Dirty Little Secret

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Dirty Little SecretJenny had been at work all day. She had her own office where she labored as a massage ther****t. Once something she woke up excited to do, it had now become like any other job she’d had in the past.Her last client just left. Nice customer, but took a few minutes extra to leave as he kept asking for her number. Over the years, she had become used to it. She realized it was part of what comes with a job where your client is rubbed while naked. Even though it’s just his back and he’s under a towel, it’s still an intimate experience. It also didn’t help that she was very well figured. 5’4″, long blonde hair, breasts that were firm, yet real, tight hourglass figure. So ideal was her body that sometimes (though she’d never admit it to someone else) when standing naked in front of a mirror, the sight of her own body would arouse her just a bit. After all, the female form was what she desired. She sat in her office, pondering the pass she just pushed off. She began to feel frustrated and lonely as she did. The day was almost over and she had an evening ritual of going home, lighting a few candles, and pulling out her favorite toy and allowing herself to be wrapped up in a blanket of pleasure. While these experiences were truly wonderful and she looked forward to them every day, she was still alone. It was not the same as having someone else enjoying the experience with her. While lost in her thoughts, she heard the chime of someone entering her office. Going out, she realized that she almost forgot that she had 1 client left for the day. It was a beautiful 31 year old woman with long brown hair. Her chest complemented her body and her hips and stomach, while not perfect (at least not as perfect as hers), were still something to be proud of.Jenny took her back and gave the standard pre massage instructions about undressing, the towels, and so forth. As she did, the client cut her off mid sentence and started talking about her day and frustrations. As she related her struggles at work, with her k**s, husband, she began to undress-very obviously not concerned that Jenny was still in the room.As she talked, the client casually removed her shirt. Unhooked her bra, revealing breasts so soft that they almost begged to be felt. The client them removed her shoes and socks. Then she unbuttoned her pants and removed her pants and thong in one motion. As she bent down to remove them, Jenny noticed a tattoo on the small of her back. Standing up, she saw that her feminine parts were well cared for. Not just shaved, but perfectly waxed as no hit of hair or stubble was found between her legs.The client, so immersed in relating her frustrations, had not noticed that Jenny had taken notice. She walked over to the massage table, laid flat on it and rested her head in the proper place. Jenny placed the towel over her bottom, trying remain professional, and began the massage.Jenny warmed the oil and began to massage and kneed the clients neck and shoulders. She sighed in relief canlı bahis as soon as she started. From her shoulder, she worked down her back, running circles from her spine to her side. She ran her fingers down to the side of clients breasts, remaining professional, and back to center.She next massaged her legs, starting at the feet and working her way up. As she massaged her inner leg and thy, the client opened them just enough so Jenny could do her job. However, as she did, the towel allowed Jenny a small view of the client.Suddenly, Jenny found herself wondering what she felt like inside. How warm does she get. How wet does she get. What does she taste like. She tried to focus, but the more she did, the more she remembered how long it had been since her sexual experiences were enjoyed with another. The more she tried to put that out of her mind, the more horny she became. Jenny told herself it was okay as she didn’t have to reveal to her client what was happening. As she did, she felt the rush of blood and energy between her legs. She allowed the sensations of sexual arousal to overtake her, yet she continued to do her work, planning to keep her arousal to herself.Working her way back up her back, the client began to vent about her marriage. Her husband was distant, working al the time, traveling al the time, never paying her any attention. She even described an evening where she surprised him with some very revealing lingerie and, to her agony, he didn’t even get an erection.The client turned over. Again, not seeming to care about privacy, she did not let Jenny position the towels to conceal her as she turned and, once again, Jenny got a view of the client in all her glory before being covered.Standing above her head, she started to massage her neck Then her arms. Fingers. As she massaged her stomach, the towel covering her breasts slipped off. Reaching for it, the client made it known that she really didn’t care and Jenny should continue. As she did, Jenny noticed that her nipples had become hard and erect. She longed to feel them. To taste them. She began to get even wetter as she imagined what it would feel like for the client to feel her. Taste her.As she began to work her legs, the client got even more personal. She confessed that her husband had not given her an orgasm in months. When he wanted it, he’d go for it and quit as soon as he’d cum. He showed her no concern for her feelings and desires. With pain and anger in her voice she asked Jenny, “Is it too much to ask to experience the pleasure of being touched? Aroused? Is it asking too much to want to be blown away with an intense orgasm with someone else?”Jenny (her clit twitching at the sound of the word “orgasm”), gently instructed the client to stop talking and close her eyes. She ran her fingers gently through her hair and told her to relax and simply enjoy the sensations. This was her time.At that moment, Jenny was overcome with desire to continue the massage while sitting on the clients face. bahis siteleri It entered into her mind that she