manhood back into my shorts as best I could and grabbed all the damp paper towels to put into the trash bin in my office. As I glanced out the window I noticed the girls now had their tops back on and were cooling off in the pool. They may just have well been skinny dipping for all the flesh that was left uncovered. I turned away and went to my office.As I sat in the chair, I twirled back and forth contemplating what had just occurred. Watching my daughter have sex with her little vixen friend had been even more stimulating than yesterday when I watched Lisa masturbate. Even when Linda and I had been sexually active and adventurous, I never got a charge like I had just received from watching my daughter naked. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins as I played back the lesbian scene I had just witnessed. The fact that my sexy little daughter was involved just added fuel to the flames. Could I be sexually attracted to my little baby girl? Did I want to control my feelings or just let nature take its course? How pervy was that? But then, I always knew I was a little perverted. It was one of the things that cemented my relationship with Linda. Back in the old days when we had first started dating, she tried to press things, testing me to see how far I would go. We had met at a bar, her sultry eyes drawing me to her as I walked in, scanning the scene for my target that evening. Once our eyes locked, I knew my mission was accomplished. There was a band playing in the back, and I know everyone says they remember exactly what song was playing when they first met, but I don’t have a clue. My mind was racing as I took in every inch of her beautiful face, the small valley girl nose that rested above those full sensuous lips, and her rounded chin that led down to the soft silky skin of her neck. Her short, dark hair and dark toned skin gave her an exotic, sultry look.I asked her to dance before I had even ordered a drink and she slipped her hand in mine and pulled me out to the dance floor. Within seconds, the fast song that had been playing faded away and was replaced by a slow quiet ballad. Linda slipped in close to me and I wrapped my arms around her, low on her back. She pulled herself closer, her left hand slipping behind my head so her fingers could slide through my hair. Her right hand was caressing my neck and then onto my ear, quickly getting a rise out of me. I let my hands slip just a little lower to the top of her protruding buttocks and pulled her tighter, my steaming prick now grinding into her lower belly. She moved her right hand down to my side, raking her nails sensuously down my chest, and then pulled me even closer, letting me know she could feel my arousal. We stayed like that, grinding away in our own little world until the music stopped. As the band announced their break, we moved back to the bar and I got the drink I desperately needed. Two of her friends were there and gave her a look, wanting introductions. Linda introduced herself, and then identified her friends as her roommates Tammi, a luscious redhead, and Kim, a slim blond with model like features. It was like a casting call for Charlie’s Angels. All three were beautiful, but Linda had this strong, tight, athletic body and those sultry eyes that could seduce any man.We stayed at the bar for a couple of drinks, the four of us talking about the jolt of life after college and actually working less than we had in school but still feeling the stress of earning a weekly pay check. We talked as if we had known each other for years.I leaned in a little closer to Linda to hear what she was saying when I felt her hand latch onto my crotch. It was all I could do not to spit my drink out, but I calmly swallowed and looked at her. She kept talking, her expression and intonation not changing at all while my manhood quickly rose to the occasion. The way I was standing as I leaned into her, presented my butt to her friends and shielded their eyes from her ministrations.She leaned closer to her friends and swiftly pulled down my zipper at the same time. Her hand reached into my pants and started stroking me as I choked down another gulp of cold beer. I was getting very close and tried to gently pull away but instead felt her other hand in my pants pressing a napkin up against my bulbous head just as it exploded. She caught as much as she could, and then pulled out the hand with the napkin, letting it drop to the floor. Her other hand tucked me back into my briefs and she zipped me back up. I was straining to hear what she was saying….”Dad! Daddy? Are you alright?” I was zapped back to reality as Teri came in and turned the chair, plopping herself into my lap. My manhood had pulled a Phoenix, back from the ashes, its previous release not enough to satisfy the unquenchable thirst. Her wet suit was soaking through to my shorts, the chill sending a charge into my tightening balls.”Rough day at work? Did I interrupt that computer brain of yours while it was solving trying to make the next million?” She had a sweet little voice to go with her sunshine smile and pert nose that was perfectly centered on her oval face. Her full lips still had some of the red lipstick left even after all her smooching with Lisa.Then she felt the lump she was sitting on and smiled “Or maybe just a little daydream.”Most daughters would be totally grossed out if they sat in their pervy dad’s lap and felt a woody, but my little girl seemed to relish in my discomfort. She started to squirm gently in my lap, getting a little more rise out of me and causing my eyes to drift south from her pretty little face in embarrassment. The thin white cloth of her suit with flattened ruffles now looked like a wet t-shirt and was doing nothing to hide those swollen areolas and protruding nipples, aiding her desire to torture me while she knew I could do nothing to stop her. Hell, I didn’t even want to stop her.I finally cleared my throat. “Lisa go home” I inquired?”Yea, she just left. She has a date with the pizza boy tonight. He’ll be a senior at State this fall. How’d you know she was here?””I heard you two splashing around out in the pool when I got home.”She cocked an eyebrow, looking at me to see if I really knew what they had been up to. Satisfied that I hadn’t, she sat back letting her soft but tight bottom settle in around my bulging erection. While the tiny wet suit made it look like I had pissed my shorts, at least it hid the wet spot from my leaking cock. “Can we do an early dinner at the club tonight? I’ll call and make reservations and then we can just come home watch a movie together.” She already knew the answer before she asked me. She was just like her mother, taking charge the moment she saw a weakness.”Sure. Why not? Call it in and I’ll go take a quick shower.” I needed to get away from her for a few minutes to allow the b**st to calm down.”OK, but don’t use all the hot water. I need to get this suntan lotion off me.” She slid off my lap slowly, squeezing her buttocks together and forcing a little more moisture to escape my stiff rod and darken the wet spot on my shorts. She could make a fortune giving lap dances if I’d be dumb enough to let anyone near my little girl. I watched her butt wiggle as she walked away, wondering how an 18 year old body could look that perfect.I took my shower in the master bath and thought about pulling off another load, but thought better of it and just finished cleaning up and got out. I donned a black dress shirt with matching slacks and walked towards her room to let her know she could shower. The door was half open so I figured it was alright to walk in. “Shower is all yours Princess.” My eyes quickly transfixed on the mirror she was standing in front of, her top discarded as she admired her breasts in the mirror. I stood frozen in place waiting for some kind of response from her. She didn’t even try to cover up, maybe thinking I couldn’t see her flawless breasts with her back to me. Her right hand rose up and pinched the nipple and a low moan escaped my lips as I watched it swell and grow out from the areola. “Daddy, am I beautiful? Lisa says I am but she’s a girl, and my friend, so I don’t know if I can believe her.”I slowly approached her, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her close, this time the moans coming from her mouth. “Honey, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, including your mother, but don’t tell her I said that.” I smiled and kissed her on top of her head and she leaned back into me. The b**st was back and now pushing gently into Teri’s lower back. I know she could feel it, but once again she leaned back harder while I tightened my arms around her waist. I so wanted to move my hands up and caress those lovely little mounds, but I resisted. A small smile appeared and she brought a hand up to cover her breasts like she was just aware that she had been topless in front of her father. She turned back to the mirror as I left the room. I went downstairs and stared out the front window, lost in thought as I tried to figure out what was going on and how I should handle it.I heard her footsteps behind me and turned, again captivated by her appearance. It had been a quick shower, her hair still dry and shining like black satin. She was wearing a little black dress that looked very familiar though I couldn’t remember from where. The material was thin enough that I could just make out the black bra and G-string she was wearing beneath it. The front and back of the dress stopped about four inches above her knees but the sides barely covered her hips. That’s when it hit me.”Isn’t that your mother’s dress?” I asked, slightly perturbed that my fantasy was interrupted by thoughts of my out-of-town wife.”Yes daddy, but she hasn’t worn it in years. I saw it in an old picture and then found it still in her closet so I had it cleaned and taken in so I could wear it.” Her condescending tone and mention of the picture brought a smile to my face.”If you saw that picture then you know she didn’t bother to wear any underwear that night.” My memory of that particular night would be ingrained forever no matter how much we had grown apart. We had gone to a little Italian restaurant and while we were waiting for our main course, she delivered the appetizer by masturbating with one hand while giving a blow job to a breadstick with the other hand. When we left, I couldn’t wait to get back to the car. I just pulled her into the first alley and fucked her up against the brick wall. We did it again in the bar after dancing for an hour and yet again in the car before we went in the house to pay the babysitter.”I did notice that,” she smiled. “Does that mean I can remove mine? Didn’t think so. Oh well, someday I’ll be able to make my own rules.” She walked towards me with exaggerated hip movement and slipped her arm in mine. “Shall we go, Darling?” It was her best country club voice.I chuckled and led her out to the car. I opened the door for her and watched as her entire thigh came into view while she slid into the seat. Even with underwear on, she was sexier than her mother was without it. This could be a long, hard night.When we got to the club, they seated us at a small table in back against a wall. I don’t know if she had requested it when she made the reservation or if they just needed the space because Linda and I usually had a larger table near the middle of the room. This was actually more pleasant, away from prying eyes and the din of the room giving us a chance to actually talk.We talked about her going off to school in the fall. She had decided on the state college because it had a better microbiology department than any of the nearby private schools, but it would still be three hours away so she would have to live on campus. She had a sad look on her face.”Are you nervous about going off to school sweetie?””No