Dreams of Kellykins

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Dreams of KellykinsI have been a member on xhamster for quite a while now and have quite a few people I chat with occasionally. Being an older man I do love to chat with the younger woman when I can. However most of the young woman on xhamster get bothered with endless private messages so I don’t get many responses. The few I do get responses too I try not to bother them too much as most don’t have much interest in an older man. One woman whom I chat with when she is online is Kellykins. She has graciously chatted with me on many occasions even indulging me with some sexual banter. This young vixen is quite beautiful and her blonde hair and sexy smile has on more than once given me desires of wanting to ravish her sexually. She has fueled my fantasies for a while now, even so far as to tell me that if I ever got to Alaska where she lives she would meet me. I know meeting her means just that and nothing more I could only hope she would be intrigued by this dirty old man and maybe give me a mercy fuck. I had arrived in the Alaskan town where Kelly lived and worked. The local inn was very helpful in directing me to the restaurant that I thought Kelly would be working in. After unpacking and walking around the town for a bit I went to the restaurant for something to eat and drink. In a perfect world she would have been right there when I walked in and greeted me like an old friend. But such things are fantasy and the reality was she wasn’t working that night so I ate a nice meal and headed back to the Inn. The next day after walking around the town and perusing the shops I went back to the restaurant and asked for Kelly to be my waitress. She was even more beautiful in person than all the pictures she had put on her page. Here was this blonde beauty with her nice smile asking me if I wanted a drink. Her clothes fit her nicely and showed her assets to her advantage without being overtly sexual. Its no wonder she must make great tips, and if she is a good waitress on top of that then she must make a killing. I ordered and with just a bit of small talk and a few smiles I enjoyed myself. I didn’t mention that we had chatted on xhamster as I did not know if anyone there knew about it so I just kept it simple. If she recognized me she never let on either but As a single diner I think she spent a few more moments with me than she would have if I hadn’t been alone. Also it wasn’t that busy. So I paid my check and left a nice tip for Kelly and on my way out I handed her a note and told her to read it after work. I wasn’t sure how she would react to my note so I left quickly and went back to the Inn and watched a few programs and read a book I had brought. The note said “Hi Kelly, I know you through xhamster but didn’t want to bring it up in public so I wrote this note. I know you as kellykins and we have chatted a bit over the past year or so. Online you would know me as luvstolickpussy. I have always loved your comments you put on your status bar especially the ones like’ lotion +boobs lost track of time’ or ‘ooh its Wednesday time for some anal in the shower’ and ‘daily orgasms are what make life worth living. that and whiskey lol’ coupled with the fact you have taken the time to chat with me. Well I have always wanted to come to Alaska and now being here I knew I had to look you p and at least say hi. I wasn’t disappointed either you are better looking in person and if I was a younger man I would have hit on you while you were working. So I am glad on my last night here before I go further north I was able to at least meet you. Thanks”The next day I was traveling north so I packed up and began to get ready to sleep. That’s when there was a knock on the door. I thought it must be housekeeping so I just opened the door. You could have knocked me over with a spoon there stood Kelly with bartın rus escort her hair now surrounding her face and with normal clothes on and that smile. I couldn’t speak before she just said may I come in and did just that. I closed the door and I only could say “how did you find me?” Kelly explained that after she read my note she went back and looked at the name on the credit card I used and it wasn’t too difficult to track down where I was since there wasn’t too many places to stay. She then told me that she did remember me and though didn’t recognize me at the restaurant she did think she knew me from somewhere it just took the note to put the pieces of the puzzle together. What she said next floored me. “I brought the boobies do you have the lotion?” I was speechless as alas I didn’t have any lotion I never really expected her to be in my room so all I could do was shake my head no. She smiled and said “no worries I brought some.” With that she pulled a bottle out of her purse and stood up. She through me the bottle and in one swift motion removed her sweater and shirt revealing a very nice very filled out lace bra. Her next move was to reach to the front and unclasp her bra and sliding it seductively off her shoulders. Standing before me was a vision with her 36 D breasts and quarter size pink