Date night

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Date nightIt was a Friday night and after a long week, it seems they’re all long now, I decided I wanted, I needed, some male companionship. There are several very nice and expensive hotels in the Galleria area, all with trendy bars where the crowd is more mature and accepting of middle aged patrons like me.After cleaning up and applying some fresh makeup, bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow, I picked out my favorite black wrap around dress, which reveals my well-endowed cleavage, and started to get dress. Black thigh high stockings along with black heels completed my ensemble. Bra and panties, not necessary tonight as I needed to let the twins and my lips breathe. With a small clutch in my hand I waited for the uber driver that would take me to a hopefully thoroughly satisfying night. Arriving I began walking to one of my favorite and promising locals. I noticed I turned a few heads so I was feeling pretty confident I wouldn’t have any problems meeting a benefactor for the night. Of course popping a couple of pills to take off the edge and relax me downed by a margarita didn’t hurt my courage any. The place was crowded as it usually is but a gentleman gave up a chair for me at the bar. Surveying the landscape I could see many possible suitors. A predator with boldness and confidence would find me an easy prey tonight.It wasn’t long before I was approached with an offer to buy me a drink. He was clean shaven with short, close cut hair, a fade maybe? He’s large framed but not fat or obese, a football players build, probably in his early thirties. His hands were rather large and later I found to be soft. His button down shirt, jacket and slacks were stylish and they fitted him nicely. His dark complexion framed a radiant white smile. The other thing I couldn’t help but notice was the wedding band he slipped from his finger and pocketed. He introduced himself and I reciprocated. I had a frozen margarita, he a crown and coke. He was in town for a high powered business convention while I was just an ordinary high school English teacher. Another frozen margarita and I began to find myself laughing istanbul escort freely at some of his mindless stories. I also began to feel his hand on my hose as he moved his hand under my dress and up to my thigh. I saw no reason to stop him, our dance was now beginning. Though I was still sitting I spread my legs apart so he might move more closely to me. He immediately accepted my silent invitation. His hand moved to my butt and the smile on his face grew even wider when he discovered I was panty less. Now it was my move so I placed my hands on his legs and slowly slid them up towards his groin. The bulge in his pants was clearly visible and I found myself licking my lips as I stared at his package. Another frozen margarita, my fourth? My hand now caressing the erection that formed a tent in his slacks. His hand now inconspicuously cupping my breast, thumb rubbing and pressing on a hard nipple. His lips close to my neck, gentle kisses sending chills down my spine. He whispers in my ear we should go up to his room for another drink. I shake my head, finish my drink and slip off the high bar chair landing on my feet, finding his hand now inadvertently between my legs feeling the wetness of my lips. Grabbing my clutch we walked out of the bar area his arm around my waist, mine over his shoulder. I could see eyes following us out, I heard the catty comments. I must be a high class hooker taking a john up to his room. That thought somehow excites me. I’m a prostitute, a whore, a slut selling my body to a Black john to use me any way he wants. I find being a Black Man’s tramp heart stopping, titillating. I’m his slave for the night. In the elevator we wrap our bodies around each other and kiss, passionately, our hands roaming all over each other, damn the security camera His floor, we exit, walking down the hall way his hand now firmly grasping my ass, my hand tugging at the buckle of his belt. Card key out he slips it in the lock, the door opens and we push ourselves in, the heavy door closing behind us. Immediately he pushes me up against avcılar escort a wall, his body firmly against mine. His hands grab my wrists and raise them high above my head. You FUCKING WHORE! Yes I’m a whore, fuck me, make me suck your cock, fuck me in the ass; I’m yours to take and use any way you want. More passionate kissing, his tongue invading my mouth. He pulls the tail of the bow that is wrapped around my dress and it falls to the floor. With his hands now on my shoulders he pushes me to my knees. I unbuckle his belt and the button on his slacks. I pull them down and can see, smell the serpent that is protruding from his jockey shorts; I pull them down to his ankles as the head of his dick slaps me in the face. I feel the pre cum that’s been dripping from the slit of his dick. I now taste it as I move my lips slowly down his shaft until my nose is buried in his pubic hair.SUCK IT BITCH! I do just that, swirling my tongue around the crown of his cock as I use my lips to suck and slide up and down his meat. His throbbing excites me more and I suck faster as I grab his hips to pull him even closer. I prepare myself to swallow the contents of his scrotum but he has other ideas. He grabs a fist full of my hair and yanks me from his dick. I’m pulled to my feet and thrown on the bed while he kicks off his shoes and removes his pants and shorts. Next his jacket and shirt come off and are dropped to the floor. His broad Black shoulders and hairless chest fill my gaze. I desperately want him on top of me. GIVE ME A RUBBER SLUT! My mind goes blank, a rubber? A CONDUM CUNT! The thought of rubbers, condoms had never crossed my mind. I’ve always loved and preferred fucking naturally, skin to skin. I immediately concoct a lie; I say I used the last one with my previous john. This enrages him! DO YOU THINK I’M GONNA FUCK YOU WITH OUT PROTECTION? What can I say? YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH! He grabs me like a doll and rolls me onto my face and knees, pulling my hips up. YOUR ASS IS MINE CUNT! as he spits on the rose bud of my ass. Now one thing I have always pondered was why şirinevler escort married men want to do things with a woman they would never do with their wives. Is it because wives kiss their c***dren and are seen as pure? I begin to feel the burn as the head of his prick pushes against my ass. He penetrates my sphincter bringing tears to my eyes as I let out a cry. A powerful hand pushes my face into a pillow muffling my anguish. Why do married men want to fuck me in the ass? Why do they want me to suck their cocks? His spit may have well helped him enter me but once inside my ass it’s a dry fuck as he goes deeper, greater burning and persistent pain. He’s fucking me hard, fast and deep. Why do they insist on being rough with me? I could swear I was going to pass out but thankfully the tightness of my ass has brought about the eruption we were both wanting. His cum acts as a natural lubricant as he strokes away a while longer before he loses his erection and his dick slips from my burning and somewhat bloody butt. Do I give off an aurora of kink and abuse? I fall flat onto my stomach as he falls on top of me, panting heavily. He eventually regains his composure and gets to his knees. Again he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me up, my face now at his limp dick. He wipes his dick across my face and through my hair. YOU MADE THE MESS NOW CLEAN IT UP! My mouth returns to his cock as I begin sucking it clean as demanded. When finished to his satisfaction I’m ordered off the bed and to get dressed. I do as told. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a roll of bills. He peels off a twenty and throws it at me.SCHOOL TEACHER MY ASS, DUMB CUNT! IF YOU WOUD HAVE HAD SOME MORE RUBBERS YOU’D HAVE GOTTEN A LOT MORE. YOU’RE LUCKY I’M FEELING GENEROUS. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT! and with that I silently left his room. On the elevator down to the lobby I looked at the bill I now held in my hand. Having been made a prostitute made me even hornier if that was at all possible. Whoring myself out for cash, even just twenty dollars, had given me a thrill to my core, a feeling that I needed again.It was late and as I sat in the lobby waiting for my uber ride home I contemplated the events of the past night. I loved every second of it, except maybe the raw ass fucking I had received. I knew deep down inside me I was going to do it again and next time I would be more prepared. I wondered how many rubbers I could buy for twenty dollars.