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Subject: Doing the Wrong Thing Category: Adult Youth/Incest This is a complete work of fiction. It is not based on anyone or any real situation. It is completely fabricated. Never do anything like this in real life. All characters are eighteen and over. You must be eighteen and over to read. If you enjoy this and other stories, please donate to Nifty. “Doing the Wrong Thing” Calvin Hopkins was a good husband and father. He never cheated on his wife and he worked overtime every chance he had to make sure they had everything they needed. It still wasn’t enough. Sometimes, he felt like a complete loser. His kids went to Howard High. Half their neighborhood went to Xavier Prep. While he had to tell his kids he couldn’t buy them new shoes or clothes when they asked, some of the Xavier kids were driving Porsches. He had just had to have the, “There is nothing wrong with community college” talk with his oldest. Which he knew was bullshit. The Xavier kids would be at dorm parties and playing intermural and intramural sports while his took mall walking and stayed at home. His wife, to add to all his problems, had read an article in some magazine she shared with all her friends. It said that three months of no sex would restore intimacy and love when you finally banged again. This was month two. Physically, Calvin didn’t feel like a loser at all. He had played rugby in college and he kept the body by working out twice a week. At 55, he was still 5’10 and 220 pounds of mostly muscle. He kept his hair cropped short, did weights every evening, and ran every night before bed. His kids were nothing like him physically. Calvin Jr, his oldest, played tennis and ran gaziantep escort track. He was 5’8, lean, and had his mother’s blonde hair. He had it in one of those shaved cuts. They called him CJ. Thomas was his brother’s height and had a similiar build from swimming and soccer. He had reddish brown hair that was cut in what he said was emo style. Cal was doing his before bedtime run when he heard a noise from off the track. It sounded like it was coming from the under construction part of the park. He thought about jogging by, but figured someone could be hurt. He didn’t expect what he saw. Bent over the picnic table was a boy. He couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a hoodie and appeared to be sucking off the man sitting on the table. Sucking off though was probably not the right word. The kid was gagging and choking as his head was being held down and he was being throat fucked. The man was calling him a dirty little faggot and a cocksucker and telling him to choke on it. While Calvin watched, he even spit on the kid and slapped him. Calvin realized the right thing to do was pull the men off the boy and make sure the boy was okay. But then he noticed three things. One, the hoodie had the Xavier logo on it. This was one of those stuck up rich kids. Two, the shiny shoes on the ground were the exact same pair CJ had begged him for last week. Shoes he hadn’t been able to afford. And three, the fat guy fucking the boy was his neighbor Ted. Whose wife also had him on the no sex for three months plan. Ted was 6 foot, but probably close to 250 pounds and fat. Calvin had caught him banging a neighbor girl once so he knew Ted wasn’t queer. suriyeli escort But fuck if he didn’t look like he was having a good time. Calvin could hear him talking dirty too. Telling the kid he was a worthless piece of shit, calling him a cunt, telling him all he would ever be from now on was pussy. And when Ted nutted, it was straight up the boy’s ass. He growled and groaned as he creampied the boy. Calvin realized he was rock hard. He walked out from where he standing. Ted looked panicked for a minute. But then he shrugged. Ted said, “Pussy is pussy and teenage boy cunt is some of the best. I couldn’t help myself. Kid was made to be a whore. You should try it.” Calvin nodded. Before Ted was fully dressed, Calvin had stripped naked. If he was going to fuck outside, he wanted to feel the air on his skin. He ran his hands on the boy’s ass. It was smooth and tight. The kid was clearly athletic. He pressed a finger up the tight teenage asshole and felt it squeeze his finger. The kid was nowhere near open enough for the kind of fuck he was about to give him. But he was a boy, not some woman. It wouldn’t be romantic and you didn’t need to go easy with boys. Or at least that’s what Calvin figured. He’d never been with a guy. He hadn’t fucked ass since he was twenty and he was barely allowed to move or put it in that time. He spit on his dick. It was eight inches and thick. He thought Ted’s cum better be slick. The next ten minutes were heaven. Unrestrained because it was a boy, pissed the kid seemingly had everything, he enjoyed the most wonderful and brutal fuck of his life. The kid bucked under him when he pushed in the rus escort first few inches. He could hear the boy making crazy sounds, even under the constant snotty wet sound of getting his throat fucked. It didn’t slow him down. He shoved it in balls deep, then pulled all the way out, then rammed it back in. Hard and fast in and out. The boy’s body rocked back and forth with his jabs. Then he buried it to the balls and just humped deep and slow. When the kid groaned or sobbed and he knew it was from his dick, it made his dick leak precum. The kid’s ass was better than he could have ever imagined. It was tight. Tighter than any hole he’d ever been in. Even with the cum and spit, it was squeezing his dick like virgin pussy. And it was hot. The air outside was freezing, but his dick was bathed in the heat of this boy’s pussy. And the way it held his was like velvet and silk. He used to jerk off with his girlfriend’s panties in HS and this was even softer than that. It caressed his dick every stroke. When he realized he was close to cumming, he leaned in and spoke to the boy for the first time the whole fuck. He whispered, “You’re a worthless goddamn whore and I’m going to treat you like one and jizz inside you now.” Then he nutted. And nutted again. And again. He fucked three full loads in the boy. Then he pulled up his shorts and left with his cum leaking out the boy’s ass. The kid was still gagging on dick. Calvin took a shower when he got home. He turned on the TV after and was watching the news when CJ came in. He was barely able to walk. He was also wearing an Xavier hoodie and new shoes. He said hi to his mom and his voice sounded hoarse. Calvin asked, “Where did the hoodie and shoes come from?” His son replied, “I borrowed the hoodie from a friend. I sold some games for the shoes.” Then the boy continued, “I’ll do whatever you want from now on, just don’t tell Mom.” Calvin had plenty of ideas.