E101:Somethings blue

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Similarly, Donald knows that Emma likes the anal sex, her longing for plug up in her seems to be a regular thing now.  So like Emma with her strapon for Donald happening every several weeks, more regularly, Emma will enter the bathroom to see the enema bag set out for her.Each times delight runs through her knowing what this is going to lead to.Sometimes Donald will come in to help her.  Then it would be at least three bagfuls filling her abdomen so completely that Emma feels like she will soon explode.  But during those times, as she lays over Donald’s lap and feels his hand rubbing her back while the other massages her slit and clitoris makes her relax and wait out the time in bliss until he allows her to release.During the times when she does it for herself, she bends over the counter and stands that way for ten to fifteen minutes before releasing.  And then usually only repeats the procedure once more.Today Donald is helping her.  It is the second time they have done this since they returned from their trip.  The last few days, she has been sitting on her plug while eating and wearing one when she was out attending meetings or conducting other business.  This stretching of her always thrills her awaiting the final joy.Donald is very through today, making sure full bags of warm salted water flush up in her.  He holds her kocaeli escort in position over his lap for almost a half-hour.  By about fifteen minutes she begins to squirm some.  That results with her cheeks being spanked a few times as she is told to hold still.The feeling of Emma’s cunt being rubbed while feeling the sting of the spanks sends needles of pleasure running through her.Donald takes almost two hours to complete his cleansing using four bags.  He doesn’t tell Emma the other motive for doing so.  He knows with everything out of her body, in an empty state she will weigh a pound or two less, and with all her exercise the last few weeks he knows she will be down over the ten pounds that worried her so.To share the joy with her, he stands her on the scale after she is finished and he weighs her, moving the weights across the bar, then bringing them back to balance.  Taking his time doing this as he enjoys her now red ass wiggling in front of him.  Emma is elated.  She knows she lost some of the weight, but Donald will only weigh her every few days, so she is never sure.She has lost fourteen pounds.She twirls and hugs and kisses him in her excitement.  Donald slaps her ass once more and tells her to head to the bedroom to get dressed.There he dresses her in light blue panties, a scanty bra of the same color, and then kocaeli escort bayan slips a dress of the same over her.  He walks to the ‘special drawers’ of her dresser and brings out a blue leather leash which he clips to her pearl necklace.Emma knows in this situation what the leash means and is now on her knees immediately.  Donald tugs at the leash, and she follows him crawling into the living room.Now while Donald does have his office, with all that it is in it, Emma has never really been allowed to enter.  Instead these days, he often sits with his laptop working at one end of the dining room table which came from Emma’s family home.Making Emma kneel next to him as he works does arouse him so, especially after a while when she lays her head on his thigh to remind him she is his faithful pet.Emma is submitting herself to this role so much since their return.  She is not sure why it feels so right to do so, but if Donald wants her to just kneel by his leg as he works, she loves the closeness to him and will not complain.It is a bit interesting to Emma that she has never seen his office. And why he prefers to work out here now.  But whatever, that is his space, and she does now have free run of his house.  No, she realizes that from Donald’s generosity, it is ‘their’ house now.As he works, from time to time, Donald does izmit escort look down on his pet.  The wonderful view of her almost exposed tits in her low-cut dress is rather arousing.  He so wants to fuck her that way right now, but knows, letting her squirm with the waiting for what is to come is so much better for her, and she does get such pleasure from the being held at bay for a while.This goes on for most the afternoon, but when his pet lays her head on his lap, and he feels her breath fluttering over his cock, even through his pants, it affects him, and he begins to get so hard.He knows she is doing it on purpose, to let him know she is ready and waiting.  Emma, while accepting the subservient role, has been controlling thing how she wants them lately.  He realizes she is topping him from the bottom, being the one really in charge of everything that happens.  How she pressed for the additional exercise session, yes she had another motive too, but he knows how much she does enjoy their fun in the basement.Perhaps, just a bit, it is time to teach her that she is not the one who makes the rules.Donald finishes what he is working on and then pulls on Emma’s leash to make her stand.  “Emma, bend over the table,” Donald tells her.  She does as he asks, thinking he is going to do some finger ass play like he used to at the kitchen table.She is surprised instead that after he flips her dress up over her back and pulls her pants to her knees, he stands to the left of her, raises his hand and brings it down to spank first one cheek after another.