Date Night Ch. 02

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I write based on my imagination. All the characters in this story are of legal age and consent. As in, everyone is over 18.

I recommend reading chapter 1 before this one, however, it’s not really necessary.



You had been ordered to please me under the table at a Mexican restaurant and offer the waitress your thong and an embarrassing story to tell his friends as a tip.


The ride to the theater was uneventful. I could feel the disappointment radiating from you as I drove in silence. However, that was mostly because I already had plans for you. I had to admit I rather enjoyed the soft scent that slowly began to envelope the car. It made me that much more pleased with my decision to have you give up your thong as a tip.

Finally, we reached the building. Massive like any other movie theater would be. Luckily for you, the parking lot was nearly empty. It signaled that there was a good chance nearly no one would be in the theater that we were going to be watching our movie in. A simple glance in your direction was all the permission you needed to exit the car after it was placed in park and the engine was shut off.

When I slid out of the car and moved around to stand beside you, my hand slipped around your body, wrapping an arm around your waist gently. I could feel your entire body relax against me when you started to become lulled into that false sense of security that you should know better than to believe by now. There was never a guarantee that you would get out of anything with me. And the way my mind was constantly reeling, there was no possible way to predict what I could possibly have planned. Tonight would be an amazing example of this.

“You ready, slut?” I asked simply enough, giving your hip a bit of a squeeze before urging you towards the ticket counter located outside of the building. I stepped up to the counter and ordered the tickets. Giving the busty redhead who had been selling tickets a knowing wink. She was clad in a rather tight fitting maroon colored polo shirt. I assumed it was part of her uniform for the theater. On those long legs, the legs that went for days and days, she had a pair of khaki pants. Her deep auburn hair was pulled back and held in the back of her head by a butterfly clip. Much like a ponytail holder might, but it simply held the hair out of her face. It allowed it to cascade down her back and to be honest, I was feeling a bit of jealousy towards you.

Once I gathered up the tickets in a perfectly manicured hand, I made my way into the building, feeling the cool air of the theater hit my face and body, it made me smile. You were certainly in for a treat, that was for sure. I handed the tickets over to the ticket collector and made my way to the correct theater.

“Before you get settled, dear slut, you have an appointment you have to take care of. That pretty little redhead taking tickets? Julie I think he name is? She’s going to be utilizing your services in the restroom before the movie. And you’d better be quick. I don’t want to miss out on any extra time with you,” I explained before reaching out to take the handle to the theater. Your eyes grew wide and head gave a bit of a tilt.

“Mistress, does she have full liberties?” was all you asked. No dispute, no other objections, and that was something I loved about you. You knew as well as I did that if I told someone they had full liberties with you, nothing was off limits. There were times when I would deem one of your holes off limits to other people. For a whole year, I was the only one allowed to fuck your tight and sensitive ass. Another time, I had forbidden anyone from giving your sweet pussy oral pleasure. That was just the kind of loving Mistress I was.

“Yes, and you are to please her. She isn’t interested in doing anything to you specifically. She may wish to play with your nice tits, and if you beg her enough, she may be willing to use her fingers on your cunt. She’s not big on anal, however, so I guess your ass will get a rest. Literally. Now, hurry and don’t keep her waiting.”

Without another word, you made your way to the bathroom. The trek down the dark hallway was a long one for you, you later confessed. But you did your best to stay sensual. Shaking your hips just the way you knew I liked. One foot in front of the other, you came to the bathroom. Opening the door slowly, you found, much to your relief that it was empty. Empty save for Julie.

It was a rather small bathroom for a theater. Only held three stalls and a small counter with two sinks şişli escort built in. Perched on top of that counter was that same woman you had seen before. With an evil twinkle in her deep emerald eyes. You took a second to take her in and size her up slowly. She had removed her pants, folded them up and placed them to one side of the furthest sink. That left her clad in only a pair of white lace boy shorts that highlighted her amazingly shapely ass. But despite how fit she was, there was plenty of fat in her rear to give someone something to grab on to. Which made you think immediately that you would be seeing this woman again after tonight.

On her upper body, she had removed her shirt, that too was placed to the side and those beautiful D cups were hidden behind a white lace push up bra. Matching underwear, of course she had known about this beforehand. It allowed her to make sure she was sexy for what was about to take place.

Without a word, you got to your knees in front of this new woman and lowered your gaze to the floor. A sign of respect and despite you never have meeting the redhead, you were a reflection of me. And any sign of disrespect towards anyone you were ordered to entertain meant a punishment to you. Depending on the severity, anything from a paddling to being paraded around a sex shop naked. Free for anyone to try out sex toys on. Like a living test dummy.

“Miss Julie, I am here for your pleasure. My Mistress has instructed me to treat you as I would treat any of her guests. My body is yours for however long you wish,” came the meek voice from the floor.

Julie simply raised a brow and an evil smile came to her lips as she slowly slid her hips back on the counter. Each foot was placed on the edge of the counter, her thighs spread wide for you and a slender finger was placed right above her pantie clad slit, “enjoy, whore.”

