Divorced Dads and an unexpected guest

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Divorced Dads and an unexpected guestQuick synopsis of Tim, during my divorce I was lonely, most all the friends went with my ex as women need support during divorces right? Tim and I met in one of the old Yahoo chat rooms, Divorced Dad’s or Single Parent, which ever? Anyway we find that we live about 20 minutes from each other. He and I had formed a close friendship doing things together, groceries, movies, in general hanging out, dinners at each other’s place, watching TV, things like that. Until one night through some strange twists and a Truth or Dare game we ended up in bed together with he as the more dominant and I the sub. Which more or less set the stage on weekends we didn’t have our c***dren we spent together either his place or mine.It was a Friday I had come to Tim’s house for the weekend, as I came in I dropped my street clothes off in the mudroom laundry just off the garage. Underneath the street clothes I was in crotchless pantyhose, panties, in my bag I had a gender neutral sleep tunic type thing to cover my upper body, in case someone knocked on the door I had some like surgical scrub pants that tied, stashed in the bathroom where I could run to in that case. I just came in started fixing dinner, as I got most everything on track Tim calls me in to the living room where he was watching TV, he looks at the way I am dressed, and said nice slut! He asked what I was fixing for dinner, I told him Pot Roast. He said he needed to put stuff from doing winter prep for the house away to shut and lock the garage door, then take a shower.He went out the garage got his equipment, put it all away I heard the garage door come down and he came through the kitchen smacked my ass as he went through into the bedroom to shower. I had cut up the salad, put it in the fridge when he called me in to the shower asking me to wash his back. I finished with that he turned around stroking his cock and said how would you like an appetizer? So down on my knees I went sucked him off then went back to finish dinner. His cock was awesome and as long as he hadn’t had a ton of beer beforehand his cum was good too.I had set the table and put the food on when he came out sat down we ate, he got up went out the front door checking things he had done making sure he had put everything away, as I cleared the table. I had just finished the dishes, putting them away, wiped the counters down as he came back in shutting the front door pulled the curtains closed since the way I was dressed and night coming earlier the neighbors might see? Better safe than sorry! So settling in for FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! “Yeah”, Not my bag! I was there for the pre & post game games!!!!!But depending on things I might get to suck him off again during the game or just be the waitress for things during. I would sit on the couch read or partially watch the game. Anyway the game was in the third quarter things were really close, he was armchair quarterbacking, yelling at the Ref, when the front door opens (Tim didn’t lock it! CRAP) and in walks this guy! I FROZE, I am sure I did a total body blush through every shade of red in the spectrum! Tim jumps up out of the chair, looks at the guy stutters, R R RICK!? Um, Um, Um, why didn’t you call if you were coming through town? I wasn’t expecting you! Rick stares at me, I am doing the deer in the headlights thing! Rick looks at me, says I SEE,,, you weren’t expecting anyone! Then painfully slow goes through he was on way to meet up with his family for the weekend out at their lake cabin and go to a UT Rockets game. Which is where Tim & Rick had met and went to college. Then said this reminds me of the Frat Initiations! Getting those poor plebs to go and buy lingerie at WalMart trying things on, coming out of the dressing room to do a twirl in front of the mirror asking the clerk if they make cute girls? Both of them laughedTim looks at Rick still staring at me, still frozen on the couch doing the deer thing, looking like a glowing red light! My cheeks are burning, my ears are hot, heart was in my throat, I barely hear them talking due my heartbeat in my ears! Tim jumps on the Frat thing! Rick says no this is so much better! He says the slut there and I had a bet he lost and is my House & Chamber Maid! As good as anything about a guy in your living room dressed as I was? Rick saying, Like that’s cool! How long do you own her? And what are her duties? Tim says as long as I want her, and what ever I ask her canlı bahis to do!Tim asks if Rick wanted a beer? Yeah sure he says, Tim looks at me I take the hint, I find my legs leave to grab two beers out of the fridge. While in the kitchen I am hyperventilating, as I grab the beer, I pour a shot of no tell Vodka, downing it trying to calm my heartbeat, poured another! I am not a drinker really, those 2 shots had the desired affect for the most part, at least now I had a reason to feel the heated flush I felt, not to mention the buzz it gave me. And more so the liquid courage feeling it gave me as I went back in the living room with the beer.Rick’s eyes glue to me as I walk in, they are catching up on things. I catch Rick works in Pittsburgh, coming through for the weekend family cabin on the lake thing, and his family from somewhere around Edgerton Oh. and have a lake house somewhere in the area. So Rick thought he would drop in a surprise his college buddy with a visit. Tim says a surprise it is too. Looking at me, Rick says so,,,,,, Maid huh, House & Chamber, so what are her duties? Tim says well as House Maid to keep things cleaned up bring me things during the game in general what ever I ask! Rick asks, as Chamber Maid? Tim blushed a bit and says, Again what ever needs done! Rick took the hint saying Way Cool, as long as you are getting your bets worth, Way Cool again b*o! Tim is looking less stressed, as Rick takes things in stride. Tim still nervous, saying