Deanne’s first club foursome!!!!

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Deanne’s first club foursome!!!!So… I’d had a few rather interesting and enlightening weeks with Carol, my now ex partner, her daughter Kellie, and Kellie’s friend Deanne. A week or so after my night with Kellie and Deanne, and with Carol’s approval, I had a night on my own with Deanne in a hotel not far from where she lived… which was fucking horny and exhausting… in a very nice way. Anyway, after Deanne and I had more or less worn each other out, we were lying in bed in the morning just chatting about nothing much really, until she said “So you and Carol go to swinging clubs, so Kellie told me..???” I was a bit surprised that she knew so much about what her friend’s Mum and me got up to, but I nodded and asked why she wanted to know. “Cos I’d like to go to one, but I’m too young”“You’re 18 now aren’t you?” I asked.“Yeah. I was 18 and 2 days when you fucked me with Kellie” she giggled. I asked her why she wanted to go to a club and to tell me what she knew about what went on at one…. which was very little in fact. For all her sexual skill in bed, Deanne was a little naive and her actual knowledge was a quite narrow. So I asked her how she would feel being the centre of attention from every guy in a club, maybe as many as 20-30 – all of whom would want to fuck her.She answered… “30???? Woweeee! I’d love to fuck 30 guys in one night!!” I thought she was joking for a second, but realised very quickly that she was serious. I told her I’d talk to Carol about it and see if we could take her to a club we knew quite well where I knew she’d be safe and the regular guys would understand that it was her first time and ‘take it easy’…. not that Deanne would though! Lol!So a couple of days later when I was in bed with Carol I brought the subject up. She wasn’t too keen on the idea and wanted to have a chat with Deanne herself, which she did a day or so later. When Carol ‘reported back’ to me, she was rather amazed at what Deanne wanted to do at the club, but she’d agreed that we’d take her the following weekend. She was going to take Deanne to an adult shop Carol used to get her some suitable outfits, and I was to contact the club owner, Alan, to make sure he and his wife were happy with us bring an 18 yr old. I called Alan the same day and had a chat with him. “18? Well, if she’s coming with you two then okay – I know you’ll keep an eye on her. When are you thinking of coming?” I told Alan it would be the Saturday night in about 10 days. He told me that that was going to be an ‘open night’ – there would be couples and single females there, but also single guys too. I said that wouldn’t be a problem and Alan said he would explain to some of the regulars during the weekend coming that a newbie 18yr old was coming the following week and it wasn’t to turn into a greedy girl night! Ten days later, I was at Carols when Deanne arrived for us to take her to the club. It was about half an hours drive from Carols place and housed in a large detached bungalow in a secluded cul-de-sac in a fairly well-off area. If the neighbours only knew what went on in there when the sun went down…..! LMAO!!!!We got there about 9pm with Carol holding Deanne’s hand as we walked in. For all her bravado, Deanne was clearly nervous so Carol took her straight to introduce her to Alan’s wife, Pauline, and the three of them had a little chat and a tour of the house, showing Deanne all the different rooms.I went into the lounge and put our drink behind the bar. There were already about 15 single guys all standing around looking for someone to talk to, and a few of them I recognised from our previous visits. One of them, Peter, came up to me “Hi.. Steve isn’t it?” I nodded. “I understood you were bringing a newbie girl this evening?”“We have, Peter” I replied, knowing where this was going. “She’s having a tour of the house with Pauline and Carol at the moment. You want to fuck her then?” I looked him straight in the eye.“Er… well….. er…..” Alan had come into the lounge behind me and I could hear him chuckling.“NO…. you want to buy her a cup of tea and hear stories about her Aunt Mable, don’t you Peter” and he laughed loudly. Peter went red with embarrassment.“If türbanlı bayan escort you want to fuck her, Peter, I’ll put in a good word for you” I said, patting him on the back. I meant it, but I don’t think Peter thought I was serious. Boy was HE in for a shock later….. A few minutes later, Carol, Deanne and Pauline all came into the lounge. Some of the guys who Carol knew came up to her and gave her a welcome kiss, then Carol introduced Deanne to as many people as she knew. Needless to say, Deanne drew a crowd VERY quickly – guys were round her like flies around sticky paper! But to the guys disappointment, Carol dragged her away after only a few minutes so they could go and get changed. I knew what Carol would have on – a crotchless sheer blue catsuit which was very unusual and which she always made sure didn’t get ripped by any over-enthusiastic guy as it had cost her quite a bit of money. But when they came back I was STUNNED at what Deanne was wearing!!!The girls came back in – Carol making her usual entrance to the delight of the guys, who raised their normal cheer for her, and then she announced Deanne’s entrance asking all the guys to make her feel at home as she was a little shy…… (yeah right!) …. and in crept Deanne wearing a shiny black PVC basque, matching thong showing off her beautiful bum cheeks, a very nice pair of lacy holdups and a pair of the highest shiny black stilettos I had