dad, it’s just that I will miss you so much.” She placed her hand gently on top of mine as her eyes welled up. I gripped her fingers and smiled. “You know daddy, I asked my counsellor if Lisa and I could be roommates and she said that they preferred to place freshman with other freshman that they don’t know for the first semester. It’s like forced socializing with strangers.”After what I had witnessed earlier today, that was probably for the best, however I didn’t say that to her. “They did the same thing to me when I was a freshman. None of us from my high school were allowed to be roommates our freshman year. I made a lot of new friends and we eventually rented a house off-campus. It’s not that bad. You’ll see.” “Can I get a place off-campus if I keep my grades up?” she asked excitedly. “We’ll talk about it after your freshman year is over.”Dinner went quickly and we seemed to have more than our share of attention from the wait staff. My wine glass was never empty and no one seemed to care that Teri was taking sips out of it. Then I remembered that dress and the eyeful they must be getting when she sat with her legs crossed. I signed for the check and the waiter held Teri’s chair as she stood up. They had never held the chair for Linda. “What do you say we find a bar with some music? I know a place where I can bribe the doorman to let you in.” A huge smile was framed on her beautiful face and she reached up with both hands and pulled me down for a kiss, sucking my lower lip between hers. Public displays of affection didn’t usually bother me, but there were a lot of people here who knew she was my daughter and probably didn’t find that appropriate. I still enjoyed it, however awkward I felt about where I was letting our relationship go.BJ’s was a little dive on the other side of town that I frequented, but there was always good music and the owner had been a friend in college so I knew most of the staff. Bobby, an ex-football player, was guarding the door as usual. I normally gave him a twenty when I went in, but this time I slipped him a fifty to look the other way. Bobby looked at Teri and frowned. “Drink responsibly and enjoy your evening,” he said, forcing a smile. As Teri walked by, Bobby grabbed my arm. “Don’t stay long Joey. With that dress and this crowd, it will only be trouble once the drinks set in.””Thanks for the warning, Bobby. If we’re not out in an hour, you come and get me and we’ll leave peacefully.” “Sure thing Joey. I always got your back.”My eyes found Teri as soon as I got inside and then looked to the bar where BJ was already placing two beers up for me. I pushed Teri through the small crowd by the bar until we made our way to the drinks. My crotch was pushed tightly against the curve of her hip and started to swell immediately. I reached across the bar to slap hands with BJ.”You remember Teri, don’t you?” I asked rhetorically.He answered anyway. “I remember she’s not twenty-one yet. But I don’t remember her being more beautiful than her mother. Wow, have you grown up sweetie,” he gushed.”Thank you Mr. Robertson,” she smiled and blushed as she replied to the handsome owner. “You two stay here for a minute and I’ll get a small table set up for you in the dark, where they can’t see I’m serving a minor,” he growled, shooting me a nasty glare. Looks like I was challenging more than one friendship tonight. But I was actually enjoying showing off my little girl in that sexy outfit. A couple drinks and a few dances and we could head home. The band had just started up and the lights were down low away from the bar. A waitress, Julie, was holding the table BJ had just brought out and waved us over. She was twenty-two years old and a very sexy redhead just like her mother. Linda and I had our first three-way with Julie’s mother Tammi shortly after we got married. I didn’t think I was her father, but Tammi had never tried to find out who the father really was. But when Tammi had asked for some money to help with Julie’s college expenses, I didn’t even blink. I hadn’t seen Julie in a few years but she hadn’t changed much aside from filling out her curvaceous figure. She looked just like Tammi had at that age. When we got to the table, Julie wrapped her arms around me in a big hug and then planted a wet one on me, making sure that everyone around us saw it, especially Teri. I could taste the lipstick on my mouth and it supercharged my already erect cock.You couldn’t hear because of the band so she just turned and left with that shit-eating grin on her face. Teri was staring at me like I just committed a crime. I drank about half my beer and then took Teri by the arm and headed towards the rest rooms so I could explain. It was the only place to talk once the band started.”Look, you know who she is. She’s Tammi’s daughter and she was just being nice to me because we haven’t seen each other since she started college. So don’t treat me like a criminal.””Yea, I know who she is but that was not a friendly kiss. That was a fuck-me kiss,” she yelled as jealousy roared through her body.”I don’t know. I think it was pretty similar to the kiss you gave me yesterday. Was that a fuck-me kiss?” I asked with as stern a voice as I could muster.Teri looked shocked. She wasn’t ready for that. I had finally caught her off guard. “I-um-it was just, um,” she stuttered. “Yes daddy, it was a fuck-me kiss but you didn’t,” she yelled trying to take back control. I could see her eyes well up again.”Well at least you finally admit it. I thought you and Lisa were just playing games with me.” Then I bent down and kissed her like a boyfriend would, sucking her soft lips and letting my tongue slip between them. I slipped a hand around her waist and led her dumbfounded back to the table. I gulped down the rest of my beer while she took a big swig on hers. Then we were out to the dance floor.As I started gyrating foolishly, she started to smile again and then we started dancing normally. We were sweating profusely by the end of the third song and I was in need of a break, but the band switched to a slow song. We stared at each other unsure of how to proceed after the revelations of these last two days. I was almost a foot taller than her so our body parts were going to meet in different places than I was used to when dancing with her mother.I held out my arms and leaned down and she molded her body to mine. Her head lay on my chest while her arms slid up my back and pulled me close. Her boobs were rubbing softly against the bottom of my ribcage. My snake came to life almost immediately, swelling until I could feel the pressure pushing out my slacks. Teri could feel it too, slowly moving her hips so her tight tummy could feel the hardness. She moved a leg between mine, her mound looking for friction against my thigh. I held one arm low on her back while the other was higher up caressing the bare skin exposed by the slinky dress. I could feel her quiver as I softly dragged my nails across her bare back. She reacted by forcing her mound harder against my thigh. I thought my prick was going to escape through the top of my slacks as it tried to reach out to her soft breasts. We swayed together like this until the music stopped and the lights became a little brighter. Teri led the way back to the table while I followed with both hands on her hips so no one could see the protrusion in my pants. She quickly chugged the rest of her beer and then headed off to the ladies room just as Julie was coming over with two more beers.”So did I make her jealous Joey?” Julie asked like she had done me a favor.”Julie, that’s Teri, you know, my daughter! You didn’t recognize her?” I said flabbergasted.”Aw shit. I’m sorry Joey. She’s all grown up. Last time I saw Teri she was just getting boobs.” She handed me a napkin. “You still got some lipstick on you. How’s Linda?””I don’t know. She’s in New York working on a big account. Anybody ever tell you that you kiss like your mother?” I smiled, memories of her seductive mother framing in my brain. “How’s college by the way?””I think you’re the first man I’ve kissed that’s kissed my mom. She misses you. Not sure she misses Linda though. She won’t talk about the fight but she still talks about you.” I could see a sadness in her eyes. Linda and Tammi had been best friends for years and then suddenly the friendship ended and as far as I knew, I was the cause of it. But it wasn’t my place to talk to Julie about it.”But I did graduate in May. And I’m still here slinging beers. Great thing, a college degree. I’ve got a lot of applications out so I’m not giving up yet.””Well, I always need a good salesperson. You give me a call, you have a job. BJ might get pissed off but I can pay you more than you get here in tips. Just give him time to get a replacement.” And I meant it. Julie was gorgeous and intelligent and could probably be my top salesperson in a year. My customers would love her.”I’m calling you Monday,” she stated emphatically before placing a quick, soft kiss on my lips. She was just as loving and passionate as her mother. I looked forward to working with her.Teri came out of the rest room just in time to see me wipe the lipstick off again. Julie walked over to her and apologized and then they hugged. She seemed to be in a better mood now. But something had changed. She had freshened her makeup, adding some eye shadow and liner that highlighted her bright, brown eyes. She also went to a deeper red lipstick that made her lips look fuller and very kissable. Shit, there I was again thinking about my daughter like she was some beautiful young chick that I had never met before.There were a lot of eyes on Teri now and as she moved to her beer, the light hit her just right and I could see she had removed her bra. The long, firm nipples were poking at the bodice of her thin dress. I didn’t notice any dark patch at the crotch so I figured the G-string was gone as well. I knew there wasn’t any hair there so it was hard to tell that she was naked underneath. She picked up the beer and downed about half of it and set it down. Still standing, she turned to me and said “Take me home daddy.”I took a short swig off my beer and then took her arm as we made our way through a much larger crowd now. As we walked past Julie, I slipped a fifty in her tip jar which she quickly placed in the pocket of her tight jeans. She gave us both a quick kiss on the cheek and I waved to BJ as we headed out the door. Bobby smiled as we came out but then nodded across the street to a small gang of thugs on the street corner. He raised his towering hulk of a body off the stool and wordlessly walked the block down to where I parked. He waited until I pulled away from the curb before going back to the bar. Having friends was definitely a good thing.Teri raised the armrest between us and moved over to snuggle against me. Her head lay against my arm and her left hand was resting on my thigh. It continued to rub up and down my thigh, the thick protrusion of my cock blatantly obvious even in the dark interior of the car. The light scent of an intoxicating perfume wafted towards my nostrils feeding my bulge with unneeded stimulation. She must have dabbed it on when she did her makeup before we left the bar. A million questions rumbled through my mind about having sex with my daughter. We both wanted it and knew it was wrong. I needed to know why she was so suddenly attracted to her father.”So, what happened to your boyfriend? Why hasn’t Drake been around lately?””You really want to know daddy? You have to promise not to do anything because I’ve handled it already.” I nodded, now intrigued that it was more than a normal teenage break-up.”Lisa and I went to a party with him and one of his friends a few weeks ago. We’d been drinking and talking for a few hours with some other girls when Lisa left to find the bathroom. Normally I would have gone with