I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by! Rick laughs says, Again that’s way apparent! Rick still looking at me, I am pretty conscious of his looks, almost leering to a point! Rick looks at Tim asking, So as Chamber Maid is she taking care of you? Tim looks at me says, Actually really good! Would like a sample? Rick, SURE! Tim looks at me and says, This is my friend Rick while he is here you will accord him as you would me, Understand? I’m wide eyed looking at him like are you for real? Tim snaps, UNDERSTAND? I figure Tim knows him well enough or he wouldn’t put me in this position. I stand up off the couch, look at Tim bow my head Yes Sir! Rick looked between Tim and I. I look at Tim a dry mouth from Vodka a hoarse voice I squeak out, What Sir? Tim says give our guest a BJ! I look at Rick he is wide eyed like is this really going to happen? I ask here or in the bedroom? Rick looks at Tim, Tim says your choice Rick!Rick says here is fine I can watch the game while you suck my cock! I kneel in front of him undo his pants out pops an already hard cock, he is larger than Tim by maybe an inch and some in girth. I kneel down into his crotch taking cock in hand, licking some then sliding my lips over and down his cock, he moans then grabbed my head pulling me down and pushing me up. Basically using my face to masturbate with! Watch the game hell, all he was watching was the back of my head! I take over for him and feverishly start sliding my lips up and down on his cock. His head rocks back his cock starts twitching then he grunts loudly slams his hips up pushes my head down his cock goes farther down my throat than anything ever had! Then a gush of cum just flows down my throat, my swallow reflex starts which seemed to make his already tender cock jump more, he yanks my head off his cock the last several squirts washed across my nose and lips. I use my finger looking at Rick, wipe his cum off my face, slowly slide it into my mouth sucking it clean as he watched, then tenderly take his cock back into my mouth making sure there is no cum left on his cock until the after shocks of orgasm are gone. Then I tucked his softened cock into his underwear left to go to the kitchen to clean myself up.I come back to Rick redressed sitting back into the chair, I ask if he would like something to drink, and if he had eaten I could reheat some of our left over dinner? He asked what there was in mixed drinks, I said a fair stocked bar. He asked for a Rum and Coke with a twist of lime. Tim did have a nicely stocked liquor cabinet, there was Appleton 151. I poured a heavy shot, lime wedge, poured the coke then added ice. Took it back to Rick, as I handed it to him, he declines any food. He looked at Tim saying if I drink this may I stay the night leave in the morning to go to my families place? Tim said, Sure! They watch the game both now armchair Quarterbacking, I bring them drinks as each glass gets drained, Rick stops after 3 tells me just Coke and a lime wedge bahis siteleri for 4th. Tim continues to drink and is pretty done in by the time the game is over. He says he is going to go to bed I follow telling Rick I will be back in a minute to fix up the guest room for him, Rick nods. I follow Tim into his bedroom, he is trashed! Flops on his bed I turn him into the bed and he pulls the top of his shorts down saying suck this, I start his cock responds then goes soft as he starts snoring,,,, Good Night Sweet Prince!I return to Rick in the living room who has found another game still going on the TV. I sit and watch him watching the game. He turns to me asking so, How did you end up here doing this? I laid out the story in truth, telling Rick that Tim and I had met online during my divorce that we had found we had similar interests and started hanging out. One night we had been drinking through a Truth or Dare game had ended up with me dressed in stockings and panties, after a blur of frenzied actions I was on my knees sucking his cock, then spent the rest of the night fucking me. But to let Tim think the story he had given Rick to stand. Rick asked if I liked how things were? I said that things were fine, that I really liked things as they were. Rick stared at me for a few seconds then asked, did you mind that Tim told you to suck me? I said I figured that Tim knew you well enough that he wouldn’t put me in any danger of catching anything or getting hurt. Rick asked about Tim telling me to accord him as I would Tim? I said House Rules! Rick’s eyes gleamed, then asked where the guest room was? I led Rick to the guest room, then asked if I slept with Tim? I said he is passed out and I could sleep on the couch in the living room. Rick said I think maybe you could sleep in here? More a question than a statement. I looked at him saying I could if he wanted me to? Rick said that he had had BJs from Plebs in the Frat, but never had anal sex but might like to try? I said we can just take things one step at a time and see where things lead? I turned down the bed for him, then left to turn out the lights, TV, and make sure the front door was LOCKED! I walked back into the bedroom hallway checked on Tim snoring away, then went to where Rick was. As I stepped in the room he was under the covers with a tent showing up under the sheet. He smiled and threw back the covers inviting me into the bed.I turned off the bedroom light took off the night shirt but left on the panties and pantyhose. We laid there a minute and Rick asked how does this work? I said well with the way things had been between Tim and I, that I was like a pseudo wife. Rick asked in all aspects? Yes was my reply. To relieve some of his apprehension I rolled to the side and closed my fingers around his cock, slowly stroking it. He gasped and tensed a bit when first closed my fingers around his shaft, then rolled to face me. He sort of whispered, All aspects? I said yes but before the hiss of the the s in yes sounded he planted kiss on me as his tongue darted between my lips. I let go his cock and