ever seen – how she managed to walk in them was beyond me! At this point, two of the more eager guys were straight on her trying to get her to come to the bedroom across the hall from the lounge. Carol stepped in and made it clear Deanne knew what she wanted to do that night and they would get their chance ‘if they were good boys’… Lol! So they made do with fondling Deanne’s bum, which she thoroughly enjoyed, while Carol kept the conversation going. Then I noticed Pauline had slipped into the lounge and was trying to make her way through the crowd to me. I tried to get to her too, as Pauline was a damn good fuck, but didn’t play often, and I thought maybe this was my lucky night! Not a bit of it! When Pauline got to me she whispered in my ear “Carol wants you to pick three guys and take them to a room and explain that they are to give Deanne her first MMMF – but she says you’ve got to choose them carefully. NO idiots!” I got the message. So, I beckoned Peter over and told him it was his lucky night, and also asked him which other two guys he thought should be included. He pointed to two others, Dave and Simon, who were a bit quiet compared to some of the other guys, but who he knew would not expect Deanne to do too much if she wasn’t comfortable. Pauline and I led the three guys to the large bedroom at the back of the bungalow.Once inside, it was Pauline who read them the riot act before I could. She made it clear that it was Deanne’s first time and that she wanted a gangbang, and that Carol and Pauline had advised her to just start with three guys, and add more later if she felt comfortable. They were also told they were NOT to cum inside her – it had to be on her tits or face. The guys all nodded (well, they weren’t going to argue, were they??) and Pauline told them to get their clothes off and be ready for Deanne when she brought her back. Then Pauline reached behind the TV, which had rolling porn movies running normally, and brought out a video camera. She handed it to me. “Carol says you’re to video it please” I was shocked, as it isn’t easy filming a four people fucking, and managing to cut the guys faces out as you’re doing it, but I thought I’d give it a go. Then she whispered in my ear “It’s just for safety…” and she left the room to go get Deanne.I looked at the guys, who were a bit hesitant. “It’s okay, I’ll be able to lose your faces” and they all breathed a sigh of relief and started to get undressed. They all started wanking to get themselves hard and as I looked around them, Simon turned out to a bit of a big boy! He must have been easily as thick as me, but he was at least 9 inches long, if not more and I thought Deanne would have some fun with that. türbanlı escort bayan Then the door opened again, and in came Pauline leading a nervous looking Deanne by the hand.“You sit on the bed luvvy” she said to Deanne. “Now boys” she said, addressing Peter, Dave and Simon “I see you’re all excited” as they stood before her wanking for all they were worth. “Now Deanne wants to do what she’s seen in porn films – a three guy gangbang so one of you will need to get up her bum, one up her pussy and one in her mouth”. At this point I looked at Deanne, who caught my eye and she had a demure little smile on her face – she was clearly looking forward to what was coming her way.“So away you go, boys. Give her a good fucking…” and Pauline stood back alongside me and the guys got on the bed with Deanne. She started kissing the nearest guy passionately while the other two started to fondle and grope her, and you could see she really was getting into it, as she reached out trying to find their cocks to wank. One of the guys – Dave I think – went down to Deanne’s pussy and started licking and flicking her pussy lips for all he was worth, Deanne had Simons impressive cock in her mouth and was wanking Peter very well and I could see from the look on his face that he was struggling not to come already! Then Dave got into position and sank his cock straight into Deanne up to the hilt in one thrust. She winced a little as the shaft widened her pussy, as she was a bit preoccupied with sucking Simons cock still. Peter was now massaging her boobs, which had been prized from her basque the moment the guys were told to get on with it.Dave fucked her pussy for a few minutes – Deanne responded enthusiastically but within a short while she tugged at Peters cock, directing him to take over from Dave in the pussy fucking department. Peter gave his best for a few minutes, and then it was….. Simons turn! The two other guys stood either side of Deanne holding her up so she could watch as Simon dabbed his thick, long cock against her pussy lips, and then slid it in about halfway. Deanne gripped Dave and Peter’s hands tight as she gasped at the way Simon was stretching her pussy wider than it had ever been before – even when I fucked her a few weeks before! Simon pumped hard at her pussy for much longer than the other guys as Deanne was loving it so much.Then Simon said to the other two “Think it’s about time we DP’d her, eh guys?” looking for approval from the other two. They both nodded with glee! “Who d’ya want up your arse, and who d’ya want up your pussy, babes?” asked Simon. Deanne looked toward me for help. I suggested Simon stay in her pussy as he was quite large and might be a bit much up her arse in a DP (but she could ‘save him for later’ Lol!) and that Dave, then Peter might be good up her bum. So, Simon pulled his cock out, helped Deanne stand up (her knees were a bit wobbly by now!) and Dave lay back on the bed, propping himself up with a couple of