her, but I hadn’t seen Drake in a while and I wanted to find him because we were getting a little drunk and I thought it was time to go. Anyway I walked through the crowd for at least 15 minutes and still couldn’t find him.”She hesitated briefly before continuing. “I went upstairs and started checking the bedrooms, more pissed off than worried.” Her hand gripped my thigh tighter as she continued. “I quietly opened the first door and two girls were making out so I quickly shut it before they could see me. But the next door I opened had a bunch of guys in it and Lisa was on the bed almost u*********s with her skirt up around her waist and her panties gone. Drake was standing over her with his dick out.” I could see her eyes well up as that memory came back and she dug her nails tightly into my thigh, the anger now just as strong as it had been that night. I never would have expected Drake of d**gging girls. With his looks and family money, half the girls in school probably would have jumped at the chance to fuck him.”I screamed and ran over and started punching him. He just smiled and told me he’d have plenty left for me later. But Zeke Grabowski had heard me scream and came in to see what was going on. He just looked at them and said “Not cool dudes” and then went over and picked up Lisa from the bed and carried her out of the room. I grabbed her panties and followed Zeke and he got us home safely.””Did you report this to the police?” I asked, concerned that he would just try it again.”I was going to, but Zeke said he had a better way of taking care of scum like Drake. He told a few of his friends on the football team what had happened and they hatched a plan. They invited Drake and his buddies out to go bar-hopping and took them into a gay bar where they d**gged their drinks in payback. The idiots were so drunk they thought it was all men because it was a sports bar. Then they introduced them to guys who were in on the plan. They took them to somebody’s house and did all the things they would have done to Lisa and then some. But they taped it all and showed it to them and let them know it would go viral if they ever heard of any of them disrespecting a woman again.”She had calmed down now, as had my boner, and was weeping softly. “So you see daddy, you and Zeke are the only men I trust now and he’s 300 pounds and not really my type. I know I should have come to you sooner, but I was afraid I’d never be able to go to a party again. I may not anyway.””Well honey, I’m sorry you had to go through that ordeal. It’s always hard when you think you know someone and they turn out to be a stranger. He had me fooled, but you shouldn’t judge all men by the likes of Drake. Maybe you should talk to a counselor or ther****t.” I was lamely trying to make her rethink her sudden obsession with me. Of course this didn’t explain my sudden obsession with her, not that it was all that sudden. Maybe I needed the shrink.”It’s fine daddy. Maybe I’ll find another boyfriend in college.” Her hand moved over to cradle my now limp cock and balls, caressing gently until I started to swell. “I know this makes you nervous and you think it’s wrong, but I love you daddy and the way mom’s been acting lately has just made me feel closer to you. She’s found someone else, hasn’t she?” “She has a new sexual partner but has refused to discuss if it’s more than that. I’m pretty sure it is and maybe this weekend is her way of finding that out.” I removed Teri’s soft hand from my now engorged cock, feeling like a teenager. We were almost home and I felt I had lost control of the evening. Teri was seducing me and I was a willing subject.It was still fairly early when I pulled into the driveway. I opened her door and took her hand while ogling those beautiful firm legs. Her hairless pussy briefly caught my eye as she swung the dress while standing up. When we got to the front door, she stopped and turned to me like she was expecting something. The closeness of her, her beauty, her scent, quickly drove any fatherly thoughts from my brain.”You’d better hurry if you want to give me a goodnight kiss before my father realizes we’re out here,” she said with an innocent c***d-like voice. I smiled down at her, turned on by the smutty makeup she had added at the bar. She looked anything but c***d-like as I bent down to kiss her, softly at first and then more passionately as she wrapped her arms around me. Her hand quickly found my bulging crotch and she caressed the hardness in my pants. I didn’t try to stop her. I was a boyfriend right now, not her daddy, and I wanted to enjoy this sensation as much as she did.As I cupped her rounded ass, she slid her tongue between my lips and my cock leaped at the sudden sensation. I move my hand around the dress to the side opening and then caressed the bare skin of her taut buttocks. Half my brain was screaming “Fuck her now” while the other half reminded me that “She’s your daughter dude. Do the right thing.”With my swollen cock now dripping, I broke the kiss, unlocked the front door and led her into the house. As soon as I shut the door, she was on me again, her lips molded perfectly to mine. I leaned her against the wall and placed my hand back on her bare ass while I passionately returned the kiss. She rubbed my cock through my pants, soft moans escaping her luscious lips. I kissed her ear, sucking her lobe and the tiny diamond stud between my moist lips and then tickled it with my tongue. She moaned louder and reached for the zipper of my pants.I heard the grating sound of the zipper as she opened my bahis siteleri pants and was jerked back to reality. I grabbed her hand and stepped back, breathing heavily at the realization of what we were about to do. “We can’t do this Teri. I’m your father. You’re my princess, my baby girl. It isn’t right.” I was trying to justify not fucking this gorgeous little nymph when every brain cell was screaming at me to rip that dress off of her and nail her against the wall. “Christ! Why do you have to be so beautiful and why did you take off your underwear at the bar? Why are you doing this to me?” I was raving like a lunatic now.”I’m sorry daddy,” she voiced softly, trying to calm me down. “I thought removing my underwear would help you realize I’m not a little girl anymore. These aren’t the tits of a little girl,” she stated as she cupped them and offered them up to me. “And you wouldn’t be the first man inside me,” she said, pulling the dress aside and giving a more extended view of the bald pussy I had glimpsed as she got out of the car. It was much closer than earlier today when I had watched as Lisa licked it. The outer lips were red and swollen and the inner lips were extended out and crimson red. “Your cock is telling me you want me. Why can’t your brain accept that so we can enjoy ourselves? You don’t need to feel guilty daddy. I want this – us. It feels very right to me.”I looked down at my turgid cock as it extended out through the open zipper. I watched as a large drop of precum started to fall towards the floor, the goo stretching down like it didn’t want to give in to gravity. I knew she was right, but I wasn’t ready yet. I tucked my dick back into my slacks unceremoniously and tried to gather my wits.”Look sweetie, it’s still early. Why don’t we just change our clothes and we can have a snack and watch a movie together?””Sure daddy. I’d like that,” she said somewhat condescendingly. Then she reached back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her total nakedness to me in close up detail. She stepped up next to me and put a hand behind my neck to pull me down for a wet kiss. She sucked my lower lip briefly and then let her tongue flit across it. “Be right back daddy,” she cooed as she scampered naked up the stairs.My cock was throbbing more than my aching head now. My brain was spinning out of control. I had never had to question right or wrong when it came to fucking a beautiful woman before. If Linda or I had found someone we were sexually drawn to, we usually just gave in to our basic instinct and fucked them. Then we would tell each other of our exploits and occasionally it resulted in a threesome later on.That’s what was making Linda’s current fling with Tanya, her assistant, so puzzling to me. She had never admitted having sex with her or told me how much she was attracted to her. I couldn’t understand why she was keeping secrets from me now after all these years of sharing our innermost sexual desires. Deep down I knew this was more than a fling.I kicked off my shoes and trotted upstairs to change. My underwear was soaked and there was a wet patch on my slacks. I unbuttoned my sweat drenched shirt as I climbed the stairs. I passed by Teri’s open bedroom door and saw her bent over a dresser drawer looking for the right outfit to tease me with. Her puffy pussy lips stared back at me as if to dare me to walk up behind her and slide my swollen hard cock into the deepest recesses of her being. I quickly continued on to my bedroom. I stripped my wet clothes off, not thinking about closing the door. I left them in a pile by the chair and walked into the attached bathroom. I ran some cold water and splashed my face, rubbing the skin hard in an effort to regain my sanity. I grabbed a clean wash cloth and wiped the sweat from my chest, underarms, and my balls. Staring into the mirror, I barely recognized the man looking back at me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist her advances when we started watching the movie. The only way to resist her was to avoid her and I certainly wasn’t going to do that. She was right. I wanted her every bit as much as she wanted me.I dried off and put on a fresh layer of deodorant. Back in the bedroom, I decided on a pair of black, loose-fitting exercise shorts and a tight red shirt that was designed to absorb sweat when you were working out. With my anxiety level, I figured I would be sweating even if nothing happened. My cock was still elongated but somewhat hidden by the loose dark shorts. I was as ready to face her as I would ever be.As I walked past her bedroom, I noticed she was already gone. When I got to the bottom stair I heard her yell at me to go sit down and she would bring in dessert. I sat in my recliner without even thinking about it and turned on the TV. Teri came into the room carrying a large bowl and one spoon and plopped down in my lap. She was wearing my ragged cut-off shirt again and pink short-shorts that hugged her crotch as well as her cute buns.”I’ll trade you,” she said handing me the bowl and taking the remote. The bowl contained some vanilla ice cream with strawberries, cherries, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. “You ready for dessert daddy? We can eat while we watch a movie.”I took a small spoonful of the sweet treat and watched Teri as she shuffled through the channels. She hadn’t removed any of the makeup that highlighted her facial features and her perfume smelled sweeter than the treat I had just ingested. The bottoms of her round breasts hung below the shirt as she leaned into me. The elongation that had been flat against my stomach was once again filling with blood and was caught in the waist band of my shorts. I was afraid it was going to pop through the top.”Ooh look. l****a is on. How appropriate,” she giggled.”Don’t even think about it,” I quickly replied.”Would you kill mom and run off with me if she threatened to take me away from you?” she asked, only half-smiling. Her hand came up and caressed my face.”You know something I don’t?” I replied. “Besides, she knows better. You are my world. I regret all the time I missed with you when you were a baby.” She leaned in and kissed me, holding it, using her tongue to lap up the sweet sauce from my lips. The enraged purple head of my cock burst through the top of my shorts. I set down the ice cream and wrapped my arms