Danny Do-er

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Danny Do-erMarrying a filipina girl was one of the better choices I had made in life, dedicated to her family and always caring and looking out for those close to them. You take the weird and wonderful nature of this small, dark and beautiful enigma and run with it, all the while exploring your own country with her visiting friends and family and gathering new experiences on top of it all.This time around it was her favourite cousin and auntie visiting for a week before travelling to the USA to meet up with even more family, and of course the obligatory shopping spree to bring everyone a gift back home to remind them of their travels.After meeting her Tita Flor and cousin Daniel at the airport we proceed to drop all of their luggage off at home and after some rest take them out for a meal as a welcome to Scotland. Many visits were made around and about the local areas as well as tourist attractions and as the week flew in our guests gathered items to package up and send back home as gifts. It really was a fun experience.One day I was dropping Tita Flor off to a filipina friends house nearby while Daniel and my wife Emil stayed at home packing things ahead of time for their departure, and of course playing music in the background to dance along to as they did. Fun and games. I shouted upstairs that I was leaving and would be back soon but I doubt they heard me.Tito Flor chatted with me about America and all the family they would be seeing while there, and thanked me for dropping her off and that she would call when returning. Being a taxi is normal when family is visiting but I didn’t mind so much as I really liked my extended family and got on well with everyone.Ahh, back home at last and I could still hear the music from upstairs blairing from the windows, I’m surprised the neighbors weren’t pissed already but assumed they were all still at work. I walked inside and yelled up “I’m baaaaaaack!” in a sing-songy way, no reply. Yep, they’ve officially gone deaf, so I walked upstairs and decided to scare them by bursting into the room.Tippy toe tippy toe all the way to the room door and waited for my big entrance, to which I heard Daniel say “But I’ve tried everything, I must come across as desperate or something cause the girls I know seem to avoid me”. Weird, seems they were having a heart to heart and didn’t have the third heart to disturb them, so I listened.”You’re a handsome guy Danny, you gotta have confidence and not care what they think, it’ll only bring you down, hell if I wasn’t your cousin Raawwwrrr!”, this made me snigger but thankfully not too loud. “I can’t help it, it’s nerves, once I start thinking about girls and kissing and sex I just kinda seize up.”, “Once you get the first time out of the way it’ll be different though, you’ll chill knowing what to expect” was her reply.”Easier said than done, catch 22 all the way, can’t get a girl for nerves, and no sex because of it, so will never happen”. He really seemed in a bind, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy as being a teenager wasn’t that easy for me either, I sorta understood his dilemma.”Maybe a hooker kadıköy escort would help” he said jokingly, this didn’t sit well with Emil, “No way! your first time should be with someone you care for, and who cares for you, not a paid stranger”. “Yeah as if, like who, you?”, “I could definitely walk you through it, but not all the way. Here sit down beside me, I’ll be teacher” she said with a laugh, and the music dropped in volume slightly.”If only I could talk to girls like I talk to you, it’s easy with you, but I’d be scared to go any further. Touching the wrong thing, hurting her by mistake, all those things worry me”. “Ok then, pretend I’m a girl you like at school, say we get along well and talk and have fun and are finally alone somewhere, what would you do?”.I peered through the crack in the door and saw him thinking while Emil sat there in teacher mode, eyes bright and waiting on him to figure it out. He placed his right hand on her thigh, left on her shoulder and leant forward and kissed her on the lips quickly. She nodded, “Right right, slow contact, nothing rushed, good. The kiss was too quick though, it has to linger a little, you gotta put more feeling into it”.His left hand pulled her a little closer as he kissed her once more, this time slowly and with purpose as his lips pressed against hers and her eyes shut for the embrace. “Mmm, nice. Have you been practicing on your hand or something, that was pretty nice” she said with a smile. “No, well apart from the usual hand thing not really, but it felt nice with you.”, he blushed. “Well keep it up bud, what’s next?”.Kissing cousins indeed, she was taking this young lad under her wing and teaching him the ways of love, but man was she putting in the effort, I had no idea things would get so hands on. “Next is touching I think” he mumbled, “First and second base or whatever”. “Ah ok, what would you do for that?” she said eagerly, “Don’t know really, touch boob?” he exclaimed. “Let me see what you would do then, dont be shy”.Again Daniel leant forward, held her and let his left hand wander across her breast, bringing his thumb and fingers together and tweaking it slightly then moving under her t-shirt and supposidly doing the same only this time making her moan slightly. “What was that?” he asked, she smiled at him and said “It felt nice, girls moan, it just means you did something good, but don’t get too big headed”. She laughed again.”Can I, em, see you naked” he shyly asked, “And be exposed like that, I don’t know, you’d have to do it as well so we’re on equal footing, then it wont be as embarrassing”. “Wait, what? really?” he spat out, “Well yeah, not gonna sit there on display all by myself” she said taking off her slippers. He removed his shirt, as did she, exposing her small round breasts and pert nipples in the process, then he stood up and pulled his jeans and underwear down in one swoop and sat back down. She laughed “Wow! eager beaver” before standing tall and sliding her shorts and panties southward, sitting again on üsküdar escort the bed.His hands were in his lap, hiding his erect shame while his gaze was transfixed between her breasts and