Don’t Let Your Bottom Head Do Your Thinking

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Completing high school in the early 1980s, and growing up in a very religious family, it was very taboo to even think about sex let alone talk about it. I was always taught that you never have sex before marriage. I was also told, “Never let my bottom head do my thinking. ”I guess Rose and her five sisters became my best friends. I was told that would make me go blind. I at that time was a sexually awkward kid.“Wow, I was fighting an uphill battle here.”I had turned eighteen and one of my mother’s friends invited me to come to her place for dinner. We had made a date and time, it was a week away. I was so excited, we had talked about it and she had asked me not to tell my parents. That made it even more exciting for me.I was in my senior year of high school, and she was in her late thirties. I was in pretty good shape as I ran track and played football all through junior high and high school.She was fit and beautiful, with long dark brown hair, she was five foot nine inches tall, one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, and she had that hourglass figure that you would find in Playboy magazine.Needless to say, my mind was whirling, thinking of all those sinful thoughts a young man can have.I was trying to imagine what my evening would be like. The only problem was I was still a virgin other than rose and her sisters. I read articles and watched a few porn films, but I never had a real naked woman with me. So my thoughts were mere imagination.I did know that she was a great cook, and I knew she had been engaged one time before, but they had split up rather abruptly. I knew that when she came to our house to visit mom she dressed a little more scantily than mom liked. I remember her and dad having a conversation about it. Mom didn’t like her showing so much skin especially bursa escort when her teenage son was home. I remember dad commenting about the size of her breast and mom smacked him for even thinking about it.It seemed the week just drug along, it was never going to get to Friday night. I went on Thursday evening and got a haircut. I took the time to groom my beard to make myself look as good as I could. That night I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my room trying to figure out what I would wear.On Friday, school went by pretty quickly as it was a busy schedule.Friday afternoon I got done at school a little later than normal, so I went home and got ready to go out, as I was leaving mom asked where I was heading to. I was very nervous at that point not knowing what would happen that night, and going to an older woman’s house. Mom probably could sense my nervousness but I just told her I had a date, as normal she gave me the “Date speech.”“Don’t let your bottom head do the thinking!”My drive over to her home was a big blur. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. I wasn’t sure that she was even in the same frame of mind, we had never discussed anything of a sexual nature. It was only my eighteen-year-old mind running laps around the world. I could have been making all of this up in my head.I did one thing that I thought through on my way there, I stopped at the grocery store and bought a small bouquet to take with me. Ladies love flowers, my mom has told me many times.When I arrived I rang the bell, stepped back, and looked at myself to make sure I looked alright. She came to the door and invited me in. I handed her the flowers and she thanked me.We walked into the house, I had been here lots of times before with mom, and she told me to make myself at home. bursa escort bayan She was heading toward the kitchen so I followed her in. She got out a vase and placed the flowers in and watered them.She told me that dinner was almost ready and asked if I would like something to drink. She told me she had a bottle of wine, coke, or water.I was so busy gawking at her, she had to ask again. I just took a glass of water.She was wearing a shorter-than-normal skirt that accentuated her little bubble butt, and a button-up sleeveless top that she bubbled out of, up top. I was trying to see, but it appeared that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but didn’t want to get caught staring. I was looking and determined she did, it must just be thin lace.She had made a nice salad, baked chicken breast, and vegetables. We sat and ate at the dining table, while we ate she kept rubbing her feet up and down my leg.I would like to say that I was not nervous and knew exactly what to do in this situation but I didn’t. I was so nervous and she could tell. I think maybe she was trying to set me at ease.After we finished eating she didn’t even ask she poured us both a glass of wine and invited me to the living room. Knowing I was so nervous she took control, she placed the wine on the coffee table and sat on the sofa. She asked me to come to sit beside her. We sat and sipped our wine and had a conversation about our week, she was hoping that would ease my nerves.I had been on dates before, but this seemed so different from those high school girls. I had made out with those girls before and even rubbed a booby a few times, but this was different.We began to kiss and I felt her tongue touch my lip, I opened my mouth and returned the gesture. Our tongues danced together to my delight.She reached down escort bursa and slid her hand up and down my leg as we kissed.As it slid up and down my leg it got closer and closer to my ever-growing manhood.Now being from the family I was from and the teaching I had, this is where I had to make that decision, do I let my bottom head do my thinking? It didn’t take long to make it.I reached over, while our tongues were tangled together, and grasped ahold of her mountain of flesh over top of her blouse. She instantaneously showed her approval with a little moan as her hand landed on my cock.She squeezed it and said,“Ohh, very nice!”At that point, I was past anything I had ever done before, I was in uncharted water, but I liked it.She pulled her hands away, and I thought, oh she is just going to tease me but to my surprise, she reached up and started to unbutton her top.One button, two buttons, at three buttons I could see her lacy bra, for the first time in my life I could see most of the mound of flesh I so earnestly desired.I must have looked very eager to see more, as she kept unbuttoning, she chuckled just a little.After she had taken her shirt off she asked if I would unclasp the bra. I was so amazed as I reached back and released it and she let it fall to her lap.“Do you like what you see?”“Ahh, Yes, Ahh,” was all I could get out.She had the most beautiful 34Ds and they were staring at me.I stammered, “Can I touch them?”“Oh honey, you can touch them and I hope you would even suck on them, ”she replied.She stood up and said, you know I can see that this is your first time going this far, why don’t we make both of us comfortable?”She took my hand and led me to her bedroom, she stopped at the edge of the bed and pulled her skirt off. Then she took the hem of my shirt and pulled it up over my head, she didn’t stop there she unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor. She reached down and pulled my underwear down to my knees, pushing me onto the bed and pulling them off completely.