wrapped my arm around his back as he rolled on top of me. he ground his hard cock into my pelvis as h broke the kiss and started licking and sucking places around my neck, my ears, down my chest, sucking my nipples, biting, teasing, then back up around my ears neck then back to kissing me. God he had lit my fuse! If the light were on I am sure I was glowing red from the heat I felt at that moment.In the dark he looked down at me, then said asked, In all aspects your my woman for the night? I just nodded as I seemed to have lost my voice. He asked again so how does this work, I just spread my legs finding his cock again with my hand guiding him toward my “Mussy” (man pussy) as Tim had started calling it. I had already lubed well with silicone oil, as I slipped his cock across my opening a few times to let some of the oil on his cock. He got the idea and started pushing as he found the mark! POP it went in I let out a little yelp he stopped asked if something was wrong? I said no just takes a second to get use to something going in! He leaned in and started kissing me again, he waited until I nodded moaning an um-huh into his mouth as he kissed me. Then little by little he pushed in all the way in he had to have the largest cock I had ever had in me. It both hurt like heck and felt like ecstasy at the same time. My own cock, maybe a 3rd of his was so hard bahis şirketleri feeling the bulge of his inside me.He left go the kiss, then said if he had know it was like this he may have done more to the plebs at the frat house. He just laid on top of me, we both savored the feelings. I asked did you force the plebs into sex at the frat house? He said well maybe some didn’t want to do the sucking after the first time they didn’t have to. But some liked it those got singled out to serve it dates went wrong with girl to help relieve blue balls. Rick pulled back and shoved his cock back into me, I moaned and started stroking his back, from his ass to his shoulders, he has a wonderful body that went with a great cock! his lips covered mine again, he started fucking me in a slow deliberate fashion, I really got lost in him!I seemed to be in one continuous orgasm! Every nerve in my body was lit up, I tingled everywhere there was a puddle of my pre-cum gathered between our bodies. I had my legs wrapped around his waist. There was a feeling I hadn’t felt since high school, little light flashes going off behind my eyelids. I am not sure how long we had been going at it, I was lost in a feeling of floating, his body in mine. What brought me back was a change in the rhythm he had sped up his orgasm coming. I wanted to make it as awesome for him as he had for me, I started bucking back against his thrusts, I fucked him right back! He grunted grabbed my waist with all the strength he had, then I felt his cock expand then trembling with each shot of cum. Rick wasn’t breathing his face contorted in the throes of orgasm. I squeezed with my arms and legs as hard as I could pulling his body to mine the feeling of his body to mine seemed lost like we were one. Rick’s breath returned with a few stabbed breaths then trying to catch his breath gasping for some more. As he rolled to the side off of me his cock popped from me the tip of his cock ran straight across my prostrate that feeling went straight to my balls and I shot cum into the pantyhose I was wearing, I whined and cooed stiffened with a great finishing orgasm.I got out of bed going to the bathroom got a hot washcloth came back washed Rick’s cock, went back to the bathroom cleaned up me a bit, then back to Rick’s bed. I said I can go sleep on the couch so he had the bed to himself. To which he said, Nope our sleeping right here! Well maybe sleep isn’t what I have in mind? He pulled me into the bed snuggled up behind me wrapped his arms around me as I felt his hardening cock between my cheeks. That is how we fell asleep. I woke to the bed shaken to find Tim climbing into it waking Rick and I.Tim had gotten up, seen where I was, taken a shower wrapped in just a towel laid down on the bed with us. Rick upon waking was already to go waking with morning wood. I felt his cock twitching between my cheeks. I the other side here was Tim with a tent in his towel, I reached forward pulling the towel from Tim, he cock proud as Tim leaned forward towards my mouth. As Rick watched Tim’s cock disappear in my mouth, I felt Rick’s cock pushing deeper into my ass crack. One hand on Tim’s cock the other hand behind guiding Rick’s cock into my body again, I really was in the throes of Lust again, the 3 of us found a rhythm that didn’t knock one of out of the bed, The two of them started calling a cadence with each other I was sort of gagged with a cock so no other noises came from me other than an occasional moan. Rick and Tim almost at the same time claimed impending orgasms and almost as if a switch had been thrown the two of them dumped cum in me at the same time.Tim and I got up to shower where I gave him another BJ, after they sat drinking coffee as I fixed breakfast, dressed in rainbow tights, black panties and a T-shirt. They ate as I made the beds, Rick came in gather things he had left in the room. We looked at each other he kissed me lightly on the lips said goodbye, shook Tim’s hand left for his families cabin. Tim and I finished our weekend together I dressed in my guy clothes to head home would be a weekend with my c***dren before the next weekend with Tim. When I got home I took the pantyhose, panties and girly things to the washing machine as I pulled out things a card flipped out, it was Ricks business card with business info on front and his home phone in Mckees Rocks Pa. funny I went to school in Pa. and lived right around the corner from there a few miles. On the back a note saying call if it won’t cause any trouble if I think it might, he could keep a secret if I could. I figured Tim had shared me with Rick there wouldn’t be a problem if it happened again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,