nipples like a goddess. Then she lay on her back on the bed and smiled as she said you promised to lotion my breasts if you ever came to see me. To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement and soon I had lotion in my hands and was sitting on the bed next to Kelly. My hands slowly began to rub lotion on her midsection to warm it before sliding over each of her breasts. It must have been a bit colder than my hands because her nipples began to become erect as soon as my hands smoothly passed over them. Her breasts were firm and tight like I imagined they would be on many occasion. There was no sag and her nipples responded to my gentle kneading. I took my time as I didn’t know how long this would last and to my surprise I could hear Kelly softly moaning MMMMM as I slid my oiled hands over her orbs. I don’t know how long it was before Kelly abruptly sat up and told be to sit on the bed with my back on the headboard. She then with her back to me slid between my legs and placed her head on my chest. Saying ok now go back to what you were doing. I didn’t need to be told twice so I proceeded to play with her breasts from behind which I must say was more comfortable. In this position Kelly was lying right on my crotch and as any man will tell you if you are doing what I was doing my cock was quite stiff pressed into her back. She never said a word but she must have known. This went on for a few moments before Kelly reached down to unbuckle her pants and she slid her hand down her stomach into her pink panties. Her moaning was increasing and soon she shifted again and pulled her pants off leaving me with a mostly naked gorgeous young woman sitting between my legs. She made no effort to hide the fact her fingers were very busy in her pussy though I couldn’t see because her panties were still on. I was getting really horny now and my cock was leaking I wasn’t sure how far Kelly would let me go but I took a chance and said. “if you like my tongue would feel real nice instead of your fingers” Kelly always the tease but not to much said nothing she just reached down with both hands and inserted them on each side of her panties and removed them. She sat up slightly as my hint to move out from under her. I got up and went to the foot of the bed and looked at the gorgeous naked woman before me Large perfectly shaped breasts with now very hard pink nipples legs slightly spread to reveal her shaved pussy with her lips slightly parted and I could see bartın rus escort bayan the wetness where she had been playing. I crawled between her legs kissing my way up each one before just breathing on her parted pussy lips. She shuddered slightly before my tongue licked her slit from the bottom to the top only pausing for a second by but not on her clit. I begand licking all around her clit and occasionally over it lightly which each time brought and audible moan from her. I didn’t want to torture her so soon my ministrations were closer and closer and at first light but heavier as I zeroed in on her clit. When I finally began to lick her clit directly I could feel her pussies moisture flooding my face. She tasted so delicious and I lapped for all I was worth as she soon was moaning and wriggling all over as her orgasm neared. My hands had since reached up to gently tweak and pinch her nipples and Kelly responded by pushing my head hard onto her clit as her orgasm took over. She must have had a big one as I continued to lick through her orgasm albeit a little slower and gentler as she released the pressure on mu head and her moaning became more subdued. My face was awash with her nectar and I was enjoying the taste when Kelly pulled me up on top of her and gave me one of the most erotic kisses I have ever received. Her arm was w****d around my head and the passion was so apparent I would have sworn we had been lovers for ages. Her other hand reach down between us and taking hold of my cock she pulled me over and with out any fanfare she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit getting it wet before reaching around and grabbing my as to pull my cock into her wet pussy. My cock is a bit wide but she was so wet that I slid in easily though slowly to both our enjoyment. I felt my cock fill her tight cunt up and when I could feel the base of my cock on her pubic mound I began to slowly fuck her. All the while she was kissing me. I started slow but soon we broke our kiss as my speed increased and both of us were panting and moaning as I could feel my orgasm build. Soon I was almost ready to pop when Kelly began thrashing and moaning as she was coming again. My cock now flooded with more juices as her pussy flowed with more lubrication. I was ready to cum and told her expecting her to tell me to pull out and cum on her tits or mouth but she just said.. “cum in me now” I came alright and each thrust in after I began brought another rope of my cum deposited deep in Kelly’s pussy. I could feel the excess running out as I thrust in and soon I collapsed half on and half off Kelly with my softening cock sliding out of her well fucked pussy. I could feel the river of cum as it flowed from her and we both