around her. I leaned back in the chair and pulled her with me. She spread her legs and straddled me as we continued to kiss passionately, no judgments now, just love and lust. “Oh daddy, I love you so much,” she moaned, her breathing short and labored. Her hips had started to move and force her cunt down on the throbbing meat pushing up my shorts. I tried to rationalize dry humping as not really sex as my hips lifted up to meet her thrusts. Our tongues were dancing in rhythm with our hips as we swapped spit, our brains on autopilot as we let our instincts take over. Teri was moaning loudly now, having trouble kissing me as she gasped for air. She was grinding hard and fast but then suddenly stopped as her short, powerful legs clamped me tightly while the fireworks went off in her head. There were a couple more quick humps as she grunted her satisfaction, her body trembling as the orgasm continued to ripple through her.I could feel her wetness soak through my shorts while my swollen knob leaked fluid onto my belly. She looked down, saw the engorged member peeking out from the top of my shorts, and bit her lower lip. She started to slide down just as the phone rang. I had every intention of ignoring it until I saw Linda’s name pop up on the TV. “Wait baby, it’s your mother. I’d better take it.” I picked up the phone, but Teri didn’t move. “Hi honey. How’s New York?””New York is beautiful but we need to talk. I was going to say something yesterday, but I chickened out. When I landed this account, they promoted me to Vice President in charge of the East coast so I need to live in New York.””What do you mean?” I said dumbfounded. “I can’t move to New York. I have a business to run.””You don’t have to move. Actually, I don’t want you to move. I want a divorce. You can keep everything – the business, the house. I don’t care.” She sounded relieved that she was able to get it all out. Meanwhile, Teri’s tongue made contact with the slightly deflated mushroom on my tummy, which quickly brought him back to life. I glared down at her.”So you and Tanya are in love and you’re going to throw away twenty plus years of marriage.” I was upset but not really as angry as I was acting. My words brought a quick end to Teri’s ministrations down below as she sat up with a shocked look on her face. “You’ll have to get your own lawyer because Harvey works for me. I’ll call him Monday and have him start drawing up the paperwork. I hope you two are very happy together.” I slammed down the phone, the reality of the situation finally starting to take hold.”Are you okay daddy? Does mom really want a divorce?” Her eyes welled up again. My sensitive little angel hadn’t been expecting this anymore than I had.”We’ll be fine sweetie. She loves Tanya now more than us, I guess. But we’ll always have each other. Guess I just underestimated this little fling she was having.” My ego was somewhat deflated at having lost the woman I loved all these years, but the truth was we had just been going through the motions since she started working. We had both had our flings over the years and it was inevitable that one day our relationship would be ruined by one of them.”Why don’t you just go to bed now and we can discuss this more tomorrow.” She looked down at my crotch, the bulge in my shorts now completely gone. “We shouldn’t have been doing that anyway. I’m still your father.” I wondered if Linda would be so agreeable about the divorce settlement if she had known what just happened. Would she even care? “But daddy, I love you and I want to please you. I’ve been teasing you all day. Let me give you some release.” She was pleading now, any attempt to stay with me.”It’s alright honey. If it is right, it will be right tomorrow. I don’t want you to worry about this. Tonight was the most fun I’ve had in years. Just go to bed and get some rest and we’ll go for a run in the morning. We haven’t done that together in quite a while.” I smiled at her and pulled her close for a kiss to let her know that we would be alright. My cock stirred again at her sweet taste and I couldn’t resist reaching up under that cut-off top to fondle the boob that was hanging down. The nipple reacted quickly, stiffening in my fingers while her tongue plunged deep in my mouth. I wanted to take her right now, but I needed to think about this. I couldn’t let the little head make such a big decision for me. I stood up and set her down on the floor. My cock was tenting my shorts again, but I had made up my mind to wait.”C’mon, s**t. Get to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you.” And then I pushed her towards the stairs.She turned and slowly headed to the stairs, her head turning back to stare at my protrusion and expecting me to call her back at any second. When I didn’t, she bolted up the stairs two at a time. I turned off the TV and took the bowl of melted ice cream out to the kitchen sink and rinsed it out. When I went upstairs, her door was shut and her room quiet except for the occasional ding of her cell phone from texting. Lisa was the only one she would dare talk to about this so I expected we would see her tomorrow. Life was getting very complicated.I went to my bedroom and removed my clothes, my life-giving tool still solid and begging for the release that Teri had been willing to give me. I knew I wouldn’t get to sleep on my own, so I went into the bathroom and took one of Linda’s Xanax and crawled into bed, the cool sheets not really helping the fire in my loins. I thought about what I wanted my life to be like with Linda out of the picture but before I could decide, I dozed off.It was still dark and my mind was hazy as I awoke to the crash of thunder. I could sense movement on the bed as Teri climbed in and I reached for her. “Hold me daddy,” she said the fear evident in her voice. We didn’t get many thunderstorms here and this one appeared to be very violent. I could hear the wind howling as the rain cascaded down onto the roof. There was a bright flash immediately followed by another loud clap of thunder, proof the storm was right on top of us.My arms wrapped around my baby girl, shocked but pleased to find her nubile body was also naked. As I held her shaking body, my lips found hers and we kissed, softly and tenderly, until her shaking stopped. My cock was now pressing up between her legs and she reached down and wrapped her fingers around it. I wasn’t alert enough to protest and even if I had been, I don’t think I could have stopped her now.She was spreading my fluid along the turgid shaft before she stretched one leg over my hip and brought the engorged head to her opening. The conflict started in my head again, but she kept rubbing the head along her slit until she finally settled it in the nest that held her clit. I could feel her shake again as the sensitive head made contact with her clit. I shoved my hips forward longing for the contact with her sweet flesh.Her hand had a tight grip on it now as she rubbed it against her clit, striving to get the same satisfaction she had experienced earlier tonight. I was tingling all over as I felt the lava boil deep within me. I wanted to bury my cock inside her but I was content to let her keep control for now. My reflexes were just not there for me to take control, my pill-addled brain just reacting now and not thinking. There was another loud clap of thunder that caused her to jump and my cock slipped out of her hand. I grabbed a hold of it and clumsily found her slick quim, running the head the length of it before settling back into rubbing her clit. Our bodies were touching at every point now, her soft breasts with the pointy nipples digging into my chest. Her left leg was over my hip and her foot on my ass was pushing me into deeper contact with her warm body. Sweat began to breakout on both of our excited bodies and I knew I was only seconds away. Every nerve ending was tingling in super sensitive purple b**st as it slid between that small opening in her outer lips. She clasped her arms around me, her cheek against mine as the gasps came quicker and quicker.”Oh daddy, oh daddy, don’t stop. Shit! Oh yes daddy, yessss.” Her body stiffened and my cock exploded sending streams of cum up along her torso. I could feel the wetness between us as I now humped my cock against her soft, taut belly. Still I was shooting my load between us in this never ending stream of milky fluid. My body was trembling much like hers had been when she climbed into bed with me. I gasped for air, clutching her close to me, not wanting to ever let go.Another clap of thunder but she didn’t budge this time. She hugged me close and kissed my cheek, then my ear, down to my neck and finally back to my waiting lips. We kissed deeply, like new lovers should. I explored every inch of her lips, every centimeter of her luscious tongue. Our bodies squished, my hungry cock still swollen and still seeping my seed onto her delicate flesh.”I love you so much Teri. God forgive me but I do.” I was the one weeping now, tears streaming down as I kissed her in between my pleas for forgiveness. She held me close as the tears welled up in her eyes, not because she thought we needed forgiveness, but because she had finally got her father to realize that they were in love with each other. It would no longer be a father-daughter relationship. They would be lovers and for this she was ecstatically happy. “I should clean up the mess I made,” I mumbled not really wanting to leave her side.”No, just hold me daddy. Don’t ever let me go. I love you so much.”Even with my cock still hard, I somehow drifted back to sleep, content in my baby’s arms. I dreamed of our life together with no one else in our lives. Waking up naked with her every morning. Having sex whenever we wanted with no one to condemn us. Utopia!The shadowy morning woke me as the rain continued to beat down on the house. It was no longer stormy, but still dark and dreary as the clouds masked the sunlight. I opened my eyes to see Teri staring back at me, a small smile and contented look on her face. The smell of sex permeated the room and our bodies seemed glued together at the middle. I knew I hadn’t stayed hard all night, but my morning wood was pressing gently against her sticky slit. The dried cum had made quite a mess of things. The clock on the nightstand was glaring 9:15 in bright red numbers. She kissed me softly, morning breath not enough of a deterrent to stop her. “Make love to me daddy,” she pleaded. She kissed my nose, my eyes, my forehead and back down again. Her rubbery nipples dragged along my chest and the powerful rod between my legs seemed a willing participant to her request.”Not now princess. I want our first time to be perfect.” I kissed her nose, and then nuzzled it with mine in our familiar Eskimo kiss. “Go take a shower and get that goo off of you and then we’ll decide on breakfast. I guess you get out of a run today.”She pushed me onto my back and then straddled me, her sticky, hairless pussy trapping my hungry cock. “Can we shower together?” She rubbed her cunt up and down on my long hard shaft.”I don’t know. What time did you tell Lisa to come over?””Oh shit, I forgot,” she exclaimed. “How did you know?” the puzzled look telling me I was right about who she was texting with last night. “She’ll be here around 10:00, earlier if I know her.””So I guess we better save this for later. Go take your shower. And thank you for last night. You were wonderful. I’m sorry I fought this. I should have realized how mature you are.” I was truly grateful I had let her seduce me. As morally wrong as it had seemed, it felt so right last night. Today was a new day and the start of a new life for both of us with Linda out of the picture. All I had to do was figure out how to pull it off so no one suspected what we were doing. She was of legal age now so if we got caught, it wouldn’t be just me going to jail, we would both end up in prison and there was no way I was letting my little princess go to jail.She hopped off me and headed to the main bath for her shower while I went into my bathroom and shit, shaved and brushed my teeth. When I heard her shower stop, I took mine, glad to get the sweat and musky odor of my own drippings off my body. She was waiting in my bedroom when I came out. She was wearing tight, red workout shorts with a matching form-fitting red halter top. There was about 6-8 inches of gorgeous, toned skin visible between the top and bottom. