David Pt. 02

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Roger and Ray left their two old schoolmates and went into their room which was directly opposite their friends. They knew a little more about one another than their two friends but it was not much. The had a long way to go in understanding exactly what turned one another on. Still, they had almost four hours to get on with it before they’d be expected to be in the bar, enough time to devoir one another as they learned.

Neither young man was anything extra special to look at but they both had personalities and were fun to know. Like their two friends they had not changed a great deal but they both intended this was their chance to change things and that process began the second the door shut behind them and they fell on the bed together. As they ate one another with wild wet kisses shoes were banging on the floor, trousers were being unzipped and belts undone. It seemed like only a couple of seconds before Ray had his mouth around his friends cock and was chewing happily away at it and feeling it grow ever harder. Roger still had his trunks on but Ray had deftly pulled his dick out from inside and now it was poking out through the fly hole. Roger had swiftly slipped his hands inside Ray’s pants, pulled his polo out of the way and was fingering his arse. It was moist and felt dirty like he had thought it would. Ankara bayan escort His fingers were well lubricated by what was already in it and he remembered how when they changed for PE Ray always had the dirtiest pants hanging on the pegs. Sometimes he’d grabbed the chance to smell them as they hung there shocked and amazed and delighted by the poop clinging to the seams.

Right now though his fingers were good and deep inside that dirty paradise and his cock was in his friends mouth and gradually he began to fuck his mouth. At that point his first fifteen minutes of pleasure were almost over as with hardly a seconds warning he began to shoot his cum deep inside his friends throat. He gripped his friend hard holding him really close and he emptied himself into Ray. It was a while before his body ceased to spasm but Ray was wanting more. Ray wanted it never to stop. He realised that he was living a dream he had most nights of his old schooldays and how in his dream he was fucked by Roger. Some nights it seemed so real he believed it was happening but in reality it just meant he was about to wake up in a wet bed – again. It was Ray’s lucky day. It was not going to stop.

Ray looked up at Roger, now quite disheveled and red faced through exertion. He wanted Roger to fuck him and fortunately was a desire shared Escort bayan Ankara by his friend who still had a belly full of cum he needed to get rid of.

“Ray” he said, still on his knees astride his friend, “can I please make wild and passionate love to your dirty bottom before we shower and head for the bar.”

“Yes please Roger – please.”

“Has anyone else ever been there Ray?”

“No, not unless you count the dildo my sister gave me when she left home along with a selection of her old gym knickers'”

“You dirty bugger! Do you wear them?”

“Course I do.”

“I bet you piss in them as well!”

“Yes and shit in them too.”

“Did you sister ever shit her knickers Ray, mine did?”

“She told me she did once when Mum and Dad were away. Just to see what it was like, she said!”

“Do you shit your pants Roger?”

“No. Not yet anyway.”

“If you want to you can come and stay at my place one weekend. We could give it a try doing it together.”

“I’d like that Ray. Next weekend OK?”

“Done deal. Now let me get on and let me see if I enjoy being shagged!”

Roger leaned over the side of his bed for his wallet and dug out a fresh pack of condoms and whilst he opened the pack and gave one a quick stretch he began to piss in his trunks so that Bayan escort Ankara it poured over Ray who beamed, raised himself on the bed stuck his face in Rogers trunks and revelled in the soaked white cotton before rolling over, shoving a pillow under himself and letting Roger get on with it.. Roger slid so easily into his friends dirty unwiped hole. He didn’t rush and to begin with he was positively languid in his effort but it felt too good to rush and certainly he could tell his friend was enjoying his long lazy shafting. They were both farting as Roger worked. Roger caught site of the clock beside the bed, realised he been caving for a good twenty minutes and it was time for a conclusion which happened in the next minutes when he gasped and riveted his mate to the bed with almost vicious thrusts. It was over. He’d done it, done the thing he had dreamed and wanked over doing. At long last he had had his first fuck and he had fucked his best mate, the mate who had supplied his wet dreams for many years. Ray had lost his virginity to him.

He went to the bathroom and ran the water. He got in and it felt s perfect. Ray walked in, still in his underpants and standing by him he pissed all over his head and face before dropping his disgusting briefs in a bag and in the bin before climbing in the bath with him. They both blew bubbles from their bottoms like silly boys. Perhaps that’s what they were. They had the reunion still to come and then they had the night before them. Roger suspected – and hoped – he would be getting a bottom full of thrusting dick at bedtime.