thighs. She opened her legs slightly to reveal her lady bits and tiny mound of hair just as his face turned bright red. “Your turn” she said and smiled and evil smile, she knew he was a shy guy but a deal was a deal and he took his hands away revealing his erect cock standing tall and proud.”Fuck!” she exclaimed, “Now that’s pretty big, you’re surely gonna make a girl happy in that area”, reaching out a hand and plinking the end of his cock, making it twitch and Danny gasp slightly at her touch. “Oh man! it’s a bit sensative” to which she replied “Well yeah, it’s one of the most sensative parts of your anatomy, here let me try something”. She caressed her fingertips on it’s head and played with it slightly, causing him to moan and spasm slightly.”Sensative indeed” she exclaimed and leant forward and kissed the tip of his cock, pressing her lips on the tip, probably half expecting him to jump out of his skin. He groaned loudly but she didn’t stop, sucking slightly and tasting his precum before coming back up and smiling. “It’s salty, you haven’t cum in a while I think”. The look of sheer pleasure on his face was a picture in itself, and if only she could have seen mines, a picture of shock. What was happening, it had somehow gone from kissing cousins to oral, but somehow seeing this brought a sexual urge to my body.Emil spread her legs slowly and told him to touch her gently, she was wet and as he did his fingers picked up some of the glistening moisture from her pussy and massaged it around in little circles, from her lips to her clit and back again, causing her to moan in pleasure “Uuuhhmmm, oh yess, that’s so nicccce!”. He was fixated on her pussy as his fingers trailed all around.She lay back on the bed and let him play with her, overcoming his shyness and learning how to touch, caress, hands working over her body and sounds of pleasure erupting from her lips. I watched in wonder and excitement, all the while getting horny and feeling my own cock twitch to attention below, my fingers caressing it through my trousers slightly and trying not to explode.”How about using your tongue, like I did on you” she moaned, an intense look of thought came over his face as his hands parted her thighs and slid forward on the bed to within an inch of her pussy. Flicking his tongue gently on her nub and tasting her sweetness before kissing and pressing his lips all around. “Ohhhh, nicccce, niccccce, just like that Danny” she said inbetween gasps as he concentrated on pleasuring her.”Uuuhhh, uuUUhhh, mmmmmm, so gooood!” she moaned as her legs rose up and surrounded his head. He was doing such a good job that she was lost in her own little world of pleasure and starting to flush pink with desire. He kissed and licked his way upwards from her pussy to her navel, then to her breasts, flicking his tongue around her nipple and tasting it before pressing his lips onto it tuzla escort and causing her to moan louder.Her legs found their way and wrapped around Daniel’s back and pulled him closer with him laying on top of her, skin touching skin and his mouth finding hers as they kissed slowly with eyes closed. Her arms wrapped around him and caressed his back, trailing her fingers all over as the kiss grew more and more passionate, tongues coming into play as they groaned in lustful intent into one anothers mouths.I didn’t know how much more of this I could take, watching was turning me on so much I felt like my balls were about to explode, but damn, I didn’t wanna stop, even though I knew it was going too far and I really should stop it before it was too late, but hell, I’m a glutton for punishment and seeing my wife naked and pleasured by Danny was fucked up and exciting to say the least.They were lost in each others embrace, lips passionately locked and hands wandering until I saw Danny bucking slightly down below, his lustful urges taking control and setting him up for penetration it seemed. The head of his cock pressing against Emil’s warm and wet opening slowly but surely, and then pop! slipping inside causing both to gasp so loud I thought they’d cum already.”Uhnn, uhnn, uhnn, uhnnnm!” was all I could hear from Emil, a steady rhythm of sexual chorus with his “hmmm, hmmmn, hmmmn, uhh!” alongside, fucking so happily as he pressed against her body, tits rubbing on his chest and arms holding one another lovingly. Kissing turned to heavy breathing right before Emil’s smooth ass cheeks flushed red and she hit orgasm. “Oh god! oh god! oh fuck! uuuuUUUUUhhhhhmmmmmnnnnNnn!!!” filled the room as I could only imagine her pussy tightening around his massily erect cock and squeezing it for dear life as she came hard.I could see on his face the extent of pleasure this was providing and before long the pounding of their sex slowed down, and one grunt and groan later he came just as hard, pushing himself deep inside and letting rip with his cum explosion so much so that it sprayed from her pussy and down his cock and onto the sheets below. He filled her so much that she orgasmed a second time, pushing her pelvis upwards and taking his all with a shudder of excitement and ecstacy.All I could hear now was heavy breathing and slight moans as they lay together, little kisses being exchanged and finally “Wow! you did good Danny, soooo fuckin’ good” she said hoarsly. “You have nothing to be shy about at all, any girl would be lucky as hell to be with you”, she smiled, he smiled, both huge and grinning before realising something and both separating and getting dressed again.Panick set in and I tip toe’d downstairs once again not wanting to get caught, pretended to open and slam the front door and shouted up nice and loudly, “I’mmm home!” as I went into the kitchen to fix myself a drink and let them freshen up. The music grew louder and my wife came running downstairs to say hello with a huge hug and kiss, just out of the shower. “You guys getting along ok?” I smiled, to which she only grinned, kissed me softly and held me close, “Yeah!”.The rest of the week went by fast and after dropping Tita Flor and Daniel off with many a goodbye and hug we returned home. I wondered if Danny would ever visit again, getting excited at the though and taking Emil by the hand with a sly grin on my face before leading her upstairs for some lessons of our own.