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing underwear with her stiff nipples piercing the shiny red material and no evidence of a panty line. Even without a drop of make-up, she was drop dead gorgeous. Any thoughts of how wrong our i****t was, vanished last night during that thunderstorm.”So instead of running, we’re going to work out this morning? Does Lisa know about this?” I was trying to collect my thoughts and get my mind off fucking my daughter and Lisa was a worthy substitute.”Of course she does daddy. I told her we would be going for a run last night. Just make sure you wear something appropriate. We wouldn’t want to disappoint our guest now, would we?” She was eyeing my naked body with that wanton smile that I had seen yesterday. Exercise was just what we both needed to get our minds off of sex.I pulled on my loose exercise shorts and a tank top, skipping the jock strap that I usually wore when lifting. For some reason I was embarrassed about pulling it on with Teri watching. We went downstairs and had a light breakfast of shredded wheat for me and toast and yogurt for her. I was throwing the dishes in the sink when I heard the front door open. Teri went out to meet Lisa.”Lisa, what the fuck are you wearing? I told you it was going to be an exercise morning,” Teri stated, obviously upset at whatever outfit Lisa had chosen for the day. I walked out to the living room and stood in awe of the sexual goddess that had joined us. She was wearing a very tight and short yellow dress with a plunging neckline that exposed plenty of cleavage as well as the two prominent nipples that wanted out. Her make-up was impeccable but if she was going to exercise and sweat, it was going to make a mess. “You said last night we were going for a run. But it’s raining so I figured we would either be staying here or going shopping for the morning and hitting the pool once the storm passes. Sorry if my logic pisses you off.” Lisa was not really that upset. I secretly think she just wanted to get out of exercising. “Well Lisa, we do have an exercise room in the basement,” I said trying to ease the tension in the room. “I’m sure we can find an old pair of Linda’s running shoes for you to wear. Teri, why don’t you run upstairs and grab a pair for her.” As soon as she was out of earshot, I looked back to ogle Lisa. “Should be really interesting watching you move in that dress,” I said winking at her. She smiled back and now seemed interested at what might develop this morning. She removed her sandals and was waiting next to me as Teri hopped back down the stairs, obviously still slightly perturbed at her friend.Lisa placed a soft hand on my hip as she bent to slip on Linda’s old running shoes. Her dress rode up high in the back as the shiny yellow material stretched to barely keep her ass covered. “Would you tie them for please Mr. G, uh, Joey?” she asked in her coquettish little voice. She straightened up and looked me in the eye when she said it, daring me to get on my knees in front of her.I bent down on one knee and tied the first one like I had done for Teri a hundred times when she was little. But Lisa’s legs were much longer than Teri’s and the way the girls had been working on me this week, this did not feel like tying a little k**s shoes. I looked up briefly before tying the second one and my face was lined up perfectly to her crotch, the yellow material glistening and beckoning me to look underneath. I could smell her fresh scent and some kind of delicate body lotion she had applied on her legs. My joint started to elongate in my shorts as I looked down to tie the second shoe, taking my time to tighten and knot the lace. I reached around to check that she had gotten her foot in properly, and then briefly ran my hand up that tight Achilles tendon to the bottom of her firm calf muscles before I realized that Teri was watching. I slowly stood trying to hide the growing bulge in the loose shorts as well as the red faced that had developed as my blood pressure increased. I noticed that both girls were trying not to look at my crotch, but their eyes were definitely looking down.”Vell, shall we adjourn to my dungeon torture chamber,” I joked in my weak Dracula voice. They both giggled as their eyes came up to meet mine, but they quickly headed to the basement. I got to watch Lisa as the thin yellow material of her dress kept flopping up while she bounced down the stairs.”I get the treadmill,” Teri yelled out. “Fine,” I said. “I’ll adjust the bike for Lisa and I can do my lifting.” Teri was quickly on the treadmill, adjusting the settings and starting her brisk walk. Lisa and I both watched as her tight, round buttocks moved flawlessly while she walked. Lisa sighed softly as she watched her and I moved up close behind her, my burgeoning cock bouncing up between her narrow butt.”We’d better get you on that bike,” I whispered quietly in her ear. I placed my hand on her hip and pushed her towards the bike. She blindly stumbled onto it while trying to tear her eyes away from my lovely daughter. “Um, my feet don’t reach the pedals,” she giggled as she nestled her crotch into the narrow seat. I had to bend down to get an idea of how many notches I would have to lower the seat. Her left foot was on the pedal that was up but her right foot was a good two inches short of the bottom pedal. While I could see a lot of thigh, her crotch remained hidden by the shimmering yellow dress. I had her dismount while I loosened the wing nut and dropped the seat down a few notches.When she got back on, both feet slipped into the pedals. I stepped back in front of her and bent down again, placing my left hand on her right thigh with my face just below the center of the handlebars. “Fine, now try pedaling to make sure you’re not stretching too far on the down stroke. She slowly started to pedal and I watched both legs as they came down and it seemed the perfect height. My eyes came back to center and I became mesmerized as I saw her matching yellow thong push against the narrow seat. Her swollen pussy was perfectly outlined as she continued to pedal, the bright red tissue becoming more visible as the cloth worked its between the soft lips. My hand was trying to gauge the stress on her thigh, but it was slowly moving upward until it touched the soft yellow cloth and brought me out of my daze.”How does it look daddy,” Teri asked glancing over at us, just a hint of jealousy in her voice.”Beautiful, baby, just beautiful,” I murmured, straightening up, the bulge in my shorts now obvious to all. “How’s the tension?” I asked Lisa. “Do you want it dialed down a little?””You could turn it down a little. I don’t think my legs are quite as strong as yours yet,” Lisa replied, smiling as she eyed the tent in my shorts. I turned it down a couple notches and then made my way over to the home gym. I started with the chest presses until my hard-on subsided and then did some leg lifts. Twenty minutes in and I had a pretty good sweat going. I looked over to the girls who seemed to be dueling to see who was working harder. Teri was up to a pretty speedy jog and Lisa legs were moving as fast as she could get them to go. She was breathing heavily as the sweat and make-up ran down her red, streaky face.I quickly got up and went over to check Lisa’s pulse getting between her and Teri. I placed a finger on her carotid and felt the racing pulse. I didn’t even bother to try to count it but placed my right hand on her thigh and forced her to slow down while I tried to talk to them.”All right ladies. I think we’ve had enough exercise. This wasn’t supposed to be a race. Let’s tone it down a little and do a cool down. Nice and easy for five minutes and get that heartbeat back to normal.” Teri adjusted the treadmill and began to walk at a steady pace. Lisa was a little more reluctant to slow down until I squeezed her thigh. I looked down to see her dress had risen up and her thong was completely wedged between those slick, hairless pussy lips. The clear honeydew glistened in sharp contrast to the black mascara that was streaking her reddened face. As much as I wanted to dip down and taste her musky opening, I grabbed a towel and began to dab away her make-up. “Thanks,” she said taking the towel from me. “I must look a mess. I should have washed this off first.” “You’re beautiful Lisa and don’t ever let anybody ever tell you otherwise,” I flattered her. Her legs were pumping slowly as she sat back on the seat trying to blot away her make-up, her ample chest still heaving and straining the thin, shiny cloth. Her nipples were as erect as my cock as we both let our gazes head lower to admire the other.Teri hopped off the treadmill and went straight to the weights, pulling the pin and adjusting it to forty pounds. She started to do her chest presses and we both watched, impressed by how easily the weights came up while her arms pressed inward. She was strong for such a petite girl.Lisa slid off the bike, leaving a shiny, wet substance on the seat. As she walked slowly towards Teri, I slipped a finger across the wet seat and brought it to my thirsty mouth, reveling in the musky sweetness of the lovely young girl. I moved next to Lisa and placed my hand around her narrow waist as we watched Teri for several minutes. As she got into a rhythm, a smile slowly crept back onto her c***dish face, and I could hear her mentally chastising herself for being jealous of her best friend and her father.”Why don’t you adjust it for the bench pull and we’ll see what Lisa thinks of that daddy.” She got up and went over to her best friend “I’m sorry.” Then Teri gave her a brief kiss on those soft lips and they hugged.Teri stayed behind the weights and doubled it to eighty pounds while Lisa lay down and I straddled her to spot her. Her heaving breasts had slowed somewhat but when she lay down, the mass of flesh headed towards the opening in the top of her rounded bodice. And what gorgeous, soft flesh it was.”You’ll have to scoot down a little more so your head rests properly and you get the neck support,” I suggested. As she moved down, her dress stayed where it was exposing that slick crotch to both Teri and myself. As Teri bit her lower lip softly, my manhood started to rise and create an opening in my shorts that I was sure was going to give Lisa an eyeful. She started to reach up for the bar, but her eyes were focused elsewhere and I had to bring the bar down to her.She grabbed the full weight easily, pulling it to her chest and causing her breasts to tighten. As she eased the tension and raised it up, the jiggly flesh relaxed and threatened to escape the bodice again. The tops of her pink areoles slowly came into view. Teri locked her gaze on them while I was still looking back and forth from her moist crotch to the soft flesh. Another pull and release and another inch of pink areola became exposed, the stiff nipples right at the edge of the material.She did the next pull quickly and held it while she stared up my shorts while my cock continued to grow and harden. She released the bar and those magnificent breasts relaxed again as both nipples and areolas popped out of the contrasting yellow bodice. Her nipples hardened even more as the cool basement air hit them.Lisa pulled down and held it again as she stared up the open pant leg of