pillows, and got himself hard, ready for Deanne to sink down on his cock. She got into position and lowered herself onto him. You could see the satisfaction on his face as Deanne slowly sank on to his shaft – and knew exactly how he felt! Once Deanne was settled, Simon approached with his big cock twitching, ready to give her pussy another pounding. He lifted one foot over her thigh to balance on the edge of the bed and got the rest of him in position.Simon pressed his cock once again into Deanne’s pussy and she moaned with pleasure. She tried writhing in between the two guys, but they had got her pinned between them, so THEY did the writhing instead while Deanne panted, moaned and groaned enjoying every moment of the experience she had wanted. Peter joined in letting her suck his cock for all she was worth while he played with her tits.Peter clearly wanted to fuck Deanne and I could see from the look on his face he was feeling left out. So Simon kindly withdrew his cock to let him come round and fuck Deanne’s pussy which he did with gusto! Simon left Dave to fuck her up the arse, and came around to her side so she could suck his cock, but very escort türbanlı soon I could tell he was about to cum. He started to wank himself hard and, remembering his instructions, he aimed his cock at Deanne’s tits. Pretty soon a jet of hot, sticky white cum was finding it’s way through the air to her boobs, splattering across both in a strangely geometric pattern! Lol!Deanne took Simons cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Then straight after that, Peter was ready to shot his load and he too withdrew from her, got into position, wanked himself to completion a shot a load almost twice the size of Simon’s all over Deanne’s tits and tummy from the opposite side. That left Dave.“I’m ready” he panted from underneath Deanne. She jumped off him and sank to her knees ready for him to deliver his package. Dave just about go to his feet as, without wanking at all, he exploded onto Deanne’s face – which she LOVED! Then all four of them sank back onto the bed with the guys caressing Deanne’s gorgeous body as she dipped her fingers in the cum on her tits and tummy, raised her hand to her mouth and licked every drop from each finger with a coy smile on her face.“Thanks guys” she said… “Bye bye” she waived, indicating she wanted them to leave the room now. The three guys all looked a bit miffed that they were no longer wanted, but picked up their gear and formed an orderly queue as they left the room.Deanne now looked at me…. “Give the camera to Pauline will you, Steve”. I was speechless, as I now had an idea what was coming… and it was going to be ME ! Lol!With now wobbly hands, I handed it to her. Deanne got up off the bed and slowly padded towards me, put her arms around my neck, planted a big sloppy kiss on my lips and said “I didn’t want any of them cumming inside me – I saved that for …… YOU!” and she winked as she sloped off back to the bed and laid down on her back. I couldn’t get my kit off quick enough!! I was throwing clothes in all directions – my underpants landed right on top of the camera at which Pauline yelped “Oi Steve! Whaddya fink yer doin??” with a giggle. My cock was up and throbbing already as I crabbed over Deanne, licking her tits and making my way to her mouth.“Just fuck me Steve…. please. I want a pussy full of your cum….” That was all the encouragement I needed. I stuck my tongue down her throat as my tip parted her pussy lips. I slid in with absolutely no problem – she was pulsating and very wet from the pounding Simon and Peter had given her.Unfortunately, I didn’t realise just how ‘aroused’ I had got watching through the viewfinder and knew I wasn’t going to last too long, but I made the most of it, holding her feet and spreading her legs wide as I thrust in and out. Deanne was moaning and groaning with pleasure, and as she did so I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone else had come into the room. It was Carol, looking very post-coital and holding the hand of Carl, one of her ‘regulars’ so I knew what she’d been doing.“You look like you’re having a good time luv” she called to Deanne. All the poor k** could do was nod her head limply as she was almost worn out herself. Then I felt the pressure building and I blew my load hard and deep inside her – she could clearly feel my hot, sticky cum hitting her insides as she let out a squeal and grabbed my arms pulling me down on her. I hung on to her as I felt her come too, and it was a fantastic feeling!!Deanne and I laid back on the bed, knackered. Carol and Carl joined us, and Pauline asked if we’d filmed enough. I wondered who she was asking, but Deanne replied “Yes Pauline, I think I’ve got enough to watch in bed tonight…” So Deanne was the one who asked for it to be videoed?? Oh WOW!!!!! The four of us played with each other for a while as we got our strength back, then had a short foursome between us before we joined everyone else back in the lounger. Word had got round about Deanne’s performance and she got admiring glances when she came in the room and, of course, nearly every single guy trying to get her phone number! At the end of the evening – and a first for this club – about 25 of us ended up in an impromptu orgy in the lounge and Deanne took part in that too! At one point she was enthusiastically taking a line up of about 6 guys, sucking and licking their cocks until they one-by-one came on her face – her first bukkake!Carol and I took Deanne to a couple of other clubs over the next few weeks. What happened at one of those, I’ll tell you next time….