That was all you needed. You were on your way over to her and up, crouched before her on her balls of your feet. A bit of maneuvering and you found a way to bare her nicely trimmed pussy. She couldn’t have been older than twenty-two, but you knew she was over eighteen. The theater had a rule that no one under eighteen was allowed to work there.

Before you had a chance to show the woman before you how experienced your tongue had become over the years, a fistful of your hair was grabbed and you gave no fight when your face was forced into the musty pussy. It took a second for you to register what was happening, but obviously Julie had been told she could be as mean or rough with you as she liked. Quickly, your tongue left the confines of your mouth and found its way to Julie’s clit which caused a soft gasp. A few more licks and she was pushing your head tighter against her sex. Soon, her other hand joined the first, making it impossible for you to pull away with them both buried in your hair.

“Oh fuck. Aren’t you a wonderful pussy eater,” she moaned while rocking her shapely hips forward. It didn’t take long before she was moaning out loud, struggling to keep from screaming from how your skilled tongue danced over her sensitive clit. When you felt her roughly yanking on your hair, you took that as your cue to slide that strong, pink muscle deep into her slit. With your tongue pressed up against her clit, she couldn’t help it anymore.

“FUCK!” she cried out while tilting her head back. Her entire body shook with the pleasure that you were almost positive she had never felt before. The harder you worked on that sweet pussy, the more wet it become. Each taste of her pussy juice only made you want more. The flavor that nearly rivaled that of mine made it more enjoyable than you could remember in a long time and that was when you realized that you wanted to see this sexy woman again.

Before you could register, you had been pushed back and away from Julie’s pussy, landing hard on your back. She had slid down off of the counter and stripped off her panties in what seemed like a simple movement. This woman had a hunger in her eyes and you knew she wasn’t going to let you quit until you had satisfied that hunger numerous times. As your eyes opened, you came face to face with the same pussy you had grown to want and almost crave. Just seeing it, being that close to it, you could feel yourself drooling for more. Lucky for you, Julie didn’t make you wait. Her knees came forward and you were met with a face full of sweet cunt juices once more.

The more her hips rocked on your face, the quicker you became aware of the fact that you were having trouble breathing. Her hands mecidiyeköy escort pressed hard on the top of your head made it impossible to pull away from the pussy smothering you were endearing. A grunt of discomfort and slight panic escaped you while you frantically began to lick at her clit, hoping her orgasm would free you from being smothered.

“Oh yeah you dirty, cunt licking bitch. Eat that pussy. Eat it. No wonder your Mistress keeps you around. Your tongue feels so fucking good,” she moaned while her hips began to grind quicker. A sign that she was clearly getting lost in the pleasure that you were providing. “Don’t you fucking stop! I’m going to fucking cum. All over your filthy face!”

You picked up the pace of your licking. Feeling suddenly faint under her weight. A final scream and her hips jerked into your face. While her sweet pussy juices coated your face, you could feel yourself losing consciousness. Almost as quickly as her orgasm subsided, she was off of you. Oxygen flooded your lungs, causing them to burn slightly, but you didn’t have much of a chance to recover.

Your blouse was suddenly ripped open and your cupless bra was exposed. In her hurry, the buttons had gone flying all over the room, but she didn’t notice any more than you did. Grabbing your hair, she yanked you up to your knees, now standing with her knees slightly bent in front of you, she pressed her lips over yours in a tight and passionate kiss. Leaving you no choice but to kiss back. Finding her mouth to be almost as sweet as her pussy, you found yourself enjoying it. Even when her tongue made its way out of her lips and pushed deep into yours. A soft moan of pleasure came from your throat. Between the kiss and the sudden rush you got from her fingers expertly working on your ever hardening nipples, you could feel your own pussy getting slick with your juices.

When you thought you might get lost in her kiss, she pulled back and pulled you to your feet by your hair, forcing you to the counter she had been previously sitting on. Spinning you around didn’t take much effort. Between the kiss and the way she had smothered you earlier, you didn’t have much balance to keep yourself from toppling over onto the counter. Bent at the waist, you felt your tits squished up against the cool materiel of the sturdy counter top. With a swift movement your skit was yanked up around your hips to bare you completely to your new assailant.

“I know I’m going to have to schedule another appointment for you with your Mistress, whore. I’m rather enjoying this. And from the looks of your sloppy cunt, you are too. Look at that wetness. Your pussy is practically begging for more.” She commented before bringing her hand down in a rather rough smack to your round backside. You could feel the sting and it caused you to cry out from your surprise.

“Oh! Thank you, Miss. I live to serve,” was all you could manage before another smack was giving to your waiting ass. Another cry of surprise and pain was given in response, but you could feel your pussy getting more and more wet with each smack. You were loving the session with this woman. She wasn’t as cruel as I was, however, you could tell you would be begging me later for her to come around again.