my shorts. Not the least embarrassed by her gaze, my cock swelled even more as the dark purple head escaped my shorts and sprang into view. Lisa let go of the weights and they went crashing down as her pink breasts sloshed back and came sliding out of the shining yellow bodice. “Are you okay?” Teri and I asked in unison. Teri quickly came to her side, cupping her face with one hand and softly massaging Lisa’s right breast with the other before reluctantly pushing it back inside the dress. I leaned down to grab the left breast, enjoying its pillowy softness before tucking it back in. My hard cock was pointing straight down at her pussy as a couple drops of pre-cum escaped, landing on her clit like soft raindrops.”Oh my god,” she moaned, her eyes closing briefly as she enjoyed the wet sensation. “What a rush! Sorry if I made a spectacle of myself.” She tried to sound apologetic, but she was too turned on for it to come out as anything more than pride.I had to sit on the bench as we helped Lisa to sit up and allow the blood to rush back down from her head. She inched forward as Teri got behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist for support, but kissed her gently on her neck and shoulders. I could see the goose bumps on Lisa’s legs as she inched forward again, her pussy barely coming into contact with my still burgeoning manhood and almost causing me to spill my load.We all sat there, unsure of how to proceed while we waited for Lisa to say she was okay to stand up. She looked stunned and excited, unsure if she could or should do what her body was urging her to do so badly.Lisa turned her head and kissed Teri briefly, her hips slowly moving forward into contact with my waiting cock. As I inched forward and brushed the angry purple head against the slick, stiff clit that was poking out the top of Lisa’s pussy, she started moaning immediately. Teri reached up to cradle the massive heaving flesh of her best friend, her fingers pinching the stiff nipples through the thin yellow cloth. It only took a few flips of my randy cock against her clit to send her into orgasmic bliss. As her body stiffened, her hips heaved forward, her slick tunnel engulfing the head of my cock and squeezing it tightly. Teri broke the kiss, allowing her friend to gasp in air. Still Teri nibbled her earlobe and I could feel Lisa quiver at my daughters touch. I left my cock still in spite of wanting to shove it deep inside her and spilling my load. Teri would make sure I got what I needed today just as she had last night. As Lisa’s breathing returned to normal, her faced reddened as she turned back to look at me. I pulled back and my throbbing cock popped out bahis şirketleri and bobbed in the air. Teri looked at me trying to stifle her giggle while I smiled innocently at Lisa.”We’re not lesbians Mr. G,” Lisa gushed, seemingly more embarrassed about kissing Teri than about having my cock inside her while Teri kissed her. “We really do prefer boys and neither of us have ever had sex with a girl, except with each other of course.””It’s okay Lisa. I’ve suspected that you and Teri were ‘really’ good friends for a while now. I would have been more surprised if you hadn’t experimented with each other before this. Why don’t you just take a breather and go wash that beautiful little face of yours and not worry about this.” I tried to use my most fatherly tone to calm her down even though my blood was boiling from all the stimulation. I helped her up and she hugged me before running up the stairs.Teri came over and hugged me next, allowing her hand to reach down and grip the massive pole that was sticking out of my shorts. I leaned down and kissed her deeply, more passion and lust raging inside of me than I could ever remember. She stroked me faster until I had to break the kiss, gasping for air. I wanted release badly, but not like this. Not now. I knew she was just as horny as I was and when we finally got to do it right, it would be fantastic. I reluctantly pulled her hand away. I was pretty sure Lisa didn’t know what happened between Teri and I last night so this wouldn’t be the proper time to let her find out.Teri understood and hugged me close before finally heading upstairs to check on her best friend. I watched her as she turned, the wet spot clearly visible in her crotch. An innocent party might think it was just perspiration, but I knew better. Allowing some build up would make it that much sweeter tonight.I did a few minutes on the treadmill to allow the girls some alone time and then headed upstairs to join them. I found the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to break through. Lisa was just coming back from her car with her skimpy swimsuit in hand, a hot pink number that was a pretty close shade to her slightly sunburned skin. She was smiling broadly now, her earlier apprehension now gone. “We decided the pool would be better than the shower. So you better go change. Don’t make us wait,” she smiled confidently. Not quite sure what Teri had said to her, I followed her up the stairs to change. As she opened the door to Teri’s room, I saw Teri bent over removing her wet shorts, her cute little ass winking at me. Teri glanced over at the open door and smiled and I was sure Lisa thought the smile was for her, unaware that I was right behind her. I kept walking as the door closed, anxious to change and see what fun and games might happen in the pool.I went into my bathroom and splashed my face with cold water before pulling off my sweat-drenched clothes and tossing them into the hamper. I grabbed a clean towel and dabbed my face dry and then stared at my reflection in the mirror. I was playing with fire by having sex with my daughter and her best friend. Girls their age weren’t known for being able to keep secrets. Still, I loved Teri so much and with Linda now out of the picture completely, we might be able to make it work for a while. We could at least have the summer. Teri seemed to want, or maybe needed, to please me since Linda and I had drifted apart.I looked down the reflection to my body. It was still in great shape for a man in his mid-forties. I had never liked the idea of the six-pack abs or huge biceps, but I kept the muscles I had toned. Would this sexual attraction between Teri and I be enough to keep us interested? A middle aged man can be content sitting at home and watching a ball game on TV, but a young person wants to go out and have fun. She wants to dance and drink the elixir of life, experiencing every new thing that life has to offer. Would our sexual encounter be a brief fling that just led to awkward reunions?At this point, it seemed it was too early to over react to the situation. There were two lovely young ladies waiting for me to join them in fun and merriment by the pool and philosophizing about it now would just ruin the mood. I found my trunks and pulled them on over my half-swollen member. You could barely notice the bulge in the loose trunks when they were dry, but once I hit the pool, it would be blatantly obvious that I was still in a heightened state. Oh well, sometimes you just have to say “Fuck it!” and just follow the flow.I trotted down the stairs with my towel in hand and noticed the girls were already by the pool, starting to spread their towels out on the pavement. I went out the door and zipped past them, dropping my towel along the way, and dove into the pool, swimming a quick length underwater. When I came up on the other side, I looked back to see them standing at the deep end, staring at me. I hadn’t even stopped to notice which suits they were wearing. Lisa’s skimpy pink number I had seen her holding earlier, made her look naked the way it blended into her skin. It covered more than the string bikini she had worn yesterday, but it looked like more skin exposed instead of less. There was a large amount of mammary flesh spilling out both sides of the small triangles.Teri was wearing a very sexy black number that hugged her firm body like a glove. I could make out her long nipples from where I was standing so I knew the material had to be thin. Her still swollen pussy was well outlined by the tight thin material as well. It presented a dark and delicious foreground to her deep caramel skin and was even sexier than Linda’s little black dress that she had worn last night. How could one so young and petite look so exotic and alluring?”Well, are you ladies going to stand there all day or are you going to jump in and wash that nasty sweat off your bodies?” It was just enough of a teasing tone that they both dove in and swam towards me, circling me like a swarm of sharks. They pounced on me from both directions as I tried to swim out between them, taking me straight down to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool. I came up coughing and hacking, spitting water out while they stood their laughing at how well they had pulled off their coup. The next half-hour was spent splashing and dunking each other, with occasional touches and grabs in the places that counted. Lisa tried to distract me by coming up behind me and rubbing her floating round orbs against my back while her hands wrapped around my waist and then crept up my chest to pull me backward. Teri was underwater and had a hold of my waistband when I caught onto their game and burst free. In my exuberance to break free, I twisted and reached back for Lisa, my hand finding the strap to her top as I tried to push down on her shoulder and force her underwater. The strap broke and stayed in my hand as Lisa sank to the bottom. Teri’s hands were shaken free by my twisting and she came sputtering to the surface laughing. Lisa finally came up coughing and trying to cover those massive boobs with little luck.”Well Lisa,” I said to calm her, “it really wasn’t covering up much anyway.” I tossed Lisa the broken remnants of her top as the nervous laughter started. “Well, a friend supports her friends,” Teri said as she undid the two straps to her top and through it into the air. What her breasts lacked in size compared to Lisa’s, they more than made held their own with a firm ripeness. The tepid water had helped to fully elongate Teri’s delightful nipples. The areolas were puffy and begging to be sucked, but I kept control of my senses in spite of the sprouting pole under the water. Lisa also looked like she wanted to latch onto one of the tender morsels and milk it.”Oh my god Teri. In front of your father? I’d die if my father saw my boobs,” yelled Lisa as her gaze drifted back and forth between us. Teri had been fully clothed during our morning exercise incident, and that had involved a half-naked Lisa more than Teri so she was a little bit in shock at Teri’s boldness in front of me.Teri dove towards me and reached down, grabbing my rod and yelling, “Tag, you’re it!” and quickly swam away. I reached for Lisa but she jumped straight back, her large floatation devices above the water like twin domed stadiums. On my second leap, my hand found one of her soft rounded domes and I tweaked the nipple as I yelled out the magic words and swam quickly away.Lisa went underwater to try and pick out her target. I headed to the deep end and dropped down towards the bottom to see what she was up to. She started towards me and my tool started to rise in anticipation. I was seriously thinking about letting her catch me. Teri seemed to think she was heading for me as well and let down her guard. At the last moment, Lisa kicked her legs and twisted her arms and body and went straight at Teri. Teri tried to turn and head back to the shallow end but Lisa caught up to her and came up behind her, wrapping her hands around Teri’s small, firm breasts. I quickly headed up for air and made it just in time to see Lisa yell “Tag!” as she pulled Teri back against her pillowy breasts and kissed her softly on the neck. I drifted back underwater so