would see just how far she could take this.She massaged her legs, outer first, then inner. Working her way up to the knee, then thy. Massaging her inner thy, she gently pushed the clients legs open to get access. Enough to see how she would respond, but not too much to give her an out if needed.As Jenny massaged up her thy, the client’s towel was naturally pushed up. Reaching the top of her leg, Jenny looked at her perfectly waxed pussy and couldn’t help but notice that her lips were very swollen and red.The towel was now resting on the clients waist, her pussy fully exposed. Jenny looked up at the clients face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. Then Jenny allowed her arm to very gently and briefly touch the clients clit. Watching for the reaction, the client took a deep breath and let out a very quiet moan. That’s when Jenny knew she had her.She started to massage her outer lips. Gently pulling and rubbing. The client began to smile at the sensation. Them she moved her fingers between her inner and outer lips. Up and down. As she did, the client gently spread her legs a little wider. Her hips began to move a bit too as she got closer and closer to her clit. Finally, she allows her fingers to touch the clients clit. As she does, the client lets out a very load moan and opens her legs more. Jenny sees that the client is now under her control. She gently kneeds her clit between two fingers and then leans over to the clients ear to whisper. “You’re going to cum on my table today, but it’s not free. After you cum, you’re going to plant that sexy face of yours between my legs and we’re both going to be taken away to ecstasy.” Still rubbing her clit, “Do we have a deal?” The client nods and Jenny pulls the towels off. She inserts her middle and ring finger into the client and then rubs up and down. The client moans in pleasure and her back arches, raising her breasts. Jenny takes her free hand and rubs her breasts. Feeling her nipples between her fingers. As she does, the client moans louder. She reached down and begins to suck on her nipples. The clients breathing becomes harder and faster. As Jenny sucks her nipples and her hand continues to rub her clit and g spot. Faster and faster.As she continues, Jenny takes a hand and undoes her pants, allowing her pants and panties to fall to the ground. The client does not yet notice as she is overcome with pleasure.Suddenly, the clients muscles all tense up at once. She cries out in pleasure as an orgasm overcomes her. Jenny keeps rubbing through it as the client cums. After several moments of intense pleasure, the orgasm releases its grip on her.Jenny looks tenderly in the clients eyes, still trembling from her orgasm, yet desire still present. She moves forward and kisses her. The client returns the kiss. Softly at first, then deeper. Longer. Until their mouths open and tongues stroke each bahis şirketleri others.The kiss stops and Jenny smiles at her. It’s time to receive payment! She stands over the client on the table, one leg on each side. The client then notices that while Jenny’s shirt remains, nothing else does. She sees up to Jenny’s pussy and observes that it is swollen, red, and wet. Jenny kneels down over her, moves her pussy to the clients face, and places her clit directly on the clients lips.Jenny feels a sudden rush of pleasure between her legs as the client extends her tongue and starts to massage her clit. Jenny’s head rolls back and she moans in pleasure as the sensation hits her.After a few moments, she regains her composure, the pleasure still present, and relaxes her mind and body into it. She removes her shirt and bra, leaving both her and the client naked together. The client grabs Jenny’s ass and pulls her clit agains her mouth harder. She sucks, kisses, and flicks Jenny’s clit with her tongue. As she does, Jenny’s sensations get stronger and stronger.Jenny then turns herself to face the clients feet. The client continues to suck and lick Jenny’s clit. Jenny feels the pleasure begin to extend from between her legs to the rest of her body. As she does, she looks down at the clients naked body. She sees her pussy and bends over. Still in the clients mouth, Jenny gains oral access to the client and begins to lick her in the 69 position. The client moans when Jenny takes her clit in her mouth and the vibrations from the moaning send shockwaves up Jenny’s clit to the rest of her body. The more Jenny licks, the more the client moans. The more she moans, the more pleasure Jenny feels. Thus, she doesn’t stop.The pleasure continues to expand and get stronger. Soon, as the client keeps sucking Jenny’s clit, Jenny can feel the sensations in her whole body. Starting between her legs, they extend to her head and toes. The pleasure gets stronger and stronger, until her body can take no more. Suddenly, Jenny feels pleasure explode through her. Her muscles tighten and convulse. The client holds her clit against her mouth as she shakes, not letting up the oral stimulation of her. Jenny feels her pussy contract as orgasm explodes through her. She loses all contact with reality as the sensations are so strong that all she can comprehend is the pleasure that is totally overpowering her. So strong is the pleasure that she doesn’t notice the client raising her hips to keep her clit in contact with Jenny while she cums. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure explodes through her until it finally begins to let go. Coming to her senses, she hears the client scream out again. Looking down, face inches from her, she sees the clients pussy pulsate as she cums again. Jenny quickly puts her lips on her and stimulates her through the orgasm. Jenny gets up and lies beside the client. Both women spent, still trembling. They softly touch each others bodies before kissing gently as their bodies come down off the high. The client gets up and asks if there is an appointment open for tomorrow. Jenny says yes and both women look in each others eyes and agree that they will, from this moment on, be each others dirty little secret.