Once your ass was a nice bright red, two fingers were forced into your slit roughly. With no regard for how you might feel, those fingers flew over your clit, causing your knees to buckle and a bit of a groan low in your throat.

“Oh, you like that, huh, whore? Good. But, it doesn’t seem like you’ll need much stimulation. You’re soaked as it is. Just like a good whore should be,” Julie mocked. You nearly crumbled to the floor when you felt her weight leave your body but didn’t dare move, despite not being told to stay, you knew better. Your mind reeled as you tried to guess what the twenty year old could be up to. But it didn’t take long before you felt a rubber object probe at your clit. You gasped and involuntarily jerked your hips away from the stimulation before you felt a hand on each side of your hips. Julie was stronger than she looked. Either that or she was just that horny. Without another word, you began to feel your pussy fill.

“Ooooh fuck…” you moaned softly as that clear, rubber dildo slid into your tight wetness. Later, you would find out that Julie had hidden one of her strap-ons in one of the stalls. She hadn’t been sure she would need to use it on her, but much to your surprise, she liked you more than she thought she would.

And she seemed to be an expert with that strap-on. istanbul escort Her hips thrust forward and jerked back, fucking you for all you were worth. In a way that you hadn’t been fucked since the way I fucked you. It was almost as if she could feel the pleasure that your cunt would have given her if she had feeling in that toy. She was pounding your hole for all you were worth.

“Oh, that cock just slides right into your pussy, doesn’t it? You are so sloppy that your cunt just swallows this toy. Reach down and rub your clit, whore. Tighten up that snatch for me!” she demanded before giving your right ass cheek a nice pop. You cry out in pain and pleasure before adjusting your arms so that you can reach down between your legs. It didn’t take her telling you twice. You began to rub your clit quickly with all of your fingers, trying to get the most stimulation you possibly could give yourself. Between the toy deep in your hot pussy and the fingers on your clit, it wasn’t going to take you long to cum.

“Ah, cum… I’m going… I’m going to cum!” you cried out. She didn’t stop. Didn’t even show signs of slowing down. That’s when it hit. The orgasm slammed into you. Your hand stopped on your clit to reach out both hands in front of you. When your palms hit the mirror, you began to cry out and didn’t stop. The more Julie worked that fake dick in and out of your pussy, the more your orgasm washed over you.

“Fuck, fuck my fucking pussy!! Pound that fucking cunt, Miss Julie! Oh God, more! Don’t stop!” you yelled all the while, feeling every muscle in your cunt squeezing around the intrusion. You knew it couldn’t have been easy to keep moving the toy, but it didn’t stop. Julie didn’t even let up until that final leg of orgasm shook your body right before you went limp. When she yanked the strap-on from you, it made a very audible *pop*and you went slumping down to the floor. You don’t know how long you laid on the floor, but it was long after Julie got dress. Even after she cleaned up. Right before she left, you felt a piece of paper hit your body and then slide to the floor. Once you regained your composure after what seemed like a good twenty minutes, you looked over at the paper. There was a heart drawn on it with Julies’ name and number. That caused you to smile softly before you used the counter to pull yourself to your feet.

Glancing at your reflection, you couldn’t help but notice the way your face was flushed and your hair was an obvious mess. You knew better than to straighten up, though. Nothing made your Mistress happier than to know someone got full use out of your body. Once straighten up, you pulled your skirt back down and went to fix your top. That was useless. Your buttons had been discarded in all the excitement. Oh well, you’d just have to situate your top so that your breasts weren’t bared to the whole theater when you were on your way back to me.

Bending at the waist, you picked up the piece of paper Julie left and took note of the single number that was circled. Unsure what it meant, you made a mental note to ask me later while you made your way to the theater our movie was playing in, silently hoping you hadn’t missed too much. And being thankful that no one knew what you had just experienced. Though, you couldn’t remember the last time you had so much difficulty walking before.

Once in the dark theater, you spotted me. It wasn’t hard, I was sitting alone in the theater that only held one other couple. An older gentleman and woman. Probably in their eighties. “Greetings, Mistress,” was all you said as you feel into your seat and began your process of trying to recover from your earlier sex session. Slowly, I turned to look at you and my face lit up.

“You look like you had fun. Did Julie enjoy you?” I asked, making sure to look back at the screen, almost as if to show you I didn’t care one way or the other. My main concern seemed to be Julie. Something that stung, but you understood. It was the way you liked it. Sliding me the paper Julie had left, I slid it into my purse and adjusted in my seat slightly.

“I think she did, Miss. She left her number…” you whispered, still curious about the digit, but you knew now wasn’t the time to discuss it. Instead you turned your attention to the movie already in progress. And enough though that was what you were watching, your mind was still in the bathroom with Julie. There was no way you could possibly know what I had in mind for you during the movie. If anything.

“Good,” was all I said seemingly engrossed by what was happening on the screen in front of me. Little did you know, your night was far from over. And it seemed to have just begun.


Next time:

Do I have something planned for the movie? Or maybe not until the way home? You’ll never know, so you’ll just have to wait and see.