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DoggingDOGGINGWe pull up in the car park by the reservoir, it’s ten at night and everything seems really quiet. It’s a hot night so I wind down the car windows to let in the moonlight.We’d been out drinking, but I got the driving job so I was perfectly sober, but my wife had had plenty to drink and was no doubt feeling a little horny.I put her hand on my lap as we kissed and without hesitation she had undone my flies and had my cock in her hand, starting to slowly wank it. After a few strokes I was really hard and I pulled down my trousers, dropping them in the foot well. She leaned over and kissed the end of my cock, then slowly pulling back my foreskin, she circled her tongue around it before sucking me into her mouth.She moved her mouth up and down my cock as her hand gently tugged at my balls, the odd slurping sound leaving her mouth as she greedily sucked me.It was at this point that I started to hear the odd muffled sound…………….I looked around and saw nothing……I brought my gaze back onto my wife sucking my cock, closed my eyes as her warm mouth took me deeper and deeper…then I heard the sound again.Opening my eyes, this time I could see a man slowly approaching the car, then another and another, walking out of the darkness and slowly surrounding the car. My wife completely unaware, just carried on sucking my cock into her mouth as the crowd gathered, but my cock was straining with excitement knowing we were being watched.She was kneeling on the passenger seat as she was sucking me, so I slid my hand under her skirt and slowly pulled it up over her waist exposing her knickers and ass to the men, then grabbing the top of the knicker elastic, I roughly pulled her knickers down to her knees and she opened up her legs to help her knickers slide down.I slid my fingers down her ass cheeks and placed them on her pussy lips, before parting them. I held them open with my fingers……she was really wet…..after I thought I had given the group of men a good viewing of her open pussy, I slid a couple of fingers into her…….they slid in so easy, that easy that I slid a third finger in and for good measure I rubbed some pussy juice onto my thumb and slowly inserted it into her ass.I looked towards the men and I could see they all had their cocks out and in their hands. The sizes varied from average, to a couple of lads who seemed to have very large cocks of 8 or 9 inches.Just the site of them rubbing their cocks whilst looking at my wife’s pussy was enough to start me cumming in her mouth, I tensed and shot my cum in her throat, it was an intense orgasm and I shot 3 or 4 loads, with her half choking on the amount. She swallowed the lot, licked me clean, then kissed me on the lips, before opening up her mouth for me to taste the cum.After we had kissed she looked me in the eyes and said, “I hope you enjoyed that, but I really need a good türbanlı amasya escort fucking, so I need your cock stiff again, fuck me hard with your fingers until you are ready to fuck me”.It was at this point that a noise from outside the car finally caught her attention and she turned around to the open window behind her…………..she saw the men and nearly jumped out of her skin with shock, pulling my hand out of her pussy and ass.I told her they had been there for a while, but I found it really horny that we had been watched so hadn’t stopped her sucking my cock, also mentioning that I had held her pussy open deliberately so they could have a good look as they wanked.She gradually calmed down and she surveyed the scene outside the car…there were 6 men there in total, all still holding their cocks…..waiting to see what would happen next.She looked back at me, unsure what to do.I suggested that as they had helped me have such a great orgasm by watching, then maybe it was only fair to give them something to wank over in exchange and it was guaranteed to make me hard enough again to give her the fucking she wanted.I opened up the car door and got out, walked around to the passenger door and let her out, holding her hand and leading her around to the front of the car. There was a picnic table and seat near the car so we walked over to it and I beckoned the group to follow.She sat down on the edge of the table and I slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, pulling it off her shoulders then arms and placing it on the table. I next reached around her back and undid her bra clasp, then slowly pulled the straps down her arms until her 38D breasts were released from the cups and into the gaze of the onlookers. I pulled her off the table to stand, unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground, then slowly pulled down her knickers. She stepped out of them and I placed them on the table with her bra and blouse.She now stood before them completely naked, basking in the moonlight and the torch light as a few of them wore the LED elasticated head torches that runners and cyclists often wore in the dark.She seemed really at ease, which at first I found quite surprising, then remembered that she was still partly drunk and no doubt turned on by all the attention and cocks being wanked in front of her.I sat her back on the table with her legs spread wide apart and the men gathered closer around her, wanking their cocks at various speeds as they looked at her boobs and pussy.She moved her hands up to her boobs and cupped them, before moving her fingers up to her nipples and pinching them………giving them a pull, then slowly twisting them as she watched the men wanking. Her hands moved over her breasts and nipples, rubbing them, then she took her breasts in her hands, pushed her nipples up to her mouth and türbanlı amasya escort bayan flicked her tongue against them. Her nipples were already erect as she sucked them in turn into