Demi Lovato’s Halloween sex Fantasy

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Demi Lovato’s Halloween sex FantasyDemi is coming to my house at Halloween eve in her sexy cop outfit telling me that she wants to celebrate alone. As soon as I take out the booz she takes the strongest thing that I have and drinks it in one go. She throws the bottle away and starts stripping down her clothes and starts playing with her already dripping pussy watching me taking out my cock and stroking it. She points to the couch and tells me to lay down.She gets on top of me rubbing her dripping pussy all over my face while she takes my cock deep into her throat until I shoot a hugh load into her stomach and lungs. After that she demands me to only cum inside her while she’s riding my cock like there’s no tomorrow. She’s saying that I have to cum atleast 5 times before she may stop.Demi is humping my cock faster and starts playing with my balls as she rolls her eyes and starts to moan even louder. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock making me cum even harder. She’s smiling canlı bahis as she says that she likes feeling my cum insider her womb as she lays down on her back waiting for me to put my throbbing cock inside her.Once my cock is inside her she pulls my body closer to hers and whispers seductively that she is going to drain me, as she finishes the sentence she’s moaning silently into my ear making me even harder. As I get back up I thrust faster into her pussy and start to choke Demi, her pussy tightens again and makes me explode a second time.I can see some tears rolling down her cheeks and choke her harder, she can barely talk or breath. She looks at me with glassy eyes and a big smile on her face. I loosen my hand as she grabs for a jar. She holds the jar right under her pussy to fill it with my cum. Demi grabs my cock, starts to jerk me off as she moves her head closer to suck my cock.I take control of her head and start to face fuck her like a maniac, she starts to bahis siteleri gag as I force my throbbing cock all the way down her throat. She pushes my cock out of her throat and let me cum insider her mouth. Demi doesn’t swallow my load but plays with it until she pours it into the jar. She turns around and puts her juicy ass up in the air and says that she wants to be fucked in doggy.I shove my cock back into her dripping pussy and fuck her as hard as possible just to see her nice ass shake. She screams as she squirts all over my dick but she doesn’t seem to care that I just keep pounding her vagina like a madman. She instead screams that she wants to get fucked even harder so she takes my dick out of her, stands up and pushes me onto the couch.She takes my cock into her hands and starts to jerk me off to make sure I don’t go soft, after a short time she gets on top of me and puts my throbbing cock back inside her. Right as my cock enters her vagina she starts lean forward bahis şirketleri to moan seductively into my ear making me rock hard. She starts riding my cock harder and faster making me cum multiple times while she looks deep and horny into my eyes.Demi says that if she get’s another load into her womb she’s going to explode. She stands up, takes the jar full of my cum and pushes the cum out of her womb into the jar.She gives me the jar and demands that I pour that cum over her face. I take the jar and shower her face slowly with my thick cum. As soon as I finished covering her face she takes her phone and starts doing some selfies. After that she eats the cum and is thanking me for full filling her needs and asks me to sleep next to her.As I lay down next to her she notices that my cock is still hard and jerks me off while she says that she wants to sleep with some cum inside her pussy. As soon as she finished the sentence I put my cock inside her vagina and fuck her one last time for the night, as I cum she smiles at me and is teling me that she isn’t on birth control. I tell her that she shouldn’t worry and kiss her good night.This is my first story and I might do more, it depends.