Dollar Store Pick Up

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Dollar Store Pick UpMy fantasy begins this way……..Last summer while staying at the lake I had to run to the store to pick up some cleaning supplies. There is a Dollar General a couple miles away. I locked up the camper, climbed into the truck and took the ten minute drive to Dollar General. I walk in on this warm muggy day. Walk to the back of the store where the cleaning supplies are, pick up some Mr Clean and and some sponges. I walk back up to the check out and there is a line of about 4 to 5 people. Directly in front of me is a woman, if I had to guess about 65 years old. She is dressed in a green sun dress, has short grey hair. She turns around and says hello, I respond back with a smile and hello. I ask her how her day is and she says fine thanks. I notice she is not wearing a bra and her boobs are as free as the wind. Her nipples are protruding the sun dress. I look away so she doesn’t notice but looking by her cute smile too late. I stand and wonder did she notice me looking, what should I do. The line moves slowly and my mind races, should I flirt with her, ignore, carry on a conversation with her, she must know I saw. What should I do? Anything. I find myself trying to look at her nipples. I would really like to suck on those, would like to pinch them, feel them. I start to wonder if she would allow me to shoot a load of cum all over her tits. Can see the cum dripping down as I masterbate and cum all over them.The line moves forward and she begins emptying the cart on the cashier. She has a lot of 2 liters, they were on sale and food. Bread, can goods and so forth. After the cashier rings her total she realizes she forgot to add a couple of regular Mountain Dew, turns and asks me with a cute smile. I notice her sexy eyes, can’t not notice her huge boobs, nipples so perky. I say absolutely, feeling relieved that I can turn and hide my erection, walk to the bin and grab a couple Mt Dew 2 liters and give to her. She smiles and thanks me profusely. She fills the cart up with her groceries kayseri escort and heads to her car, a little Nissan Sentra. I pay for my items and walk to my truck, two spots down from her space. I notice she is in a walking cast. She thanks me once again, as I am climbing in the truck she is bent over, trying to get her groceries in the trunk. I climb out of the truck and walk over and say, hey, do you need help with those, she looks up, flushed form the heat and says why yes, that would be lovely. I grab the rest of her groceries and put them in the trunk. She thanks me profusely for my help. I tell her I help her get in her car, as she sit down in the seat she raises a leg to swing in the car and gives me a big panty flash. She is wearing what looks like white cotton panties, got such a good look I could see her black pussy hairs around the edges of her panties. I offer to take her back and she tries to pay me with a 20 dollar bill. Of course I tell her no, not necessary. She thanks me again and again. I take her cart back to the store, I can’t get her panties and nipples out of my mind. I am trying to figure out if she is teasing and knows or if she is just recovering and not feeling up to par. As I walk back to my truck she rolls her windows down and asks me if to come here. I walk back and she says I just wanted to thank you again, my name is Debbie and you don’t know how grateful I am. I tell her my name is Ken and glad I could help. She says can I inconvenience you just one more time? She says, “I live about 5 minutes from here, I live alone and was wondering if you would follow me over to help me get my groceries in. I stammer, not sure I really want to do this but the gentleman in me reluctantly agrees. She was right, she only lived five mins away. I pull in behind her. She lives in one story house, Yard looks adequately kept, looks like she lives on a couple acres of land, no neighbors close by. I walk to her car, open the door, she swings one leg out and gives me another panty kayseri escort bayan flash, I tried to not look, I grab her hand and help her out of the car. Walk her to the door, she unlocks and I take her in and sit her down in her chair. I notice it is a lift chair. I get her back down and walk out to her car pop the trunk and take her groceries int the kitchen. I can tell she is single, maybe a widower or a divorcee. I decide she isn’t flirting during this time so my sexual thoughts just leave. I don’t think she is doing intentional. I get her two liters unloaded and she is telling me where to put her stuff away. I walk back to the living room and she is sitting in her chair, her leg with the boot propped up, her dress is riding up, my eyes go straight to the nipples, which are still protruding. She is thanking me profusely, asks me if I could grab a pillow and put under her boot. She tells me she had surgery for bone spurs on her heel and this is the first time she has been out. I walk to the couch, grab the pillow place under the boot, as I am doing she looks at me, smiles and says see anything you want? I stutter and apologize. She says oh no, don’t apologize, she grabs my crotch and and feels my hard cock. I noticed you looking at my nipples and immediately got turned on. Has been a very long time since I have felt or seen a nice hard cock. She raises her sun dress, grabs my hand and says feel how wet my pussy is? She spreads her legs and her panties are drenched. I bend down and kiss her, she moans, her hands slip the sun dress down over her breasts, her nipples are as hard a s a rock, her hands find my cock and begins to massage it thru my jeans. I move my mouth to her nipples and begin to suck and bite them. She moans loudly, my hands move down, she spreads her legs, my hands begin to rub her panties, she begins to breath hard, I slide the panties to the side and run my hands thru her pubic hair, her hips begin to gyrate. I run a finger up and down her lips, she throws escort kayseri her arms around me and cums all over my finger in about 30 secs. I separate her pussy lips and slide a finger in her pussy, she grabs me hard, I begin to finger fuck her, I slip to fingers in and she moans loudly. I can feel her body harden as she begins to screams, she pushes my hand and says right there! I can see her toes curling and her eyes roll to the back of her head. As I am finger fucking her I can feel my fingers get drenched, I pull them out and she squirts a pussy juice all over the chair. Her whole body relaxes and she says oh my god I have never done that before. Please please forgive me. She says now it is your turn. She unbuttons my jeans and drops my pants, her nipples are still rock hard. She grabs my throbbing cock, moves her head forward and begins to lick my balls, she works on the ball sack for quite some time, rolling each nut in her mouth. I can feel precum oozing down the side. She moves her attention to my shaft, runs her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, she pauses for a minute and says I have a special surprise for you, close your eyes. I close my eyes, and the next thing I feel is her hot mouth around the head of my cock, sucking. I realize she wore dentures and took them out, sucking my cock, she takes the whole thing, I feel her gums running up and down my cock. It only takes a few strokes of her tongue when she realizes I am getting ready to cum, she pulls it out and tells me to shoot my load all over her tits, she needs some cream. I begin pulsating and shooting cum, Seems like I cum forever, all over her breasts. She smiles and says thank you and sits there, rubbing my cum all over her breast, rubbing them in.She thanks me profusely and tells me to come back anytime. Her door is always open for me……Epilogue….I really did go to the Dollar Store last summer and ran into the above woman. She wasn’t in a walking boot, but did have a cute sundress on with no bra. She really did ask me to grab a couple of two liters for her. Her boobs were huge, and her nipples were so easy to spot. I wanted to offer to help her but with low self esteem and no confidence. Really wished I would have offered to help put her two liters in her car.