her mouth.Then without warning two of the men grabbed a breast each and started to suck in her nipples and she quickly let out a moan, her hands now moving down her body and rubbing down the length of her pussy.I had been happy enough for the men to wank whilst looking at her body, but suddenly things were moving out of my control and I wasn’t so comfortable.She slid a finger into her pussy while holding her lips widely apart with her fingers, then slid a second in and started to fuck herself with them, then she stopped……..withdrew her fingers slowly and offered them to one of the guys mouths, he didn’t need a second invite and sucked her fingers into his mouth tasting her pussy juice, then before I’d even took breath, he was on his knees in front of her and had started to lick along her pussy. She held her pussy lips open as he slid his tongue inside her, then flicked at her clit and she let out a louder moan.The guys on her boobs were getting quite rough with her now, biting into her nipples then pulling them hard, but she didn’t seem to care, just letting out a frequent moan.She laid down on the table making herself more comfortable and the two guys who were being neglected stood either side of her and offered their cocks to her mouth, she grabbed a cock in each hand and pulled them together over her mouth……she extended her tongue and started to flick at them whilst wanking them, then taking it in turn to suck one into her mouth.I was determined that this would be as far as things would progress, I wasn’t prepared to let another man fuck her.Just then, she started to writhe on the table as she had a huge orgasm, her body convulsing as the guys tongue on her clit had done the trick, but before the last throes of the orgasm had died down, the guy who had been licking her clit stood up and buried his cock straight into her pussy…he just thrust the whole lot straight into her right up to his balls….ooh shit…………before I could even think what to do, he was fucking her really hard….pounding away at her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass and I could see her glistening pussy juice spraying out of her pussy with every thrust. He was one of the guys with the large cocks, but she was taking the whole lots and he was fucking her like a complete slut, just fucking banging her as hard as he could.She was moaning away despite still servicing the two cocks in her mouth and at one point she took both of them into her mouth at the same time, greedily trying to suck them both in deeply and then it happened……the guy fucking her tensed and shot his cum deep into her pussy….ohhhh shit her pussy is full of another türbanlı escort amasya guys cum…I didn’t know what to think…..I sort felt sick and excited at the same time.He moved up to her face and dropped his cock in her mouth, she slurped at it, tasting her pussy juice and his cum om his cock, it was too much for the other guy who had been sucked by her as he wanked his cock a couple of times and shot his cum all over her face and the other guys cock, she just carried on licking it all up.One of the guys who was sucking her tits, had moved over to her pussy and slid his cock into her, he shoved it in hard and I could see the cum spray out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs….he didn’t last long, a couple of minutes of thrusting into her and he bucked, shooting is load in her pussy…..he again went to her mouth and offered his cock up to her lips and without hesitation she sucked it in and tasted his cum covered cock.The two remaining guys yet to cum sat her up on the table, then the larger cocked guy laid down on the table and she straddled him, pulled his cock over to her pussy lips then sat down on it, the other guy moved up behind them at the end of the table and pushed his cock up against her ass…..he spat on her ass hole then slid his cock slowly into it, inch by inch it slowly slid into her until his full length was in her ass…..he held it in pushed deep for a while…then started to fuck her…….with every thrust he lifted her off the cock in her pussy, then she flopped back down on it as he pulled out…it was so horny watching her get double penetrated with a cock in both holes…she wasn’t able to moan as a cock was being stuck deep in her throat with every push of his cock.The guy in her ass fucked her hard for a good 10 minutes before he filled her ass with his cum, as he pulled his cock out of her a stream of cum flooded out of her and down her pussy onto the guys cock who was fucking her pussy, but now with more freedom of movement and my wife was bouncing up and down on his cock…..she was really going for it….his 9 inches of cock sliding deep into her pussy as she bounced up and down on it……some of the guys were sporting erections again and were wanking at the sight of the slut bouncing on his huge cock…..she was being covered in cum from all angles as they shot their cum on her……….she started to moan again as a second orgasm ripped through her body and the guy shot his cum in her pussy as she gyrated down on him.She lifted herself off of his cock and cum flooded out of her pussy……..she lay down on the table exhausted from her fucking, but with enough strength left to take his cock in her mouth and lick it clean.Just then I heard dogs barking and torch light shining from between the trees……seemed to be a signal for all the guys to scarper quickly as without hesitation they all just got up and started running and within 30 seconds the place was deserted apart from my wife still laid on the table…..I shouted at her to get up and come back to the car…….but she just seemed too exhausted…..or content, to move from where she lay.I walked out from behind the tree and picked her up…..carried her back to the car and laid her down on the back seat before driving home………………………………….