they wouldn’t know I had been watching them, then surfaced and faked a large gasp of air. They broke their lover’s embrace and started swimming towards me. I quickly swam to the ladder and climber out of the pool, grabbing my towel and starting to dry off. With the cool water meeting the warm, humid air from the earlier rains I probably should have sun dried as the girls were going to do. They headed straight for their spread out towels, Lisa’s boobs bouncing up and down freely as she trotted to her towel. Teri was more graceful, her boobs bouncing slightly but her hips swaying saucily as she turned in front of me and lay on her towel. I loved watching beautiful breasts with engorged nipples but I was getting an extra thrill from watching these two lovely young vixens. Their beautiful skin with the contrasting tones was a feast for the eyes.We were all exhausted from the brief workout in the morning and then our furious pace during our water sports. It was then that I noticed we were all getting a slight sunburn now that the sun was high in the sky. Lisa’s light pink burn was rapidly turning to red due to her fair skin. Teri’s was less noticeable with her dark skin, but it started to get a velvety, tight look to it when it was drying out. My arms were already red and I could feel the tightness and burning on my nose and neck.”I think we all need to put some suntan lotion on if we’re planning on staying outside much longer.” Teri looked up and turned towards me and I tossed her the suntan lotion. “I’m going to get the aloe lotion for me. I’ll be back in a minute.”I went inside and grabbed the lotion from the hall closet, applying it to my neck, nose, and arms and then set it on the kitchen countertop. I went to the window expecting an encore of their previous suntan lotion escapade and I wasn’t disappointed. Well, maybe a little. Teri was straddling Lisa and rubbing generous amounts of lotion on those flowing mountains of flesh. Lisa had lotion on her hands and was also lubricating Teri’s firm boobs as she tweaked her nipples while both girls laughed. There was none of the sensuous play of the other day.I decided they were playing nice because they knew I would be back any minute, so I decided to join them. Teri looked up as I approached them and smiled at me, discontinuing her massage of the soft pink flesh.”You know dad, a little aloe on a few spots isn’t going to prevent a burn on the rest of your body,” stated Teri as she to meet me. “You stand there and Lisa will get your back while I do your front and then we can all chill and soak up some rays for a while.”I was putty in her hands. What could I do? She squirted some lotion on Lisa’s hands and then her own before dropping the bottle to the ground. Lisa’s strong hands started to massage my neck and shoulders sending chills down my back and ultimately to that little head in front that had a mind of its own. Teri stood close to me as she worked the lotion into my chest, seeming to revel in the hairless, well-toned muscles as she slowly worked her way down. My rod was now tenting my swim trunks as my eyes drank in the beauty of her bare chest. Her tits looked so ripe and the long, erect nipples were so enticing that it took all my willpower not to lean down and suckle it like a baby.As Lisa worked the lotion lower on my back, she started to massage me using her mammoth mams to work the lotion into my skin. I could feel her nipples stiffening while her hands worked lower to my hips. Meanwhile, Teri was down to my navel and flat stomach and I thought for a minute she was just going to reach inside my trunks, but she surprised me by dropping to her knees. Lisa followed her lead and both girls started to work on my thighs and calves. The feeling of four hands sliding up and down my thighs at the same time had my rocket on the launching pad and ready for liftoff.As Lisa worked her hands on the backs of my upper thighs, her head was basically caressing my ass, slowly moving back and forth and giving me a little nibble now and then. When Teri shifted back to the front of my upper thighs, she not so accidentally allowed her mouth to brush across the large protrusion in my trunks. My prick jumped at the contact. Her hands started to massage my thighs up under my trunks. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy with my senses on overload.Lisa’s hands came under my trunks and started a soft, slow massage of my buns, any trepidation from this morning having disappeared. She was now becoming an aggressor. Not to be outdone, Teri’s slippery hands were working my hairy balls even though we both knew they weren’t going to see the sunshine today. Her right hand finally found turgid staff and began to stroke it slowly, checking to see that Lisa wasn’t paying too much attention to what was going on up front.The touch of her small, delicate hand made me want to spew my load in front of these two wanton hussies. Yes, that’s what my little princess had turned in to, a shameless perverted sexual a****l like her father. She stroked my rod as she slowly lifted my shorts until that swollen purple head came into. I could see her mouth watering at the thought of what was coming next. She grabbed one of the towels and wiped as much of the lotion of my stiff rod as she could.As Lisa started to work a finger in my crack, I tingled again, my hips lunging forward at the surprised attack while my cock slapped a very surprised Teri in the face. Teri used the opportunity to engulf half my rod in her waiting mouth. Her tongue gently swirled around the head as she sucked softly, not wanting me to cum too soon. Lisa borrowed some more lotion from my lower back and went back to working my crack, her middle finger concentrating on the brown hole in the center. I was quivering and my knees were weak as Teri sucked my cock, oblivious to what Lisa was doing to me. Yet Teri sensed how close I was and stopped sucking, leaving my stiffened rod bobbing in the air.Lisa suddenly let that finger slip effortlessly up my fudge pot. If my cock had still been in Teri’s mouth, the extra stimulation would have sent my sperm deep into her throat. But with no direct contact, I was able to control my urge and just enjoy the sensation. The semen boiling inside of me started to ease to a light simmer, then down a more controllable heat. I didn’t want to be having sex with my daughter in front of witnesses. As much as Lisa seemed to be into the sex, I knew how fast the jealousy could build in a teenager and turn into an uncontrollable rage that could expose the taboo affair between Teri and me. I didn’t need that kind of trouble right now.I had to be sure before letting her in on our little secret. It’s not that she was a dumb blonde, but sexual desire seemed to blind her to what was actually happening around her. When we had seduced her earlier, she had been oblivious to everything but her own pleasure. Once she had achieved that, she worried only that I thought she might be a lesbian in spite of the fact that my cock tickling her clit had given her the orgasm and that the head of my prick had been inside, even if the visit was brief. Right now I was still not sure if Lisa was infatuated with me or Teri, though it seemed like it might be both of us.”Well, girls, I think you got every piece of skin covered, whether it was exposed or not and I must say it was most complete coverage of suntan lotion I have ever experienced. And the most pleasant as well. Lisa stood up behind me smiling, dragging her boobs against my back as she did so. She wrapped her arms around me as she stood up, the muscles coming between my daughter and me, and hugged me tightly. I turned and smiled at her, giving her a small peck on the lips. I thought back to the other night when I walked her home. I wanted to experience that same passion again, but my daughter was standing in front of me and somehow it didn’t seem appropriate. I turned back and gave Teri a small peck on the lips as well even though my desire was to take and ravage her nubile body right there for the entire world to witness.They had laid my towel out between them and we all laid down holding hands. I knew I really didn’t want a threesome yet and had to think quickly about how to get some alone time with my daughter. Last night had been magical, but there was so much we needed to learn about each other’s body, that bringing in a third party now could ruin our relationship.”Hey, what do you say I take next week off and we go up to the cabin? The weather should be cooler and we can be away from any prying eyes or work distractions.” I was due a vacation and now seemed like the perfect time. Rank has its privileges after all. “Ooh, that sounds great daddy. We can do some shopping tomorrow and head up Monday.””Wait, no that sucks,” Lisa moaned. “I’m working part-time in my dad’s office this summer and I have to attend a weeklong orientation program next week. How long are you going to stay?” “Well, we should be able to stay at least through next weekend if you can catch a ride up. If it works out well, maybe we can extend it into the following week as well. And if you can’t find a ride, let us know and we’ll just have to drive back down and get you.””Oh, thank you Joey. I’d love to get away from the city if only for a few days.” She propped herself on one elbow before leaning over and planting a long, warm kiss on my hungry lips and I sucked back with enthusiasm, but not enough to make Teri jealous. Her warm pendulous breasts burned into my chest and her smile confirmed my suspicions that she was also infatuated with me. I could have both girls right now for the asking, but if these girls were as mature as Teri led me to believe, a short wait might allow the three of us to have a lasting relationship. Teri didn’t seem threatened the least bit by Lisa’s display of affection as she smiled and rubbed my stomach.Content in our short-term plans, we all relaxed and drifted off for a short nap in the warm sun. Teri awoke first and got us all up so we could go in before burning up too much more. Her dinner plans consisted of a platter of her home-made appetizers followed by a movie. I hit the showers first while they made the snacks. I dressed in my loose, black gym shorts and a form fitting black shirt and quickly headed downstairs. We hadn’t had any lunch and I was starving. The girls took a shower together and I let my imagination run wild while I snacked and downed my first beer. They were laughing like the teenagers that they were as they bounded down the stairs into the kitchen. I almost choked on my food as I looked at the heavenly bodies before me. Lisa was wearing one of Linda’s short, white satin nightgowns while Teri was in a translucent red baby doll that she normally wore over her underwear. It had a small red thong but her breasts were in plain view and I knew there was more than a movie on her mind. I took the snacks to the kitchen table and the girls sat down and quickly started wolfing down the food. The timer went off on the oven and I took out the potato skins and onion rings, sliding them onto a large plate to add to the other snacks. “What would you ladies like to drink?” I asked. “Water, soda … beer, wine?” I smiled while waiting for their response.”Oh, can we have wine daddy?” Teri pleaded with those not so innocent eyes.I didn’t even answer them but pulled out a chilled bottle of cheap Chablis that Linda liked. I knew I would never drink it and they weren’t exactly connoisseurs. I uncorked the bottle and set it on the table with two wine goblets and then got another cold beer for myself. We sat there and snacked and talked like old friends, laughing at each other’s stories, ignoring what had happened earlier in the day. When we noticed the sun going down, we adjourned to the living room with more drinks.The girls sat next to each other on the couch, snuggling