lay there catching our breath.We both fell asleep and when I awoke in the same position with a beautiful woman still in my arms I smiled. I gently moved to get up though I really didn’t want to but I needed to get packed and ready t go north. I went into the shower but not without a long look at the beautiful naked woman named Kelly lying on my bed. She looked so peaceful with her perfect breats and quarter size nipples firm and so soft to the touch. But I needed to shower so I turned on the water and climbed in. I began washing myself and it wasn’t too long before that beautiful blonde was joining me. She did give me a bit of a sarcastic jab when she said”hey not fair showering without me!” I told her she looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake her. She asked what my hurry was so I told her I was scheduled to leave soon. She gave me a pouty look before she said with a huge smile “its anal Wednesday and I am in the shower so!” All I could do was laugh because it was the last thing I expected from her at this moment. She had a tube rus escort bartın of lube in her hand that I hadn’t noticed till now and with her free hand she reached down to stroke my soft cock. It didn’t stay soft long when she pressed her chest into mine and wrapped her other arm around me pulling me in to kiss her. Who could resist such a beautiful woman with the water pounding my back her hand softly stroking my hardening cock and her sensous mouth kissing me her tongue parted my lips and we kissed deeper. My hands wrapped around her sexy body as her breasts crushed onto mine like soft sexy pillows. I turned her around so she could feel the spray on her back and reached to caress her breast. Feeling her nipple harden in my fingers I moved to the other breast to gently flick and pinch it to an erect state. Kelly moaned approval at my ministrations and soon turned and switched places so I was under the spray. She then leaned against the wall of the shower so her beautiful ass was right in front of me. My hands instantly kneaded her ass cheeks as she reached around with the hand that had the lube and squirted some down the crack of her ass. Taking the hint I used one hand to gently rub the lube up and down her ass crack before gently inserting one finger slowy into her rosebud. She accepted my intrusion by moaning seductively as my hands rubeed her ass while my finger slid in and out further and further. I could tell Kelly was liking this her other hand had moved down and she was rubbing her clit while I finger fucked her ass slowly. It wasn’t long before I decided to insert another finger and Kelly moaned a lot louder when I slowly spread her sphincter with two finger and slid them in as far as I could. She was getting worked up because I could feel her fingers moving much faster and her moans getting more excited. Her breathing was changing as she soon was close cumming. It was then she moved her hand off the wall and reached back with the lube and said “lube it up and fuck my ass, now!” who was I to argue I lubed up my erect cock and put an extra squeeze on her rosebud and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her backside. As my pressure increased pushing into her ass I could feel her open up for me and my cock head slipped in to a aaaaahhhh from kelly’s mouth. My cock is on the wide side so I knew I would have to take it slow and as I slid my cock into her ass it seemed to take forever but so exquisite the feeling. Her fingers were working on her clit and soon my slow insertion into Kellys perfect ass was complete. I waited for a moment so she could bet used to it after she commented that she had never felt so filled up before. My cock completely in I began the slow process of bringing it out again. The trip out was a bit faster and I began to slide in and out in a slow dance of fucking her ass. I did this for two reasons she was so sexy and hot and her ass so tight if I went faster I would have cum in one stroke, and since I am wide I wanted her to enjoy it as much as I was and she needed time to get used to my girth.As I was sliding in and out my free hands reached around to encompass her perfect breasts, cupping each one in my hands teasing her nipples to keep them hard. I was fucking her ass at a nice pace and her free hand rub rubbing her clit while one hand propped herself on the wall. I was hoping to last a lot longer when Kelly announced “I am cumming fuck me hard and fast.” So who was I to argue I had to drop my hands from her breasts and I held onto her from her perfect hips and began to slam my cock in and out of her ass. I could feel her cumming her ass tightened on my ass as her ass contracted I could feel my balls churning as I was getting ready to explode into her. It wasn’t long and I was cumming deep in her ass and Kelly was moaning oh fuck that felt so good. The rest of the shower was bliss as we washed each other kissing in the aftermath of some exciting unplanned anal sex. Kelly is the stuff dreams are made of. Only thing better would be to actually have it happen for real.I awoke soon after from my dream with a massive hard on. Only one thing to do about that