up more as a show of affection than to keep warm. The room was slightly cooler than the kitchen because the stove had been on but I could tell by their comfort level that they had cuddled up like this before. They found a movie and I let my mind drift as I imagined them kissing and fondling each other, even though they were just sitting there innocently watching the movie. As my shorts started to tent, I went and grabbed a couple of blankets, tossing one to them while I sat back down. As they got more into the movie, I surreptitiously worked the head of my cock up through the waistband of my shorts, using my own lubrication to squeeze and stroke the bulbous head. With all the time I had spent in a hardened state, I had yet to come. If they were going to stay together and eventually fall asleep watching the movie, I was going to take care of business myself. I was on the edge and it wouldn’t take much to push me over it. They were totally covered by the blanket with only their adorable faces exposed. For all I knew, they could be playing games underneath it. I let my imagination take over, closing my eyes and enjoying my own stroking while I thought about the girls fondling each other beneath the blanket.I could picture Lisa’s hand wrapping around Teri’s soft breast, massaging it and then teasing the nipple into hardness. Given their position, it would be easy for Teri to slip a finger down along Lisa’s crotch and work her slit into a lather before tickling her little nub and making her cum. My imagination was running wild and my cock was leaking, making it easier for me to stroke it and massage that now angry purple head that extended above my shorts.But as the movie went on, the girls started to spread out on the couch with a very tired Lisa on the inside, and the petite Teri trying her best not to fall off as she lay on the outside with one of Lisa’s arms absently d****d over her waist. I could see the frustration building in her as Lisa slept and inadvertently pushed her to the edge of the couch. She finally got up and walked toward me, pulling back the blanket and lowering her soft, warm body into my waiting lap. I wrapped my arms around her and gently kissed her forehead as she rested her head on my chest.She went back to watching the movie but I could no longer stroke my cock even though it was still sticking out the top of my shorts. As the minutes dragged on, I tried to catch up to what was going on in the movie when I suddenly felt her soft fingers wrap around the dripping purple head, smearing the liquid with her thumb. I had a sharp intake of breath at the unexpected contact but quickly calmed down, enjoying the sensuous feel of her delicate fingers as they stroked my hungry limb. My hips started to move in time with her strokes and then she stopped.Her hands were doing something under the blanket and then she was changing position, straddling my hips as she pulled my shorts down a little more. As her pussy made contact with my wanton rod, I realized she had removed the thong and that this was going to be our first real fuck in spite of Lisa being in the room with us. She pushed my cock back against my belly as she surrounded it with her wet pussy lips making short up and down movements that produced quiet, squishing sounds. It felt just as heavenly as it had last night when we both came too soon and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I needed more tonight but I was pretty sure I couldn’t last long given all the teasing today. I had been so close so many times; I just needed to consummate the deal now and then worry about the consequences later. Teri looked down at me, “It’s alright daddy.” She kissed me softly as she lifted her pussy and took my cock in her hand, her pussy lowering slowly and gently over my anxious, pulsating monolith. I could feel her cunt lips as they slowly engulfed my hardness, squeezing just enough to get me inside her but not enough to make me cum. I held her hips tightly as our pubic bones met, my entire eight inches buried deep within my daughter. She lowered her head to nibble an earlobe while her vaginal muscles squeezed like an experienced hooker that just wants you to cum.”Just let it go, daddy. I love you.” And she started to move her hips as her young, sweet pussy massaged my cock. Her pussy juices were like warm honey as they dripped down my shaft and I could feel that familiar tingle that signaled my fast approaching orgasm. Like a teenager with the prom queen, it was only taking a few strokes and I was moaning my imminent explosion. She covered my lips with hers to silence me as I moved my hips in unison with hers. I had only been inside her for two minutes when my seed came boiling up through my throbbing shaft and spewed forth, slamming into her cervix again and again.My breathing had stopped, her tongue slowly bathing mine in her warm saliva and the faint flavor of the wine she had imbibed earlier. She extracted her tongue and began kissing me with soft pecks on my lips, nose, eyes and back down again. Her cunt muscles were strong and milking every drop from my still hard cock. I returned her kiss with passion, not content for this to end. I kissed her neck as my hands came up under the sexy red top to milk her firm breasts. The skin was soft in sharp contrast to the firmness of her breast flesh. Her nipples sprang to life as I teased them. My lips continued downward until they met a swollen areola, puffing out from the firm flesh. I licked around this soft hillock until my tongue could swirl around the hard nubbin on top of it. I whipped the tender nipple with my wet tongue and Teri had a sharp intake of breath.”Shit, that goes straight to my pussy when you do that daddy,” she whispered. “Umm, that’s so nice,” she murmured as my teeth nibbled on the rubbery bud. She started to work her hips up and down again on rigid pole inside her. “It’s time to fuck me daddy!” she breathed heavily into my ear.The sound of her voice sent a chill through me as I tried to match her movements. There was a hunger in her voice, a tone that I had never heard before. It wasn’t desperation but more like anger or revenge. Whatever precipitated her need to have sex with me didn’t matter to me anymore. My little princess was grown up and I was in no position to argue with her life decisions. I was as hungry for this as she was.My hips were lifting off the chair to meet hers, our pubic bones smashing together almost painfully. My hands were on her hips as I slammed her down on my long, hard shaft again and again. The squishing noises were getting louder and there was a slight creaking in the chair from our exertions. I looked over to Lisa to make sure she was still sleeping on the couch. Her breathing was light and steady so I turned my attention back to fucking my beautiful daughter. I kissed her passionately now, our tongues dancing across lips before meeting and dueling inside my mouth. Her tongue went wild inside me, searching for tonsils that were no longer there. The roof of my mouth, back to my tongue, across my lips and quickly back inside. Her hips were matching the wild movements of her tongue. Faster and faster she slammed back down on my rigid pole, trying hard to get the right angle to give her the most satisfaction. Minutes passed and still we humped like madmen. I checked on Lisa again as she lay still on the couch. Content in our safety, I continued to slam my nubile daughter. I removed a hand from her hip and brought it to that little nook at the top of her slit and began to work her clit. It was hard and swollen already, begging for attention. I diddled the little nubbin and her breathing got even more ragged.”Oh shit. Yes daddy, right there, right there. Oh fuck me daddy, I love you so much!” she moaned loudly unable to control herself any longer. We were slamming together like the pistons on a Mercedes as it glided along the Autobahn at 150 mph. We were sweating from the exertion and no longer cared if our noises woke up the sleeping beauty on the couch. Our pleasure was all that mattered now and we were each doing our best to please the other one. Her head rose up and her back arched as the orgasm started to tear through her body. Her breathing stopped as she clenched her pussy lips tightly around my swollen staff. I could feel her cunt muscles as they rippled around my shaft just before I felt the final swelling in my piston as I slammed up one last time spewed my seed deep within my daughter’s womb.”Oh shit!” we both echoed loudly. “Fuck yes,” I cried as my hips continued to heave upward with each blast exiting my turgid tool. My mind was spinning from the ecstasy as my brain tried to decipher each tingle from the millions of nerve endings that were exploding with pleasure. Teri gripped my shoulders hard, her nails digging into my skin, the pain just adding to the exquisite sensations that my body was reeling from. Her moans were louder now even though she tried to muffle them.It took a couple of minutes for our bodies to stop jerking around and she leaned down to kiss me deeply and passionately, the way new lovers always do. I was just starting to realize how much I had missed this in my stale relationship with Linda. The excitement of being teased by these two beautiful young girls and now consummating my relationship with my daughter while the other nymph slept peacefully next to us, was something I hadn’t known in many years. I let my mind go blank as I lay there and enjoyed every tingle I felt while kissing my lovely daughter. Her lips were so soft and their touch spoke volumes about Teri’s inner feelings.Lisa started to stir on the couch next to us and Teri quickly lay back in my arms as my softening prick exited her body, bringing a pool of thick, warm liquid with it. I could feel it puddle on my shorts and was wondering how we could explain this to Lisa. The blanket was shielding our bodies but it was also holding in the odors of sex as I felt that pool of cum getting soaked up by my shorts. We innocently turned back to the TV and noticed that the credits were running on the movie.”Oh shit, I missed the end. Damn, I have to pee real bad,” Lisa mumbled as she rose from the couch and headed towards the stairs and the bathroom. Her mind was cloudy from the sleep and the wine. “Be up in a minute sweetie,” Teri called out as Lisa trotted away. As soon as she heard Lisa’s footsteps stumbling on the stairs, she stood up, pulling the diaphanous red top back down over her lovely little breasts. She found her thong wrapped up in the blanket but didn’t want to put it back on as our combined juices continued to ooze out of her lovely tight pussy. It was a sight to see with those swollen, crimson lips and the milky viscous fluid still dripping out of her snatch. I grabbed a napkin and handed it to her, watching as she squeezed those loving muscles and forced the last remnants of my seed from her gaping hole. My cock was also still dripping as it shriveled up and the remaining cum oozed out to join the mess on my shorts. No sense trying to clean up that mess now. As I stood, Teri chuckled loudly at the large wet spot on my shorts, insinuating that I had peed myself. “You’d better get some sleep if you want to go shopping tomorrow,” I suggested. She just smiled and kissed me lightly and backed towards the stairs. “Thank you daddy. It was wonderful and everything I had hoped for. I love you. Sleep tight.” She smiled as she turned and walked up the stairs. So many details we would have to work out to keep this secret and decide how to proceed with our budding relationship. It was complicated and i*****l, but I was determined to find a way to make it work. But my brain was fuzzy now and I needed sleep. We could ponder solutions while we were awake and sober. For now, it was a perfect ending to a perfect day. I looked forward to the challenges that lay ahead.